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Chapter 67 How dare he choose a concubine? (1)

“Ah! No!” With a roar that shook the lid of the furnace, the king of gods stared in horror with both beautiful and ugly eyes. She underestimated Mei Nongchen! I underestimated this woman who was reincarnated from her soul!

Mei Nongchen’s mental power invaded the God King’s Sea of Consciousness, like a bottle of ink poured into a basin of clear water, quickly occupying her entire Sea of Consciousness.

She is like a huge and dry sponge, madly absorbing the divine power of the god king…

“Although you are kind to the common people, you are not the way of heaven. You have no right to decide my life or death, and you have no right to abuse the lives of others to satisfy your own needs. Selfish desire!”

“It is not you who died today, or I died! I also cherish my life!”

Mei Nongchen’s eyes shot with determination and madness!

The thirty phantom soul beads, after the real fire extinguished, all fell to the bottom of the furnace, making a crisp sound of jade beads falling on the plate.

One day later.

Mei Nongchen let out a long breath, slowly opened her eyes, their eyes were exquisitely brilliant.

Her body was stretched with extremely tyrannical divine power.

God King!

Everyone thought that the former god king had already fallen, and no one knew that she was just brewing a face-changing situation.

But since then, she really ceased to exist!

And Mei Nongchen will be the new god king.

If this matter spread to the fairy world, it would definitely cause an uproar.

At this time, there was nothing in the soul melting furnace, only Mei Nongchen and thirty phantom soul beads lying still.

She gently put the phantom soul orb into her sleeve and jumped out of the soul melting furnace.

Outside the furnace, Qing was lying on his back in a large font, and beside him, there was a person standing.

The man stood still with his eyes closed, and Mei Nongchen would think he was a sculpture if it hadn’t heard the sound of even breathing.


Mei Nongchen whispered a serial technique, Yun Qing suddenly opened his eyes as if being splashed with cold water.

He looked around blankly, as if he didn’t understand why he was here.

This matter should start from the fact that Mei Nongchen has not yet entered the Linggu Pagoda.

She always felt that Xiaoyi and they had concealed something from her, and it might be related to her obtaining the power of the king.

Therefore, after a chance encounter with Yun Qing, who became an ordinary person, she suddenly felt that she had to leave a way for herself, so Yun Qing’s idea came up.

At that time, she was practicing the second half of Soul Controlling, one of which was a remote control spirit technique, which she used on Yun Qing.

On the day when she entered Linggu Pagoda, she found that Xiaoyi and the others had poisoned her, so she concluded that Linggu Pagoda was not simple.

Therefore, after entering the Linggu Pagoda, she gave Yunqing the instruction to’wait for thirty people to disappear, enter the Linggu Pagoda’. Only then did it appear that the thirty men entered the Linggu Pagoda one after another, followed by another A scene of shaky silhouettes.

That figure is Yun Qing.

When Mei Nongchen broke through the barrier, he let Yun Qinggui rest in a hidden place.

Because Qing never thought that unrelated people would slip into the tower, so he didn’t take precautions. Otherwise, how could Mei Nongchen hide people under his nose?

Later, when the King of God seized the house, Mei Nongchen had long discovered that Qing was controlling the furnace outside the furnace, so Yun Qing fainted Qing.

Sure enough, she guessed right. It seemed that the phantom soul orb was the key, but it was Qing.

When Qing fell, Mei Nongchen immediately turned defeat into victory.

She looked at Qing and squinted her eyes, condensing water with divine power, and poured all of it on his face.

“Ah! It’s raining!” Qing yelled as she sat up and shook her head violently, splashing water.

Mei Nongchen waved his sleeves, and the water droplets instantly evaporated.

Qing rubbed her face with both hands, only to see Mei Nongchen where the old god was.

Suddenly remembering my mission, I was shocked, not good! Why did I fall asleep?

Mei Nongchen strained her face and deliberately released the coercion of the god king outwards.

Qing, who was still hesitant, suddenly felt like a giant peak pressing on the top. The cold sweat instantly soaked her back, and the air was about to be squeezed out of her chest cavity.

“Venerable Divine King…” He squatted on the ground, exhaling tremblingly, whether it was a surprise or a joy, “Congratulations Venerable Divine King, coming back to the world!”

Mei Nongchen smiled contentedly, converging his horror. The coercion made Qing feel lighter on his body, and the air returned to his lungs.

On one side, Yun Qing knelt on the ground in horror. Even though he had no cultivation base, the coercion that Mei Nongchen had just released still felt incredible, and it was even more terrifying than the coercion of the emperor!

Who is this woman? !

It’s just that he didn’t dare to ask, flinched on the ground, and didn’t dare to raise his head.

Mei Nongchen gently took out thirty phantom soul orbs, and supported them with divine power to quietly float them in the air.

From Yu Qinyi’s memory, I know that if the phantom soul orbs are used to repair her soul, the phantom soul orbs will be completely disillusioned, but now they are not used to repair the soul, then Qing can save it.

Qing is a soul cultivator.

Mei Nongchen: “Save them.”

Qing raised her head sharply, and when she saw thirty phantom soul beads of various colors, her old eyes shrank sharply. God King, failed!

Why does the woman in front of me have the power of a god king?

Suddenly thinking of something, Qing gaped, “You…you…you unexpectedly…”

Mei Nongchen stared at him, with the contempt and contempt of the superiors, and said: “Save them, otherwise, I will destroy Boundless Palace, wipe There are all traces of Qinyi’s existence in Ping!”


“Save them!”

Three days later, Shengyi Palace.

On the long and wide couch lie thirty beautiful men of different ages, breathing evenly and looking ruddy.

At this time.


A loud noise came from outside the window, accompanied by violent vibrations.


Xiaoyi sat up abruptly, and through the window, he saw a moat on the clear blue sky slowly cracking open.

He was overjoyed and slapped the twenty-nine people who were still sleeping one by one.

Snapped! Snapped! Snapped! …

“Ah! Who beats me!”

“Oh, it hurts !” “Oh, fucking

, it’s dawn?”

Xiaoyi: “Get up, the sky is open, we can go out!”


“We… are still alive?”

Xiaoyi: “Well, we are still alive.”

He saw the situation in the melting furnace. He couldn’t tell how he was feeling at the time, but was shocked.

The thirty men of them have never resisted, but how can they be against the power of the king?

They were originally powerful people from all over the fairy world, but in front of the god king, like a doll without the power to bind a chicken, let others rub and squash, and Mei Nongchen, the mortal-born woman, even if she is The reincarnation of the god king, but just like them, is just a pawn to be used.

But she reversed the situation, saved herself, and saved them.

Xiaoyi couldn’t forget how awe-inspiring Mei Nongchen was when she said, “Save them, or I will destroy the Boundless Palace.” Every time she remembered it, she couldn’t help feeling throbbing in her heart.

He looked at Mei Nongchen’s hair wrapped in the wind, that slender body carried such a huge divine power, and a heart that distinguished good and evil.

Compared with her, Xiaoyi feels that she is so filthy and unbearable. In order to survive and kill her, they used the most cherished person in her heart to harm her. If they succeeded at that time, Mei Nongchen would stay in the illusion forever. , Taste the regret and pain of eternal life.

“Fortunately, you are okay…” Xiaoyi muttered to herself with a flowery figure reflected in her eyes.

“Big Brother, who are you talking about?” Xiao Erjiu rushed to him one step at a time and asked puzzledly.

Xiao Shi walked steadily as a mountain, and walked to Xiao Yi, his deep eyes staring out the window, “She, saved us? Is she still her?”

Xiao Yi: “It’s still her.”

Xiao Shi: “Then… Good!”

Mei Nongchen released his divine power in his hands, and looked at the slowly torn apart sky moat with excitement in his heart.

Finally going out!

After Qing rescued the thirty people, he decided to stay in the Linggu Tower forever. He said that he would always be with the King of Gods.

He said that he was afraid that the kid would be lonely.

Mei Nong Chenmo, the god king has completely disappeared, and she doesn’t want to say what the god king does not want to show to others.

Just let Qing remember that young man forever.

Yun Qing did not want to leave because he had no cultivation base, and stayed at Linggu Pagoda to accompany Qing.

The moat was opened, and it could only last for half the incense stick. The thirty people were about to wake up, and Mei Nongchen calculated the time. After she left, the thirty people woke up and then left. The half incense time was more than enough.

The moat was finally fully opened.

Mei Nongchen retracted her supernatural power and took a deep breath. She felt that the air outside was extremely fresh.

She wanted to look back at the Boundless Palace again. How to say, she had also lived here for more than ten years. Although she had no feelings, it was also a precious experience in her life.

It’s just that when she turned her head, she just saw the oncoming thirty figures, her heart tightened, they woke up so soon?


Without waiting for her to react, the uniform voice of her younger sister heard, Xiao Erjiu was very depressed, and his sister was swallowed by her younger sister’s voice.

“Sister!” Xiaoyi stopped and looked at Mei Nongchen and said: “We have unanimously decided that after leaving the Boundless Palace, we will follow you and serve you as slaves. This time, we are willing!”

Everyone: ” Yes, we are willing!”

Mei Nongchen trembled with a loud voice.

Shaked again.

She couldn’t imagine how she was walking on the road with thirty flower-like men behind her.

After thinking about it, my heart trembled again.

No, absolutely not!

Mei Nongchen gave a toothy smile, bright like a green bead, and charming like spring.

The eyes of the little ones shook together.

call out!

A figure disappeared in a flash.

The little ones returned to their senses, there was no shadow of Mei Nongchen.

“!! Ah she ran away.”

“We are so beautiful, how her heart to leave us hum ……”!

Little one: “Do not Noisy, chase”!


dark void, a vigil long shadow hand Hold the crystal ball.

Suddenly, a figure blew past his eyes like the wind, at an extremely fast speed. If it hadn’t been for the hem of his clothes to be lifted by the airflow, he might not have spotted the figure at all.

In the crystal ball in his palm, the golden phoenix suddenly turned around and flapped its wings more hastily.

“Not good! She ran away!”

Before the sound fell, the people had disappeared… After

a breath, thirty figures passed by

A very hidden fairy garden.

The breeze outside the window swayed the light gauze curtain.

Two closely entangled figures appeared.

After a long time.

Yun Fanyin’s eyes lie on Jiuyou’s sturdy body in a vague manner, and the slightly open lipstick is red and swollen, like ripe cherries, which attracts the entrance.

“It’s been fifteen years, and there is still no news to get the dust. What should I do?” Yun Fanyin closed his eyes, the red tide did not recede, but his heart began to become anxious again.

Jiuyou sighed helplessly, and said, “I said, there is coldness, don’t worry.”

“But you never tell me what their relationship is!” Yun Fanyin pursed his mouth and said with a sigh .

“You will know in the future…” Jiuyou’s hands began to be dishonest again, and he smiled evilly: “It seems that I have to work harder to make you so tired that you can’t even worry about your daughter!”

After speaking, he moved Yun Fanyin up. A pull.


Mira Palace.

The emperor and the queen were sitting on the soft couch one by one.

Leng Yi sat on the Grand Master’s chair, and Wu Di was standing behind him.

At that time, Wu Di suffered from the pain of wind blades and bones and did not name Mei Nongchen. As soon as Leng Yi recovered, he rescued him. Emperor Zun also said that his loyalty was rare, and he no longer punished him.

After several years of recuperation, not only the injury healed, but also the cultivation base was greatly improved.

“Yi’er, you are old, and the position of the prince has been vacant. It is time to make the prince. Your fiancé fell in love with the devil and is missing now. She must not be the prince, but, the prince. The wife of Feng Ge has always been selected by Feng Ge. Now Feng Ge made a mistake and selected the wrong person, so…” The

queen paused, took a look at the emperor, and then said: “Your father is discussing with this palace and holding a concubine selection. ceremony, let Secretary Feng Feng Xing Jun break open power grid, the re-election of the Crown Princess, will Once upon a time when all good fairy unmarried invited, this time, will be able to choose you satisfied, how? “

after getting more and more respect Excited, as if the concubine election ceremony was about to be held.

Leng Yi held the tea cup in his hand, lowered his head to sip the tea, his eyes faintly under his thick eyelashes, like a cold pool under the moonlight, cold and deep.

Emperor Zun looked at him with the same deep light in his eyes.

After a long time, Lengyi put down the tea cup and

said, “Whatever you want.” After speaking, he got up and left.

“Great!” The queen was not at all annoyed by his indifferent attitude, she was so happy, she just thought her son would refuse, but she did not expect him to agree, this time, she must choose a cultivation base Beautiful daughter-in-law!

But the emperor narrowed his eyes.

He felt that his son was not so obedient.

…… The

ceremony for choosing a concubine was scheduled for three months, and the whole fairy world was boiling as soon as the news came out.

All the unmarried girls smiled and began to make clothes and order jewelry.

But the married young women are full of regrets, and they are not so pleasing to the eyes of their husbands.

The topic of young immortals who get together in twos and threes in their free time has become how to deal with a wives in the family.


Mei Nongchen sits at the wooden table in front of the hut, the sky is curled with white clouds, the mountains are vast, and the wind flows gently.

This hut is the one in the memory of the god king.

Thousands of years passed, except for a thick layer of dust, the rest remained the same.

Mei Nongchen found an exquisite wooden box with a lock on the head of the bed, in which a scroll of scrolls was carefully preserved.

You don’t need to open it, she knows the scene in the painting.


So she is at a loss at the moment. Is her feelings for Lengyi belong to her or is it because of Qinyi?

Therefore, she did not go to Lengyi immediately.

After sorting out her thoughts for two days, she decided to go home and have a look. Fifteen years later, father must still be waiting for her.


plum house.

Standing outside the iron gate of the villa, Mei Nongchen saw Mei Yiru sitting on a rocking chair in the courtyard, holding a photo frame in his hand.

The bodyguards in the family had changed new ones, but they saw Mei Nongchen coming in, but none of them reacted strangely.

Mei Nongchen raised her right eyebrow slightly, and then it became clear that her father must have popularized her identity to them.

She walked gently and slowly to Mei Yiru, her heart ached. Fifteen years later, her father was only over 60 years old, but it looked like she had reached the age of elders, and her thick eyebrows were gradually dyed with frost.

He lay in a rocking chair and fell asleep, his eyebrows entangled tightly, a red maple leaf came with the wind from nowhere, and fluttered on his all-white hair, adding a different color to the silvery white, like that. Eye-catching.

Mei Nongchen gently squeezed the fallen leaves, took down the photo frame and set it aside, then took the blanket next to him and covered it.

In the frame set aside, Mei Nongchen smiled brightly in the photo.


…in the


“Doctor Liu, what is going on with my father?” Mei Nongchen looked at Mei Yiru who was lying on the bed and asked the family doctor Liu Li.

“Miss Mei, Mr. Mei is suffering from depression and disease, which has led to a decline in cardiopulmonary function. Now he is basically necrotic. Please be mentally prepared…”

Mei Nongchen’s heart tightened, “What do you mean?”

She stared at her. Dr. Liu, Dr. Liu only felt that her scalp was numb when she saw her, and her speech was not easy.

“Just…that’s…Mr. May hasn’t had much time since. It’s a miracle to be able to survive until now. He…he is too mentally ill. I persuade him to relax and try all kinds of methods, but he Just can’t let go… can’t let go…” Doctor Liu wanted to say that he couldn’t let go of you, but she had a cannibal look at Shangmei Nongchen, and the word’you’ didn’t dare to say it anyway.

Mei Nongchen looked at Mei Yiru, who was pale, and she couldn’t stop her tears when she remembered the photos he had held in her arms before.

“Then when can my dad wake up?”

“Mr. Mei has been getting more and more sleepy recently. He falls asleep for at least one day and one night at a time, so…”

“I see, what medicine is my dad taking recently?”

“Mr. Mei hasn’t taken it. Medicine, he said to go with the flow.”

“…I know, thank you Doctor Liu, I will ask the driver to take you back.”

At 3 o’clock in the afternoon the next day, in the bedroom.

Mei Nongchen kept guarding by Mei Yiru’s bed, not daring to go anywhere.

She looked at her father’s pale face and breathed faintly, and her heart felt like a knife.

I wanted to go to the fairy world to find a panacea for longevity, but when she thought that her father would not even take the medicine, she gave up.

She held her father’s hand, still as warm and thick as when she was a child.

“Dad, I’m sorry…”

Crystal tears slipped off Mei Nongchen’s cheeks.


Falling on the back of Mei Yiru’s hand.

“It doesn’t matter…” The

voice was hoarse, but with endless joy and satisfaction.

Mei Nongchen raised his head and looked straight into a pair of old eyes that contained surprise.

Mei Yiru: “I know you will come back. I always know.”


Nongchen: ” Thank you for believing in me, Dad.” Mei Yiru: “My daughter, thank you too. I came back to see me in a few years. In this life, my greatest pride is to have your daughter. The greatest happiness is to meet your mother, your mother, she… she…” In the

end, Mei Yiru He didn’t say what he wanted to say, and when his life passed, there was a relieved and serene smile on his face.

All the worries and longings, at the moment when I opened my eyes, they all turned into a simple sentence: I know you will come back


a week.

National Cemetery.

Mei Nongchen finally stared at Mei Yiru’s tombstone. On the tombstone, Mei Yiru smiled with a gentle and elegant smile. Behind the tombstone, a tomb is quietly located there, and the mist haunts it, like a sorrowful and unwillingness to leave. Strands of soul.

This situation and scene are like the illusion of the past.

But Mei Nongchen was no longer in the mood of mad remorse and self-blame. Her father left peacefully, and she did not shed a single tear strangely.

Just like the little boy on the Naihe Bridge said: I’m gone, don’t be sad, I am not really gone, just to welcome the new life…

Father is gone, and father is not really gone, he just goes Welcome to a new life.

In the next life, father, you want to be happy, have a beautiful love, and have a filial, biological child… the

night is four.

“Sister, it’s time to go.” Feng Er stood with Mei Nongchen all day, seeing the sky getting dark, he had to urge.

Mei Nongchen looked up at the overcast sky. The weather was really weird. It seemed that it was going to rain, but he couldn’t help it.

“Okay, go back.” She returned.

Ten black red flag cars are speeding on the road.

Inside one of the cars.

“Sister, come back this time… are you still leaving?” Feng Er has become more mature and stable in the past 15 years, and he has grown taller and stronger. He exudes the powerful aura of a successful person, but his body is as bright as jade. The costume is a bit not suitable for him.

Mei Nongchen stared at him for a while, and finally didn’t say anything, only said: “I will leave.”

Feng Er’s originally bright eyes with expectation, instantly dimmed.

No words all the way.


plum house.

In front of the iron gate, there was a long row of black red flags.

“Sister, how is he treating you?” Feng Er asked after getting out of the car, looking at Mei Nongchen’s slender back.

Mei Nongchen turned her head, smiled lightly, and said, “Okay.”

“Sister, I wish you happiness.”

Ten Hongqi cars left slowly.

…In the


“Boss, if you like Miss Mei, how about I find someone to tie her naked and throw her on your bed?” The guy who drove with a hedgehog head and sunglasses, fucking with a wretched smile, felt that he was doing something good for the boss. idea.

“Go back and receive the punishment yourself.” Feng Er looked out the window of the car and said smoothly.

The hedgehog’s head shivered fiercely, wishing to scratch himself.

Mei Nongchen fell asleep for three days in the former pink princess room.

Three days later.

She used a huge amount of severance pay to dismiss the family bodyguard, maid, gardener, and family doctor, and commissioned a lawyer to donate the rest to charity.

Finally, I went to see Mei Xinchen and Ni Heng.

Mei Xinchen is still crazy, like an old woman.

Ni Heng was struggling in the garbage dump. Every day he slapped himself with two hundred ears and shaved his face. His parents and sisters regarded him as dead and avoided them.

Mei Nongchen sighed and raised his hand to solve the spell she had cast on Ni Heng.

After so many things, Ni Heng and Mei Xinchen were to her point of view, but the two vicious dogs on the road of life are not worth hating.

After spending another two days with Lu Xiaoxiao, Lu Xiaoxiao was with Bel. Mei Nongchen wanted to stop him. Bel’s identity is unknown and he is the master of blood sucking. Who knows where the monster came out of him?

But seeing Lu Xiaoxiao smile so sweet and happy when she looked at Bel, she couldn’t bear to destroy that sweetness.

Forget it, everyone has their own blessings and hardships, let it be.

Three days later.

She did not say hello to anyone, and left the mortal world at night.

She felt that she didn’t belong here anymore. As for the fairy world, she could only count one step at a time.

This time, it might be goodbye, mortal.

“Hey, look, there is a hut at the foot of the mountain, let’s go down and rest, it’s so tired!”

“Okay, I’m tired too.”

“Well, let’s go, rest and go.”

The weather today is very good, cloudless, and the breeze is slowly.

The three pretty fairies who were driving in the fog suddenly stopped and went down to the hut hidden under the lush trees.

There was a simple wooden table just in front of the hut. There were a few stone benches beside the table. One of them shouted long live and sat down.

Two other fairies who looked a little quieter, Ping Ping Tingting, walked over and sat down beside her.

“Hey, you said, do we have any hope for this concubine selection ceremony? We need to be beautiful and dignified and have a high level of cultivation.”

“What hope is not, we are just carrying the hope of the family to try our luck, just in case. I was selected by Feng Ge, not to mention the entire family, even the entire Xiancheng, and I will follow it.”

“Yes, besides, the perfect man like His Royal Highness, I’m satisfied just by looking at it.”

“But I listened. It is said that the former fiancee of the prince is the first beauty in the fairy world, Yun Fanyin. Not only is she beautiful, she is also the only strong saint in the fairy world, second only to the emperor and the prince. Such an excellent woman cannot be a prince. , I see us, there is no hope, alas, no hope.”

“Then Yun Fanyin is missing, right?”



“Hey, let’s not talk about it, it will be three days later. We are about to reach Milo City. When we are there, at the feet of the emperor, we should pay attention to our words. If we offend a big person, we will not know how to die when we die.”



Duang— —!

With a muffled sound, the bamboo door of the hut was kicked open.

Mei Nongchen’s face was slightly stunned, her eyebrows frowned.

She hadn’t sorted out her feelings for Lengyi, and didn’t know how to face him, so she returned to the fairy world and lived in a hut.

It’s just that recently, it’s obvious that there are always passers-by in the sky, and they are all beautiful fairies.

In a cautious attitude of not being curious about everything, she ignored it, but today, through the mouths of these three fairies, Mei Nongchen knew that Lengyi wanted to choose her concubine!


Mei Nongchen was angry, and was angry instantly!

Inexplicably, the jealous anger that caught her husband cheating.

It’s just that she didn’t realize it at this moment.

The three originally chattering fairies were startled by the sudden sound. When they saw the woman in the peach-colored fairy dress standing at the door, they immediately rounded their eyes, and they were beyond amazement.

There is such a stunning woman in this world.

At the same time, they also have a strong sense of threat. If she goes too, then they still have hope?

Unanimously, they were on guard.

Mei Nongchen obviously noticed their changes and calmly lowered her pressure, creating the illusion of’my cultivation base is very low’.

Now that she is a god king, is it not easy to fool three fairies with low cultivation bases?

Although she has the memory of Qinyi, You Qinyi is also a simple master, and she doesn’t know much about everything in the immortal world. Moreover, thousands of years have passed and many things are different. Therefore, she wants to go there. Luocheng, someone from his peers needs to give pointers.

Yes, she is going to see how to choose the Concubine Selection Ceremony of Laoshizi!

They just said that to participate in the concubine selection ceremony, it is necessary to have a beautiful appearance and a high level of cultivation. Now that she has such a low level of cultivation, they should be relieved?

Sure enough, the three fairies immediately relaxed their vigilance as soon as they realized that her cultivation was insufficient.

The talkative fairy had big, clever, round eyes. Seeing Mei Nong Chen is beautiful and beautiful, and her cultivation base is too low to cause trouble, she immediately jumped up to her in threes or twos, laughing and praising: “Oh, sister, You are so beautiful, so beautiful, I think that the number one beauty in the fairy world is not as good as you!”


Nongchen : “…” “My name is Zhu Zitong, those two are Jun Qian and Dongfang Muqing, what are your names? What’s your name?”


Nongchen : “My name is Mei…Mei Yi, Mei Hua ‘s Mei, a magnanimous Yi.” Zhu Zitong frowned, “Mei Yi? Sounds like Aunt Mei, Lao Li is old-fashioned. It feels like the name that a beautiful girl like you should have. I call you Xiaomei? Well, Xiaomei.”

Mei Nongchen: “…”

Mei Nongchen: “I just heard you say you want to go to Miluo City? I also want to go, because I don’t know the way, so I got lost in the middle of the road. I have been living in this ownerless hut for a year. I didn’t dare to leave rashly. I met all my sisters today and I happened to be on the way. I don’t know if I can take it. Me?”

Upon hearing this, Jun Qian and Dongfang Muqing secretly breathed a sigh of relief. They were planning to go to Miluo City a year ago? It seems that this woman didn’t go to the concubine election ceremony, so that’s good.

You know, the concubine election ceremony was just announced a month ago.

Zhu Zitong patted his chest boldly, and said, “Don’t worry, my sister will take care of you!”

After finishing talking, Chong Junqian and Dongfang Muqing raised their heads, with the obvious meaning, let them take care of them together.

Mei Nongchen smiled, it seemed that Zhu Zitong was an enthusiastic girl without a city mansion.

Jun Qian and Dongfang Muqing nodded noncommittal.

A day later, the four marched towards Miluo City.


met many people driving towards Miluo City from different directions along the way, some walking alone, some in pairs, and some in groups of five or six.

There is also a small group of people surrounded by a young girl.

Mei Nongchen glanced more suspiciously.

Zhu Zitong explained: “Those who take the brigade entourage, or the daughters of the overlord or the women of the fairy clan, anyway, in a word, have a lot of background!”

Mei Nongchen is clear, but her heart will be cold inside and out. Scolded outside.

But she was angry, but she always believed that Leng Yi would not really choose any concubine, otherwise, she would not go to Miluo City at all.

There must be some reason.

Three days later, Mei Nongchen finally saw the legendary city of Miluo.

Magnificence is her only feeling.

The huge gate, the huge relief sculpture of a hundred dragons and clouds on the gate, and the golden light spread all over the sky, all show the extraordinaryness of this city.

Mei Nongchen and Zhu Zitong settled down in an inn entitled “Cyclamen”.

Because there are too many visitors from various parties recently, many inns and restaurants are full of guests. They finally found that the inn was not full, but only a fairy-sized luxury suite was left. There was no way. The four of them had to spend a lot of money on their wallets. Two and a half months.

Fortunately, although the three of Zhu Zitong were born in general, the family has also made some preparations for their participation in the election. Among them, a lot of purple gold ingots (money) must be indispensable.

The suite is divided into two bedrooms, inside and outside. It happens that Mei Nongchen and Zhu Zitong live in the inner room, and Jun Qian and Dongfang Muqing live in the outside room.

Because Mei Nongchen had no money, Zhu Zitong readily paid for her share. Mei Nongchen was very grateful. The two met by the water, but she treated herself like this…

everywhere in the city, you can see her beautifully dressed-up beauty. Woman, dazzling.

They wandered around at random and came back.

…… In the

Miluo Palace’s Immortal Garden, next to the clusters of different flowers, the emperor severely pinched off a peculiar flower that was full of fragrance.

“You said, she escaped? Even you can’t catch up?”


“Isn’t there a crystal ball to lead the way? Find it for me!”

“Back to your majesty, the crystal ball… I don’t know why, suddenly… just… The

emperor irritably threw Zhu Feng’s face away from the remaining flower in his hand, and roared: “Get out!”

“Yes!” A

gust of wind, a figure fleeing away.

Emperor Zun gazed at the void in front of him with gloomy eyes, and was about to chew through his teeth.

That woman, damn it!

A remote courtyard in the south of Miluo City.

The small and rudimentary courtyard is shining with the thirty beautiful men living in it.


Xiao Wu was sweating profusely and cast a spell on a magic artifact. The shape of the artifact was like a radar jammer. Because of the magical power of Xiao Wu, it sent out ripples similar to interference signals, and those ripples went straight to Zhu Fengshou. The crystal ball in the crystal ball, the golden phoenix in the crystal ball, turned around like losing its direction…

Xiao Erjiu was filled with righteous indignation, “I don’t know which bastard is having trouble finding her sister. Fortunately, we found it. Brother Fifth used his The interference technique makes the broken Phoenix unable to show the way, otherwise the sister must be in danger.”

“But, Brother Fifth, did the sister really come to Miluo City?”

Xiao Wu : “Of course, the broken Phoenix always wants to go. I stopped flying in the direction of the city, ah! I’m so exhausted, I can’t hold on anymore, come on! Someone will help!”



Leng Yi stood at the highest point of Mila City, looking at someone There was a pleasant chuckle at the corner of his mouth.

“You are finally here, my… dear.”

After speaking, the ear roots turned red quietly.

Wu Di: “…” He couldn’t help but tremble three times.

The reason why Leng Yi agreed to hold the concubine election ceremony was because he just felt that Mei Nongchen’s position was moving, which showed that she had come out of the place he couldn’t get in.

Moreover, the emperor already knew that Mei Nongchen was the person he had involved in the mortal world, and also knew that Mei Nongchen had been selected by Feng Ge, and he wanted to get rid of Mei Nongchen.

Therefore, when the queen proposed to hold the concubine election ceremony, he agreed without thinking about it.

One is that Feng Ge has already selected Mei Nongchen, and even if he chooses again, he will still choose her.

Second, he hoped that Mei Nongchen could show Feng Ge’s power in front of the people of the immortal world, so that everyone knew that she was his fiancée, so that the emperor would not dare to do anything secretly.

Third, he knew that she would definitely come!

Leng Yi was still staring at a certain place, her eyes full of doting.


Cyclamen Inn.

Mei Nongchen who was in the guest room seemed to feel something. He walked to the window and saw through the window by feeling that there was nothing, and the feeling of being watched disappeared.

“Strange.” She muttered and went back to sit down at the table.

“Don’t be distracted, help me see, on the day of the concubine selection ceremony, which one do I wear?” Zhu Zitong poured out a pile of fairy skirts and costumes from the storage bag. I looked at the flowers, and I didn’t choose a satisfactory one.

Mei Nongchen is speechless, that coldness is really a shame! Before this person saw her, she made the girl crazy.

She wanted to go directly to Leng Yi’s, but she wanted to see what he did. Most importantly, she couldn’t find him.

o (︶︿︶) o alas~

“Hey, Xiaomei, why are you distracted again, help me see which set of jewelry looks good?” Zhu Zitong poured out another pile of jewelry from another storage bag, including Zhuchai rings, gold, silver and jade beads, a dazzling array of jewelry.

Mei Nongchen: “…”

Mei Nongchen: “I think…” The

words were not finished yet.

Zhu Zitong: “Oh, will these be too petty? Would you like to go to the Xianyi Shop to pick them up? Let me see. Maybe the clothes here are better-looking than mine. If I don’t buy them, wouldn’t I have to buy them? Someone?”

“Go away, hurry up, the concubine selection ceremony will begin in less than two months!” After

she finished speaking, she took Mei Nongchen and walked out.


Nongchen : “…” When they walked outside, Jun Qian and Dongfang Muqing were also choosing clothes. They learned that they were going to Xianyi Shop to pick clothes, and immediately joined the shopping team.

Mei Nongchen was speechless again. It turned out that shopping is really a woman’s nature.

The same goes for fairies.

They came to the largest and most luxurious fairy clothes shop in Miluo City.

As a new poor ghost, Mei Nongchen only dared to look at the price of the clothes.

Looking at the three people excited to try on clothes, her impression of Leng Yi’s masturbation bag once again escalated.

How could he have such a great charm, so that ordinary fairies who had never seen him were born to spend money without hesitation?

There is only one crown princess, they bet like this, it’s worth

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