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Chapter 5 Make an appointment next time

I heard that Zhou Qiaoqiao had taken sick leave to recuperate, and I also heard that she was dumped by Zhai Youxuan.

As for the true and false, who knows.

The news that a great beauty suddenly appeared in the Department of Social Sciences spread quickly, and it was said that this great beauty was the girlfriend of Fang Nansheng, a talented medical student.

Although famous flowers have been masters, the number of people who confessed is still increasing day by day.

For example, at this moment…

Suddenly a tall boy sprang from the grove, claiming to be a junior in engineering department, holding a huge teddy bear, and begging to change his number for dating.

Seeing him blushing, Fang Beining couldn’t help holding his forehead, and said faintly: “Sorry.”

Yes, the simple two words broke the heart of a young boy again.

Lu Xiaoning was indignant, “Fuck it! It’s too unfair, you don’t have makeup, so ugly, and someone confessed, I’m so beautiful and beautiful, no one tells me! What kind of vision! Cut!”

Fang Beining: “… …”


phone rang twice suddenly.

Fang Beining turned on the phone and sent a text message.

[This is Zhai Moyuan, when will I be free? ]

It’s been less than three days, what’s the rush? Fang Beining narrowed her mouth, and quickly tapped a few words with her slender fingers.

[Busy, wait a minute]

Just about to click send, she thought about it and deleted it again. Since the other party is in such a hurry, the car must be very important. Fix it early and get the money early.

Delete the word just now and retype a few words.

[At 3:30 in the afternoon, at the east gate of Santa University, you come to pick me up]

Click to send.

Soon, a word came back over there.


Two classes in the afternoon, rush over after two classes, and a big deal in the evening to take a taxi back.

“Who to text with?” Lu Xiaoning blinked panda eyes and probed his head.

“A customer.” Fang Beining put away the phone, she didn’t lie, Zhai Moyuan was indeed counted as her customer.

“By the way, will you go to the basketball match between the Department of Economics and Management and the Medical School this afternoon? There will be your family’s Xiaoxuan.”

Xiaoxuan, the original owner’s nickname for Zhai Youxuan.

Fang Beining vomited.

“Not interested.” As they

said, the two had arrived at the dormitory.

“Xiao Xuan Xuan, you actually said you are not interested, what’s the matter? The brain is broken? Amnesia? Forget how rare people used to pursue others?” Lu Xiaoning leaned forward and fell on the bed, whispering. .

“Did you forget to wipe their shoes?”

“Did you forget to write’I love Die Woo Hyun’ on your forehead to run all over the school?”

“You forgot to brave the cold wind when the snow was blowing at minus 13 degrees.

Did he buy coffee?” “Did you forget about kneeling on the snow for three hours and begging someone to associate with you?”

“You forgot…”

“I forgot.” Fang Beining said coldly, she really The distressed original owner.

It became so humble for a boy.

“Oh! Go! I heard that there will be a lot of handsome guys. By the way, isn’t Fang Nansheng, the great talent of the medical school, your brother? He will go too. Like Xiao Hyun-hyun, you are the main force. Do you want to cheer for your brother?”

Fang Beining: “…” She forgot about it.

“What time?”

“Three o’clock”

Three o’clock? Time conflicts.

Fang Beining is in trouble. Her brother is so good to her. She should cheer for him in his basketball game.

After thinking about it, she took out her mobile phone and texted Zhai Moyuan.

[My brother’s three o’clock basketball game, I’m going to refuel, can’t fix the car for you, I hope you understand]

She tells the truth.

This time, it took a long time to return there.

[We will make an appointment next time]

It’s pretty easy to talk.

Fang Beining smiled and replied.


After two classes in the afternoon.

Fang Beining and Lu Xiaoning walked to the basketball hall together. Halfway through the walk, they suddenly found that many people were running to the basketball hall.

“The basketball game between Zhai Xiaocao and Fang Dawei is different. With so many people watching, we should hurry up and take a good position!” Lu Xiaoning pulled Fang Beining and started running.

“Hurry up, I heard that there was a fight in the basketball hall. It was very fierce.”

“Really? Who fought with whom?”

“It’s the big talent from the medical school, who fought with the Department of Economics and Management. My roommate told me, it’s like a movie, let’s go and watch it quickly.”

Several girls next to me said as they ran.

When Fang Beining heard this, a wind swelled under his feet.

Lu Xiaoning was pulled by her and almost fell.

The entrance of the basketball hall had been blocked, and Fang Beining managed to squeeze in, just in time to see Fang Nansheng being beaten to the ground by a black boy.

Her eyes tightened, she quickly threw out a hand gesture, a whip suddenly appeared in the air, and with a’pop’, the black boy was drawn to the ground.

The whip immediately dissipated again, coming and going so fast that it was hard to see with the naked eye.

“Stop it!” Fang Beining sternly stopped.

But the people in the court seemed to have red eyes and continued to fight together.


Another whip slammed to the ground, and a huge sound echoed in the basketball hall.

The same comes and goes extremely fast.

Everyone was taken aback.

The people who were inextricably beaten in the field were also stunned.

“Are you here to play the game or to fight?” Fang Beining stood in front of the crowd like this, with a stern look that seemed to teach the director.

“Why are you here?” Fang Nansheng pushed down the strong black boy, ran over with his belly, and protected her behind him.

“I…” The

black boy got up, slobbed fiercely, and smirked, “Are you Fang Nansheng’s girlfriend?” The wretched gaze moved up her body, “It looks really good. , Beauty, I heard my brother say, don’t be nice to him, his family is too poor, and there is a superb sister, even ugly, especially shameless.”

“Fang Beining, have you heard of it? Kneel and lick We Axuan’s shoes, crying and begging to be his girlfriend, do you think

it’s a shame to know this kind of person, it’s better to follow my brother…”

Fang Beining looked at him coldly This person, Li Liang, Zhai Youxuan’s friend and friend, used to torture the original owner in different ways, such as washing the dirty clothes of everyone in their dormitory, buying lunch, and cleaning. The original owner did everything to please him.

“Is it enough?” Fang Beining grabbed Fang Nansheng, who was about to rush up with red eyes, and the force of the elements followed her left palm into Fang Nansheng’s body, repairing his damage.

Elemental power is another ability of her, whether it is illness, injury, or poison, as long as there is a breath, it can drag people back from the gate of ghosts.

In an instant, Fang Nansheng’s injuries healed.

Fang Beining released her hand and sneered at Li Liang, without asking, she could already guess why her brother was out of control and beating people.

It must be this Li Liang who insulted her in front of her brother again.

“Be your girlfriend? Do you like me?”

Li Liang’s squinted eyes lit up, and he nodded his head sharply.

“I like to like it. When I saw you yesterday, I like it.” “I’m ugly and cheap . I used to kneel shamelessly. Licking Zhai Youxuan’s shoes for dating, don’t you look down on me the most? Now you say you like me, it’s ridiculous, it’s ridiculous!”

Fang Beining’s jade hand half covered his lips with a trembling smile.

This lively scene stunned everyone.

And her words awakened people suddenly!

“You, you are…” Li Liang squinted his eyes into a copper bell, unresponsive.

Zhai Youxuan on the side couldn’t believe it.

“How is this possible!” Li Liang recovered from the shock and shook his head resolutely.

“Fang Beining! Squeeze in without pulling me!” Lu Xiaoning appeared at the right time and took Fang Beining’s hand and complained. She saw Zhai Youxuan in a blink of an eye. Her eyes were shining brightly, and she rushed over Fang Beining, “Ning. Ning, your Xiao Xuan Xuan!”

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