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Chapter 64 Chuanglinggu Tower 5

“Congratulations on passing the test of the first floor tower, please enter the second floor below and get a phantom soul orb from the mouth of the flame lizard.” A

consciousness pierced into Mei Nongchen’s mind, and then she felt overweight as if taking an elevator. There was a flower in front of me, and the forest turned into an endless desert with yellow sand billowing.

Suddenly, Mei Nongchen was surprised to feel that her cultivation level had declined, descending from the late Saint Xian stage to the Xuanxian early stage.

However, she quickly calmed down again.

Since the test is getting harder and harder, it is not surprising that the second layer has more cultivation bases to suppress than the first layer.

Mei Nongchen looked up at the sky, the blazing sun was like a fireball, and the yellow sand under her feet was like being put into a pot to heat up. She was already an immortal body. The change in outside temperature had little effect on her, but she still felt the light above her head at the moment. Scorching, hot waves on the soles of the feet.

Just a moment, sweat soaked her back.

“This must not be an ordinary desert, I have to be careful everywhere.”

Nine Heavens Immortal Realm.

Next to a rockery in the Royal Fairy Garden of the Miluo Palace, the emperor is dressed in a bright yellow dragon robe with dragon’s breath, majestic and inviolable.

The face resembling Leng Yi now wore a scornful smile.

Next to him, stood an old man with white hair and a beard and respectful face. The old man held a crystal ball in his dry but white hands. In the crystal ball, a golden phoenix was spreading its wings.

The emperor’s long and narrow eyes narrowed slightly, and the light of danger flashed in his eyes.

“What do you mean, Feng Ge abandoned Yun Fanyin and re-selected a mortal ascending woman as the princess?”

“Yes, your majesty.”

“Hey…” The emperor chuckled his throat, causing the old man to laugh. My heart trembled, “Feng Ge, I have always made mistakes recently. I chose the wrong Yun Fanyin, and I must also choose this one…”

“You said so? Si Fengxingjun?”

The old man’s folded forehead silently slipped a drop of sweat, and his hand holding the crystal ball trembled slightly.

“Yes, your majesty is wise.”

… After

Si Fengxingjun left, the emperor looked at the crystal ball in his palm for a long time, and suddenly he drew a meaningful smile.

“That mortal woman? Will it be the one who let you dissipate your divine power? My son?”

“For the venerable, love is the most jealous, especially love…”

“Let father, help you get rid of You are a stumbling block on Wang’s Road…”

“Zhu Feng!”

A low air fluctuated behind the emperor, and a low voice came out, “Subordinates are here.”

“That woman, leave it to you, you know what to do. . ” “

Yes. “


Mei get dust standing on the dune stretches thousands of miles, such as the dragon’s back.

She looked at the dense red flames under the sand dunes, and a group of grass mud horses whizzed past in her mind…The

Phantom Soul Orb was hidden in the mouth of the flame lizard, but what did these thousands of flame lizards mean?

“Could it be that I open their mouths one by one to see if there are any phantom soul beads?”

Each flame lizard is about the size of a gecko, spreading across the entire desert.

To find the Phantom Soul Orb in the mouths of so many flame lizards is simply looking for a needle in a haystack.

“No, there must be a way to identify which flame lizard is the one that hides the phantom soul orb.”

At this time, the group of flame lizards that had been quietly crawling on the ground suddenly rioted, rushing to one place, and then disappeared. In the sparse desert.

Without waiting for Mei Nangchen to react, only hot wind was left under the sand dunes, bringing up waves of sand…

Mei Nongchen: “…Hey! Don’t go!”

She hurriedly flew down to the place where the flame lizard had disappeared, and then looked silently at the small hole of the glutinous rice ball.


a loud noise.

“Cough cough…” Mei Nongchen coughed desperately, covering her mouth. The dust choked her heart and lungs fiercely.

After her thoughts and thoughts, there was only one way to go into the hole to find beads, so she smashed a big hole into the small hole of the flame lizard.

After coughing for a while, the dust and smoke dissipated. Mei Nongchen looked at the dark cave without hesitation, and jumped down.

The cave is deep, and it has fallen for a long time, but the light is getting brighter and brighter.

Mei Nongchen looked down, the bottom was red, like magma, but the small moving dots told her that it was not.

After the first vertical passage, the eyes suddenly open up. In the huge cave, there are neatly arranged fist-sized holes on the four walls. In each hole is hidden a flame lizard, burning red flames, a pair of beans. Her red eyes stared straight at Mei Nongchen’s direction, and the bottom of the cave was also covered with flame lizards. Under the staring of thousands of eyes, Mei Nongchen’s body instantly swept up a layer of goose bumps.

Without a place to stay, she had no choice but to stand in the air.


a slight hissing sound came, and the flame lizard began to agitate again.

It’s like being called by something.

It wasn’t until the last flame lizard disappeared from sight that Mei Nongchen fell to the ground.

Only then did she see clearly that on the west side of the cave, there was a one-person entrance with a faint flash of fire.

Mei Nongchen approached quietly and stood at the entrance. Mei Nongchen was startled by the scene in front of her.

Three meters away, a giant flame lizard opened its mouth like a city gate, and the gecko-sized flame lizards that just came in were crawling into its mouth excitedly. Every time a wave of small lizards climbed into it, the giant The flame lizard grew an inch larger, and the red flames on its body became more vigorous.

Under its tongue, a fire-colored ball was shining with a different light.

Phantom Soul Orb.

An extremely strong call rang in her mind again, the voice of’Come, come, come’ with powerful magical power.

Mei Nongchen’s eyes flashed, and he suppressed the impulse that surged in his heart, and did not act immediately. The huge body of the flame lizard was stretched with tyrannical beast power, and its strength might be comparable to that of a holy immortal.

Now her cultivation base is suppressed, only Xuanxian’s initial cultivation base, at this moment, it is definitely not the time to head-on.

She moved to the side, waiting for an opportunity.

When the last wave disappeared at the mouth of the giant flame lizard’s esophagus, it screamed from its neck, and the super-strong sound wave shook the cave house three times, and the mud slumped down.


As the limbs of the giant flame lizard moved, a crisp sound of iron chains came.

Mei Nongchen looked over at once and saw that its four lizard legs, which were as thick as legs, were locked with iron chains.

The iron chain seemed to be made of a special material. The whole body was glowing with cold colors, and the flames on the legs of the flame lizard were obviously weak, and they were about to die out.

It seems that it is trapped here, relying on its children and grandchildren to contribute their lives to survive.

Maybe, she can make a deal with it?

“Damn human! Get out, I’m going to kill you!” A

roar of thunder made Mei Nangchen almost bleeding from her eardrums.

Can it actually talk?

The shock in Mei Nongchen’s heart disappeared when she thought of the Promise Bird who could speak words. Maybe the beasts can speak words after they have practiced to a certain extent, but she is only shallow.

Now that she was discovered, she didn’t need to cover up, but fortunately she stood up openly.

Mei Nongchen walked to the giant flame lizard, neither humble nor overbearing, calm and unhurried.

The scarlet vertical pupils of the giant lizard flashed with surprise, and then stared at Mei Nongchen aggressively, and roared angrily: “Damn human! I have been trapped here for thousands of years. I will kill you! Kill all of them. Human!” After she opened her huge mouth, a fire dragon spouted from her mouth.

Mei Nongchen avoided flexibly, and said, “Kill me, who will let you out?”

“What did you say?!” The giant flame lizard immediately retracted the fire dragon upon hearing the words, expecting faintly flashed in the vertical pupils.

Seeing this, Mei Nongchen grinned and said: “Let’s make a deal. I will help you remove the shackles. You will give me the phantom soul orb in your mouth, and you must promise that you will not kill me after you unlock the shackles.”

The giant flame lizard’s heavy eyelids narrowed slightly, and a sharp light flashed in his eyes, and then said: “Okay! It’s a deal!”

Mei Nongchen smiled and said harmlessly: “For the sake of fairness, I I will untie the two chains for you first, and you will give me the phantom soul orb, and then I will untie the other two for you, how about?” The

giant flame lizard immediately exploded and said angrily: “It really is cunning. Human! Give you the Phantom Soul Orb, you must take it and run away! Damn it!”

Mei Nongchen took out her sore ears, and said casually: “If I unlock the chains for you first, then I will immediately If you die here, don’t say you got the phantom soul orb.”

“However, the phantom soul orb in your mouth is not necessary to me, so…if you don’t want to, just treat it as if I haven’t been here. After that,

Mei Nongchen didn’t stop for a moment, turned and left.

The giant flame lizard was stunned for a moment, and then saw the dead girl in front of him leave without hesitation. He thought she was playing a trick, until she was about to disappear at the entrance, it suddenly understood that the girl was real!

Angrily roared: “Okay! I promise you to do it!” In an

instant, Mei Nongchen’s highly tight back was loosened, and her palms were cold and sweaty. She was really afraid that the giant flame lizard really let her go. If that were the case, she would fall short.

Fortunately, the giant flame lizard’s desire to get out of the prison defeated reason.

“It’s just that this chain is tempered from ice and cold iron. It is not afraid of any magic weapon, let alone fire. How do you untie it?”

Mei Nongchen smiled lightly, exquisitely elegant.

The giant flame lizard was taken aback, where did this woman seem to have seen it?

Mei Nongchen

condensed his qi into a needle, looking at the keyhole on the chain, and said: “Shanren has a clever plan!” He condensed his spiritual qi into a needle and learned from Yun Baizhi.

Using a needle to open the lock was taught by Ni Heng in her previous life, in order to pry open the Mei’s safe and steal important documents.

Unexpectedly, it came in handy at this time.

Sigh, ridiculous, and sad!

Mei Nongchen held the slightly hot Phantom Soul Orb and returned to the cave. A puff of dust almost fascinated her.

“Congratulations on passing the second-story tower test, please enter the third floor below…”

… In the

dark void, a wind-like figure stood against the wind, with a crystal ball in his hand.

The phoenix in the crystal ball flicked its wings desperately in the direction of Boundless Palace, as if something was attracting it there.

The figure looked at the front, frowned, and then stood up quietly. He couldn’t get in, so he could only wait for the person to come out.

However, he did not expect that this would be five years.

In the tower, Mei Nongchen escaped from the crisis of life and death time and time again. She was in a state of high mental stress, completely unaware that five years had passed.

She crawled out of the sea of blood on the corpse mountain. The fairy skirt is no longer the same as before, and her hair is not like a waterfall of ink. The phoenix sword in her hand is stained with blood, like a peerless magic sword, drinking thousands of blood.

However, her pair of peach blossom eyes are more exquisite and exquisite, they are sharp and sharp honed in countless lives and deaths, are the transparency of seeing everything, and the unfeeling that ignores life and death.

For five years, no one knew what she had gone through. It was just that the thirty phantom soul beads in her hand that were torn from the hem of her clothes were silently telling her countless achievements.

Then –

“Congratulations on passing the seventeenth floor tower test, please enter the following eighteenth floor

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