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Chapter 7 Tyrant brother

Ding Ling Ling-Ding Ling Ling-

early in the morning, Fang Bei Ning was woken up by the phone.

She was sober in an instant and glanced at the phone.

It is the cousin of the original master, Fang Lili.


“Ning Ning? I will have my birthday next Saturday and booked a private room at the Carlton Hotel. Come and play together at that time. I’ll have someone transfer the invitation to you.”

Fang Lili’s gentle voice made Fang Bei He narrowed his eyes.

My cousin’s birthday…

“Thank you, sister.” The

original owner used to look forward to the cousin’s birthday party, because…

get up, wash, eat, and go to the library.

Ignoring the confusion around him, Fang Bei Ningwu devoted himself to self-learning, went to the cafeteria at noon, and made two sets of English Level 4 papers in the afternoon, and it was almost the time agreed with Zhai Moyuan.

Put the books back into the dormitory and rush to the east gate.

Arriving at the east gate, there were several cars parked at the door, and his eyes turned slightly in confusion.

Suddenly, a black off-road vehicle honked its whistle. She looked over and the car flashed a few more lights.

It should be it.

Walked directly over, opened the co-pilot door neatly, and sat in neatly.

Tang Qingye: “…”

Do you want to be so simple?

“That…beauty, you should sit in the back, the co-pilot’s seat belt is broken.” Sit

quickly, don’t you see that the face behind is a bit heavy?

Fang Beining picked up the seat belt and looked at it, snapped it on, “Okay, it’s not broken.”

“Impossible.” Tang Qingye squeezed the seat belt and pulled it lightly, and it broke.

“Ha! I said it was bad!” The voice was too excited.

Fang Beining looked at the neatly broken seat belt, obviously cut by a sharp weapon, and his eyes flowed to the big ring in Tang Qingye’s hand.

Just now, there was a cold light.

There is a hidden weapon in his ring.

“Your car… the seat belt of the co-pilot is really easy to break.” Fang Beining looked at him with a nonchalant smile.

Last time, on the white off-road vehicle, it seemed that the seat belt of the co-pilot was also broken.

“Ha ha ha…” Tang Qingye laughed dryly, “coincidence, absolute coincidence… uh…”

Feeling the cold gaze behind his head, he quickly put away his smirk and looked straight ahead.

Fang Beining sat in the back seat, Zhai Moyuan’s gaze swept across her indifferently, and then closed his eyes to rest.

The car started slowly and left.

No one noticed, in the distance, there was a pair of eyes, staring at them closely.

The car arrived at Zhai Moyuan’s villa, walked through the huge garden, and came to the underground parking room.

Looking at the past, there are more than 100 limited editions of different brands and models.

Among them, most of the off-road vehicles.

Fang Bei stared around, then turned to stare at Zhai Moyuan seriously. For a long time, she solemnly said: “Brother Tyrant, let’s be friends!”

Zhai Moyuan: “…”

“This is the car.” Zhai Moyuan led Fang Bei. Ning, stand in front of a cool sports car.

The car is unique in shape and the body is the color of the aurora, which is surprisingly beautiful and cool.

A good car, no wonder the owner is a treasure and is eager to fix it.

“This car is so beautiful, what’s wrong with it?” she asked as she sighed around the car.

“Can’t start.” Zhai Moyuan said casually, not at all as if he valued the car.

“What’s the problem with the engine?” Fang Beining said as he checked.

There are only two people in the huge space.

Zhai Moyuan stepped back, lit a cigarette, and took a few puffs. Qingjun’s face was trapped behind the smog, and his unpredictable eyes firmly locked the girl who was pouting her hips. The girl didn’t notice the beautiful curve, her eyes were focused and clean.

Fang Beining checked the engine system again and found no problems.

Isn’t it a problem with the engine? There are many inspections that require the assistance of precision instruments, but not here.

After thinking about it, Fang Beining used spiritual power to check, and the spiritual power invaded every subtle corner with the spiritual power, and soon she found that a very small part was slightly dislocated.

The diametrical distance of only one strand of dislocation, not to mention the naked eye, may not be able to detect it even with sophisticated equipment.

Reset the parts and start again, and the car is immediately ready to go, like a beast that has been trapped in prison for a long time.

“Alright.” Fang Beining got out of the car, walked to stand opposite Zhai Moyuan, stretched out Bai Shengsheng’s small hand, spread his palms upwards, “Get the money.” The

speed was very fast.

Zhai Moyuan’s eyes flickered, looking down at the white and tender hand in front of him, raising his hand and patting it away, the smooth touch made his heart move.

“Go up and talk.” The

two walked out of the underground parking room one after another.

Tang Qingye walked over immediately, “Shao Zhai, Miss Gong is here, in the living room.”

“Yeah.” Zhai Moyuan’s voice was faint.

Are you here?

Fang Beining stopped, looked at Zhai Moyuan, and said frankly: “Since you have guests, I won’t bother you, just give me the money.”

Zhai Moyuan and Tang Qingye: “…”

This woman, do you want to be so straightforward? White?

Zhai Moyuan pursed his lips and looked at her, Tang Qingye looked cheerful.

Finally, some women look down on Zhai Shao, retribution! This is his retribution for hurting so much!

Fortunately, he also booked a private room, ready to invite other girls to dinner.

The more he thought about it, Tang Qingye became more hilarious, her eyes full of admiration when she looked at Fang Beining, “Beauty, I will take you…”

“I will take her.” Zhai Moyuan interrupted him coldly.

Tang Qingye was startled.

“What about Miss Gong?”

“You want me to teach you?” The clear and thin voice made people feel chilly.

Tang Qingye’s face tightened, and she put away schadenfreude, “Subordinates understand.” It was

just at this time.

“Brother Mo Yuan.” A clear and sweet voice gently spread into everyone’s ears.

Fang Beining turned her head and saw a beautiful girl blowing like a breeze, firmly hugging Zhai Moyuan’s arm, and a mouthful of brother Moyuan in her mouth, screaming so sweetly.

Suddenly seeing her, the girl’s black and white eyes were full of surprise, “Fang Beining? Why are you here?”

Fang Beining smiled slightly, “Hello, Miss Gong.”

“Miss Gong?” Gong Shuqing He laughed lightly, his gentle attitude showed good education, “You used to call me Shushu, why are you unfamiliar today?”

“But, it’s a pity that Ah Xuan was going to come with me. , Who knows that he suddenly had something to leave, otherwise, you will be able to see him, if you see him, you will be very happy, right?”

Gong Shu’s eyes were simple and innocent. He looked at Zhai Moyuan with a smile, and said, “Fang Beining is a man in our school. Brother Mo Yuan has also heard about Ah Xuan, right?”

Zhai Youxuan did talk about it at home, but It was all bad things about her.

Zhai Moyuan’s expression remained unchanged, and he drew back his arm indifferently, and said to Gong Shu: “I have something else, you should go back first.” Then

Bei Ning said, “Follow me.”

“Goodbye, Miss Gong.” Fang Bei Ning always smiled slightly, but that smile did not reach the bottom of his eyes.

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