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Chapter 6 Renew the previous contract

The plot reverses, and the beauty that appeared out of thin air is actually the infamous Miss Lei?

The people are boiling.

On the campus forum, a post titled’Female cock silk god counterattack: Miss Lei was surprised to see her appearance against the sky, and the status of the palace school flower is worrisome’ was topped with enthusiasm.

There are also two pictures in the post, the secretly taken photos of Xiaohua Gongshu and Fang Beining. The following reply, from the startling reply, gradually evolved into two genres.

One supports Fang Beining’s replacement of Gong Shu’s school flower position, and the other resolutely supports Gong Shu as school flower.

An online war of words was triggered.

There was a lot of noise on the Internet, and suddenly someone broke out that Zhai Youxuan was chasing Fang Beining.

There are countless slots at a time, and many trolls are frantically spraying Zhai Youxuan’s behavior of “looking at his face”.

at the same time.

Fang Beining looked at the flower delivery boy in front of him.

“What if I don’t accept it?” The

little brother wanted to cry without tears, “If you don’t accept it, I will be fired.”

Fang Beining: “…”

Looking at the bunch of red roses under his feet that are so big that they can crush people, Call Zhai Woo-hyun.

His number was obtained by the original owner with great difficulty.

After making an appointment, she walked over with a rose.

Damn it! It’s so heavy!

From a distance, I saw him leaning against a sports car. Santa University did not allow driving in the school, but he could.

Because his brother donated two buildings to Santa University.

The fine sunlight shone on his eyebrows, he was really handsome, no wonder the original owner was wishful thinking.

Fang Beining threw the rose directly at his feet, learning his previous expression when facing the original owner, and said contemptuously: “Don’t do this kind of thing again, it makes me feel sick.”

Once, the original owner bought him breakfast. , He always fell in front of everyone, and then said: Don’t do this kind of thing again, disgusting.

“Hehe.” Zhai Youxuan looked at the unrelenting figure, his face was full of interest and mockery, and he wanted to play with him?

Then he will play with her.

at night.

After finishing washing, Fang Beining lay comfortably on the bed full of sunshine, holding his mobile phone, and texting Zhai Moyuan.

[Tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, I will be free for both days, is it convenient for you? ] It

took about half an hour before I returned there.

[Tomorrow at 3:30 in the afternoon, I will pick you up at the east gate of Shengda University]

Fang Beining can’t help but laugh, is this reminding her that she missed the appointment last time?


She returns.

“Ning Ning, whom texting ah? So happy? Could it be ……” Lu Xiaoning mask, which climbed up her bed, “is not a small Hyun Hyun?”

“Of course not.”

“Oh ~ heart of woman, sea needle Ah, I still loved it a week ago. I don’t like it if I don’t like it. The scene where you threw the roses today is really cool and cool!”

“…” Fang Beining looked at her, “What are you doing? You know?”

“You don’t know?” Lu Xiaoning looked at her like an idiot, “School forums, there are pictures and the truth, they are crazy, I guess the whole school knows.”

Fang Beining: “…” Classmates Good gossip.

“Hey, by the way, many people on the Internet say that you’re playing hard, condensed, is it true?” Lu Xiaoning uncovered the mask and threw it in the trash can.

“No.” Fang Bei gazes into the open book, and responds casually.

The original owner just thought about how to please Zhai You-hyun all day, and she was a lot of waste in her studies. There were a lot of red lights on several homework last semester, and she had to take it seriously.

If you want to learn, you must learn the best, and you can also get a scholarship or something.

Seeing her look calm and calm, Lu Xiaoning frowned, “Then you really don’t like him?”

“Of course.” Fang Beining answered without hesitation.

“Why!” Lu Xiaoning looked unacceptable, “I still expect you to get along with Zhai Youxuan, and then take your light to wait for the opportunity to get closer to his brother.”

Zhai Moyuan?

Fang Beining paused when he turned the page. Thinking about it carefully, the original owner liked Zhai Youxuan, and the more frustrated he became, he did have something to do with Lu Xiaoning.

“Do you like Zhai Moyuan?” Although it was a question, she already had a definite answer in her heart.

“Of course, Zhai Mo is far more handsome than Zhai Youxuan, and he is very good. He took over the Zhai Group at the age of 18 and founded Ningyuan International in seven years. This year it is only 25. Ningyuan International’s branch is allocated. Do you know if you are abroad? In the business community of Country Z, he is definitely this!” Lu Xiaoning gave a thumbs up excitedly.

These are no secrets, Fang Beining also knows.


“Lu Xiaoning, I really underestimated you.” Fang Beining turned his head, and stared at Lu Xiaoning in a negative test, staring at the hairy nape of her neck.

“You also know that Zhai

Youxuan is a prodigal son, and you spurned me to chase.” “Hey.” Lu Xiaoning laughed dryly, “Don’t you like people? Besides, you didn’t catch up! Uh… I didn’t mean that, I was. Say, you have nothing to lose. Didn’t you stop at the cliff in time! Hehe…”



Lights went out.

“Wow, it’s time to turn off the lights, go to bed.” Before Fang Beining could react, Lu Xiaoning quickly ran back to his bed, sleeping under the quilt.

Fang Beining smiled and shook her head, put down her book, and lay down.

Suddenly I remembered that day, the man who slowly walked out from behind the bauhinia, with a deep and calm temperament and an aura of control over everything.

Thinking about it carefully, he is indeed very handsome, with delicate and profound features, but his aura is too strong, which overshadows his outstanding appearance.

Oops, rich people, thick thighs.

Outside the window, the moon is bright and the stars are sparse. It must be a good weather tomorrow.

Zhai Moyuan stood on the top floor of Ningyuan International, overlooking the bustling and luxurious imperial capital at night.

With a cigarette between his slender fingers, the smoke curled up, and the strong smell of tobacco permeated the huge office.

Knock knock knock.

The door was knocked and opened. Secretary-General Yan Jing appeared at the door carrying a beautiful insulated lunch box.

“Shao Zhai, staying up often is not good for your health. I boiled health-preserving porridge. You can eat it while it’s hot.” The

ear roots quietly reddened.

Zhai Moyuan took a breath of smoke with thin lips and slowly exhaled the smoke, his deep eyes were even more unpredictable under the reflection of the night.

For a long time, he didn’t respond, and the shyness on Yan Jing’s face had become embarrassment.

“Then I will go out first.”

Putting down the insulated lunch box, she turned to leave.

“Secretary Yan.” A cold voice suddenly sounded.


“The secretary of Ningyuan International…when did the work of cooking porridge be added?”

Yan Jing’s face instantly paled, “I’m sorry, the subordinates know their fault.”

She forced her composure, took the insulated lunch box, and left respectfully .

The moment the door was closed, she fled.

Tang Qingye shook his head, alas, another heart was broken.

“Assistant Tang.”

Tang Qingye hurriedly opened the door and went in, “Shao Zhai, what’s the order?”

“I’m going to invite someone to have a meal tomorrow night. You can arrange it.”

“Who would you like?” He watched the arrangement.

The long and tall man in front of the French window flicked the soot without hurriedly, turned around slowly, and slowly spit out two words from his thin lips.


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