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Chapter 62 Chuanglinggu Tower 3

Mei Nongchen jumped up, she hated this kind of hurting cubs!

She pointed at the snake with her right hand, and Feng Yijian was called up.

call out!

With a scream, Feng Yijian slashed the snake from top to bottom. Before the python hissed, it broke into several segments.


smashed countless branches all the way, accompanied by a shower of blood, fell to the ground.

The snake’s body twisted unwillingly on the ground, and with every twist, blood spattered, and the stench swept through the air.

Mei Nongchen frowned slightly and looked up at the treetops.

The two big birds seemed to be very happy. They circled the nest, and their calls turned softly.

Mei Nongchen smiled knowingly, hoping that those little guys could grow up safely.

Suddenly, the two big birds yelled at her eagerly, and their voices changed back to their previous rattles.

Her heart shuddered, and she quickly set up a protective barrier. The next second, with a’poof’, something hit the barrier.

Mei Nongchen looked back, and the giant snake head dragged a section of the snake body and fell from the barrier.

It turned out that the python’s head was not completely dead, and there were vertical pupils in the brown eyes, staring at Mei Nongchen bitterly, as if to swallow her alive.

Mei Nongchen frowned her eyebrows slightly, the combination of the twisted snake segment and the pair of resentful eyes was so strange.

Sacrifice the spirit net to eliminate the mess.

Mei Nongchen stared blankly at the ground where the rotten leaves had disappeared without revealing the black soil. Suddenly, he felt that Mie Ling Wang was really an indispensable tool for destroying corpses.

Gushing tweeting–cooping tweeting–

Two tactful bird songs brought back Mei Nongchen’s thoughts of wandering. She turned her head and saw the two big birds standing behind her, one on the left and the other, and the emerald pupils looked at her curiously. The big bird is very big, comparable to an elephant, but has a very small head, about the same size as an ostrich, and inversely proportional to the body. A cluster of feather crowns on top of the head stands tall, swaying in the wind, and very angry.


One of the big birds called while shaking his head, and when he finished, he took the bird’s head and drilled it into Mei Nongchen’s arms, and the crown of feathers on the top of his head was squeezed to one side.

Mei Nongchen quickly pushed away the bird’s head and took a step back.

What do you mean?

The other big bird waved its wings and sneered disgustingly. Then it pointed its wings to the bird’s nest and the ground very humanely, and then nodded the bird’s head to her.

Mei Nongchen understood, she was thanking her.

She smiled at it, waved goodbye, and then leaped for life and flew into the sky.

Since walking through the forest would get lost, then she jumped out of the magic forest and walked from the sky.

However, as soon as her head was about to emerge outside the magic forest, it was pulled back to the ground by a sudden strong suction.


Mei Nongchen cried out suspiciously, feeling it carefully, but didn’t feel any special suction.

Try again, but was pulled back by the sudden suction when he was about to fly out of the magic forest.

After six or seven consecutive attempts, she was surprised to find that this ancient magic forest had special restrictions.

She can’t get out!

Whenever she was about to leave the magic forest, the suction would pull her back to the ground.

Mei Nongchen looked up at the sky, his eyes solemn.

Can’t walk up, how can she find the right way?


The big bird who had expressed gratitude to her before suddenly rushed in front of her, brought a violent wind, and almost lost Mei Nongchen’s eyes.

The cluster of feather crowns on the top of the bird’s head bloomed like lilies, and a stamen-like tentacled in the middle quickly protruded and pierced Mei Nongchen’s finger.

Mei Nongchen was unprepared and was stabbed.

In an instant, a consciousness slipped into her mind, entangled and merged with her ontological consciousness.

For a moment, she looked at Big Bird with a strange expression.

At this moment, she can clearly understand what the big bird is thinking, that is to say, the bird has just established contact with her.

“Benefactor, you are inseparable from the Devil Forest. You are self-born. You have seen many monsters who want to leave here, but none of them succeeded.”

Mei Nongchen was slightly surprised. Is this bird wise? From what she had just done, she could see that she wanted to get out of this forest.

But, unable to distinguish the way, how can she find the green-eyed demon wolf’s lair?

“Benefactor, I know where the green-eyed demon wolf’s lair is.”

Mei Nongchen’s eyes lit up, and he said with joy: “Really?”

Big Bird immediately nodded his head into a chicken.

Then, a big bird flew away with one person.

After they left, the big bird left behind, and the bird’s nest, suddenly turned into a burst of blue smoke and dispersed

Once again night fell.

Mei Nongchen sat on the sturdy slanting branch of an ancient tree, swaying her legs and looking at the green light around her.

This place is near the middle of the Demon Forest, and the power of the Nightwalker is obviously not comparable to that of the Nightwalker on the outside.

Through the narration of the Promise Bird, Mei Nongchen learned that the green-eyed demon wolf was the most powerful in this ancient magic forest.

The Promise Bird is the big bird.

Mei Nongchen was not surprised, she had already guessed that since she could protect the phantom soul orb, it must not be a general beast.

Just thinking about it, the Promise Bird slid around for a while without knowing where to go, and then came back.

It fell next to Mei Nongchen, and the originally spacious place instantly became crowded, and the branches were crushed to the next corner.

Mei Nongchen: “…” The

Promise Bird also seemed to notice that his tonnage was too heavy, and lowered the bird’s head shyly.

Mei Nongchen: “…” After being

shy for a while, the Promise Bird suddenly craned her neck and sipped at Mei Nongchen’s fairy skirt. Mei Nongchen felt her thigh sank, and the two balls were wet and sticky. The object fell on her lap.

With a tangy fragrance, two apple-sized fruits appeared in Mei Nongchen’s sight.

The whole body of the fruit is crystal clear, with a bright red nucleus in the center.

“Benefactor, eat, eat.” The

Promise Bird happily waved its huge wings, and tweeted to Mei Nongchen to praise how delicious the fruit is and how effective it is after eating it.

Mei Nongchen squeezed the fruit with two fingers in disgust, looking at the suspicious sticky substance on it, even if she could leave the ghost place immediately after eating it, she couldn’t eat it.

Throwing two fruits to Wuji Bird, Mei Nongchen implicitly expressed that she was not hungry.

The Promise Bird expressed regret that the benefactor couldn’t eat such a delicious fruit. It was really unforgettable, so it ate it on its own.

Mei Nongchen ignored it, set a barrier, closed his eyes and rested.

The Promise Bird said that there are still five days away from the nest of the Green-eyed Demon Wolf.

After one night.

The thick wet and heavy fog in the early morning enveloped the entire ancient magic forest.

When Mei Nongchen opened his eyes, he saw an enlarged version of the bird’s face. A drop of saliva hung on the tip of the bird’s beak and was about to fall on Mei Nongchen’s face.

She quickly stepped away, and the drool fell on the tree trunk in good time…

Mei Nongchen: “–_–

After three more days of going forward.

Mei Nongchen encountered more and more beasts and became more and more powerful.

But it was not so powerful that she needed to be afraid of it, and the monsters seemed to understand that Mei Nongchen was not something they could provoke, so they went around.

There are a few bold ones, coveting and trailing all the way, but never dared to step forward and attack.

But even so, Mei Nongchen did not dare to take it lightly.

Xiaoyi said that the test of Linggu Tower is a test of life and death, so the more you don’t need to be vigilant, the more vigilant you must be.

Another day later.

Not only the beasts are getting more and more powerful, even the plants are becoming dangerous.

In less than half a day, she had already encountered twenty carnivorous trees and countless carnivorous flowers.

The Promise Bird has also been swallowed into flower belly or swept away by trees and vines no less than 20 times.

At this moment, she was hiding behind Mei Nongchen shiveringly for protection.

Mei Nongchen cut off the last carnivorous flower with the Phoenix sword in his hand and wiped the sweat from his forehead.

Just now, the Promise Bird carried her to fly well, and was suddenly entangled by a long vine, was instantly torn off, and then swallowed by a carnivorous flower.

Mei Nongchen followed down and found that the carnivorous flowers here actually stretched out.

Smelling the smell of living meat, the carnivorous flowers came out of the long vines to entangle her, and Mei Nongchen had to wave a sword to cut them all off.

It took her a lot of work.

The feathers of the Promise Bird are covered with the mucus of carnivorous flowers, and it looks no different from a chicken.

Seeing its pitiful appearance, Mei Nongchen couldn’t bear it, so he decided to rest here and set off again tomorrow morning.

Perhaps it was too frightened, the Promise Bird found a tree root and squatted down without moving for a while.

Mei Nongchen endured disgust and patted its mucus-stained bird’s head, and said, “Don’t be afraid, I will protect you.”

Hearing this, Wuji Bird raised her eyes and conveyed a complex emotion to her.

Mei Nongchen: “…”

She said that she didn’t understand what it meant.

into the night.

Mei Nongchen and Wuji Bird in the enchantment breathe evenly.

No one noticed that the little green ghost eyes that originally surrounded them suddenly disappeared.

After a while, two groups of green and quiet objects the size of a lantern slowly approached.

—— —— digression


Xiao Yiyi: “Daughter-in-law, miss you…”

Xiao Chenchen: “Cut! Miss me? Why do you miss me?”

Xiao Yiyi: “Yeah!”

Xiao Chenchen: “Oh, fucking! By you again! Eat tofu! You rascal!”

Xiao Yiyi untied his belt and approached with a wicked smile, “Where do you have tofu that I haven’t eaten?”

Yaoyao Jun: “Excuse me, may I ask, you have dog food? Is it?”

Yi, Chen: “Get out!”

Yaoyao Jun: “…”

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