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Chapter 4 Happy cooperation

The car arrived at the destination.

Tang Qingye got off the car and walked into the bank.

Fang Beining and Zhai Moyuan sat quietly in the car, holding each side, and silence lay between them.

Their respective breaths spread across each other’s noses.

a long time.

“Are you short of money?” Zhai Moyuan broke the silence.

“Lack.” The words were concise, and after a pause, Fang Beining added: “A lot of money.”

Living expenses and tuition fees, as well as parents who are struggling at home, need money.

Their counterpart, Bei Ning, is very good. Since she has occupied her body and identity, she must do her due responsibility.

“I have a car and no one can fix it. Would you like to give it a try? If it is repaired, I will pay you ten times.”

Zhai Moyuan lowered his head slightly, his profound features hidden in the shadows, more profound and charming, but Fang Bei Ning had no time to appreciate it, her head was full of money flying at the moment.

Ten times the reward, isn’t it 100,000?

I was still thinking about ways to make money before, so the opportunity came so soon?

The man’s head is broken? Propose such a deal that lays out the pitfall.

It may also be that the car is very important to him, far more valuable than one hundred thousand.

Oh, what about him, there is money to make, why do you want so much?

Besides, if he dare to have crooked minds, she will let him rebuild!

Doing a good job of mental construction, Fang Beining looked up at him, smiling so hard that he couldn’t see him, “naturally willing.”

Zhai Moyuan was infected by such a bright smile, and his cold facial lines softened a lot.

Mention money is so happy, greedy woman.

After they fell into silence for a long time, Tang Qingye was finally slow to return.

“Sorry beauty, I’ve been waiting for a long time.” Can it be done soon? He drank a full ten cups of coffee in the VIP reception room of the bank.

Almost vomiting.

“Nothing.” Fang Beining smiled.

“Send…” Zhai Moyuan was silent and asked: “What is your name?”

“My name is Fang.”

Zhai Moyuan’s eyes flashed, she was guarding him?

“Send Miss Fang back.” He said.

Tang Qingye is full of contempt. After so long, the name hasn’t been matched. It seems that he still has to count on him. He smiled and looked at Fang Beining and said, “Beauty, where should I send you?”

Look, what is it? The skill of idioms, what it means to be quiet and indifferent.

“Send me to the place to get on the bus.” Fang Beining replied lightly.

“Ahem…” Tang Qingye choked on her own saliva, this girl, can she communicate happily together?

The car drove to the place where Fang Beining got on, and Fang Nansheng was still waiting there.

Fang Beining was ready to get off the car with ten thousand dollars, Zhai Moyuan’s magnetic voice sounded again: “When will I be free?”

She asked when she was free to fix the car for him?

There will be a lot of classes in the next few days. After thinking about it, she said: “A few days later.”

“How to contact you?”

Fang Beining was silent for a moment, took out his mobile phone, “Give me your number.”

Zhai Mo Yuan looked at it. The light was dark and dim, and his thin lips reported a series of numbers without hesitation. Fang Beining dialed out, and his mobile phone quickly displayed a series of unfamiliar numbers.

“Happy cooperation,” he said.

“Happy cooperation.”

Fang Beining got off the car and left.

Fang Nansheng greeted him immediately, “Ning Ning, are you okay?”

“Of course it’s okay.” Fang Bei Ning patted his wallet, “Brother, you won’t take a few jobs in the future, don’t be too tired, I can also make money. “

You, it’s good luck to meet a fool. Don’t do this in the future. It won’t be good if you meet a bad person.” Fang Nansheng rubbed her hair, paternalistic education.

Fang Beining: “…” Fool…

If he knew that the youngest business legend in the imperial capital was sitting in the car, would he still say that she met a fool?

“Ning Ning, you…” Fang Nansheng wanted to ask about the past, but he didn’t know how to speak.

While hesitating, a familiar voice sounded behind them.

“Nowadays, some girls, always relying on their own beauty, hook up with rich old men everywhere, ride in luxury cars, live in bungalows, tusk tusk…”


Fang Beining couldn’t help rolling her eyes, Zhou Qiaoqiao again.

I just learned it yesterday, but I don’t have a long memory today.

I really don’t know if it was a crime with her, she couldn’t bear to see Fang Beining before.

Now she didn’t recognize herself, she still didn’t get used to seeing herself.

This may be a natural enemy.

Fang Beining turned around and looked at Zhai Youxuan and Zhou Qiaoqiao, who are close to each other intimately. In fact, apart from being handsome and having a little money, what else is Zhai Youxuan better?

Changing your girlfriend is like changing your clothes.

Moreover, he is ugly and beautiful. The original owner once really abandoned everything for him, and actually kneeled down and begged him to be her boyfriend.

Zhai Youxuan jokingly said: Kneeling for three hours in a crowded place, he promised to be her boyfriend for one day.

Then the original owner really knelt for three hours in the snow and cold wind, becoming the laughing stock of the whole school.

The original owner is also a fool.

How can love be humble? How can you beg? How can you be so self-respecting?

In the end, Zhai Youxuan did not be her boyfriend for a day.

But she is undiminished in fighting spirit, the more frustrated she gets, the more courage she gets.

Fang Beining recalled that he was also drunk.

“What did you say? I didn’t hear it clearly, say it again.” She asked indifferently and clearly.

“How dare people are afraid to say it? This is just your body cheap clothes ……” Zhou Qiao Qiao disgust she looked up and down three times, “Hao from the car down, not near what wealthy is it?”

Like Finding the catharsis that suppressed Fang Beining, she said more and more vigorously, “A girl like you who doesn’t love herself, I don’t know how many hands have fallen, hey, Fang Nansheng, such a woman is just like you. Yes? You have no money, she has looks, she is a perfect match!”

“Maybe, she can get some money from the big boss to spend it for you.”

“Zhou Qiaoqiao! Don’t be too much!” Fang Nansheng was angry. Itchy, if it weren’t for her to be a girl, his fist would have greeted her.

Fang Beining’s face sank, and when she turned her eyes to see Zhai Youxuan staring at her, she suddenly thought about it.

Isn’t Zhou Qiaoqiao most proud of becoming Zhai Youxuan’s temporary girlfriend? Then let her taste the taste of being abandoned!

Fang Beining walked to Zhai Youxuan and stood still, turned her head slightly, her eyes were charming, she pursed her red lips slightly, and said infinitely wronged and enchantingly: “You just indulged your girlfriend and insulted others like this?”

The voice was also soft and attractive, and Zhai Youxuan’s Adam’s apple rolled, “I…”

“If I hit her, will you stop it?”

Fang Beining asked quickly, and Zhai Youxuan shook his head subconsciously.

“Axuan!” Zhou Qiaoqiao watched Zhai Youxuan’s reaction bitterly, and was so angry

that she was so angry, “You shameless bitch! You seduce my boyfriend in front of me!” She said, she lifted her slap on her face. I want to call.

Fang Beining’s eyes tightened fiercely, and his shot was electric.


There was a crisp applause in the air.

Zhou Qiaoqiao’s face was instantly swollen and tall.

“Ahhhhhhhhh! Bitch! Do you dare to beat me! I fought with you!” She rushed towards her like a madness.

Fang Beining thought, a rope appeared horizontally and stopped in front of Zhou Qiaoqiao’s calf.

With a loud’bang’, she fell a dog and gnawed the mud, after a burst of dust and smoke.


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