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Chapter 61 Chuanglinggu Tower 2

“You woman, dare to plot against the immortal! You are dead! You are really dead!”

A two or three-year-old child stared at Mei Nongchen with his eyes wide open. The baby’s fat little face was full of sullenness, and his head was full of anger. The thick curly black hair was scorched by the fire at this moment. It was missing a piece and a pinch. By coincidence, the hair-less parts were connected, and it happened to be grid-like…

Mei Nongchen was stunned. Unexpectedly, it was suddenly far away. The indistinguishable voice came from the mouth of such a little baby.

The tension that was originally tense suddenly loosened. Seeing his immature face, she couldn’t get nervous even if she wanted to be nervous.

She slowly took back her spirit net.

Maybe it’s her face’ cut! Is it such a kid? ”S expression was too obvious, and the child became even more embarrassed and angry.

“I’m telling you, the whole Linggu Pagoda is up to me. Offend me, you never want to pass the test! Humph!” He hovered in mid-air, equal to Mei Nongchen’s height, spreading his teeth and claws.


Mei Nongchen slanted his eyes and smiled, and said: “I am the reincarnation of the god king. If you can stay here, it must be the order of the god king to test whether I am qualified to obtain the power of the god king, so, Are you sure you want to embarrass me?” As

soon as these words came out, the child’s white and tender face changed, but he still insisted: “I…huh! You are not very good at all, but it is still open to question. Maybe I don’t need to do anything at all, you just hang in the first layer of the ancient magic forest.”

“Yeah, I am weak.” Mei Nongchen said indifferently, looking around at the dense fog surrounding the sky, and twitching the corners of her lips, “Now, what should you tell me to bring me here? This first-story tower , What is going to be tested?”

“My name is Qing.” The child suddenly changed his conversation and introduced himself very shyly.

His head hung down, revealing the mottled top of his head, Mei Nongchen couldn’t help being laughed, and a heart burst into teasing.


Qing Xiao’s eyebrows twisted, and he corrected it: “It’s Qing, not a kiss.”

“Yes, dear.”

Qing: “…”

He has a large number of adults and doesn’t care about a woman who can’t pronounce it.

Qing scowled her face, quite like that, and said with a serious face: “The Linggu Pagoda is tested, it is difficult to say, and it is simple to say that it is not easy. You have to gather 30 phantom soul orbs from the first to the seventeenth floor. The soul orb is the key for you to obtain the power of the god king. It is extremely important.”

“As for how to find and where to find it, you will know later.”

Mei Nongchen was taken aback, as long as he gathered thirty phantom soul orbs?

Xiaoyi once said that the test of Linggu Tower is a test of life and death.

It seems that this phantom soul orb is not so easy to obtain.

“Good luck.” Qing squatted with two rows of Xiaomi teeth, smiling violently, “If you need help, just call me, I won’t help you anyway.”

Flesh little hands Blowing a kiss to Mei Nongchen, there was a flirtatious flow in his immature, big eyes, but his horrible hairstyle lowered his pretending to be charming at the moment.

“Bye bye.” Before

his words fell, the scene in front of Mei Nongchen suddenly changed and returned to the forest.

Qing said, this is the ancient magic forest.

Thinking of Qing, Mei Nongchen felt that her goose bumps were not enough.

How does it look like a child?

Simply an old urchin!

Playful and deceptive.

She didn’t know that as soon as her figure disappeared, Qing, who was originally wearing a mesh haircut, was transformed into a childlike old man with a crane-haired child, with a white pigtail made of a beard hanging on her chin, and her fairy robe was crookedly wrapped around her body, on top of her head. The messy flower hair is faintly visible with grid imprints…

He stared at the place where Mei Nongchen disappeared, his eyes bright and mischievous.

“Oh, it really deserves to be the reincarnation of that kid, just like him, not cute at all, huh!”

“But who is smarter between you and him? The old man is suddenly looking forward to it.”

Mei Nongchen closed his eyes and digested The message that popped in my mind.

Just now, a consciousness suddenly entered her mind, allowing her to understand the geographical pattern of the ancient magic forest from both macro and micro perspectives. She also knew clearly that there was only one phantom soul orb hidden in this first layer.

In the green-eyed wolf’s lair.

Mei Nongchen followed the hints in his mind and walked forward.

She sacrificed Feng Yijian to clear the way in front, and she flew happily behind.

Since becoming an immortal, she has been able to walk against the wind, but for these years she has been in the Palace of Boundlessness, occasionally practicing flying, but also flying in the open and unimpeded air, like now, she has to avoid the branches and the branches. She felt very irritating to avoid the birds and beasts that sprang out occasionally.

Such as riding a roller coaster.

From time to time,’Ah! Yeah! what! ‘The voice, in that voice, there was surprise and excitement.

I didn’t know she thought she was playing in the Dinosaur Paradise…


half an hour later, she was dumbfounded.

She returned to where she started!

Standing on the rotten leaves, looking around, even the mottled moss on the stone trunks moved exactly the same.

Mei Nongchen carefully reviewed the consciousness in his mind, and did not say that there was something similar to a maze.

Choose another direction and set off again.

After half an hour.

Back to square one.

At this moment, she had to admit a serious problem.

She is lost!

Mei Nongchen hung a black thread, very worried.

When she was a mortal, she never lost her way, but now she is a fairy, but lost her way instead.

She found a relatively clean and flat stone and sat down. She is not a blind person. Since she can’t go out, she simply sits down and thinks about countermeasures. It is better than a headless fly full of woods. It consumes energy and can’t walk. Get out.

She set an enchantment around herself, and she began to doze.

I don’t know how long it took, Mei Nongchen suddenly woke up. At this moment, the sky was already dark, mosquitoes were all around, and all kinds of nocturnal creatures began to appear. In the darkness, large and small beast eyes appeared with green light, like little stars, beautiful, but also Appalling.

Mei Nongchen was not afraid. Through that consciousness, she knew that she was on the edge of the Demon Forest. The beasts here were very weak, and she was not her opponent at all.

However, she suddenly remembered the pink eyes of the little fox.

She left the little fox in the mortal world when she soared into an immortal. I don’t know how it is now.

Since she was little, the fox followed her and saved her life several times. She never understood why the little fox treated her like that?

Like, guarding.

Because of the barrier, the mosquitoes and nocturnal beasts couldn’t get close to her. One night passed, and it was still safe.

In addition to sitting and lying on the stone is too hard.

If she knew she was going to spend the night in the wild, she should ask Xiaoyi for a storage bag and put a few quilts with her… The

next day, just after the dawn, Mei Nongchen was awakened by a sharp bird song.

Before she could open her eyes, something fell from the top of her head and fell on her face and body.

She raised her hand and touched it to see that it was actually a few long feathers with blood.

The feather is about two chopsticks long, dark green, and the surface is light to reflect people, and it feels very silky.

There was another sharp bird song, the quack was very harsh, and then a few more feathers fell.

Mei Nongchen looked up, her eyes tightened.

A towering old tree a step away from her, a giant python coiled around the tree, spitting a crimson letter and sliding up slowly.

Although Mei Nongchen knew that the python was not her opponent, she was taken aback when she saw such a huge python.

Two large dark green birds hovering above the python, the big bird looked very anxious, quacking and attacking the python.

Every time he attacked, he couldn’t hurt the snake half a point, but he always shook off a few feathers.

Mei Nongchen felt that it was angry…

The two big birds were obviously in a weak position, but why did they want to attack the python?

Could it be that they think the giant python is a big bug?

Creak –

creak –

the sound of the fierce struggle of two birds in a snake, has a few very faint sounds came.

Mei Nongchen stared at it, and saw that at the end of the ancient tree, a clump of grass was faintly exposed.

That’s… the corner of the bird’s nest!

With a flash of lightning, Mei Nangchen understood that the two big birds were protecting the cubs!

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Xiao Yiyi: “I want to see my daughter-in-law, I want to see my daughter-in-law, I want to see my daughter-in-law…”

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Xiao Yiyi: “Yeah!”

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