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Chapter 66 Seize the house! Soul Eater!

Mei Nongchen squeezed Bu Doudou’s hand tightly, and was about to ask what kind of person the Divine King was. She always felt that the Divine King had any secret that could not be treated as an outsider.

Only the words have not yet been spoken, Qing Guangxiu waved his sleeves, and the two came to a cave. The wall was full of fist-sized night pearls, illuminating the whole cave, and there was a furnace in the middle, which looked like an old man. Jun’s alchemy furnace.

Mei Nongchen’s gaze was suddenly attracted by the furnace tripod, and he forgot what he had to ask before.

This furnace tripod gave her a very strange feeling, reminding her of the scene where Monkey King was thrown into the alchemy furnace in Journey to the West. An inexplicable chill grew in her heart.

“Go.” Qing’s old voice sounded behind her, calm, with a trace of imperceptible compassion.

Mei Nongchen: “What are you doing?”

Qing: “Throw the phantom soul orb into the furnace.”

Mei Nongchen: “I only know that the phantom soul orb is the key to the power of the king, but I don’t know the key method, your boss. Do you want to solve my puzzles?” As

she said, she quietly hid the cloth bag with the phantom soul beads behind her, and the person took a step back.

Qing raised a long eyebrow slightly, stared at her in silence for a long time, sighed, and said: “Phantom Soul Orb, you can cultivate souls. The god king abandoned his body and forced himself into the way of reincarnation, hurting the soul The soul power contained in the phantom soul orb can nourish his battered soul. You are the reincarnation of the god king, so you also nourish your soul.”

Mei Nongchen frowned and deepened when she heard that, the master relied on it at the time. When her body nourished the remnant soul, she did not say that her soul was lacking.

Moreover, since collecting the first blue phantom soul orb, Mei Nongchen felt an inexplicable sense of familiarity, and every time she collected one, she would think of one of the thirty men in the Immeasurable Palace.

Thirty men, thirty phantom soul beads.

Is it a coincidence?

“Qing, can you tell me what kind of person the god king is?” Mei Nongchen turned around and raised a question.

Qing was visibly taken aback, then smiled, the playfulness in the old eyes has faded, and the respect and admiration are replaced.

“The King of God is the only god since ancient times. He has boundless powers. He helped the world and saved all the people. However, although he is famous, he has always regarded fame and wealth as dust…”

“Stop!” Mei Nongchen interrupted. his gushing words of praise, said: “I want to know that he is not very bother?”

Emily: “…… gods perennial living alone, how to say it bother?”

Mei get dust: “……”

do not bother , Then the collection of Luo Xiaoyi and others must be unfavorable.

Like to live alone, why did you recruit 30 men and raise them in the Wuliang Palace?

She felt that the thirty phantom soul orbs in her hand were getting heavier and heavier…

Qing remembered the task left by the god king: throwing the reincarnation of the god king into the melting furnace with thirty phantom soul orbs for smelting III God will be able to return again.

With a new look.

He looked at Mei Nongchen, and although he couldn’t bear to throw her into the soul melting furnace for smelting, his heart was overwhelmed when he thought that the god king was about to return.

“It’s getting late, throw the phantom soul orb into the soul melting furnace.” Qing said.

It turns out that this furnace is called Soul Melting Furnace, but this name sounds weird.

Mei Nongchen: “Ask one last question, the Phantom Soul Orb, is it

transformed by the souls of the thirty men in the Boundless Palace?” Upon hearing this, Qing’s face quietly changed, and Mei Nongchen’s heart sank instantly. Into the bottom.

Really, her guess is true!

It’s no wonder that when she proposed to come to Linggu Tower, Xiaoyi and their faces became compassionate. It was their compassion for themselves.

My compassion for the tragic fate that I was about to transform into a phantom soul orb and be smelted by a soul melting furnace.

No wonder they poisoned her. In fact, they wanted to prevent her from gaining the power of the king, and they wanted to save herself.

Even though she had resented at the beginning, they harmed her in that way, but she also let go of the obsession that had been pressing on her heart, which might be a blessing in disguise.

In this regard, she would like to thank them.

Although they planted evil causes, they allowed her to obtain good results.

Xiaoyi said to keep his heart.

Be sure to keep your heart.

Let her trade 30 lives for her peerless power, she can’t do it, and she doesn’t need it!

She has a natural divine body, and both Master and Leng Yi have praised her for her extremely fast cultivation speed. Without the power of the god king, she can get out of here by her own ability, but sooner or later.

Seeing Mei Nongchen’s retreat, Qing Huabai’s long eyebrows suddenly sank. No one or anything can stop the return of the King of God!

His eyes turned dark, and his wide sleeves waved, and there was a crisp bang, and the lid of the soul melting furnace fell to the ground.

Mei Nongchen was startled and wanted to retreat, but was firmly stuck by a strong suction, and her body flew towards the soul melting furnace involuntarily little by little.

This stove, suck her into the stove!

The real fire in the melting soul furnace couldn’t wait to spit out the tongue of fire, jumping and dancing at the mouth of the furnace, waving to Mei Nongchen.

“No!” Mei Nongchen struggled to resist, but found that all her strength was suppressed, and she couldn’t do anything to resist.

This is by no means a simple inheritance of the power of the king, there must be some conspiracy in it!

The Budoudou in her hand suddenly broke away from her hand and flew straight towards the furnace, but did not immediately fly into the furnace. Thirty phantom soul beads flew out of the Budoudou, hovering for several times at the mouth of the furnace, and then formed A complicated pattern, each phantom soul bead is splendid, intertwined with the firelight into a splendid scene.

Mei Nongchen clearly felt the phantom soul orbs releasing the majestic power, and at the same time, she heard every phantom soul orb roaring in anger and resentment, thirty male voices with different voices!

Inside the crystal clear pearl, the wisps of white mist turned into small human figures. Who are those people who are not in the Immeasurable Palace?

At this moment, Mei Nongchen was sucked into the Soul Furnace by that suction little by little.


The furnace lid was tightly closed with the furnace mouth, and Mei Nongchen and the thirty phantom soul beads were all sealed into the soul melting furnace.

Qing’s eyebrows were sober, sitting cross-legged, his hands quickly smashed the complicated handprints, and immediately, the real fire in the Phantom Soul Furnace was spitting out a violent tongue, which burned more and more vigorously.

Mei Nongchen felt that his soul was being torn apart, and the pain from the beginning gradually turned into numbness.

There are countless broken memories in my mind like a revolving lantern.

There are their own, there are god kings, and others of the first class.

Until she saw the period when Leng Yi and the king of God met in front of the hut, the dreams that she had forgotten after she woke up, came like a tide.

The reincarnation of the god king was not because he was tired of living like a day for thousands of years, but because he was cold, and to change his half-beautiful and half-ugly yin and yang face!

She was conceived from chaos, integrating all the yin and yang of heaven and earth into one, so she is beautiful and ugly.

She was unwilling to show her true appearance because of her strange face, so she wore a man’s robe and mask on her chest, so the god king in people’s eyes was a young man.

She fell in love with Lengyi, such a noble and extraordinary man, and she felt ashamed and inferior.

She wanted to accompany Leng Yi with the most beautiful posture, not hesitating to break away from her own soul, break into the way of reincarnation, and reshape her new body.

And she collected outstanding men with strong soul breath from all over the world, in order to use their strong soul breath to repair the soul torn by herself.

Once the god king succeeds, she will have Mei Nongchen’s unique and beautiful skin, coupled with her original peerless divine power, the world is so big, no woman can match her.

At that time, she dared to speak out to Leng Yi.

The king of God, he has a good calculation.

It was just unexpected that her soul collected the essence of the sun and the moon during the reincarnation process, and it derives the other two souls and seven souls, so Mei Nongchen is now a complete soul with three souls and seven souls.

The dream she had before was that her initial soul was warning her, but she had forgotten the dream state after she woke up.

This led to the current situation.

Real fire, tearing Mei Nong Chen’s soul, wanted to pull the two souls and seven souls that did not belong to the god king from her body and burn them.

“Hehe…” The girl’s silver bells of laughter suddenly sounded in the melting furnace.

Mei Nongchen opened her eyes with difficulty holding her head.

Amidst the blazing real fire in front of me, there was a young girl with a pavilion style standing alone, her figure was very graceful, but the half-beautiful and half-ugly yin and yang face ruined all beautiful dreams.

Her beautiful half of her face smiled charmingly.

“You are finally here, must you remember it? Remember our vows that we will become beautiful together, and we must be with Leng Yi forever.”

“Don’t resist, let alone resist, you and I are one, come, accept Me, your beauty, my divine power, once you and my soul merge, I will be the best woman in the world, come, don’t resist, you and I are one…”

Under the magic sound of the soul of the god, Mei Nong Chen’s resistance consciousness is getting weaker and weaker, and the real fire suddenly flourishes, and he rushes on to prepare to tear Mei Nongchen’s soul in a rush.

The King of God looked at Mei Nongchen, who was soft in a ball, and was seeing the golden seal of the phoenix wings on her eyebrows. That beautiful eye lit up, emitting a light of surprise.

“I never thought, you not only own the remaining derivative soul, actually also select the grid Phoenix, Zhennai God helps me too, hee hee, God helps me too.”

“When I Walk your body to you the appearance, married with cold Yi is my wife, good! Good! The ending is better than what I expected!”

“I won’t be in vain to play this game!” The

god king integrates all the yin and yang in the world, not only the appearance is beautiful and ugly, but the heart is also good and evil. .

Good is the blessing of the world; evil is the disaster of the world.

She was originally good, but because of her affection, she let evil dominate.

Mei Nongchen could not hear what she said, only knowing that her consciousness was slowly pulling away from her body. The power of the soul breath released by the phantom soul orb pushed her and the spirit of the god king together. Once she and the god If the Wang’s soul merged into one, then she would no longer exist.

Qing outside the soul melting furnace closed his eyes, struck handprints quickly with both hands like flying, and fine beads of sweat appeared on his forehead.

All his mental power was concentrated on the Phantom Soul Furnace, but he didn’t notice that a swaying figure was slowly approaching…

… the

spirit of the god king was slowly drawn by the power of the soul breath to Mei Nongchen, excited. His hands were shaking constantly.

Her dream is about to come true.

At this time-


There was a sound.

The real fire suddenly went out.

Mei Nongchen’s two souls and seven souls wrapped in the tongue of fire suddenly returned to her body.

And the soul of the king without the nourishment of real fire is like a fish without water.

Mei Nongchen opened her peach blossom eyes suddenly.

Right now!

Use the last layer of Soul Control, Soul Eater!

Originally, the god king wanted to seize Shemei Nongchen’s body, but now the situation has reversed, and Mei Nongchen wants to seize the god king’s divine power!


Mei Niuniu, the 1st shelf robbing activity, waiting for you to participate, the rules for looting are in the works announcement, everyone should go and see!

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She is a noble daughter of Shen’s mansion, she looks beautiful, but her heart is like a snake and scorpion. She used fierce methods and decisively to kill all the people who took her down.

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