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Chapter 69 The life experience of dog blood

Not long after, the news that Xu Ziliang, the eldest grandson of the patriarch of the Baihu clan, was killed in bed once again shocked the city of Miluo.

There was a sound of regret and sigh on the face of Milo, but the shouts of sorrow continued from behind.

Sha Miao deceived and acted arrogantly, offending more than half of the people in Miluo City.

That Xu Ziliang is not a good thing either. He is lustful by nature, and I don’t know how many fairies with better looks have been harmed.

These two people deserve it! Pooh! Deserve it!

The patriarch of the Qinglong and Baihu tribes, Lei Ting, was furious, vowing to catch the murderer and slash him!

The entire city of Miluo was in a state of tension, and everyone was in danger for a while, for fear that it might be accidentally related to the deaths of Sha Miao and Xu Ziliang.


Mei Nongchen and Zhu Zitong hadn’t been out for several days. Although Sha Miao and Xu Ziliang’s deaths had nothing to do with them, they wanted to hurt them before they died. No matter how they looked at them, they had murder motives.

Xu Ziliang, the wretched man in white who wanted to do something wrong with them that day.

“Xiaomei, you said, will the people of the Qinglong and Baihu tribes find us? What should I do? It is a person who knows that they offended before they died, and we will suspect that we killed them. What should I do?”

Zhu Zi Tong was pacing around the room, restless.

Jun Qian and Dongfang Muqing were also in panic all day long. In just a few days, they all lost weight.

“Don’t worry, I won’t let you have something to do.”

Mei Nongchen comforted the three of them, frowning, could it be Xiaoyi and the others?

At night, when the other three were asleep, Mei Nongchen laid a barrier around her body and took out the sound transmission conch to pass the letter to Xiao San. She wanted to ask them whether the death of the two had anything to do with them.

Chuanyinluo was forced to give her a few days ago before Xiaosan left.

They were still obedient these few days, Mei Nongchen ordered them to appear in her vision at will, and they really never appeared again.

She pours divine power into the sound transmission snail…

cyclamen came to another guest room.

Sitting on the soft chair, Xiao Erjiu was nodding his head, a line of crystal clear saliva shook with his breath…


hum-hum-there was

a muffled noise, and he jumped up in a vertical leap and assumed a confrontation posture.

“Who?! Who?!”


With a burst of chestnut, Xiao San gave him a disgusting look, and said: “It’s the sound transmission screw, take it out soon!”


Xiao Erjiu grievedly touched the painful forehead and took out the sound transmission screw. To his third brother.

When Xiao San took over the sound transmission conch, he gave Xiao Erjiu a few eyes with disgust. I really don’t know why the eldest brother sent this idiot to protect his sister with him.

Mei Nongchen heard Xiao San’s voice on the other end, and said, “The deaths of Sha Miao and Xu Ziliang have something to do with you? I have been thinking about it for several days. Except for me, only you can have This ability killed the two people silently.”

Xiaosan: “…No, the eldest brother did send the second and fourth brothers to prepare to teach the two a lesson that night, but when they arrived, the two were already dead. a. “

Mei get dust from the sound to hear, a small three very serious, do not lie, and that he did not need to lie.


After finishing the call, Mei Nongchen wrinkled her eyebrows deeper, who would it be?

Is someone really trying to vent her anger? Or does someone want to take the opportunity to put the blame on it? Or is it purely coincidental?

Xiao San stood by the window and watched the dark night without stars and moon. His slender and well-knitted hands were rhythmically knocking on the window lattice, making a crisp sound.

The deep eyes are obscure.

That night, when the second and fourth brothers discovered that Sha Miao and Xu Ziliang had been killed, they were immediately surprised that there was a difference in the matter, so they took turns to clean up the people who knew that Mei Nongchen and Sha Miao were together during the day. Unexpectedly, time after time. Someone took them one step faster and erased all those who knew about it.

However, he did not tell Mei Nongchen about the matter. It was not yet clear whether the opponent was a friend or an enemy, and he was afraid that she would be worried.

Who will it be?

After another three days, no one looked for Mei Nongchen and the four of them, and the hearts that they had been hanging on were slightly lowered.

The strange thing is that the Qinglong and Baihu tribes made a lot of noise a few days ago to apprehend the real murderer, but the noise was silenced in the past two days.

Zhu Zitong stood at the window, secretly opened a seam and looked out, and found nothing unusual. She patted her chest and breathed a long breath.

Looking back, he saw Mei Nongchen tasting tea at the place, and sighed: “Xiaomei, why are you not scared at all? Look at me, Qian Qian and Qingqing, I have lost several kilograms.”

Mei Nongchen lifted up. Eyelids, said: “We didn’t kill people, why should we worry?”

“But we have suspicions.”

“There is no evidence.”

“My aunt! Who is the other party? The Azure Dragon, the second of the five great gods in the fairy world. With the Baihu clan, the power is big and powerful, will I talk to you about the evidence? In my opinion, it must kill us directly, maybe it will be a thousand swords…” After talking, Zhu Zitong began to be afraid again. Her face was pale and pale, and she couldn’t get out under the quilt.


Nongchen : “…” Jun Qian and Dongfang Muqing were equally pale, sitting on the beauty couch and cuddling together.

Mei Nongchen didn’t know much about the five protoss, only seeing the three of them frightened like this, he must be a great family of immortals.

“Don’t worry about it. Ten days have passed since the incident. If we find out, they must have come to the door. They haven’t found it for so long. Maybe they have found the real murderer. Besides, there is Princess election month and a half ceremony is about to begin, do you want to go face wore a pale and thin election it? you rushed all the way here just to let you see His Royal Highness Prince sallow face? “

an election Princess With the words of Dadian and His Royal Highness, Zhu Zitong immediately jumped out of the bed and began to dress up.

Jun Qian and Dongfang Muqing also had bright eyes, and went back to the outside room in silence to start dressing.

Mei Nongchen: “…” Leng Yi, you sorrowful bag!

Mi Luo Palace, Zijin Que.


Leng Yi who was meditating suddenly sneezed heavily, and he opened his golden eyes and rubbed his arms.

Why is it so cold suddenly?

Hearing the movement, the Wudi outside the door hurried in and poured a cup of tea.

Leng Yi took it, took a sip elegantly, and asked, “Did the Qinglong tribe and the Baihu tribe disappear?”

“Return to the master, it disappeared, and exchanged the life of an ineffective descendant for a fairy city. The two old foxes smiled. The pleats bloom into flowers.”

“Well, I don’t want to have a second sand, and I don’t want to have a second Xiziliang.”

“Yes, my subordinates understand.”

” Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. You!”

Zhu Zitong stepped out of the gate of Cyclamen, ran to the street like crazy and shouted, without going out for ten days, so boring that he would grow green hair.

With her roar, people on the street looked sideways. Jun Qian hurriedly grabbed her, glanced around, and said, “Be quiet, for fear that others don’t know you?”

Zhu Zitong realized that everyone else Looking at her, he immediately silenced, sticking out his tongue and whispering: “Hey, the sun is so comfortable, I was happy, and I forgot that we were suspects… Um!”

Jun Qian didn’t know how to tell her. She trembled and hurriedly covered her mouth, and said anxiously: “You want to die!”

“That’s it.” Dongfang Muqing walked over and dragged forward one by one, hand in hand, and said: “Xiaomei is right, look at us Those who are skinny these days are totally different from those watery fairies. With our psychological quality, we are so timid, let alone being a princess, even being a fairy concubine is not enough, I want to be a royal. People, don’t you have a calm and witty head?”

Mei Nongchen smiled, and stepped up to keep up. “Today I will relax and adjust my mentality. It is not that I will send someone to participate in the concubine election ceremony in half a month. All of the fairies are invited into the palace? You can’t be so surprised then.”

It’s not that she wants Zhu Zitong and others to be selected, but… She wants to take the opportunity to test Leng Yi. She hasn’t seen him for more than ten years, and I don’t know if he remembers her. He said he wanted her to wait for him. Come to find, I don’t know if he has been looking for her during the ten years when she was not in the mortal world.

Thinking about it, Mei Nongchen laughed self-deprecatingly, maybe he didn’t remember it a long time ago.

The Fengyi sword hidden in her sea of knowledge suddenly uttered a whine.

A group of four people strolled blindly in the street.

“By the way, Xiaomei, didn’t you say that you wanted to come to Miluo City a year ago? What are you here for?” Jun Qian asked suddenly.

Mei Nongchen was taken aback, “Uh…I’m here… to find the master! Yes, to find the master, my master came to Miluo City, and there has been no news for a long time. I came to look for him, but I don’t know where he is… …”

Zhu Zitong: “Ah? So, don’t worry, I will accompany you when the concubine election ceremony is over. If I can be selected by Feng Ge, I will ask His Royal Highness to send someone to help you find it. If it’s not selected… …I’ll help you find it myself!”


Nongchen moved in her heart and said sincerely, “Thank you.” Zhu Zitong: “You’re welcome, who asked you to call me sister! By the way, I’m over 6,300 years old this year. How

old are you?” Mei

Nongchen : “…I, I’m almost forty years old.” Zhu Zitong: “…”

Jun Qian and Dongfang Muqing’s eyes flashed, and they quickly looked at each other.

The identity of this woman made them even more invisible.

When she met, she lived alone in a hut, but she couldn’t find a way to come to Miluo City, and she was penniless. She couldn’t even afford to live in an inn. She wanted to be a poor woman.

Then suddenly ten extraordinary men appeared to obey her, but she didn’t take it seriously, and they thought she might have some unknown background.

Now she said that she came to see the master, and she didn’t know where the master was, and she didn’t feel like someone with a background.

You know, all the Xianjia clan has its own unique way of contacting.

Small families like them also have unique contact methods for family members.

Moreover, although her cultivation is not as good as theirs, her age…

In time, it is hard for them to imagine how strong Mei Nongchen will grow.

Also, when I think about it, she seemed to have been very calm when faced with Xu Ziliang’s molesting. Later, when Xu Ziliang and Sha Miao were killed, they were frightened all day long, but she didn’t take it seriously.

Is she really strong-minded, or is she really sure that they will be fine?

Thinking of the ten men with unfathomable cultivation bases, Jun Qian and Dongfang Muqing looked at each other again. Could it be that Sha Miao and Xu Ziliang…

They dare not think about it anymore, for fear of coming up with an answer that scares them.

Mei Nongchen did not let go of their changed expressions, and smiled indifferently. They got along for so long, except that Zhu Zitong really treated her as a friend, but Jun Qian and Dongfang Muqing reluctantly just looked at Zhu Zitong’s face. Just walk with her.

Because she was thinking about something in her heart, she didn’t notice a red figure passing her by.

After the two staggered, the figure stopped.

“Disciple?” An

uncertain voice suddenly sounded, and Mei Nongchen paused.

This voice is very familiar.


The master of the voice called again.

Mei Nongchen looked back and saw a pair of dark red eyes that were flowing in a beautiful wave, looking at her complicatedly, vaguely surprised and pleasantly surprised.


“Master!” Mei Nongchen was overjoyed and said that Cao Cao had met Cao Cao. She rushed forward and hugged Jiuyou’s arm, and said happily, “Master, are you really here?”

Zhu Zitong: “…” Listening to the meaning of this, dare you not know that your master is in the city of Milo?

… In

a certain corner, Leng Yi was not calm, and his face was dark and ready to rush to pull away Mei Nongchen who was holding the other man’s arm.

Just raised one foot.

Wu Di’s’Puff Tong’ knelt on the ground and grabbed the corner of his robe, and said, “Master, the emperor’s people are following us. The subordinates know that you can get rid of him, but if you do that, your majesty will be aware of the abnormal situation. If you can guess that Miss Mei is in Miluo City, if this is the case, he will definitely be involved in the concubine election ceremony. Then you have been so hard to bear and hold back Miss Mei’s sacrifice for so many days. Master, think twice!”

Leng Yi’s face was black and stinking, but seeing Mei Nongchen smile like a flower, there were waves of ripples in his heart.

He loves her and doesn’t show up.

But when he saw Mei Nongchen’s changed face, he was still shocked, but no matter what she became, Leng Yi recognized Mei Nongchen at a glance. Even without Fengge’s connection, he still Can recognize her.

Not surprisingly, he recognized it at a glance.

His woman always gives him a special feeling.

I missed it, really missed it, and immediately hugged her in my arms…

a very hidden fairy garden.

Yun Fanyin was sitting on the swing set by Jiuyou in the courtyard. Under the courtyard wall, there were full of rose-red rose flowers, which was very enthusiastic.

It is even more contrasting that Yun Fan’s voice is dusty and elegant.

Since she heard that Leng Yi was going to choose her concubine, she has been depressed, not because she was his fiancée, but because Jiuyou said that the relationship between Mei Nongchen and Lengyi is extraordinary, and Mei Nongchen is here. There is no news yet, but Leng Yi wants to choose her concubine, what’s the matter with her daughter?

In her own heart, she didn’t want her daughter to end up in an unjustified manner like her.

Although she really loves Jiuyou, she loves to die for him without any regrets, but marrying with the scenery of Shili Hongzhuang is the holiest dream in every woman’s heart.

She is no exception.

In this life, she only wants to guard Jiuyou and live quietly, but her daughter must marry her favorite man with integrity.

Just a daughter, where are you?

Yun Fanyin looked at the sky, his heart was full of sorrow.

I don’t know if Brother Jiu found his daughter

Mei Nongchen waved goodbye to Zhu Zitong and others, and followed Jiuyou.

Jiuyou said that he would take her to meet someone, a very important person.

She wondered: “Master, who are you going to meet?”

Jiuyou: “You’ll know when you get there.”

Mei Nongchen: “…”

Seeing the road is getting more and more remote, she couldn’t help but speak again, “Master, after all Who do you see?”

Jiuyou smiled and said nothing.

The more he looked at Mei Nongchen’s appearance, the more satisfied he became. It is truly his own. See how this little face looks like him, beautiful!

If he hadn’t noticed her similar to his own soul breath, he would really not recognize her just now.

Mei Nongchen kept a distance of one meter from Jiu You. She didn’t know if it was her illusion. She felt that Master’s smile just now was very strange and gloomy, making her scalp numb inexplicably.

It took about a time for a stick of incense.

Finally stopped in a hidden fairy garden.

The courtyard wall of the garden is extremely high, and the blue stone wall of Zhumen is faintly scented by roses.

Mei Nongchen took a deep breath. Somehow, when she arrived here, she felt a sense of comfort at home.

Turning his head questioningly: “Master?”

Jiu You took her hand and pushed Zhu Men aside.


door opens.

A moon-white figure flew over like a light butterfly, “Brother Nine, do you have any news from your daughter?”

When she saw Mei Nongchen, the figure suddenly stopped, her eyes were like water, and her long eyelashes blinked and blinked.

She moved her gaze downwards, landed on the hands held by Jiu You and Mei Nongchen, and then moved up, looking at Jiu You suspiciously, and said: “She…”

Jiu You nodded gently, and replied, “Yes. !”

Yun Fanyin was suddenly surprised and happy, walked slowly to Mei Nongchen, and slowly stretched out his hand to touch her face, but when he was about to touch her, he shrank back, as if he was afraid of shocking her.

“My daughter…”

At this moment, Mei Nongchen was shocked, and when she first saw Yun Fanyin, she recognized her as the woman in the painting carefully treasured by her father.

She is the woman her father has loved for many years and can’t.

It can be seen that at this moment, she is so fascinating that she looks like an immortal, and Mei makes a big noise.


Isn’t she the fairy sister who is frozen in icicles in the deserted space?

It took a long time for Mei Nongchen to find her own voice. At this moment, Yun Fanyin had pulled her into the hall and sat down.

“You… are you really my mother?”

Yun Fanyin looked at her lovingly and nodded with tears.

“You…are you the fairy sister…fairy in the icicles of the deserted space?”

Yuan Fanyin nodded, nodded halfway through, and stopped abruptly. “How do you know?” Then he looked at Jiuyou suspiciously.

Jiuyou clenched his fist against his lips and coughed, “This is a long story…”

Then, he began to describe to Yun Fanyin how she met Mei Nongchen, how she became a master and apprentice, how to help her go to the barren space to find the Qi Lingzhu…

Yun Fanyin was heart-wrenching.

Mei Nongchen looked at her mother who frowned frequently.

When I first saw the portrait of my father, the reason I didn’t think of the beauty in the icicle was because of the insignificant and immortal figure.

The woman in the father’s painting is certainly stunning, but without the immortal spirit that came out of nine days and is unattainable, how can he fail to paint the mother’s full expression with his father’s painterly?

The father must have deliberately made it. He knew that his mother’s identity was extraordinary, and it was not that he could think of it as a mortal. So in the painting, he deliberately deceived his mother and painted her as a stunning woman belonging to the mortal world. Because of this, he I feel that I can narrow the distance between myself and her.

It was precisely because of her father’s painting method that Mei Nongchen did not recognize her mother, the fairy sister in the icicle.

She figured it out, raised her head, and saw Jiu Youzheng lightly patted Yun Fanyin’s back and softly comforted, “Okay Yinyin, don’t cry, haven’t you found your daughter? It’s all right…”


Mei Nongchen’s temple suddenly jumped.

Seeing the intimate attitude of the master and her mother, shouldn’t her master be…

“Mother, then my father is…”

Yun Fanyin pushed away Jiuyou, and lovingly took Mei Nongchen’s hand, just about to speak, Jiu She faintly hooked her red lips, looked at Mei Nongchen’s peachy eyes carved out of the same mold with him, smiled wickedly, and said, “It’s me!”


A bolt from the blue, Mei Nong is in the dust and petrified in the wind!

If she remembers correctly, Yun Fanyin, Leng Yi’s fiancee, was pryed into the corner by the master…

Yun Fanyin.



Thunder is rolling!

After being petrified, Mei Nong dust was broken into slag.

This plot is a bit bloody!

Her father snatched Lengyi’s fiancee and gave birth to her. If she was with Lengyi, Lengyi would become the son-in-law of the former fiancee and the former rival of love.

This… Leng Yi has to vomit three liters of blood when he knows it, right?

Suddenly, Mei Nongchen felt a little distressed Lengyi.

Looking at Mei Nongchen’s pale face for a while, Jiuyou could guess what she was thinking. Regarding Lengyi, he felt it necessary to remind his baby girl.

“Remember when I said that I was almost lost because of being chased by my enemy?”

Mei Nongchen thought for a while, and indeed heard him say it, so he nodded.

Jiuyou: “Back then, the emperor was furious because of the fact that I was with your mother. In order to explain to the emperor, the people of your mother killed me. It can be seen that you must not What they expected, not to mention the royal clan, the Suzaku clan alone could not tolerate you. If they knew of your existence, they would definitely find a way to get rid of you secretly! Moreover, if you want to be with Lengyi, Even if I was selected by Feng Ge, I thought I would not tolerate you with the emperor’s arrogant temperament, so…”

Jiuyou touched her head, very distressed that she was in such an embarrassing role that was not expected. He knew the truth was cruel, but he had to let her understand his situation, otherwise, she might have died in confusion.

He didn’t know that Mei Nongchen was now a strong god king, and if he knew it, he would definitely laugh at himself for unreasonable worries.

Mei Nongchen didn’t know how the god king was famous in all directions.

But Jiuyou is clear. He is a demon that has existed since ancient times. He has lived for endless long years. It can be said that except for the god king, no one has lived longer than him and knows more things than him.

Hearing this, Mei Nongchen smiled indifferently, and said, “I will be fine, don’t worry!”

What Suzaku clan? She didn’t care, and she didn’t need to care; as for Lengyi, she couldn’t tell how they ended, but if he was worthy of her, what was the fear of contending with the emperor? If he is not worthy of her, just wave his sleeves and say goodbye. I wish you an early son and forget the end of the world.

Yun Fanyin looked at Mei Nongchen apologetically, “I’m sorry, it’s my mother’s fault, I…”

“Mom…” Mei Nongchen interrupted her, holding her hand tightly, “You gave birth to me, gave it to What’s wrong with my life?”

Yun Fanyin: “Then you don’t blame me for leaving you in Mei’s house alone, do you?”

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