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Chapter 63 Chuanglinggu Tower 4

The magic forest at this moment was as silent as the corridor of a late-night hospital, and the two green lantern-like objects leaped close like wildfires.

Mei Nongchen and Wuji Bird under the ancient tree were still asleep, with no sign of waking up.

The’lantern’ is getting closer and closer.

When it was two meters away from Mei Nongchen, the’lantern’ stopped, then sank down, bounced up and slammed into Mei Nongchen in a parabola.

Seeing that she was about to hit Mei Nongchen, she heard a sound of’咻’, a long white sword radiating holy light rose from the ground and shot towards the lantern.

The speed is extremely fast, like lightning.



With a stern roar, Feng Yijian took the lantern back a hundred meters.


Nailed to an ancient tree, it made a huge buzzing sound.

Mei Nongchen jumped up and chased after him.

After seeing what was attacking her, she was surprised that it was a green-eyed demon wolf!

The Promise Bird told her that there was only one green-eyed demon wolf in the entire ancient magic forest. Each generation of green-eyed demon wolves would only give birth to two cubs, one female and one male. When two old green-eyed demon wolves die, two young green-eyed wolves. The magic wolves will marry a couple, and then regenerate two cubs, repeating their way back then.

It’s like the breeding method of pure vampires in vampire knights.

The Promise Bird also described the appearance of the green-eyed demon wolf to her, which is no different from the giant wolf beast nailed to the tree at this moment.

The green eyes are as big as a lantern, the sharp claws of steel, the body is huge, the thick brown mane is like giant thorns, standing upright fiercely, and the mouth of the blood basin has three rows of jagged teeth. The cold light is so cold that Mei Nongchen feels , With just one bite, it can crush her to pieces.

The place where she is now is very close to the nest of the Green-eyed Demon Wolf. If it weren’t for the Promise Bird to be too frightened and left to rest, it should have arrived today.

I wanted to check the situation tomorrow morning before deciding how to get the Phantom Soul Orb, but I didn’t expect the Green Eyed Demon Wolf to find it by himself.

Recovering the Feng Yijian, Mei Nong’s eyes flowed in dust, radiantly colorful.

The wolf is a creature with a strong sense of unity.

Green-eyed Demon Wolf, too.

So there must be a companion nearby!

Mei Nongchen walked back under the tree quickly, picked up the sleeping Promise Bird and threw it upwards, and the Promise Bird fell precisely on the branches of the tree.

Maybe she tried too hard, and a few long dark green feathers flew down… The

Promise Bird was at an invisible angle to Mei Nongchen, her eyes slowly opened a slit, and a brilliant light flashed in the emerald green pupils… …

Mei Nongchen finished throwing the Promise Bird, before turning around, immediately manipulated Feng Yijian to swing behind him!

She turned her head and found three green-eyed demon wolves with barking teeth and growling behind her, one of which was the same size as the one that attacked her just now, and the other two were half the size of them.

It seems that it was the parent of the Green-eyed Demon Wolf family who just died.

The three green-eyed demon wolves stared at her angrily, the green glowing pupils looming red, which was strangely dazzling in the dark night.

The two sides confronted each other for a while, and then they strangled together. In an instant, the wind was surging…

… the

next day, Mei Nongchen stood on a branch high above the ancient tree, looking at the direction of the green-eyed demon wolf’s lair with deep eyes.

At the hem of her skirt, blood stains bloomed like plum blossoms.

Along the way, she didn’t encounter any crisis that could threaten her. Even the three green-eyed demon wolves of last night were wiped out without spending too much energy on her.

In this way, the green-eyed demon wolf’s lair is an empty nest, and it is easy to get the phantom soul orb.

It’s just that…

Mei Nongchen looked down at the Promise Bird who was still sleeping and drooling. She always felt that she had overlooked something.

She stomped her feet, and the dewdrops hanging on the leaves smashed down. The Promise Bird was soaked in a spirit that she got up, and under her claws, she slammed her head down into a deep hole, chrysanthemum. The bird claws upward.

A tremor, another tremor.


half a day.

Mei Nongchen stood on the protruding rock from the cliff, looking at the two-story cave in front of her.

The breath of a green-eyed demon wolf still remained in the cave.

The Wuji Bird stood behind her, dancing with excitement, tweeting and urging Mei Nongchen to enter quickly.

Mei Nongchen sank her eyes, then turned her head and said to Promise Bird: “Let’s go.”

After finishing speaking, he went in first.

After passing through the long passage, they came to the belly of the cave.

There are two football fields here, and there is a lake in the center. The water of the lake is muddy and muddy bubbles are rolling.

Just above the lake, a blue ball size dumpling silent spinning, this transparent beads, such as sapphire, middle ray of white mist kept You drag objects, like most of the wandering soul ……

ever since Entering this hole, Mei Nongchen felt eager calls and led her to walk forward step by step.

Therefore, she recognized at a glance that this was a phantom soul orb.

The extreme blue reminded her of the little one who loves to wear blue clothes.

“Come on, come on, come on…”

The call was stronger than that, causing Mei Nongchen’s heart to rush, she quickened her pace, her heartbeat quickened, and her blood was about to boil.

Get the phantom soul orb, get the power of the god king, from now on the world is invincible, and protect the family members forever.

When the time comes, the power and wealth will be exhausted, and no one will dare to make trouble with her.

Every step forward, the blood in the body will boil a little bit.

About to burn her whole!

The phantom soul orb also turned faster and faster, and finally wanted to fly towards her, but was restrained by an invisible force, unable to fly away from where it was.

Mei Nongchen’s complexion was crimson, and her peach blossom eyes were hot with excitement and greed, showing on her face.

When she came to the lake, she leaped for life and grabbed the phantom soul orb.

However, when she was about to touch the phantom soul orb, she suddenly turned and swept upwards, her hair wrapped in a violent wind, and Feng Yijian pierced backwards with a piercing whistling whistle and a whistling speed.


The sound of the sword into the flesh.

The two emerald green eyes of the Promise Bird bulged out of the eye sockets with shock, the tentacles protruding from the feather crest froze in the air, and its abdomen, with a sword hilt out of its body, the blood tickled down, and quickly converged on the ground…

“You, how do you know?”

It opened its mouth and talked.

Mei Nongchen slowly landed from mid-air, with flying skirts and beautiful crystal-like faces, where is the excitement and uncontrollable greed?

She was not surprised by the wonder of Wuji Bird’s ability to speak human words. With a stroke, Feng Yijian returned to her hand, and she condensed water with supernatural power to wash away the dirty blood on the sword.

Lying on the ground looking at the blood flow non-stop polar birds, she began: “The periphery of Warcraft has always been afraid to set foot in the middle of ancient magic forest, why do you dare but also knew the location of the green-eyed Molang nest??”

“Only Can explain that you have been here.”

“Since you have found the green-eyed demon wolf’s lair in the middle of the Demon Forest, and you have not been swallowed by the monsters here, it shows that your animal power is not weak, at least, it is much stronger than what you showed before.”

“Then why were you in the first place? Even a giant python with weaker beasts outside the Devil Forest can’t clean it up? Why do you pretend to be weak all the way?”

“And…” Mei Nongchen slowly approached it, and the cold breath came under pressure, and the Promise Bird shrank subconsciously.” Last night, why did the green-eyed demon wolf attack me suddenly?”

“I think it should be you that it is going to attack, and I just wake up faster than you.”

Mei Nongchen stared at the Promise Bird drooping outside the feather crown. The tentacles, the tips of the tentacles, flashed with a poisonous color.

“The one you stabbed me before was not to establish contact with me, but to poison, phantom poison, right? Along the way, you used the hallucinogenic effect of phantom poison to make me think it was through contact with you. Communication, in fact, we have been communicating in words.”

“Along the way, you pretended to be weak and let me take off guard against you.”

“It’s just that you were too eager at the entrance of the cave.” The

Wuji Bird opened its beak. After a long while, he asked weakly: “But, you obviously have a phantom poison, it’s impossible…”

“What’s impossible?” Mei Nongchen ate and smiled, his eyebrows blooming, “I have eaten for nearly ten years. The hallucinogenic poison, are you afraid of your little phantom poison?”

“As long as after fighting the green-eyed demon wolf, the phantom poison has failed.”

Mei Nongchen took off the phantom soul orb and walked outside the cave. “I know you want this phantom soul orb. The reason why the green-eyed demon wolf attacked you must be that you had stolen the orb and angered them, and you helped me just to take advantage of it.”

“But You really helped me, so I won’t kill you, but the phantom soul orb is mine.”

“You, ask for more blessings.” The

last syllable fell, and Mei Nongchen’s figure disappeared at the entrance of the cave.

The Promise Bird lying on the ground dying suddenly turned into a burst of blue smoke and dissipated. An old man with a crane-haired childlike face appeared out of thin air, and the beard and pigtails on his chin were turned up and down.

“Smart enough, cruel enough, and righteous enough!”

“Okay! First level, count you! Hahaha.”

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