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Chapter 68 We are your people

Mei Nongchen glanced at the young man who twitched and passed out, frowning.

And the fairy maid who took the shot spit viciously at the little servant, and said: “Don’t look at who you are talking to, I don’t know how to live or die!”

Jun Qian saw that his beloved clothes were soiled, and felt in his heart. She was immediately furious, but the girl in the water blue skirt had a cultivation base above her, and she couldn’t beat her, and judging from the attitude of the servant in the shop, the girl must have a lot of background, she didn’t want to make enemies as soon as she came.

After enduring forbearance, she suppressed the anger in her heart.

Dongfang Muqing also looked cautiously at the girl in the blue skirt. There are too many immortal clans in Miluo City. The little servant who was beaten just now called her Miss Sha. This young girl must be related to the Qinglong clan, one of the five great gods in the immortal world.

Protoss like that can’t be convicted by these little foreigners.

Although Zhu Zitong has always been arrogant and carefree, it is rare to act impulsively at this moment, but her tightly squeezed hands betrayed her anger at the moment.

The little servants in the entire fairy clothes shop were all crawling on the ground and shivering, but the customers who originally looked at the clothes, saw that the situation was not right, and immediately slipped away.

Maybe they hadn’t seen this arrogant girl before, but they didn’t know the name of Sha.

With such a big background, they don’t want to accidentally offend the girl, otherwise, they would die without knowing how to die.

No one dared to lend a helping hand and let the little servant lie there, not knowing whether it was alive or dead.

“I’m telling you!” The fairy maidservant glanced contemptuously, and said with his arrogant neck: “This time the selection of the concubine, the crown prince is none other than my lady, so you foreign ugly turtles Guy, hurry up and go wherever you came, don’t be embarrassed here, and don’t look at your identity or virtue!” After speaking, Jun Qian squinted intentionally.

Jun Qian immediately flushed with embarrassment, biting his lip and wanting to cry, but didn’t dare to cry.

She was not a member of a clan by birth, but she was also a treasure in the palm of her parents since she was a child.

Dongfang Muqing held her hand and comforted silently.

Zhu Zitong looked at Jun Qian and retorted: “The Queen said, all fairies with beautiful faces and unmarried cultivation bases in the early stage of Xuanxian are the targets of Fengge’s selection, although we are from the small portal. Woman, but there is hope, who will finally get the flower? It’s too early to make a conclusion, right?”

“You…” The immortal maid rushed up and raised his hand to be beaten.

“Hold on.” Not only was the girl in the water blue skirt not annoyed, but she smiled, preventing her fairy maid’s atrocities, stepping forward two steps to Zhu Zitong, and saying: “This elder sister is right, she’s her sister’s maidservant. I’ve made a mistake, I will teach her a lot when I go back, sisters, don’t be angry.” After speaking, he glanced out of the door seemingly inadvertently.

Zhu Zitong obviously didn’t expect that she would suddenly be intimacy and kind, and she was shocked for a while, not knowing how to answer the conversation.

Jun Qian and Dongfang Muqing were also stunned, but they returned to normal soon, and said in unison: “Miss Sha is serious.”

“My name is Sha Miao, you can call me Miao Miao…”

Mei Nongchen didn’t let it go. Sha Miao just glanced at the door inadvertently. She looked at the door and found nothing unusual.

Sha Miao: “In order to make amends, I invite you to the opposite’Yeluju’ to taste their newly developed Qiongye Jade Liquid. How about keeping you satisfied?”

Although it was a question, her tone couldn’t be denied.

Zhu Zitong looked at each other with Jun Qian and Dongfang Muqing, and then said, “Miss Sha’s hospitality is difficult, but it is better for us to be respectful.”

Sha Miao smiled, “Okay.”

“Sister Jun, then your clothes…” The four were about to leave, and a timid voice stopped them.

When they turned their heads, they saw a beautiful woman standing there helplessly, with slender fingers wrapped around her skirt.

Zhu Zitong patted his forehead: “Oh, I almost forgot you.”

The moment Sha Miao saw Mei Nongchen, a sense of crisis was in her heart, and then she found that her cultivation base was low, a flash of contempt flashed across her eyes quickly.

Mei Nongchen quickly glanced at Sha Miao timidly, then looked at Jun Qian, pointed to the little servant lying on the ground, and said: “That dress…”

Jun Qian glanced at the blood-stained fairy skirt. , And then quickly lowered his eyelashes to cover up the flash of resentment.

Sha Miao relied on the power of the family to bully her, and now suddenly apologized to them. She felt that things were not that simple, but her cultivation was not as good as others, and she had to bow her head and obey.

In this selection of the concubine, she must get ahead, even if she cannot be selected by Feng Ge, she will still be in the eyes of His Royal Highness and stay as a fairy concubine!

At that time, see who else would dare to deceive her and insult her and underestimate her!

Zhu Zitong looked at the miserable appearance of the young man and couldn’t bear it. He took out a purple gold ingot from his storage bag and placed it next to him, saying, “These money will be for you to heal your wounds, but the money for this piece of clothing…”

Jun Qian raised her head and was in the city of Milo. Maybe the queen’s eyes were paying attention to the fairies who participated in the election. She can’t leave herself with any bad influence because of a piece of clothing. She is about to take on the clothes. For the fee, Sha Miao said, “I’ll pay it, after all, it was my maidservant who hurt someone.”

After she finished speaking, another fairy took out a storage bag from her sleeve and threw it on the counter, saying, “My lady is kind, here, the money here is enough to buy that piece of clothing, and the remaining money will be given to the injured child. servant, just as compensation to him. “and turned to beat that name immortal servant said:”? Miss you so that you hit the shot you dare to bluster, to make trouble, Miss “!!

that The maidservant who beat people only promised, and said: “The servant

knew it was wrong.” Mei Nongchen watched the master and servant sing the double song, wondering, who is she singing to?

He glanced at the young man who had not yet awakened, and sighed in his heart, the powerless and powerless people are always the object of oppression, and there is only this she can do for him.

She didn’t stop the fairy servant from being violent, because she could see that the servant was not smooth enough. Such a person is most likely to offend others, and it is good to teach him a lesson.

She didn’t make a stern crusade against Sha Miao. If she really did that, not only would it cause trouble for herself, but it would also inflict murder on the young man, and she would not be able to protect the young man all the time.

So quietly, asking for compensation and money for his clothes is the best for him. I hope he will act smarter in the future.

… After

Mei Nongchen and his party left, a person suddenly rushed out from behind the counter of Xianyipu. The person had a fat round face and a beard. He took the storage bag on the counter into his arms, and kissed again.

“My dear, my favorite!”

“Boss, the money here…”

“I know! I know! You won’t be missing that kid, you all have to be smart in the future, don’t be like that kid , The brain is stupid, the mouth is stupid, can you offend the people of the Azure Dragon Protoss?”


Yeluju, the private room on the second floor.

Sha Miao personally poured the Qiongye Yuye for Mei Nongchen and others, and said: “Sisters, please try it. This is the latest product. It has a unique taste. I guarantee that you still want to drink it. The most valuable thing is that it can improve repair.

Because the ceremony for selecting the concubine is coming soon, it will be of great help if you can improve your cultivation a little.” After finishing speaking, he took the lead in taking a sip, smacked his lips, and looked like he was enjoying.

One of her maidservants stood respectfully behind her, while the other was missing.

Zhu Zitong Junqian and Dongfang Muqing can improve their cultivation at the same time, and

their eyes are bright. They are not born high. The spiritual products of this kind of promotion are what they desire but cannot ask for. Just this small cup, its The price is ten times the price of those clothes in Xianyipu.

Therefore, the temptation of this Qiongye Yulu to them can be imagined.

At the same time, Zhu Zitong and others were more in awe of Sha Miao’s identity, and they were willing to spend a lot of money to ask them to share such an expensive item. You can imagine how powerful the financial resources behind them are.

Thinking about it this way, their smiles inevitably contained a hint of flattery.

Mei Nongchen raised her eyebrows calmly, and she still understands the truth about thievery or thievery. Besides, Sha Miao is now a competitor with Zhu Zitong and others. How can anyone help the competitor increase the winning bargaining chip? of? Besides, that Sha Miao is not like such a kind person.

She smiled lightly, humans and animals are harmless, “Ms. Sha is really a good person. You are also the fairies who participated in the concubine selection ceremony. You are still willing to help Sister Zhu and them improve their cultivation. You are really kind.”

Turning her head to Zhu Zitong and said: ” Sister Zhu, if any of you are selected by Feng Ge, you must thank Miss Sha.”


A word awakened the dreamer.

The three of Zhu Zitong immediately recovered from the temptation of Qiongyeyulu, yes, why did they forget that this Sha Miao was also going to participate in the concubine election ceremony, and was determined to win. How could they be so kind to help them improve their cultivation?

For an instant, they were sweating coldly, and the hands holding the cup were as heavy as a thousand catties. It didn’t matter if they put it down, it didn’t matter if they drank it.


Sha Miao suddenly laughed contemptuously. She turned the empty cup slowly with her hand, with undisguised poison in her eyes.

“I wanted to help you create a dream of ecstasy, but I didn’t expect it to be seen through by you. Oh, what should I do?” After the

yin and yang weirdness, she snarled suddenly, “Come in!”

“Hey hey, Cousin, keep your voice down, don’t frighten my brother and my little beauty.”

With a shrill male voice, a man with a pretty face walked in. He was dressed in a snow white robe and shook a fan. , The black hair hangs down, and at first glance he is a beautiful young man, but his eyes are full of nasty colors, ruining that pair of skins.

As soon as he came in, Zhu Zitong and the three people felt the oppressive feeling of suffocation, which made them unable to move. His cultivation was far above them.

Mei Nongchen’s eyes flickered, no wonder Sha Miao suddenly invited them to Yeluju. The original idea was that when she looked out at Xianyishop, following Sha Miao’s gaze, she just saw the man in front of her walking into Yeluju. Back view.

Only then, she didn’t realize that Sha Miao knew him.

She looked at the immortal maidservant who had been absent behind the man again. It turned out that she had invited someone to go.

Don’t think about it, she can already guess that there must be something inferior in the jade syrup!

The white-clothed man closed the folding fan’shuh’ and scanned Mei Nongchen and the others one by one. When he glanced at Mei Nongchen, he suddenly stopped, and his gaze became hot.

The unabashedly sullen gaze swept Mei Nongchen three times from top to bottom, especially when she swept her chest, Harazi was about to flow out.

“Wonderful! Wonderful! There is such a wonderful woman in the world, okay! Good! Cousin, thank you this time, you go first, let me here!”

Sha Miao looked at Mei Nongchen more because of the man’s gaze. She was indeed a stunner, even her countless cousins were greedy.

“Okay, you have to take care of my sisters, don’t be abruptly beautiful.”

“Know, hurry up! Go! Go!”

Sha Miao smiled at the corners of her lips, and looked at Mei Nongchen meaningfully. With a glance, he led the two fairy maids away.

The man waved his hand to cloth the enchantment, approached Mei Nongchen step by step, and said, “Don’t be afraid of the girl, I will be very gentle, and promise to make you ecstatic.”

He took off his robe while saying nasty things. It was obvious that these four women had average cultivation skills, and it was easy to play with them with his cultivation skills.

Zhu Zitong suddenly pulled Mei Nongchen aside, hid behind him, and said to the man: “I tell you, we are all going to participate in the concubine election ceremony, and the queen has a record. If you dare to move us, respect I’ll know later, I won’t spare you!”

Although she tried her best to calm down, the slightly trembling tone and the hand that firmly pinched Mei Nongchen’s wrist betrayed her fear at the moment.

If the concubine was defiled before the ceremony, not to mention the crown prince and the immortal concubine, it is their home, I am afraid they will not be able to go back.

“Oh? Do you want to tell the empress that you were defiled by me?” The man with wretched eyes lingered on Zhu Zitong’s body, as if looking at a naked body.

Zhu Zitong was extremely embarrassed, raised his hand to hit, but was easily caught by the wrist by the man.

“Beauty fragrant muscles and jade bones, don’t be so irritable.”

The man said, reaching out his other hand to grab the clothes on Zhu Zitong’s chest, and said: “Since you are so impatient, then I will let you taste it first. The taste of love between

men and women , hahaha.” Mei Nongchen’s peach blossom eyes are faint, Zhu Zitong still does not forget to protect her in such an embarrassing situation. If she still considers that she will expose her cultivation and not take action, then she really Is not worthy of being human.

She was about to make a move in her heart.

At this

moment– “Yo, there is a good show here, three brothers, four brothers, five brothers, six brothers, seven brothers, nine brothers, ten brothers, eleven brothers, come and see, there is a good show here!” I

don’t know when, the room suddenly There was an extra young boy who was so tender that he was about to pinch the water. He opened the window with a’swish’, and straightened out his voice and called out.

Not long.


nine long shadows flashed in from the window. All of them were beautiful and extraordinary, and their cultivation skills were unfathomable.

Mei Nongchen: “…” He lifted his forehead and quietly touched his hand back.

As soon as they entered, the enchantment that the man had placed immediately disappeared, and his face instantly turned black.

All of these ten people have a cultivation base above him, and the entire city of Miluo, whose cultivation base is higher than his hand, can be counted. Where did these people jump out?

Zhu Zitong took advantage of his distraction and withdrew his hand, pulling Mei Nongchen three feet away from the man.

Jun Qian and Dongfang Muqing looked at the ten outstanding men who suddenly appeared, their eyes shook.

“Who are you? Do you know who I am? You dare to ruin my good deeds!” The man straightened his waist, typically losing but not losing.

“Brother San, he asked us if we know who he is, do you know?” Xiao Erjiu asked Xiao San, blinking pure and clear eyes.

Xiao San: “Why do you talk so much nonsense? Come on, brothers! Strip it out and throw it on the street!”

The brothers: “Okay!”

Mei Nongchen: “…” Simple and rude!

Zhu Zitong and others turned around and covered their faces.

Not long after, Ye Lu Ju was boiling downstairs.

A man was stripped naked and thrown down from the second floor. He was lying in the middle of the road, unable to move. When the wind blew, his chickens flew…

I watched the lively people circle after circle, many women mingled in the crowd, covering their faces and peeking between their fingers, hey, it was so small…

the man’s face was red and his eyes were red with anger. The ten people not only took off his clothes, but also imposed a fixation technique on him!

hateful! He will definitely not let them go! There are also those four women!

After drying a stick of incense naked, he was wrapped in cloth by several attendants and carried away.

The private room on the second floor.

Zhu Zitong said to Mei Nongchen: “I was scared to death, Xiaomei, I thought I was going to be here today. If you look like this, do you have to be careful when you go out in the future?” He looked at Xiao Erjiu and the others with a smile. Authentic: “Thank you for your help from the immortals. Today’s grace is unforgettable!”

Jun Qian and Dongfang Muqing bowed to the ten brothers Yingying, and said, “Thank you for your help.”

Xiao Erjiu: “It’s okay .” It’s okay, you’re welcome, let’s go!”

“Sister!” He waved his hands at Zhu Zitong, then pounced on Mei Nongchen, and said: “Sister! Why are you leaving us? My eldest brother, 2nd brother, 3rd brother, 4th Brother Fifth… Brother Twenty-eight and Brother Thirty have worked so hard to find you!”

“…” Mei Nongchen turned sideways to avoid his wolf pounce.


Erjiu : “…Sister!” Zhu Zitong was dumbfounded, looking at Mei Nongchen, “They…are yours…”

Mei Nongchen laughed and said, “I have nothing to do with them.”

“Why doesn’t it matter? ?” Xiao San was not happy, they tried to find her all the way, why? what? Isn’t it just to dedicate her life to her? Why is it okay to get into her mouth? “Don’t forget, we are your people!”

The brothers nodded together: “Yeah!”

Zhu Zitong: “…”

Jun Qian : “…”

Dongfang Muqing: “…”

Mei Nongchen: “…” Get out! Rolling non-stop!

Another private room.

Leng Yi’s face gets darker as he listens, and he can’t bear it.

Wu Di immediately stepped forward, “Master! Master! If you can’t bear it, you will make a big plan. Today’s forbearance is to be better together tomorrow. Your majesty’s people have been following us…”

Leng Yi squeezed his fists and sat down unwillingly. Down, the whole body exudes a strange smell.

Wu Di felt that the taste was very sour…

Before, the master was preparing to do something, but he didn’t expect to kill Cheng Yaojin halfway, and even if he took the opportunity to save the United States, there were more than one person who claimed to be Miss Mei…

As a result, the master’s old vinegar jar was broken…

cyclamen came .

“Xiaomei, I really can’t see it, you actually…”

“Don’t think about it, I have nothing to do with them!”

“But they said it was yours.”

“They are sick!”

“Xiaomei, they are so handsome… …”


Zhu Zitong’s eyes were red, and he rolled around on the bed holding the quilt, his face flushed with excitement.

Jun Qian and Dongfang Muqing were embarrassed, but looked at Mei Nongchen with complicated expressions. Obviously, they did not believe that Mei Nongchen had nothing to do with the ten men, but they did not say anything. After all, there was nothing. Stand to speak.

That night.

In a luxuriously furnished boudoir, a figure sneaked in quietly.

Fresh blood, silently splashed red and green gauze tents.

A men’s bedroom.

A figure sneaked in without disturbing anyone.

The blood, soaked in the light Luo Jin quilt.

On the second day, the most beloved granddaughter Sha Miao of the patriarch of the Qinglong clan was killed and shocked the city of Miluo!

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