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Chapter 70 Reunion in the middle of the night

Mei Nongchen looked at Yun Fanyin deeply, but she saw her once through her eyes.

“No mother is willing to leave her child, Mom, I can understand your last resort at the time.”

Yun Fanyin burst into tears and said with satisfaction: “Okay! My good daughter, Yiru taught you so well!”

mentioned Mei Yiru, Mei Nongchen was taken aback, and then a sorrow came from the bottom of his heart, “Mom, Dad, he… has already gone.”



“A month and a half ago.”

“He left .” Is the time… okay?”

“Very peaceful.”


“I am sorry for him, and use his thoughts on me to entrust you to him to take care of.”

“He said that his greatest pride is to have my daughter. , The greatest happiness is to meet you.”

“He is a good man .” “He is

also a good father.”

Jiu You quietly listened to her two most important women complimenting another man together, but there was no displeasure in her heart, Mei Yiru That man is indeed worthy of his admiration. To be honest, if he encounters such a thing, he must not be able to treat his beloved woman and the children of other men as his own. It is polite not to choke to death!

The three people in the hall got along fairly well. They didn’t notice that the white bird that had fallen on the wall with its beak suddenly fluttered away and flew towards the fairy house of the Suzaku clan.


almost night, Mei Nongchen bids farewell to Jiuyou and Yun Fanyin.

Yun Fanyin held her hand without letting it go, and reluctantly kept it, “Dust, won’t you stay with Mom and Dad?”

Jiu You didn’t speak, but looked at her firmly.

He saw Mei Nongchen’s scalp numb again, as if she would have committed many crimes if she didn’t leave.

She shook Yun Fanyin’s hand and said, “Mom, I want to take care of some things personally. It is not convenient to live here. Will you come back and accompany you after I have handled everything?”

Yun Fanyin: “That… Be careful about everything.”

Mei Nongchen nodded obediently, and said: “Okay!”

she left.

Jiuyou hugged Yun Fanyin’s waist from behind, “I finally saw my daughter, are you happy this time?”

Loosing his iron arm, he straightened Yun Fanyin, leaning over the tip of his nose against the tip of her, and said: “Tiantian I was urging me to go out to look for my daughter. I didn’t expect that the first time I went out to find a girl, I would have the results. In the future, I won’t be allowed to drive me out. I’m so busy.”

Yun Fanyin saw him approaching so close, and his breath was sprayed on her lips. , A heart pounding wildly, bright white earlobes dyed with powder.

She hid behind and said: “You, what can you do? I’m idle all day…” A

sly flash flashed in Jiuyou’s red eyes, and she licked Yun Fanyin’s earlobe quickly with her tongue out, causing it without accident. She shuddered in her arms.

“Yinyin thinks I’m too free?” He bewildered in her ear: “Then I have to be a bit more busy, alas, fortunately, I just left the dust very wittily, otherwise… why am I more busy? ? ” “

you …… “

” ah? “jiu lips all the way down, incredibly busy, vague Enliaoyisheng, with people heard of dumb charm.

Yun Fanyin instantly softened into a puddle of water, and her eyes began to blur…

until the wall collapsed and the city collapsed, she had to admit that in this life, she would never escape his palm…

it was another charming room.

A room in the fairy house of the Suzaku clan with a deep and rigid layout.

An old man with a rough face was meditating. His decree lines were very deep, and he seemed to be a serious and rigid person.

Who is Yunhe who is not the patriarch of the Suzaku clan?


A white bird fell on the window lattice.


—a sound of melodious bird calls.

Yun He opened his closed eyes, his eyes were superb.

He carefully listened for a moment, brow wrinkled up suddenly, and said: “Really?”

Jie Jie -!

The white bird nodded its head.

Yun He waved his hand, and Bai Que flew away.

He pursed his mouth tightly, and the statute lines became deeper, and his rebellious daughter, who had been missing for almost 40 years, appeared, and he was surrounded by a red-haired man.

Could it be Jiuyou?

But isn’t Jiuyou already dead? It was his hands.

Yun He squinted his old eyes and shot a dangerous light. It seemed that he wanted to confirm it himself.

A small fairy city far away from Miluo City.

In an inconspicuous corner, a small dog-like little guy with dirty and messy fur, eagerly sniffing the scent of passers-by, trying to smell a familiar smell from a group of strangers. The pink pupils are full of burnt colors.

Not long after Mei Nongchen left, it followed the Immortal Realm, but Mei Nongchen did not reach the Immortal Realm as expected, and it also missed the best time to seek the Lord because of the lethargy after using the magical powers.

If it does not rush to the immortal realm in such a hurry, it may encounter Lengyi, Yun Fanyin, or Mei Nongchen. In short, no matter who it encounters, it is better than it is now.

When Mei Nongchen returned to Cyclamen, the sky was already dark.

As soon as he entered the room, Zhu Zitong began to ask her questions.

“Xiaomei, that’s your master? Oh, I found out that all you know are so good. Your master is so handsome and said, does your master have a daughter-in-law? If I didn’t choose the concubine, can I introduce him to Do I know? Are you willing to let me be your wife?”

Mei Nongchen: “…” You are the rhythm of being my stepmother!

Jun Qian and Dongfang Muqing also looked at her with complicated eyes. They felt that they couldn’t see her more and more. The cultivation of her master was definitely higher than the cultivation of the ten men who appeared before.

Who is she?

Mei Nongchen: “…” In fact, I am very simple, one father and one mother, so simple family.

But she didn’t want to explain too much, she fell asleep after just fooling around.

Zhu Zitong snarled dissatisfiedly: “Xiaomei, you’re really, you don’t want to share with so many beautiful boys, stingy! Humph!”

Mei Nongchen pretended to ignore her.

Not long after, even breathing began to sound around him, Jun Qian and Dongfang Muqing in the outside had been breathing unsteadily, apparently not asleep.

Mei Nongchen tossed and turned, and it was difficult to fall asleep.

She really wanted to sneak into the Miluo Palace immediately, and find Leng Yi and ask him what the meaning of this ceremony of choosing a concubine by Rao Shizi? But I want to know that she hasn’t shown up, does he really want to choose a concubine?

She has always felt that a strange force is pulling her, as if something is calling her somewhere, but the feeling of being pulled is sometimes strong and weak, sometimes far and near, and erratic.

If it weren’t for her steadfast mind, I’m afraid she would have been led away by that strange force a long time ago.

Mei Nongchen raised her hand and stroked her eyebrows. When she discovered that there was a mark on her eyebrows, she was really shocked. Because she didn’t know whether the golden mark was good or bad, she applied it on her eyebrows to avoid unnecessary trouble. The magic spell was concealed, and as long as she did not remove the magic spell, no one could see the mark.

At this time, she still didn’t know how much trouble she had saved herself by this cautious move. Not to mention, the city of Miluo alone, most people knew, that was an important mark for Feng Ge’s selection.

There is only one Fengge, which continues in a way of passing on.

Just like Feng Yijian, it passes from one selected to the next.

It’s just that the phoenix sword is a real thing, and the fengge is a kind of power.

When Feng Ge chooses a certain person, he will be lurking in that person’s body. After a period of time, it will appear on the center of the eyebrows of that person in the form of a golden seal of Phoenix wings.

At some point, the two people who hadn’t fallen asleep outside began to breathe evenly.

Mei Nongchen turned over again, adjusted a comfortable position and closed her eyes.

Suddenly, the air in front of the window fluctuated slightly.

Mei Nong Chen’s heart shuddered, someone sneaked in!

Quietly condensed divine power in his hands, ready to go.

The air fluctuated closer and closer, but stopped a step away from the bed.

Mei Nongchen waited for a long time, but the person hadn’t moved yet.

And she felt that the line of sight projected on her was getting hotter and hotter, making her like a man on her back.

That feeling is very familiar.

Mei Nongchen’s heart moved, could it be that…

she wanted to open her eyes directly, but for an instant, she suddenly became playful.

The idea disappeared out of thin air when it moved.

Leng Yi looked at the person who made him think and miss, but suddenly, there were no flowers in front of him, and the people were gone, and he was extremely shocked.

You know, since his cultivation level has increased, he can play and disappear under his nose, and there is no one in this world.

Before he was relieved from the shock, he suddenly felt a tingling in his neck, and the slightly hot breath sprayed on the exposed skin on the back of his neck, making him feel a numbness in his heart.

His stretched lip line bends upwards, and the golden pupils are instantly filled with a thick pampering.

Turning around suddenly, his iron arms clamped on the petite man behind him, with a force, the room returned to peace after the half-closed window slammed.

Zhu Zitong and Jun Qian Dongfang admire Qing, sleeping on their own.

Mei Nongchen felt that she was moving at extreme speed, constantly rising.

When she thought she was about to reach the moon, Leng Yi finally stopped on a cloud.

He condensed the invisible cloud with divine power, and Mei Nongchen felt the same as standing on the ground.

She felt that she had a lot to ask, but she couldn’t ask a single sentence.

Because, as soon as Leng Yi stopped, he couldn’t wait to hold her lips…

Mei Nongchen: “…” How hungry is this? Let people say a word without saying a word.

Leng Yi strove to absorb the sweet taste of the person in his arms, just like the dry and cracked land suddenly encounters heavy rain. It is uncontrollable to absorb it.

The flexible tongue opened Mei Nongchen’s teeth and entangled with her lilac uvula.

The clear and good-smelling and strong masculine breath spreads between his lips and teeth. Mei Nongchen wanted to resist but couldn’t produce a trace of resistance. He wanted to push him away, but at the moment he touched his chest, he was shocked and burned with his palm and his body. , The heat is scary.

The body was tightly attached to each other, Mei Nongchen clearly perceives the changes in some part of his body, with eager desire and tyrannical offensive.

“Um…” She opened her lips laboriously and gasped: “Lengyi, calm down, calm down.”

Lengyi couldn’t hear her at all, and the hot lips went down, biting hard.

It wasn’t until the chest cold that Mei Nongchen realized that her clothes had been half-returned!

“Leng Yi!”

She was really panicked. Leng Yi’s arms were like iron, which made her unable to move. She didn’t know when his hands were trapped behind her back, so she could only twist her body uncomfortably.

Unexpectedly, her twisting not only failed to get out of the embarrassment, but aroused the man’s stronger desire.


Wu Di stood not far away, covering his face.

The master is too anxious, the wilderness is in the sky.

In order to see Miss Mei, the master really tried so hard, I hope they can hide the situation from your Majesty!

He sighed helplessly and waved his hands left and right. A group of people with strong black costumes appeared silently under the night sky. They quickly surrounded Leng Yi and Mei Nongchen, and then made all their efforts to cover the inseparable two with a huge barrier. People, put an end to all outside prying eyes.


A low growl, like ecstasy and pain, but fortunately, people outside the enchantment can’t hear it, otherwise Wu Di must want to be crooked again.

Leng Yi knelt down on the cloud with his crotch and bowed waist, with a fine cold sweat on his forehead, two handsome eyebrows twisted into one.

Did not get up for a while.

Mei Nongchen tidied up his clothes and peeked at him with a guilty conscience.

Was she too cruel to lower her legs just now? It would be a serious crime if this abolished her.

After thinking about it, I felt that I was right, who made him so… so unreasonable?

Things have to start ten minutes ago-

Leng Yi became more and more anxious and unable to deal with it, Mei Nongchen was anxious and angry, when she felt a dampness and hotness somewhere in her chest, the strange and stimulating sensation made her brain buzz and explode, so she didn’t even think about it, lifted it up. Knee hit hard.

Then, Leng Yi hasn’t gotten up yet…

it’s just a mess!

Glancing at Lengyi’s painful and unbearable expression, Mei Nongchen trembled in her heart. Seeing his appearance, she felt the pain.

“You… are you okay?” she asked, taking a small step forward.


“You… are you okay?” He moved a short step forward and asked again.


She wouldn’t really be ruined by her, right?

Although she was really annoyed at his rude behavior, she didn’t want to hurt him.

Mei Nongchen walked to Leng Yi and stretched out her hand to help him, “You…ah!”

Before her hand touched his hair, her world turned over, and a giant directly pressed her heart and lungs and almost squeezed out of her chest.

“Ahem…you!” Mei Nongchen felt that her voice was suppressed.

“Don’t move!” Leng Yi leaned on her neck and said dullly: “You almost ruined your own sex for the rest of your life, do you know?”

Mei Nongchen: “…What does it have to do with me?! “

It doesn’t matter, I will let you know.”


After a while.

Mei Nongchen: “Does it still hurt?”

Leng Yi: “Yeah!”

After a while.

Mei Nongchen: “Does it still hurt?”

Leng Yi: “Yeah!”

After a while.

Mei Nongchen: “Does it still hurt?”

Leng Yi: “Hmm!”

Mei Nongchen: “Can you get up?”

Leng Yi: “Can’t move.”

Mei Nongchen: “You are heavy, do you know? You’re crushed!”

Leng Yi didn’t move, lying firmly, but Mei Nongchen felt that he suddenly felt lighter.

Mei Nongchen: “…” How reluctant is this? I was irritated, but the roots of the ears were secretly red.

From an invisible angle, Leng Yi showed a tricky smile…

Maybe she was really tired, maybe Leng Yi’s embrace was too comfortable, Mei Nongchen fell asleep unknowingly and woke up again, heaven. Has been dimmed.

She was startled, and subconsciously wanted to sit up, but was stopped by a brutal resistance.

Mei Nongchen took a look, and Leng Yi put one arm between her chest and abdomen, locking her firmly under her arm.


She pushed hard, but she didn’t expect the arm to grow on her body, without moving.

“Why, I ran out of arms, do you want to leave like this?” Leng Yiqing’s voice with a smile rang above his head, Mei Nongchen looked up, facing a pair of smiling golden eyes, dense Under the long eyelashes, there was a faint wave of light that made her heart beat faster.

She had seen that look in Mei Yiru’s eyes and in Jiuyou’s eyes.

It is love, petting, cherishment, I take you as a treasure, and I take you as a destiny.

Compared with more than ten years ago, there is a touch of lost and regained joy and repressed lust.

It turned out that he hadn’t forgotten her in the past ten years.

Mei Nongchen’s originally slightly startled peach blossom eyes gradually bloomed with tenderness due to the cold and passionate eyes, and the roots of the ears gradually became pink under such hot eyes, and his heartbeat became faster and faster.

The strong masculine aura filled her entire nasal cavity domineeringly, making her brain more and more confused.

Until her lips were pressed with a slight coolness, the coolness was like an electric current, and the electricity stirred her, and her brain was instantly clear.

By the way, since Leng Yi hasn’t forgotten her, what does he mean by choosing the concubine ceremony?

Damn it, almost stunned by his beauty again!

Angrily pushed away the handsome face that was close at hand, “Aren’t you going to choose a concubine? In a month and a half, you will have two beautiful concubines, and the entire fairy world is waiting for you. The beauty is not killing you?!”

She didn’t notice it herself, her tone was full of coquettish charm, a pair of affectionate peach eyes sparkling, and her mouth was dry and dry.

He leaned over to plug the chattering lips, turning them gently.

Mei Nongchen: “…” She is angry here! Shouldn’t he apologize and explain with a smile? This way is wrong!

Damn it!

Mei Nongchen grimaced.


Zhu Zitong suddenly jumped out and shouted, frightening Mei Nongchen.


Nongchen glared at her, “What are you doing? I was shocked!” Zhu Zitong looked at her up and down three times, watching De Mei Nongchen’s back numb, and said: ” Why do you look at me like this?”

“Xiaomei, you have been sitting here all morning since you got up in the morning. You will be annoyed and giggle for a while. What are you doing?” Zhu Zitong suddenly got close to her nose and sniffed at her, then said:” You have a masculine taste, say! Did you go out and hang out with which man while we were asleep?”

Mei Nongchen was surprised again. Isn’t this a dog? The nose is so good!

She laughed twice, and said, “Nonsense, how can there be any men? I was thinking about things from the past, so I accidentally thought about it.”

Zhu Zitong is suspicious: “Really?”


Nongchen raised her hand and promised: “Yes!” Zhu Zitong: “Humph! I believe you for a while, we are going to Zhiqiu Pavilion later, do you want to go together?”

Mei Nongchen Dust: “Zhiqiu Pavilion?”

Zhu Zitong: “Yes, I heard that Zhiqiu Pavilion knows everything. There are a few stars in the sky, and Xiao ants lay a few eggs. They are very powerful, so many people participate in the concubine election ceremony. Everyone spends a lot of money to buy a method that can be selected by Fengge, and we want to see it.”

Mei Nongchen: “…Isn’t it a liar? If there is an answer, wouldn’t everyone be selected, then Prince Your Royal Highness must be exhausted, right?”

Zhu Zitong: “Xiaomei, you are poisonous!” After a pause, suddenly thinking of something, her pretty face blushed, “You are so dirty…”

Mei Nongchen: “…”

Mei Nong Chen went to the residences of Jiuyou and Yun Fanyin, she was not interested in knowing the autumn pavilion, but Zhu Zitong and Jun Qian Dongfangmu Qing went enthusiastically.

She didn’t think that Zhiqiu Pavilion really even knew how to be selected by Feng Ge, but she could only remind her all the way, saying too much is not good.

There was also that Leng Yi, who was so dizzy by his kiss in the morning that he couldn’t get the answer he wanted in the end.

Humph! Damn, you can’t let him fool around easily next time!

Annoyed all the way, soon came to the fairy garden of Jiuyou.

“I’m telling you! Either go home with me, or die here with this shameless man! I don’t care about killing it again!” As

soon as Mei Nongchen arrived in front of Zhumen, an old but fierce male voice came.

She narrowed her eyes slightly.

It seems that someone from the Suzaku clan came to the door.

“Auntie, go home. Although you have lost the qualifications to become a princess, it is still possible to arrange a decent marriage for you with our Yun family’s power in the immortal world. Why follow such a wild man of unknown origin? Together? Not only has it humiliated yourself, it has also humiliated the reputation of the Suzaku tribe. Now, who doesn’t know in the city of Miluo, Yun Fanyin, the first beauty in the fairy world, is the fiancee of the prince, but he is in private with the devil…”

That female voice, really It sounds good, but it is unbearable.

Mei Nongchen was furious. Why did this voice sound so familiar?

Yun Baizhi!

Boom——! Damn–!

Everyone in the courtyard was taken aback by this sudden noise.

They subconsciously turned their eyes to look at the door, and saw a beautiful woman standing at the stall in Tingting Xiuxiu, with a small smile on her mouth and a pair of peachy eyes. She was more than once known as the first beauty in the fairy world. Yun Fanyin is even better.

She walked up curledly, with a fragrant breeze around her, refreshing her heart with the fragrance of roses in the garden.

nice! The ultimate beauty!

The younger Yun family servants had straight eyes, and suspicious silver threads hung around their mouths…

Yun Baizhi’s expression changed the moment he saw her.

She… Isn’t she dead?

I personally shot her down outside the ascension channel, such a mysterious void surrounded by dangers, how could a cultivator with his cultivation base come back alive? Even if she didn’t die in all the dangers, her last blow would be enough to kill her. How could she come back alive?

Yun Baizhi’s face was blue and white, and her perceptual ability was born a hundred times stronger than ordinary people, so she could find the woman related to Lengyi in the vast mortal world at a glance, and she also knew at a glance that this woman would be on her way to become Lengyi’s wife. The biggest stumbling block, so she tried to kill Mei again and again.

In the Feisheng tunnel, she saw Mei Nongchen’s face after she was transformed. In addition to shock, it was more of a strong crisis.

She knew that without getting rid of Mei Nongchen, this stumbling block would become a high mountain blocking the road, making it more difficult to cross.

But this damned person suddenly appeared in front of her, how could she not make a stormy sea rise in her heart!

Mei get dust cloud staring at Angelica colorful face, lips slowly Kai, said: “Whose dog, bark here?”

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