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0072: Women don’t understand the suffering of men

Leng Yi’s breath sprayed into her hair, her scalp numb with his breathing, and her heartbeat speeded up quietly.

“Leng Yi, let go, can’t you say something?” Mei Nongchen is still a little uncomfortable with such close contact.

Leng Yi: “With you, I’m destined to be unable to speak well.” He couldn’t touch the ground, he leaned over and covered his lips that still wanted to speak.

Mei Nongchen: “…”

This kiss, domineering and powerful, took away all the air in Mei Nong’s pneumoconiosis, and her brain began to be confused due to suffocation.

This dizzy feeling lasted for a long time. When she was clear again, Leng Yi was pressing her on the bed. The skirt belt in front of her waist had been torn apart, and the placket was opened by a big hand. She was wanton and shivered all the way.

“Lengyi…” With

a whisper, like adding fuel to the fire, the cluster of fire burning in his abdomen quickly burned all over his body. His golden pupils were faintly stained with a red halo, and the fierce beast in his heart that wanted to break through the cage even more. Manic, his actions became more urgent.


the sound of torn clothes.

Mei Nongchen stared at the room beam, looking like Ren Jun picked, “…”

Suddenly, all of Leng Yi’s impatient movements stopped abruptly, and he stared at something suspicious that he hadn’t seen before.

“…What’s this?!”

Mei Nongchen calmly pushed him away, pulled the quilt and wrapped herself into a pupa, calmly said: “I just wanted to tell you that my menstrual affairs are coming…”

Leng Yi: “… …” He gritted his teeth, the blue tendons in the forehead jumped.

Suddenly he remembered those bedclothes books that Wu Di had shown him, and there seemed to be some sceneries in them that he couldn’t help blushing even when he saw them.

Mei Nongchen closed her eyes and didn’t look at him. Leng Yi stared at her somewhat red lips, looked at her, as if she had thought of something, her face blushed suddenly.

Putting on a pitiful expression, he said: “

Chenchen, Xiaochenchen …” A layer of goosebumps quickly swept across Mei Nongchen’s body, and he gave him a disgusting grin, “What are you doing?!”

Leng Yi’er is red and red, and hesitates: “I, I heard, I heard that there are other ways to solve and solve…”

Seeing his smoky look, Mei Nongchen thought it was really good-looking, and looked at it for a while. He straightened his eyes and asked, “What is the solution?”

Leng Yixi, did she agree?

Deceptively pressed down, leaned in her ear and whispered.

The warm breath sprayed into Mei Nongchen’s ears, itchy and numb, she subconsciously hid to the side, but when she heard the unspeakable words Leng Yi said, she stared beautifully and pulled the quilt away to his head. He was greeted last time, and then he was kicked out of bed with others.

“Go! Right now! Right now! Keep rolling!”


A figure flew out from the window.

Wu Di, who was guarding outside, watched the scene where his master was flying out with his mouth dumbfounded, wishing to be blind at this moment.

He felt that he might not be able to see the sun tomorrow…

“Master, you are…” With a

black face, Leng Yi calmly gathered the quilt, straightened out the messy robes and long hair, and then set the quilt. Tucked Wu Di’s arms and pretended to be forced: “My family is careful that I am cold, so I sent me a quilt specially. You put it away and take it back to the palace. Also, send the three people back without being tied up. .” After speaking, he left quickly.

Wu Di tremblingly put the’love quilt’ into the storage bag.

Desperately tell myself in my heart: the master was not kicked out, the master was not kicked out, the master was not kicked out…

Finally, he looked at the window where the master flew out. In order to be able to “get alone” with Miss Mei, the master not only tried to hide it from her majesty, but also tied up the three people who lived with Mei Nongchen. After all this busy work, I actually ended up being kicked downstairs. Tsk tsk, woman, never understand the suffering of men!

Mei Nongchen’s face is red, and she can’t lift her head in shame.

Unexpectedly, Leng Yi looked at Qing Leng and arrogant, and could actually say such shameful words, let her use her mouth…

Damn! It’s a hooligan!

Thinking about that kick seems too light, I should kick a few more kicks just now!

I flopped on the bed distractedly, and after a while, the suffocation in my heart disappeared a little.


Mei Nongchen sat up suddenly. Zhu Zitong and the three of them had not yet come back. She was going downstairs to ask the shopkeeper if she knew where Zhiqiu Pavilion was. She had to go and see. Zhu Zitong treated her sincerely, and she too Treat Zhu Zitong as a good friend.

After replacing the torn fairy skirt, Mei Nongchen looked at the skirt that was almost torn into cloth strips with distress. This was her first fairy skirt, which was formed by the immortal energy when she soared. It was of extraordinary significance. It was so cold. Yi torn.

It’s a beast!

She arranged her clothes and was about to open the door to go out.

Puff! Puff! Puff!

Three muffled sounds of heavy objects fell behind him.

Mei Nongchen quickly turned his head to see that it was Zhu Zitong Junqian and Dongfang Muqing.

She was startled, “Sister Tong!”

… she

helped the three of them to lie down on the bed, and Mei Nongchen checked them carefully, except that there were some strangulations on the wrists and ankles, nothing else was serious.


Unlike, how can a kidnapper send it back without showing anything?

Moreover, the person who sent them back should have a very high level of cultivation. After sending them, they immediately flee and disappear, without even letting her see the corners of the clothes. ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

It seems that only when they wake up can they know the truth.



The fairy house of the Yun family, the boudoir of Yun Baizhi.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !!!

“What’s going on?”

Yun He, his wife Feng Nanqin, Yun Fanchu, Chu Xue, and Yun Baizhi’s brother Yun Baifan, all guarded outside Yun Baizhi’s bedroom.

Listening to Yun Baizhi’s constant roar in the bedroom, the people outside followed in a burst of anxiety.

Yun He: “What’s going on?”

Chu Xue: “I don’t know. Zhi’er suddenly fell into a nightmare and couldn’t get out of herself. She didn’t wake up no matter how she called, oh, my poor daughter.”

Yun Baifan: “Mother. , Don’t cry, isn’t the fairy doctor being treated? My sister will be fine.”

Chu Xue leaned on her son to sob and cried.

“Cough cough…” Feng Nanqin’s face was pale, her eyebrows were always knotted, and she coughed for a while, and said, “Xiaoxue, don’t worry, Zhi’er will be fine, please be relieved.”

She saw Chu Xue, who was crying and breathing unevenly, felt deeply that her voice had disappeared back then. She also cried to death, and finally accumulated depression and became sick, hurting the immortal body, and her body and bones were no better.

Thinking of Yun Fanyin, she began to weep again.

Seeing her appearance, Yun He knew that she was thinking of the unfilial daughter again, hating iron and steel, and said: “She doesn’t want you anymore, you still cry!”

Feng Nanqin said nothing, and cried silently.

Yun He flicked his sleeves: “Huh!”

After a while, the maidservant led a lean old man with a fairy style and bones to walk out.

Chu Xue immediately greeted him, “Fairy Doctor, how is my daughter?”

The old man touched his beard, and said, “Madam Hui, your daughter seems to be poisoned by hallucinogenic poison. At this moment, she is in a illusion and cannot escape, but This kind of poison… Forgive me for my stupidity, I really can’t see the ingredients of this poison, and I can’t prescribe the right medicine.”

“Ah?!” Chu Xue collapsed in exclamation, and Yun Baifan quickly supported her with eye problems.

“Mother, are you okay?”

Chu Xue ignored him, grabbed the old man’s sleeves, and eagerly said: “If you want to save her, you must save my daughter.”

“Don’t get excited, the most urgent thing is to find it .” The person who poisoned, either asked that person to surrender the antidote, or asked that person to give the poison formula, and the old man could prepare the antidote. “The

poisoned person?

Yunhe remembered that during the day, Yun Baizhi went to Jiuyou’s fairy garden with him. He didn’t go anywhere else. Could it be that someone took the opportunity to poison him in that garden?

Jiuyou? Or his daughter?

Yunhe chewed through his old teeth, and he was really a wild product who couldn’t be on the table! Dare to do things like poisoning!

Siding, Yun He exhaled an angry sigh, and said, “Fan’er, you escort the fairy doctor back, Chu’er, come with me, and the rest will guard Zhi’er. Don’t make any trouble!”

Everyone: “Yes.”


Yun Fanchu: “Father, you asked me to come. Is there anything wrong?”

Yun He: “Your sister is back.”

Yun Fanchu: “Sister?”

Yun He: “Yes, today…”

Yun He briefly recounted the day’s events, and then said: “I think the poisoning of Zhi’er has nothing to do with Jiuyou and his daughter, but Jiuyou’s strength has greatly increased. I am afraid that I am not his opponent, so I think…”

Yun Fanchu was startled, “Is my father going to… use the Vermillion Bird Order to deal with Jiuyou?”

Yunhehu’s eyes flashed fiercely, “First force him to hand over the antidote, and then…I want him Eternal life cannot be overborn, and as for his wild species, he cannot stay!”

Yun Fanchu: “What about my sister?”

Yun He: “If she repents, she will bring it back and use it for marriage; if she still doesn’t realize it…”

he There was a terrible beast light in her eyes, “Her self-cultivation, don’t waste it…”

Yun Fanchu shuddered deeply after hearing this, and his eyes looked at Yun He with a trace of fear!

My father wanted to… devour my sister’s supernatural power!


next day, Zhu Zitong Junqian and Dongfang Muqing woke up without any impression of the kidnapping the day before.

Zhu Zitong: “I just remember to come out of Zhiqiu Pavilion, and then walk back, and then… I don’t remember.”


Qian: “I remember coming to the cyclamen soon, right?” Dongfang Muqing: “I think about everything.

Can’t get up…” Mei Nongchen: “You will be careful when you go out in the future. Fortunately, you have not lost anything. No matter what purpose the person tied you up, I think it must not be a good thing.”

Zhu Zitong and the three were also afraid for a while. The people who tied them do something to them and they are dead.

Mei Nongchen: “Then do you know how to be selected by Feng Ge?” She was very curious, what kind of answer the liar used to fool them.

Zhu Zitong: “…The people from Zhiqiu Pavilion asked me to touch a sword, and said that after touching it, I would be selected by Feng Ge, Qianqian, Qingqing, how about you?”

Jun Qian and Dongfang Muqing: “Me too.”

Mei Nongchen: ” …” Is it really a liar, and is it a costless scam? Women’s money is really good!

At noon, Mei Nongchen went to the fairy garden in Jiuyou.

She thought that people from the Yun family should come here today.

After all, Yun Baizhi seemed to be quite favored in the Yun family.

If they find that Yun Baizhi is poisoned, Yun He will definitely think of her, so today they will definitely come to the door to discuss the antidote.

Yes, she poisoned Yun Baizhi.

At that time, Yun Baizhi insulted Yun Fanyin, and Mei was very dusty. The pill that Xiao Erjiu gave her was actually a hallucinogenic poison in name. She still had a lot of pills left, so she threw most of the pills into Yun Baizhi’s. In his mouth, four teeth were shot down as a cover.

Sure enough, everyone, including Yun Baizhi, focused on their teeth, and no one noticed that she threw something into Yun Baizhi’s mouth.

Just arrived in front of Zhumen of Xianyuan.


There was a loud noise.

“Brother Nine!”

Yun Fanyin screamed, and Mei Nongchen’s heart trembled.

She immediately pushed the door and entered, seeing Jiuyou being entangled in a colorful light, shaking frantically in the sky.

boom–! Smashed half of the roof.

boom–! Half of the roof collapsed again.

The fairy garden was razed to the ground between the lightning and flint.

Jiuyou was entangled in a colorful beam of light, unable to move, the beam of light was like a soft belt of life, hitting him one after another.

Mei Nongchen saw Jiuyou vomiting blood in an embarrassing manner, and he was about to split.

She flew over, pinched off the colorful light beam, and held Jiuyou to fall lightly.

Yunhe looked at the broken Suzaku in his hand, and his heart trembled. Suzaku was the treasure of the Suzaku clan. The reason why the Suzaku clan was able to fight against the other four protoss all relied on the power of the Suzaku order.

As soon as the Suzaku order came out, no ghosts and gods would escape.

But today, she was torn apart by her bare hands by a little girl. How strong is she?

Yun Fanchu was also horrified, and he kept grasping Yun Fanyin’s hand without consciously letting it go.

As soon as Yun Fanyin got out of trouble, he immediately ran to Jiuyou, “Brother Nine!”

Jiuyou wiped the corner of his mouth with the back of his hand, smiled wickedly, staring at Yunhe’s shocked face, and said: “You should be glad that you are Yinyin. “Father, otherwise, you will die

without a corpse!” “Father! I didn’t poison Zhi’er, neither did Brother Nine! There is no antidote!” Yun Fanyin cried out, banging at Yunhe three times. I heard a sound and said sadly: “I forgive my daughter for what happened today. Thank my father and mother for their years of nurturing. From now on, I am willing to sever ties with the Yun family and no longer use Yun as the surname. I also ask the patriarch to stop being wrong. Brother Nine starts, next time, I won’t be your shield again. My house is small and can’t accommodate the patriarchs. Please leave.”

Yun Fanyin’s voice trembled and her body trembled severely. She grew up under Yunhe’s prostitution. If she didn’t love Jiuyou deeply, if it wasn’t for Yunhe to take out the Vermillion Bird Order to poison Jiuyou, she would not dare to kill him. Say these words.

The world only knows that the Suzaku Ling is a powerful and terrifying artifact, but few people know its weirdness and turn the soul into light.

The colorful light released by Suzaku Ling is refined from the human soul, and everyone who is entangled by the colorful light will be refined into it.

Yunhe suddenly broke into the door today to ask for an antidote, and then he couldn’t help but use such a brutal way to deal with Jiuyou, how could he not make Yun Fanyin chill?

Yun Fanyin’s words made Jiuyou’s heart tremble. He always knew that although her cultivation base was strong, her heart was soft and fragile. If she said this today, she must have exhausted all her strength.

He rubbed Yun Fanyin’s hand lovingly, and murmured: “Yinyin.”

Mei Nongchen straightened up, looked at Yunhe and Yun Fanchu who were still in shock, and said: “We found the wrong person. It’s me.”

Yunhe returned to his senses and looked at her, “Who are you? You can tear the colorful light of Suzaku Ling with your bare hands, who are you?”

Mei Nongchen was funny, “Who am I? Didn’t you know?”

She silently recites the formula, and a soul-controlling thread sticks out of her eyebrows and shoots directly at Yun Fanchu.

Control the soul successfully!

Mei Nongchen: “Come here.”

Yun Fanchu obediently stepped forward upon hearing this.

Mei Nongchen: “Open your mouth.”

Yun Fanchu opened his mouth obediently.

call out!

A ball flew into his throat.

Yun He was shocked and immediately slapped him on the back, “Chu’er, spit it out! Hurry up!”

Not only did Yun Fanchu not vomit, but he gulped and swallowed.

“You…” Yun He pointed to Mei Nongchen’s nose, “What did you give him?”

“Halmusic poison.” Mei Nongchen withdrew the soul-controlling silk with thought, calmly said: “With Yun Baizhizhong The poison is the same.”

“And, I’m sorry, the poison was given by someone else, I don’t have an antidote.”

“You…” Yunhe naturally didn’t believe that there was no antidote. He suppressed his anger, changed his tone, said. “How can you say that Zhi’er is also your sister and Chu’er is also your uncle? How can you poison them?”

“Sister? Uncle?” Mei Nongchen smiled disdainfully, and said, “If I remember correctly, I His mother is no longer named Yun.”

Yun He looked at Yun Fanyin fiercely, and asked: “You will indulge your daughter in murdering relatives? Are you going to let her carry the stigma of killing relatives?” I

have to say that Yun He really is. Yun Fanyin’s weakness was pinched to death. As soon as he said this, Yun Fanyin immediately panicked.

She didn’t feel sorry for Yun Baizhi and Yun Fanchu, but was afraid that Mei Nongchen would really bear the infamy of killing her relatives.

However, the antidote cannot be given so easily.

“The antidote is okay for you, but you must swear by God that you will never have trouble with Brother Nine and Nongchen.” Yun Fanyin was rare to be clever, after thinking about it, he added: “Yun Fanchu will also send it to God. Oath.” The

Xian family swears a heavenly oath, and if it is violated, it will be robbed by heavenly thunder immediately, and will die forever.

As long as Yun He and Yun Fanchu vowed to heaven, they would not dare to use their brains anymore.

Jiuyou’s eyes were gleaming, it turned out that his voice was not stupid. He just thought that she would be scared to cry again, and then begged his daughter to give an antidote. Unexpectedly, he turned Yunhe into the army.

“You! Good! Good!” Yun He pointed at Yun Fanyin’s hand trembling, even though he didn’t want to, but the initiative was in the hands of others, and he had to swear an oath to change the antidote.

Yun He and Yun Fanchu both swear by heaven, Yun He stretched out his hand to Mei Nongchen, “The antidote!”

Mei Nongchen looked at him and smiled slyly, “I said, I don’t have an antidote.”

“You! Cough cough…” Yun He was furious.

Mei Nongchen sneered, really casual.

“I don’t have an antidote, but the person who gave me the poison has an antidote.”

After she finished speaking, she pulled her neck and shouted in the distance: “You two, come over to me!”

Hush! call out!

Two figures appeared at once.

“Sister.” Xiao Erjiu squeezed her body, lowered her head not to look at Mei Nongchen. How did her sister know that he was hiding there?

Xiao San stood aside, tilting his head proudly.

Mei Nongchen ignored their awkwardness, stretched her hand under Xiao Erjiu’s nose, and moved upwards, beckoning him to take out the antidote. She had already noticed that these two people had been following her, but they didn’t do it. I ignored them for anything out of the ordinary.

It was just right now, otherwise she really didn’t know where to find Xiao Erjiu for the cure.

He, there should be an antidote, right?

Xiao Erjiu was stunned by her sudden hand for a moment, and then she understood something, her eyes lit up, her cheeks flushed, and she shyly put his white and tender hand into Mei Nongchen’s palm.

My elder sister was really, she was about to hold his hand suddenly, without any mental preparation…

Mei Nongchen: “…”

She slapped Xiao Erjiu’s hand away, and Mei Nongchen resisted the urge to kick him. Said: “The antidote!”


disgusting person left, Mei Nongchen raised his thumb to Yun Fanyin and praised: “Mom, you are still smart. With the constraints of the oath, they dare not come easily. Our eyelids are dangling.”

“Also, Mom, are you talking about leaving the surname Yun, for a while or…”

“I was deliberate.” Yun Fanyin glanced at Jiuyou, and said, “I was weak before, and I didn’t dare to say such a rebellious thing to my father… The patriarch was just a matter of today. He completely chilled my heart, so I dared to say it.”

Jiu You held her hand tightly, his hand was gentle and strong, Yun Fanyin felt very relieved.

“Then, Mom, you will be called Sanskrit from now on?”


Nongchen laughed and said, “Sanskrit, Sanskrit, um, it sounds much better than Yun Sanskrit.” “Puff.” Sanskrit was amused by her mischievous appearance, and she covered her lips lightly. laugh it out.

Seeing that she finally laughed, Mei Nongchen let out a sigh of relief, and said: “Okay, let’s go back to the house… ah!”

She looked around the fairy garden leveled by the cloud and crane, and patted her forehead in annoyance, “Damn it, I I forgot to ask them for compensation for destroying the garden!”

“Sister!” Xiao Erjiu, who has been forgotten by the side, finally had a chance to show himself, and immediately jumped out and said: “Sister, the third brother has repair skills, you can put it here. Restore it to the original state.”

Xiao San: “…” This shouldn’t be an opportunity for me to show, what do you have to do!?………….. .. ………………………………………………. for you……………………………… for you………………………………… when……….”…..”..”..”………………………………………………………………………………

…After a

short half day, it was getting late.

Fanyin looked at the restored fairy garden, blinking his beautiful water eyes.

Jiuyou’s gaze scanned between Mei Nongchen and Xiao Erjiu and Xiao San, and his eyes were dazzling. It seemed that his daughter was very popular.

Mei Nongchen: “…”

Xiao Erjiu

asked for credit : “Sister, are we good?” Xiao San: “…” Doesn’t this seem to be my contribution alone?

Mei Nongchen boasted indifferently: “Great, you can go now, goodbye.”

Xiao Erjiu and Xiaosan: “…” Reluctantly left.

Jiuyou looked at their backs disappearing in the distance, turning his head to look at Mei Nongchen with a smile, “Girl, don’t be cold? Great, I kept seeing that kid not pleasing to my eyes, so I dumped him. Dad supported him. You!”

Mei Nongchen: “…”

Mi Luo Palace, Zijin Que.

“…The subordinates didn’t dare to get too close and couldn’t hear what they were saying. They could only tell what conflict Yunhe and Miss Mei had. As for the men, besides one with red hair in red, two young men suddenly appeared later. “

Leng Yi’s face is getting darker and darker. He feels that Mei Nongchen must be labeled as’Lengyi Exclusive’ as soon as possible, so as to extinguish the enthusiasm of those mad bees and butterflies.

The selection of the concubine ceremony must be carried out according to his wishes.

No one can destroy it!

Yuqing Palace.

“Return to your Majesty, there are a total of 1,121 fairies in Zhiqiu Pavilion who came to touch Feng Yijian today, but none of them was recognized by Feng Yijian.”

“…” A long time


“Subordinates retire?”

“…” There

was a long silence.

A sturdy but rustling figure tentatively got up, seeing that the emperor had no response, then, hoo! Escape.

Emperor Zun lay reclining on the beauty couch, his long hair pouring from one side of his chest, and fell to the ground.

He bent one leg, put his left hand on his knee, and touched his knee with his long fingers.

For a moment, his fingers stopped suddenly.

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