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Chapter 57 Call of Weeping Blood

Time flies, a hundred years have passed in a flash.

Mei Nongchen has long lost her original comfort and indifferent. The life of a mortal is only a few decades. She actually spent a hundred years in the Boundless Palace, so her father must have long since passed away.

The more anxious she is, the slower her promotion rate. She has been stuck in the late stage of Xuanxian for 20 years, desperately vomiting for cultivation every day, and Xiao Erjiu’s pills are also infinitely supplied, but she can’t find a breakthrough. The cultivation base cannot be improved.

Mei Nongchen is full of heart and only his father, as for Lengyi, he already has endless life to squander, even if he can’t find her, he will be sad, but he will still live well.

But the father is different. In those decades of limited life, leaning on the door and looking forward day by day, wanting to see through, what kind of sadness and despair should it be?

Every time Mei Nongchen thinks about it, his heart hurts.

The aura that was not smooth in the body suddenly became more chaotic, and there was a sign of retrograde, and cold sweat slipped from her smooth forehead.

Outside the door, Xiao Yi stood upright quietly.

He noticed the strangeness of Mei Nongchen in the room, and was about to push the door to check.

Suddenly remembered something again, put down his half-raised hand, and continued to guard at the door with a complicated expression.

After a long time, Mei Nongchen not only failed to straighten out the spiritual qi in his body, but instead went retrograde in his blood, and was about to fall into disbelief.

The figure of her father kept appearing in front of her eyes, high-spirited, gentle and elegant, secretly hurt, leaning on the door to look out, hanging old, and in the end, it was a tomb…


Mei Nongchen was anxious, and a mouthful of blood spewed out, and he fell softly on the couch.

The veins and veins burst out all over her body, which was crimson, densely packed, and her originally beautiful little face looked very ugly and terrifying at the moment.

The chaotic spiritual energy in the body also rushed everywhere, and the spirit infant in the dantian could not bear the violent impact of the spiritual energy, and was torn into several pieces…

If the spirit infant is destroyed, the cultivation base will be abolished.

The vitality flowed extremely fast from her body

After a long time, Mei Nongchen’s butterfly wing’s eyelashes trembled a few times, and Youyou woke up.

My head hurts.

She rubbed her head with one hand and propped her upper body with one hand, her eyes blurred.

It should be early in the morning, because the air is full of coolness and dampness.

Her sight gradually returned to clarity, and when she saw her environment clearly, her whole body trembled.

It’s like a bolt from the blue!

In front of her, there was a stone tablet on which Mei Yiru smiled as gentle and elegant as ever.


Mei Nongchen felt sorrow and sorrow as the world collapsed.


Behind the stele, a tomb was quietly located there, a thin mist enveloped it, like a lingering soul, like a lingering regret.

“Dad, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I said I will come back, I broke my promise! Dad, I’m sorry, woooooo…”

Mei Nongchen was crying and crying while holding the stone tablet, but no one would call out as she snorted. In response to her, never will.

“Ah!” The sadness in his heart became more and more anxious, Mei Nongchen suddenly had bloodshot eyes, burst into madness, horribly crazy, “I want to stay here with you, always with you!”

Perseverance, Go deep into the bone marrow.

At this moment, she forgot about her child, forgot about her master, forgot about Lengyi, forgot everything, her eyes filled with her heart, only her father, regret filled her mind, “Why should I go to the fairy world? Why should I leave my father? I’m not filial. Damn me!”

At the same time.

Xiaoyi, who was guarding the door, clasped his hands tightly, with a forbearing expression, as if trying to restrain something. He felt that the life of Mei Nongchen inside the door was gone, and he was full of death.

She is dead… to

be precise, her soul is trapped in the illusion they created.

They hoped to survive if Mei Nongchen didn’t inherit the power of the king, but why, he couldn’t be happy at all?

The pill that Xiao Erjiu refines is indeed a top-grade elixir for improving cultivation, but at the same time, it is also a blind poison.

If you take too much, you will gradually become numb to the passage of time, and then produce wrong judgments.

It will make people crazy because of obsession, and finally fall into the illusion…

Shengyi Palace.

At the moment, all the beautiful men are concentrating their eyes and solemn, and the atmosphere is heavy.

What a happy event that Mei Nongchen died and his soul remained in the illusion, this was planned by their own hands, and they have been looking forward to it.

However, now that their wish is fulfilled, why can’t they be happy?

Her frown and smile, as if in front of her eyes

Xuanling space.

When Mei Nongchen decided to stay in front of Mei Yiru’s grave, Leng Yi, who was practicing in retreat, felt something pulled out of his body.

It’s not painful, but heart-wrenching.

That is the connection Feng Ge established between him and Mei Nongchen!

“No! Get the dust!”

Leng Yi immediately woke up from entering the concentration, grabbed the strand of transparent gold that was about to be separated, and refused to let go.

The reason why Yun Baizhi was not killed was because he felt that the connection with Mei Nongchen was still there. This shows that although Mei Nongchen suffered an accident, his life was safe, so he retreats and cultivates until his cultivation level is high enough. He can directly tear the space and appear where she is by relying on the connection between the two.

If the connection between them is broken, how can he find her? More importantly, the ties established by Feng Ge will never be broken unless one party loses his life, and no one has the ability to cut off.

Now that the connection is about to be broken, it can only show that Mei Nongchen is dead!

“No! You can’t die! I don’t allow you to die! No matter what happens to you, be sure to hold on, I still want to find you, how can you die so easily before you marry me? Mei Nongchen, I don’t allow you to die! Wake up! Wake up!” The

gold thread was getting weaker and weaker, and it was too cold to catch it.

“No!” He was sobbing and crying, hoarse, for the first time in ten thousand years, he was so terrified, and with all his strength, he couldn’t catch the person on the other side of the gold thread.

“Ah -!”

Heard wailing, with the Ishiba shaking trend, resounding ……


plum sitting against the stone dust get to sleep, stumbled, she heard someone call her.

The sound was far away, and it seemed to be very close.

With deep feelings, crying blood made her heart uncomfortable.

who is it? Call out in such a sad voice? Very familiar, but can’t remember who it is.

Suddenly, a long howl came into my ears!

Mei Nongchen awakened suddenly, and the phoenix spreading wings appeared on the front of his forehead, and the golden light was released!

Where the golden light shines, the scenery disperses like smoke.

She looked at the situation in amazement, where are there tombstones?

At this moment, she is floating above a huge river, the water is like blood, bright red, a smell of stench rising out, and Mei Nongchen is vomiting when she smells it.

Big red blisters were bulging on the surface of the water, rolling incessantly.

Upon closer inspection, those blisters were actually hideous heads, floating up and down, and could not get out.

A slender arch bridge connects the two banks of the Giant River, and there are long lines on the bridge.

Bright red and charming flowers bloom on both sides of the strait.

Only flowers, no leaves.

This is… Wangchuan River, flowers on the other side, Naihe Bridge.

Mei Nongchen was hung in the air by a chain with the thickness of a finger. The chain extended to a very high altitude and plunged into her body. She struggled and the chain clinked.

It doesn’t hurt.

“I’m dead?”

Looking at the scene under her feet, she suddenly had this serious cognition.

If it’s not dead, how can you come to this place where the dead come? How can you get chain-pierced but it doesn’t hurt?

She remembered that she was cultivating in her room, and then she saw her father’s grave. Her deep guilt for her father made her want to stay with her father. Later, she heard someone calling her to wake up, that voice…

yes. Lengyi!

Yes, it’s his voice!

But why was she hanged on Wangchuan River?

Mei Nongchen summoned the Feng Yi Jian and looked at the white body of the sword. She was very lucky. Fortunately, Feng Yi Jian followed her soul, not the body.

Manipulating Feng Yijian to slash the chain forcefully.


the sound of a sharp blade breaking through the sky.

The chain didn’t move.

Mei Nongchen was stunned. He didn’t expect to kill a giant snake like a magic weapon that cuts mud, but it can’t help this chain that is similar to a dog chain.

After trying several more times, Feng Yijian cut on the chain like a knife and cut water, and it didn’t work well.

She realized that this chain was actually an illusory thing!

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