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Chapter 59 Little God and Strong

Xuanling space.

If someone is here at this moment, they will be scared to pee their pants by the sight here.

With Lengyi as the center, the terrifying divine power radiates in all directions, wherever it passes, everything is destroyed, the wind rushes, and the earth shakes!


Countless moiré patterns were cracked high in the sky, and the sky and the earth were dim!

The full-bodied aura was sucked into his body by him without any more.

This is a ruin.

The profound spirit space was destroyed by his anger.

Leng Yi robed hunting, long hair dancing wildly, eyes bursting with strong killing intent.

Let everything be scared.

The sky creaked before it collapsed, and its endurance has reached its limit.


The sky collapses and the earth sinks, Leng Yi is like a Shura, surging between the heaven and the earth.

At this moment, everyone in the fairy world looked up at the sky, and the wind mixed with divine power blew their faces, like blades and knives, peeling and deboning.

Emperor Zun squinted his eyes and looked at the sky that suddenly thundered and furious, and the dark cloud topped the sky, his face was solemn.

A terrifying breath came from the depths of the sky, with tyrannical coercion, and he could not breathe. He felt that something extraordinary was about to step out from behind the thick clouds, with the power to destroy the sky and the earth. .

“Your Majesty, this…” The

queen’s eyes flicked across the kneeling fairy maidservant, with the same solemnity in her beautiful eyes.

She also noticed that in the depths of the sky there was a strong presence far stronger than the emperor.

The world thinks that the highest level of cultivation is the late emperor immortal stage, but it is not.

Above the late imperial immortal stage, is the god.

Gods are divided into small gods, middle gods, upper gods, and god kings. As for the god kings, no one knows anymore, because since Pangu opened the world, there has only been one god, that is, the god who was once powerful in all directions. king.

If you look from a high place, you can see where you enter the eyes. Only the emperor, the queen, and the patriarchs of the five gods of the immortal world are barely standing, and the rest are all crawling on the ground under the pressure of that strong breath.

Everyone was trembling.

At this time.

The raging wind stopped abruptly, the thunder disappeared, and the sky returned to a bright blue and cloudless.

If it were not for the suffocating coercion that still enveloped the entire world, people would have thought that the scene of the doomsday that had just been destroyed is just an illusion. Tear


very slight sound of tearing cotton.

In the horrified eyes of everyone, the blue sky slowly cracked a sky.

A long, tall and tall shadow was born from the moat, and in an instant, golden light filled the sky, and the man, like a god born in the scorching sun, slowly stepped into the sky.

The long black hair danced slowly, and the golden robe swayed without wind, drawing all the way beautifully against the blue sky.

His seemingly calm eyes were filled with pain and hatred, and crazy killing thoughts surged in his chest.


Time is still at this moment, and everyone forgot to breathe.

The emperor’s long and narrow eyes suddenly opened up, whether it was surprise or joy.

The empress’s original solemn expression was instantly replaced by ecstasy, and her son was promoted to the little god powerhouse!

There is only one god since ancient times. Her son is the second god. Moreover, that god king has already fallen, and there is no strong person who can compete with her son in the world.

She and You Rongyan.

The patriarchs of the five gods were all shocked by the appearance of Leng Yi, and his eyes burst. His Royal Highness was actually promoted to the power of the little god!

They have different things in their hearts, and their faces are unpredictable.

A very secret fairy garden.

Jiuyou sat at the table elegantly, with a tea cup in his hand as long as jade, and took a sip close to her full lips. His drooping eyes flashed with strange light, and the corner of his mouth was drawn with a charming smile of unknown meaning.

Standing in the courtyard, Yun Fanyin looked at the superb man slowly descending from a height, with a trace of awe in his eyes.

Although she was chosen by Feng Ge to become that person’s fiancée since she was a child, that person has always been cold, so her most affection for him is fear.

Although she is a powerful saint and has a higher cultivation base than her father, in front of Leng Yi, she still did not dare to look directly.

Now, Leng Yi’s cultivation is obviously different from the past, and the suffocating sense of oppression is about to make her lose her breath.

Jiu You put down the tea cup, sighed, and came to Yun Fanyin in a flash, hugging her slightly trembling body and comforting him: “Don’t be afraid of him, he will always be shorter in front of us.”

Yun Fanyin didn’t believe it. “He is the future king, and now he has a terrifying cultivation base, how can he be

inferior to us?” Jiuyou smiled evilly, “Next time I meet, I want him to call my father…” Although he is not willing to Mei Nongchen Staying with Leng Yi, but looking at Leng Yi’s attitude towards Mei Nongchen, he thinks that it’s also very good to be verbally cheap… It’s

just that he was blocked by a small hand before he finished speaking, Yun Fanyin Growled: “Don’t talk nonsense! What should I do if I hear it?”

Jiuyou kissed the fragrant little hand, all the way to her pink lips.

Yun Fanyin annoyed to hide from him, stomping his feet and saying, “You don’t want to find a daughter. You just think about those things every day. Is there a father like you?”

Jiuyou leaned into the fairy skirt and laughed:” There is Lengyi, there will be nothing to get dusty, don’t worry…” After the

words, he impatiently hugged Yun Fanyin into the house, not giving her any opportunity to refute.

Inside the house, there is another room with shameful scenery.

Leng Yi stood still in the air, his cold and bloodthirsty eyes as a sword through the sky, straight into the fairy house of the Suzaku clan.

In an instant, he saw Yun Baizhi, who was kneeling behind Yun He and looking at him with faint and fearful eyes.

The killing intent in her chest was madly rolling, Mei Nongchen was dead, Yun Baizhi couldn’t get rid of the relationship, and the entire Suzaku clan must be buried!

He lifted his right hand lightly, his fingertips condensed a little golden light, and slowly pointed to the Yun Family Immortal House.

Yun He was shocked, his cold nirvana was well-known in the immortal world, and now he has been promoted to the rank of little god, this finger, I am afraid that the entire Yun family will be destroyed!

“Your Highness!”

Yunhe stepped up on the cloud with a heavy coercive force and knelt down in front of Leng Yi. Although he was unwilling, he had no choice.

Although Yun Baizhi didn’t tell the truth, he was not too confused. It must be something Yun Baizhi did secretly that annoyed Leng Yi, and even the entire Yun family had to be buried with him.

Even though he has always loved this granddaughter, he can’t wait for the family law to serve him at this moment.

“His Royal Highness must not be angry. If anyone in the Yun family does something that irritates His Highness, the old man will not be merciless. If your Royal Highness needs my Yun family’s service, the Yun family will treat it as if it is done!”

Yun He This is surrender, but unfortunately, Lengyi doesn’t need it.

If it was before, he would still think about it, but at this time, he just wanted to avenge Mei Nongchen.

The golden light, like the arrow of Li Hyun, breaks through the air!

Yun He stared in horror at the golden light that fell to the Yun Family’s fairy house with an aura of destruction like a meteor, despairing toward his heart.

“No!” He cried out sadly, but couldn’t save it.

He closed his eyes and dared not look at it. After a long time, the expected sound of destruction did not come for a long time.

Yun He opened his old eyes nervously, but saw that the golden light had disappeared, and everyone in the Yun family kept their expressions of horror in the rigid wind.

Look at Leng Yi again, where is his figure?

At this time, Leng Yi was mad and constantly tore through the space, the sound of tearing was endless, and he kept shuttling in the space.

Just now, the broken connection with Mei Nongchen was re-established in an instant, even closer than before.

He clearly felt the vitality of Mei Nongchen, and this time, he could actually feel her exactly where she was.

Because Mei Nongchen came back to life, he waved his sleeves to dispel his magical powers.

He thought that she might be more willing to avenge herself.

The emptiness and darkness of nothingness, cold and golden robe hunting, standing quietly.

Behind him, wherever he can see, the promotion tunnel is like a giant jellyfish tentacles, connecting the immortal world and the mortal world, looming.

Leng Yi stared at the front, he knew that as long as he was torn once, he could appear in the space where Mei Nongchen was.

At this moment, instead, he calmed down, and his handsome and extraordinary face was as cold as frost.

However, his slightly shaking hands betrayed his deep excitement.

Slowly raising his right hand, the wall of space that he thought would be lifted like a bead curtain, remained unchanged under his hands.

Leng Yi’s golden pupil shrank, a fright flashed under his eyes, and then he used his hands together like a mad beast.

I do not know how long it has been.

Leng Yi exhausted his strength, but failed to tear the space here.

His eyes dimmed, and then he turned around and left. It seemed that he still had a long way to go to get a wife.

First of all, he needs a stronger cultivation…

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