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Chapter 8 Have dinner together

The black buggy drove out of the villa.

Fang Beining and Zhai Moyuan were in the back seat, and Tang Qingye drove.

“You leave Miss Gong alone like this, isn’t it good?” Fang Beining looked at the cold-faced man with a smile on her lips, but her eyes were cold.

That Gong Shu looks simple and beautiful, but there are signs of danger in her body.

In short, Gong Shu is hostile to Bei Ning.

Strong hostility.

Zhou Qiaoqiao did not have such a strong hostility towards her, but Gong Shu did.


Was it because she had shaken her position as a school flower?

Fang Beining’s gaze shifted to Zhai Moyuan, or… because of him?


She couldn’t help but sneer, and it was another scene of Luo Hua deliberately running water and ruthlessly? And she was unfortunately regarded as a threat by Fallen Flower?

“It’s okay, the servant will greet her well, as it used to be like this before.” Tang Qingye explained.

“Then where are we going now?” Fang Beining asked.

“Go to the bank.”

“…” Fang Beining was speechless, but he was paying a car repair fee, so it was necessary to invigorate the teacher? Is it possible that Mr. Zhai does it so personally every time he pays someone?

“Actually… I can give you the card number, you just have to get someone into my card, you don’t have to go this trip yourself.”

“…” I don’t know what to do!

Zhai Moyuan glanced at her coldly, then turned to look out the window.

Fang Beining: “…” Did she say something wrong?

“Oh, Shao Zhai just stopped by. There will be a dinner later, not on purpose.” Tang Qingye glanced at the endoscope and explained kindly.

“Are you free?” Zhai Moyuan said in a dangerous tone.

“I don’t want to go to the public relations department!” Tang Qingye gave a strange cry, and then drove wholeheartedly, her eyes no longer fluttering.

The public relations department is a woman like a hungry wolf. Every time he makes a small mistake, Zhai Shao put him in the public relations department for two days, keeping him in the public relations department vertically and out sideways.

The weather in early spring will still get dark early.

The last afterglow of the setting sun also dimmed, and darkness was about to come.

The car arrived at the destination.

Tang Qingye: “Give me your card, I’ll transfer the money to you, it’s fast and safe.”

Fang Beining dug out the card from her wallet and handed it to her. After a while, the SMS reminder sounded, and she took out the phone and turned it on. Sure enough, it was a short message from the bank.

“Thanks,” she said.

“No, this is what you deserve.” Zhai Moyuan’s face was always cold.

Iceberg face.

Fang Bei narrowed his mouth and prepared to get off.

“What are you doing?” Someone grasped his wrist forcefully, and a cold word rang in his ear.

Fang Beining looked at the big hand holding her wrist, frowned, and instinctively rejected it.

“Get out of the car, don’t you have a dinner, I’ll take a taxi and go back.”

Zhai Moyuan saw the obvious disgust on her face, and was inexplicably unhappy. He let go, and his voice became colder, “If you don’t go, there will be no dinner. “

Fang Ning north moment,” What do you mean? “

At this time, the supernatant Tang car, directly start the car, the car began to travel.

“Where to go?” she asked.

“Eat.” Zhai Moyuan said concisely.



“I’m with you?”





He meant that she repaired the car for him. In addition to money, she also paid for meals. ?

“No need?” She was still thinking about asking Fang Nansheng to have a meal.

“…” Zhai Moyuan was silent.

Tang Qingye couldn’t stand it anymore, “What you want is what you want. Yesterday, Shao Zhai asked me to book the best private room. If you don’t go, then the money for the private room will be wasted?”

“…” So, the so-called before The dinner is to invite her to dinner?

Looking at Zhai Moyuan suspiciously, he saw that his face looked like a wax figure, and he could not tell why.

The car stopped again.

Luxury hotel entrance.

The three got out of the car, Tang Qingye threw the car key to the parking boy, who got in the car and drove away.

Before entering the door, the man wearing the lobby manager’s badge greeted them warmly and humbly, leading them all the way into the private room on the top floor.

The private room is extremely luxurious. The walls are studded with pink crystals. Under the shining of the crystal lights, Yuyu is radiant, as if entering the crystal kingdom in a trance.

There is a white piano in the corner, soothing and delicate music streaming from the players’ fingers, and the whole private room is even more beautiful and romantic.

There is also a faint fragrance in the air, which makes people feel refreshed.

The rich will enjoy it.

Fang Beining whispered secretly, thinking about it, it was not right, he was also a rich man in his previous life, but he still rushed between life and death every day, and he had never enjoyed it like this.

The two sat down, and Tang Qingye stood behind Zhai Moyuan.

“What do Mr. Zhai and Miss Fang need to order?” The manager handed over a menu.

Fang Beining didn’t answer, “whatever.”

Zhai Moyuan didn’t entangle, “the same as before.”

Same as before?

Fang Beining raised his eyes and glanced at him. How many girls have been invited to dinner?

Seeing that she had obviously misunderstood, Zhai Moyuan pursed his lips and said nothing.

Tang Qingye naturally wanted to get a good impression for her boss, “Miss Fang has misunderstood, she used to come here to have dinner and business with her partners.”

Fang Beining: “…” She didn’t ask anything, why did she explain so much? It has nothing to do with her again.

Zhai Moyuan’s face sank.

Tang Qingye’s heart sighed, and he was kind and doing bad things again.

Soon, the dishes started.

The scent of the food immediately aroused Fang Beining’s appetite, and his eyes became shiny.

This woman is not only greedy for money, but also greedy for food.

A smile flashed in Zhai Moyuan’s eyes. When the dishes were almost ready, he took the lead in picking up the chopsticks and said, “Let’s eat.”

Fang Beining smiled and picked up the chopsticks. After the light caught Tang Qingye standing, he said: “Won’t Mr. Tang be together?”

“Oh, I don’t need it.” Tang Qingye said hastily.

“Let’s go together.” Zhai Moyuan said.

“Eh?” Tang Qingye felt that there was a problem with his ears. In the past, he would only go to the table when he needed to block alcohol.

“Together.” Zhai Moyuan said again.

Hesitating and squeezing, Tang Qingye found a place to sit down and shared Fang Beining’s light for the first time with Zhai Shao.

Fang Beining was eating happily, and the phone suddenly rang like a reminder.

It’s Fang Nansheng.

She picked it up.


“Fang Nansheng’s sister? He was rescued in the hospital. Come on!” A trembling female voice came over the receiver.

Fang Beining’s heart sighed.


Standing up abruptly, she asked sharply, “Which hospital is it?!”

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