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Chapter 1 Know the end of love

In the winter of 370 years in the heavenly dynasty, the chaotic snow was flying and the loneliness was lonely.

When Long Qinghan slowly walked up the smoky Fengque Mountain, he saw the man in red on the steps.

The man in red was like a blazing fire, using his enthusiasm to drive away the cold of the cold snowy sky one by one. The vicissitudes of life did not take away a trace of his demeanor, and the red lotus mark between his eyebrows still bloomed enchantingly. He slightly evoked a wicked smile, and stood proudly with his hands behind him, overlooking the world like a king.

Long Qinghan slowly stopped, quietly below the stairs, staring at the man in red, Feng Xuanyang, who made him unforgettable.

It has been more than 20 years, and it has been more than 20 years since we met and met each other to the present day. The memories of the past are still there, but the relationship is broken.

After fighting for twenty years, Long Qinghan was tired. He came to Fengque Mountain alone, just to end this endless infatuation, whether he died or he died.

They were there quietly, each other’s figures were deeply reflected in the connecting ink pupils, and endless sorrows gently flowed in their touching eyes, slowly stirring up waves. Time passed slowly like water, and they still didn’t say anything, only reluctance and nostalgia were revealed in the eyes of each other.

Of course, one person is as scorching as the sun, and the other person is as calm as water. Fire and water cannot be tolerated, this is doomed to their fate

The sky gradually shone, and the fierce cold wind rolled up the chaotic snow and flew freely. They had maintained this upright posture for several hours.

Until the red sun on the horizon rose, the moment the sun blushed, they moved

The red and blue lights flashed a dazzling silhouette across the sky, and when they pulled out, they galloped towards each other.

“Crushing” the two swords are connected, is it resentment or affection in the pairing eyes?

“Long Qinghan, it’s been more than 20 years, you can’t help but come to find a seat today and make a break.” Chi Huang sword pierced obliquely, and the sword light flashed, intersecting with Youze Sword, sending out a phoenix-like sound. Slurs.

“Feng Xuanyang, why bother to say more? In the past, you did not hesitate to ruin the life of the head of the Jianghu sect in order to dominate the rivers and lakes, and even destroy my family. I have to retaliate for this hatred.” Even under his anger, Long Qinghan’s face remained as Frost, the tone is so light that there is no charm, and there is no slight fluctuation in his eyes. With a sword in his hand, Youze cut the Chi Huang sword, and hit Ning Bing’s palm with his backhand.

Feng Xuanyang slapped back and sneered wildly, “It’s ridiculous, it’s very ridiculous. If you really regard me as my enemy, how can you come and find me in twenty years later?”

Long Qinghan’s movements stagnated, and he was silent. The offensive in his hand kept on, but his eyes, as pale as water, were silently closed.

The past suddenly appeared in my mind, and scenes of the past scenes were replayed clearly. At this moment, he realized that the memory of these twenty years was like a dream. Except for the past with Feng Xuanyang, he couldn’t remember anything else.

It seems that his life is full of Feng Xuanyang.

But, so what can it be. Their opposing identities and status, the deep hatred between them, are doomed to their endless entanglement, and also doomed to their incompatible love and hatred.

Twenty years of fighting, with the support of the forces behind him, he could not win him, nor could he lose him. But there was more love in his heart, and it was doomed to his reluctance, and it was also doomed to be entangled for twenty years.

Now, Long Qinghan is tired, and today he made up his mind to invite Feng Xuanyang to fight alone, just to break the affection that shouldn’t have occurred. If he died, then he would be cut off the unrequited love, if Feng Xuanyang died, then he would clear the bottle of wine, a grave alone, and accompany him for the rest of his life.

The bloody cruel red gradually rose, and the silky bright light poured down on Feng Xuanyang’s red dress, the dazzling brilliance pierced Long Qinghan’s eyes, and layers of water rippled. Long Qinghan has been completely overwhelmed by that tall figure, but since he is cruel, he can’t give up

He tightened his lips, condensed the surging eyes, condensed a trace of cold light, and the Youze sword came out, bringing out a biting cold blue light, with a full blow.

Feng Xuanyang held the sword to resist, and the two swords were connected, and the sound of “chucking” appeared, showing a shining silver light. His fiery eyes deepened and he looked at Long Qinghan’s eyes full of meaninglessness, “Long Qinghan, you know, you and I are on the same level in martial arts, but I am slightly better than you in internal strength. If you invite me to fight alone, you will definitely lose. If you admit defeat and leave here, I will let you make a living, and you and I will fight another day.”

“Don’t think about it” Long Qinghan’s face showed a faint sorrow, and the offensive in his hand became stronger. He is like the snow lotus that blooms alone on the iceberg for thousands of years, how can he break down the upright flower branches because of others?

Feng Xuanyang looked at Long Qinghan with a wicked smile, but his words unexpectedly revealed tenderness, “Long Qinghan, for twenty years, you are still so stubborn and unwilling to give in. Okay, let’s take a seat today. You lose too much.” Feng Xuanyang retracted the Chi Huang sword in a daze, with a little toe, backed up a few steps, and stood not far from Long Qinghan.

He flipped his right hand, and the sword body instantly burst into a strong sword aura, and all the snowflakes from the ground flew up and fluttered all over his body, reflecting the arrogant phoenix in the snow.

Long Qing shook the Youze Sword in his hand coldly, stabilized his body, and stood face to face with Feng Xuanyang.

They were bathed in the red sun, standing proudly in the red dust and chaotic snow.

They are the most arrogant martial arts myth in the world, but they are alone but want to kill each other.

When the last snowflake fell coldly and the red sun enveloped the vast land, there was a burst of shouts from their mouths, and then both pulled their feet and ran towards each other.

Masters fight against each other, only one sword is needed to decide the winner


The expected death did not come.

Long Qinghan stared at the sword that pierced Feng Xuanyang’s heart, and the dripping hot blood condensed his heart into ice bit by bit.

The voice of “Why” was powerless and trembling, as sad as the polar ice.

The moment the two swords met, the bleak smile in Feng Xuanyang’s eyes made him instantly astonished, as if he was about to lose something important, causing his heart to be squeezed tightly and he couldn’t breathe.

However, when you want to regret, it is hard to recover.

The hand holding the Chi Huang sword dropped slowly before him, and the cold sharp sword immediately entered the body with the piercing sound of meat, drawing away the hot blood.

Feng Xuanyang smiled miserably, the smile that was about to die, reflecting the red lotus mark, dazzled the whole world. He slowly stretched out his hand and pulled hard, and the sword was completely submerged in his heart. But he also embraced the man in blue who he thought about day and night.

“Qing Han, I have been tired for more than 20 years. I wanted to give up the dream of dominating the rivers and lakes, but I didn’t find a reason. But up to this moment, I knew that the reason for me to give up was you.”

The scenery in front of him began to become misty and misty, and his arrogant life was about to come to an end, “I would like to one day, hand in hand with you in the rivers and lakes, and old age.”

“Hand in hand with rivers and lakes, the world is old” murmured and repeated the words of his death, Long Qinghan only felt that his heartbeat seemed to have stopped along with it, and the endless bleakness filled his heart, and gradually lost his blood.

“Qinghan, today, you are going to lose me.” Feng Xuanyang smiled slightly, slowly turned her head, kissed her cold lips with the last tenderness of her life, and kissed, “I love you” with a drop of fiery heat The tears fell down the corners of his eyes and merged into Long Qinghan’s battered heart.

“Qing Han I love, I have never killed your relatives, I have killed the world in my life and subverted the world, just for the sake of” However, if there is no time to say it, I will stop here, and the last sound slowly slips off the corners of my lips, dissipating forever Among.

He left with a smile, letting the love that was too late to stop at this eternal moment.

If there is an afterlife, I just hope that we will come again and be full of coldness

Drop after drop of blood flowed into the pale snow, stained with sorrowful blood, like flowers on the other shore blooming, sorrowful.

He is an arrogant person, even if he dies, he will die, and he must stop breathing in the arms of his beloved.

Endless pain choked to his throat. At that moment, the proud blue-clothed man held the gradually cold body in his arms, and silently cried.

He had no way of knowing what he was doing to kill the world and subvert the rivers and lakes all his life, for power, profit, or love. He only knew that at the moment he left, he took away his beating heart.

Who said that fire and water were never compatible, who said that you and I were destined to kill each other.

“Xuanyang, you won.” He won the first love sentence.

Long Qinghan staggered to stabilize his body, and drew out the blood-stained sword in a daze. Still with the blood of Yu Wen, dripping and splattering, he smiled sadly. Then he did not hesitate to raise his sword, and a sword passed through Feng Xuanyang’s abdomen and pierced into his own abdomen. The two bodies were instantly connected, and their blood melted into each other.

This time, we are no longer separated. I can stand by you in the blue and yellow springs, no matter what the bridge is.

He hugged him tightly, kissed the lips that lost the temperature with affection, and used his last remaining warmth to warm the lips that should be hot. Gradually, he closed his eyes with a sad smile, and slowly exhaled his last breath.

In the boundless world, the red sun reflected the sad silhouettes of the pair embracing and kissing, casting a sad blood.

Xuanyang, let us walk the Naihe Bridge and drink Mengpo Tang together. If there is an afterlife, I will definitely live up to your infatuation and grow old with you; if there is an afterlife, I must take a step ahead of you and tell this unfinished affection.

Xuanyang, wait for me, wait for me

One drop, one drop, the sound of flowing water came from my ears, it was cold rain or tears of broken strings.

Opening his eyes leisurely from the confusion and chaos, Long Qinghan’s hollow eyes looked at the surrounding scenery.

I saw green curtains and wisps of cigarettes, which were both familiar and unfamiliar.

Long Qinghan woke up in shock, he straightened up, and subconsciously touched his abdomen, without the slightest pain. He clearly pierced his abdomen with a sword and ended his life, but why, not only did the wound hurt, but he was still alive.

“Young Master, you are awake.” A familiar voice rang from his ears, and looked up, it turned out to be the Dragon Mo who had already died in that field of destruction.

Long Qinghan was stunned. He still remembered that Long Mo died under Chaos Sword in order to protect him during the massacre of the Extermination Gate, but now Long Mo is still alive.

He rubbed his forehead, thinking about this weird scene.

Wait, there seems to be something he has missed.

“Long Mo, just now did you call me what”

“Young Master.” Long Mo said in surprise.

“Young Master” Long Qinghan was amazed, there seemed to be a flash of light in his mind, and he asked with some excitement, “How many years is it now?”

Long Mo frowned slightly and replied with a weird look, “The Heavenly Dynasty is three hundred and forty-seven years.”

With a bang, it exploded in Long Qinghan’s ears like a bolt from the blue sky.

In the 347th year of the Tian Dynasty, it was 23 full years before he went to Fengque Mountain alone and died with Feng Xuanyang.

At this time, he has not yet inherited the position of suzerain, and it hasn’t been long since he first emerged. And this year was also the year when he first met Feng Xuanyang.

Could it be that God gave them another chance to love them again.

Thinking of this, Long Qinghan, who has never liked sex, grabbed Long Mo’s hand excitedly, and asked, “What month and day is today?”

Long Mo replied hesitantly, “Back to Young Master, March 20th.”

“March 23rd and 20th October” Long Qinghan muttered to himself, but he didn’t realize that he had always been displeased, and the corners of his mouth twitched. March 20th was when he was about to go to Xiangmei Mountain Villa for a wedding banquet and before he met Feng Xuanyang.

So, since God asked him to start over with Feng Xuanyang. Then, let him beat him first, and never let go of his hand in this life.

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