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Chapter 65 Memory of God King

Mei Nongchen’s eyes went dark and fainted.

I don’t know how long it took, but she woke up and looked around in confusion.

I found myself lying on a top of a mountain, which was extremely high, and the vast green hills in all directions were unobstructed.

She subconsciously tightened the cloth pockets in her hands, which she had collected after nine years of effort. If she lost them, she would have to cry to death.

After a breath, she really cried.

Budoudou, missing, thirty phantom soul orbs, missing.

Quickly rummaged around.

After half a day.

Mei Nongchen lay down beside a clear stream, shocked beyond words.

Her face, the clothes she is wearing, are not hers!

She was obviously wearing a man’s clothing, touched her chest, how could there be the turbulent waves before her? Touching the bottom, Mei Nongchen breathed a sigh of relief. Fortunately, there was nothing more that he shouldn’t have.

It’s just that face, half the most beautiful and half the most ugly.

Weird yin and yang face.

“How can this be? Is it borrowing a corpse to return to the soul? But am I not rushing to the Linggu Tower? When did I die? And, who is this strange non-male and non-female person?”

Mei Nongchen held the impermanence ghost mask in her hands. Clueless, flustered and short of breath, he pulled his collar impatiently.

Under this pull, it was discovered that this body was wrapped around its chest!

She looked around and saw that there was no one, so she untied her clothes and wrapped her breasts with confidence.

No wonder she just felt out of breath, it turned out that the chest was too tight, and it was over thirty layers!

As soon as the chest was unwrapped, a large amount of fresh air suddenly poured into the lungs, and Mei Nongchen took a few long breaths comfortably.

After catching her breath, she lowered her head and found that this body was quite predictable. A pair of breasts were hemispherical, which was a standard pair of beautiful breasts.

Although not as good-looking as their own chests, this pair is also top grade.

After the comment was over, Mei Nongchen was about to put on his clothes, when suddenly there was a sound of footsteps and people talking.

“Master, cross the stream in front, and walk one mile ahead, which is where the king of God lives.” The ordinary and respectful male voice.

Falling in Mei Nongchen’s ears was like thunder, shocking the brain and heart!

Wu Di!

She hurriedly gathered her clothes, buttoned her mask, and turned her head to look around, and saw Wu Mi followed behind one person, speaking respectfully.

In an instant, Mei Nongchen burst into tears.

Although all along, she deliberately pressed her feelings for Lengyi to the bottom of her heart, and she didn’t want to think about it easily.

She treats Lengyi as a negative scale, unwilling to touch too much.

But at this moment, seeing him walking in the backlight, there was indifference in the deep golden eyes, the cherry-colored lips were always tight, and the slightly raised chin was full of gaze.

Familiar and unfamiliar.

She just watched him approaching step by step, and then passed her, like a tree, towards the other side of the stream.

“Wait! Master, my subordinates have heard that the god king is wearing a mask of impermanence…” Wu Di suddenly stopped and looked at Mei Nongchen.

“Huh?” The rising tone showed a little impatience.

“Master, look at the young man over there…” Wu Di pointed to Mei Nongchen’s direction, originally wanting to say, does it look like a god king? Suddenly it occurred to the master that it was the first time the master came to visit the King of Gods. He had never seen him. Besides, this young man was wearing a mask. How did the master know if this young man looked like him?

Leng Yi looked in the direction that Wu Di pointed, and then showed an expression of “So there is a person here.” Wu Di was speechless. The master has always been ignorant, and such a big living person has never seen it…

Mei Nongchen’s right hand Touch the mask, the mask of impermanence? Is this body of her now the king’s?

Isn’t the god king reborn?

Isn’t it…

She didn’t borrow the corpse to return to the soul, but went back to the past, back to the memory of the king?

If so, is it the first time God King and Leng Yi have met?

Xiaoyi said that the god king is a man, and because he is tired of the life of thousands of years, he wants to be reborn as a woman.

However, the god king is obviously a woman!

Wrong, something must be wrong!

Seeing Mei Nongchen staring at her master, wearing that pale impermanent ghost mask, how weird she looked, Wu Di was unhappy.

“Excuse me, you are the Lord of God?” Although he brought a respectful speech, Wu Di’s blunt voice betrayed his displeasure.

Leng Yi glanced at him slowly, and Wu Di immediately fell silent.

This time I came here to ask the god king to come out of the mountains to help the immortal world defeat the demon world, so Leng Yi came here on foot in order to show his sincerity. He didn’t want to miss important things because of Wu Di’s quick talk.

Leng Yi looked at Mei Nongchen, then stepped forward, and made a standard gesture to her, and said: “Is your excellency the King of God?”

Mei Nongchen felt hard for herself, and was about to show her heart. Suddenly the scene before him changed.

Like a movie switching lens, the clear stream of Cuishan Mountain retreats and is replaced by the scene of Flame Mountain.

Leng Yi and Wu Di also disappeared.

Mei Nongchen looked suspiciously at the petite back of the Qingpao. From the back, he should be a young man.

The air here is very hot, the sky and the earth are faintly red, there is no grass growing, and a volcano in the distance is spraying blazing fire.

Mei Nongchen looked at the young man warily, who is he?


rumbling -!

There was a loud crash, and a bomb exploded next to the volcano, raising a thick cloud of dust.

Then a figure sprang out from the ground, and then six fierce beasts of various shapes roared and chased them out.

When Mei Nongchen saw the figure, her heart suddenly tightened.

That is Lengyi!

At this moment, he was very embarrassed, his physical strength was obviously weak, he was supporting his body with a sword, and he was crumbling.

Although Mei Nongchen wanted to call him very much, he also understood that he was in a battle of life and death, and a little distraction might cost him his life.

Only half an hour later, she couldn’t help but exclaimed. She saw Leng Yi being swept out by one of the fierce beasts with its tail, like a remnant leaf flying ten feet and falling to the ground, and never stood up again.

“No, Leng Yi!” Mei Nongchen couldn’t help but exclaimed.

At this time, the young and young Yingying who had been standing in front of her leaped like a lightning bolt between the six fierce beasts, and then…


The six fierce beasts all fell to the ground with anger.

Mei Nongchen has no time to shock the young man’s cultivation base. She ran to Lengyi, trying to support him, but she didn’t expect to extend her hand directly through Lengyi’s body.

How could this be?

She looked at her hand, only to realize that her hand was translucent, and her clothes had also changed back to her peach-colored fairy skirt.

Suddenly remembering something, she raised her head and looked in the direction of the boy, her heart suddenly beating violently!

That young man, wearing a mask of impermanence, is not a god king, and who is it?

Had it not been known that the King of God was a woman, Mei Nongchen would have looked at her flat breasts, men’s clothing and that weird mask, she would definitely be like the world, thinking she was really a young man.

The King of God only looked at Lengyi who was lying on the ground and walked step by step.

At this moment, a gust of hot wind blew away the long black hair covering Leng Yi’s cheeks, revealing an exquisite face. At this moment, his lips were pale, adding a touch of morbid beauty.

At that moment, Mei Nongchen obviously felt that the calm figure of the god king paused slightly, and the eyes hidden under the mask flashed with a strange luster.

Mei Nongchen felt a little bit in his heart.

That is amazing!

It can also be said that it was love at first sight.

Since ancient times, the stories of those stunned talents and beautiful women who fell in love at first sight are all triggered by surprises.

Only a beautiful or handsome face can trigger a love affair at first sight.

The King of God walked up to Leng Yi and stroked Leng Yi’s perfectly three-dimensional cheek, his gestures and movements showed gentleness.

Mei Nongchen got up and staggered back. God King really liked Lengyi.

Suddenly remembered the plaques of those palace halls in the Imamong Palace, a chill rose from the soles of the feet and spread quickly across the body.

If you really are the reincarnation of the god king, then what is the matter between yourself and Leng Yi? Did she really fall in love with Lengyi, or was it just the emotion left by the king?

Since the god king likes to be so cold that he wants to put the name’Yi’ in all places in the Wulianggong, why does he accept Luo Xiaoyi and others?

Before thinking about it, the scene changed again.

In front of a thatched hut, a simple wooden table and celadon tea cups, beside the table, the god king and Leng Yi sat opposite each other, and Wu Di stood behind Leng Yi.

The wind passed, and the sky fell all over.

After a long silence, the god king spoke with a rough voice, “I promise you that when the fairy demon

goes to war, the deity will definitely go to help the immortal world.” “So, thank the god king, say goodbye!” Leng Yi clasped his fist to the god king , And then left unhurriedly.

Standing behind the King of God, Mei Nongchen watched her look madly in the direction of Leng Yi’s departure, and a familiar melancholy surged in her heart.

After a long time, the god king took off the impermanence ghost mask, revealing a half-beautiful and half-ugly yin and yang face.

“I was born out of chaos, with no name and no surname. From now on, I will use Youqin as my surname and Yi as

my name.” “I have love for you, Yi…”

“Just, how do I match my face? Can you?”

Mei Nongchen made a bang in his head!

There is Qinyi, there is Qingyi!

That’s it!

I’m afraid that even Xiaoyi and the others don’t know that not only the name of the immeasurable palace, but even the name of the god king, it actually comes from Leng Yi!

Mei Nongchen’s heart throbbed fast, as if it was about to explode, she felt numb from her scalp, and then her whole body was paralyzed.

“Wake up! Wake up!”

“Well…” Mei Nongchen felt a noise in her head, which made her headache.

She felt like she had a dream, but she didn’t remember it clearly.

“Hey! Are you rushing to the tower? You can fall asleep here? Are you a pig?” The

voice was still babbling and noisy, and Mei Nongchen was just about to think of a dream scene, and was noisy by this sound. Broke up.

“Shut up!” She couldn’t help but yelled.


Mei Nongchen opened his eyes and saw an old man with a crane-haired childlike face, with a little braid made of a beard on his chin.


She concluded, she didn’t expect that the noise was an old man.

“I… I’m sorry, I don’t know…”

“Huh! You girl, no big or small like that kid!” The old man pouted, but his eyes were full of smiles, and he didn’t look angry at all.

Mei Nongchen looked at him, and somehow remembered Qing. After so many things, she knew that what she saw might not be true.

“Excuse me, do you know Qing?” She asked.

“Haha…” The old man laughed when he heard the words and said: “I am Qing.”

“At the beginning, I read your aspirations and knew that you had a preference for little dolls, so I turned into a doll to make you funny, but, I didn’t expect Not only didn’t tease you, but was teased by you, haha! Interesting and interesting.”

Mei Nongchen heard a black line, really, old naughty…

but, he said that she was as big or small as that kid. Is that kid referring to the god king?

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