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Chapter 60 Chuanglinggu Tower 1

Only Yiyuan.

Mei Nongchen didn’t know what was happening outside.

She tidied her dresses, got off the couch, and looked at Xiao Yi and the others in silence, her eyes no longer clear.

At this moment, she should ask: What are you hiding? Is the pill really just an elixir for improving cultivation?

There was silence, she chose to remain silent.

She didn’t know them well, and came here only for ten short years. Although they were obedient to her on weekdays, they must be trapped in this place, which was definitely not what they wanted.

Think about it in another way. If she is inexplicably trapped here, waiting for the so-called reincarnation of the god king to come, and treat her as a master and a slave, she would definitely not want it.

When she inherited the power of the gods and broke this space, let them be free.

Just thank them for their meticulous care during these ten years.

The first class people knew that they were wrong, and they all bowed their heads and said nothing.

“My cultivation base already meets the requirements of Chuang Linggu Pagoda, then please take me to Linggu Pagoda.” Mei Nongchen was polite and alienated.

When the men heard the words, their hearts tightened, and the day finally came.

Xiao Yi grabbed the complicated emotions, and Fang raised his head and smiled: “Okay.” The

rest of the people looked at each other, and they all saw some unwillingness and unclear feelings in each other’s eyes.

They don’t know what attitude they should use to face Mei Nongchen. At the beginning, the god king gathered them from various places and applied secret techniques on them to make them reincarnate as the god king. It was only after so many years. They are not a general generation, and the secret techniques in their bodies have long been slack. Although they can’t directly kill Mei Nongchen, they can also indirectly harm her and prevent her from inheriting the power of the king.

But I didn’t expect that the foolproof illusion could not trap her.

Could it be that their hearts were shaken vividly, which affected the power of the illusion?

The group of people marched in the direction of Linggu Tower mighty.

About the time for a stick of incense, Xiao Yi, who led the way, stopped.

Mei Nongchen looked suspiciously at the vast ocean in front of her eyes, golden beaches, azure blue waters, and a flock of seagulls flying quack.

What about Linggu Tower?

Xiaoyi saw her doubts, but didn’t say anything, he took out a tower-shaped token with a silver flaming fire from his storage bag.

As soon as the token came out, a huge wave suddenly appeared on the sea, as if a beast of the deep sea was about to rush out of the sea.

Xiaoyi whispered the formula, the stream on the token turned into shooting stars, dancing and falling into the sea.


There was a huge sound of water, a silver spire slowly

emerged from the sea, and a giant silver pagoda rose slowly , with a solemn and sacred atmosphere.

The sea water rolled down from the tower, like the crystal clear and round dew on the lotus leaf, and did not wet the tower at all.

After half a pillar of incense, a towering silver pagoda was completely in the eyes of everyone.

Mei Nongchen stared at the peach blossom eyes and looked up at the tower.

day! She thought that the Linggu Pagodas were about the same size as famous towers such as Songyue Temple Tower and Qianxun Pagoda, but now she knows that those towers are nothing but flies and elephants in front of Linggu Pagoda, which is completely incomparable. Sex.

Mei Nongchen was shocked, how many trials were hidden in such a huge tower waiting for him?

She suddenly felt a sense of learning from the west, waiting for her in the past ninety-nine eighty-one, life and death hung on the line, and there were many dangers.

Swallowing saliva and taking a step back, she looked at Xiaoyi thiefly, and said, “Can I, can’t I go in?”

Xiaoyi hadn’t spoken yet, and Xiao Nineteen who was warm and gentle let out a sentence: ” Yes, everyone should go back and wait for death.”

Mei Nongchen was taken aback, and blurted out, “What do you mean?”

Small one: “As soon as the Linggu Pagoda comes out, someone must enter the Linggu Pagoda for a trial, otherwise, the Linggu Pagoda will burst on its own, and this space will also collapse, and I will naturally cease to exist.”

So perverted? !

Mei Nongchen slandered.

However, looking at the calm expressions on everyone’s faces, she always felt that these people had something important but hadn’t told herself.

So he asked, “Linggu Tower and his party, what do you want to tell me?” When the

words fell, Xiao Erjiu’s eyes lit up, and he took a step forward and opened his mouth to speak.

The junior next to him pulled him back and gave him a special look.

Xiao Erjiu shut his mouth wiltingly.

Mei Nongchen raised an eyebrow slightly, and there really was a problem.

She looked at Xiaoyi. After so many years of getting along, she knew that Xiaoyi was the leader of these people. As long as he was willing to speak, no one could stop him.

Xiaoyi was silent, and said: “Although we have done some bad things to prevent you from passing on the power of the king, the matter is already here. I can’t stop it anymore. We don’t know the situation in the Linggu Pagoda. There is only one thing you need to keep in mind…” He looked into Mei Nongchen’s eyes, as if pity and sadness, “You must keep your heart, don’t be disturbed by any external things, remember, keep your heart.”

After speaking, Without any pause, he read another formula, the silver flow fire token flashed silver light, and a silver light bridge was erected between the beach and Linggu Tower Hongmen.

Like a curved silver rainbow.

“Go.” Xiaoyi gave her a deep look and said slowly.

Mei Nongchen glanced at everyone, took a deep breath, stepped onto the light bridge, and walked towards the Hongmen at the bottom of the Linggu Pagoda.

She has a beautiful figure, flying into flowers in the sea breeze.

After this farewell, goodbye may be forever.

The men who stayed on the beach were filled with strange reluctance.

I don’t know whether that strange emotion comes from the original heart or the servility under the secret technique of the god king.

When her figure disappeared from Hongmen, Xiaoyi took the lead and stepped onto the Guangqiao, and said as she walked: “We should fulfill our final mission, let’s go.”

After Mei Nangchen, thirty men of different ages followed one after another. Enter Linggu Tower.

It’s just that none of them noticed, a figure swayed and hung behind them like a tail…

Linggu Tower Hongmen closed silently, and then slowly sank to the bottom of the sea, and the sea returned to calm.

Like, never appeared.

The entire Boundless Palace was empty, like a dead city.

Mei Nongchen stared at the scene in front of her, dumbfounded.

Before entering the tower, she had imagined what could be seen in the more than a dozen clock towers, and there was no such thing.

Primeval forest?

The old trees are towering, dense and dense, almost completely covering the sky, a ray of sunlight can not cast down, the sight is dim, the ground is covered with a thick layer of rotting leaves, exuding a strong smell of plant corruption.

The moss covered the tree trunks and rocks, looking mottled, and visually very appealing.

In the depths of the woods, the roar of various beasts made people numb.

Mei Nongchen looked around cautiously. The Linggu Pagoda had 18 floors, and the more difficult it was to test it upwards.

I don’t know what is being tested in this first layer of virgin forest?

Survival in the wild? Fight with the beast? Through the forest? Looking for mines and treasures?

She is a big head and doesn’t even have a hint!

Just thinking about it, Mei Nongchen found that she had come to a place of chaos when her eyes changed.

There was a dense fog around me, and I couldn’t see far away, as if she was the only one left in the world.

“Hehe, you are finally here.”

An abrupt voice sounded behind her, indistinguishable from male and female, with a bewitching tone.

Mei Nongchen’s scalp was numb, and she quickly turned around.

Nothing behind him.

“Hehe.” Behind her again.

Mei Nongchen didn’t turn his head immediately, but sacrificed Feng Yijian to slash several swords behind him, making an ear-piercing sound.

No objects were hit.

“Hehe.” The

voice rang in her ears, and a faint cold breath lingered in her ears, making her shiver deeply.

After the initial frying, Mei Nongchen calmed down, and the master who knew the sound was playing with her.

So she regained her indifference and asked calmly: “Are you the owner of the Boundless Palace?” The owner of

the voice seemed very upset to see her regaining her composure so quickly, and he hummed: “Hmph! Not fun at all!”

That voice Suddenly far and near, like wandering ghosts.

Mei Nongchen was silent, and it seemed that this product was the master of playfulness.

The eyeballs turned, the plan came to mind.

She cleared her throat and said, “I have something fun, do you want to play it?”

“What?” The voice rang in her ear again, very close.

Mei get dust mystery authentic: “I promise this thing is you never played, you come to the front, I’ll show you.”

“You come up with is that I see with.”

“Front to not less than I’ll show it to you, but if you come to the front, as long as you like it, you can give this thing to you.” After a

while, the sound did not sound, as if thinking.

Mei Nongchen’s mouth slumped, sighed, and regretfully said: “Just forget it if you don’t want to. This thing is only in the world, so many people are greedy and I didn’t give it to me. I think you are someone who can really understand it, alas. Now, it seems that it cannot meet Bole…”

“Do you really think I am Bole?”

Mei Nongchen smiled, very sincerely, “Yes.”

“Then, then I will give you face. Just take a look!”

Tsundere’s voice has floated to Mei Nongchen.

Mei Nongchen’s peach blossom eyes flashed with a smile, and said: “I’m optimistic!” With

a wave of her right hand, she quickly opened the spirit net and cast it forward, like a fisherman cast a net.

“Ah!” The

scream suddenly sounded.

With a sizzling sound, the spirit net was flicked aside, and Mei Nongchen watched as a hair scorched by the fire appeared in front of her.

Then, a figure slowly appeared.

She was surprised to Dengyuan eye, this stock is

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