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Chapter 67 How dare he choose a concubine? (2)

Is it possible?

I thought so in my heart and asked the same question on my lips.

Zhu Zitong looked at her in surprise: “You can’t be a princess, don’t you still have the position of a concubine? Although the concubine is not as honorable as the princess, it is also not bad for the family to shine.”

“Besides, your Highness is so. Handsome is so mighty and noble, and I am willing to be a concubine.”


Nongchen : “What age is this, can a man still have three wives and four concubines?” Zhu Zitong looked at her like a monster, “That’s your Royal Highness, the future of the fairy world. Lord, the entire fairy world belongs to others. What are more women?”

Mei Nongchen: “…”

At this time, Jun Qian came out of the fitting room, wearing a goose yellow fairy skirt, novel styles and exquisite embroidery. Yi, coupled with her gentle and graceful temperament, is really clear water out of hibiscus, which makes people shine.

Zhu Zitong and Dongfang Muqing praised together: “Okay! This one is good! Shallow, this one is very suitable for you.”

The few servants in the store also looked straight.

Jun Qian saw that everyone was looking at her straightforwardly, her cheeks bursting red, she twisted and went into the fitting room, and when she came out, she had already changed back to her own clothes. She gently held the goose yellow. color fairy skirt, stood against the side of the servant embarrassed authentic: “for this, I want to.”

that name servant hastened nodded: “!. I’ll help you pack a good good”

! “Wait,”

an arrogant The female voice played.

A young girl in an aqua-blue dress came over, and behind her were two women dressed up as maids. She raised her incredible chin and stared at the fairy skirt that Jun Qian fancyed, and said: “This dress, I I want it.” When

the young man saw her, his calves trembled with fright, and his words became uncomfortable. “Sha, Miss Sha, this dress and clothes are, yes, yes…” The

girl was impatient and handed it to The two of them stared behind him.

In the next instant, the young man flew out, and the blood he vomited dirty the skirt in his hand.

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