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Chapter 2 Guoting Wine Shop Waiting for Kings to Come

Long Qinghan has been quietly spending half a cup of tea in this wine shop called “Guoting”. The sky in March was still a little cool, he tightened his clothes tightly, and his eyes were as plain as water, staring into the distance.

After realizing that he was resurrected, he accepted this fact frankly. Excitedly, he went to meet his parents who deserved to die in the massacre of Miemen, and then, at the order of his father, he went to attend the wedding banquet of Sister Xiangmeishanzhuang on behalf of their Heavenly Sword Sect, just like before his resurrection.

Today he came to this wine shop an hour earlier than before his resurrection, because he was afraid that he would be late and would miss the encounter with that person.

Yes, he will never forget the scene where he first met Feng Xuanyang here.

The sunny day was white and the sun was like fire. The arrogant man in red, who had taken away Long Qinghan’s mind at that time, firmly attracted his indifferent gaze.

“Young Master, the wind is a bit strong, let’s go in.” Long Mo said worriedly.

Long Qinghan glanced obsessively into the distance, nodded and said, “It’s okay.”

Walking into the familiar wine shop, Long Qinghan still felt that it was a sweet dream of yellow beams. The last time he came here, it was before he went to Fengque Mountain to fight alone with Feng Xuanyang. At that time, he was drunk for three days and three nights with the heart of going to death, but he didn’t think about it now. Today, I can go back to the past and come to this place full of fragrance and memories.

“Young Master, please.” Long Mo interrupted Long Qinghan’s conjecture, and he tied his hand to show his gift, hoping to lead Long Qinghan to the most sheltered table inside.

But Long Qinghan raised his hand to stop it. He glanced at the place where he had been sitting before, and said faintly, “No, I can sit at the door.”

After that, he took a few steps, pulled off his robe, and sat down in the corner facing the west outside the door.

It was still early when he came, and the wine shop was still deserted. He called Dragon Mo to order two dishes, ordered a pot of Drunken Immortal Brew, and then slowly drank the wine, waiting for Feng Xuanyang to come.

Long Qinghan’s face is beautiful and beautiful, his skin is as white as porcelain jade, and his long black hair is only part of the broken hair coiled up with a dragon-shaped hosta, and the rest is poured down and covered his thinner body. A blue dress inlaid with dragons shows the state of wealth, and the whole person exudes a unique elegance and nobleness. He sat there quietly, as pale as a green lotus under the moon, and clouds in the sky, revealing a dusty demeanor.

Time gradually passed, and noon was approaching, and the wine shop became lively. The place where the Guoting Winery is located is a road leading to Xiangmei Mountain Villa. Nowadays, most people who go to and from the wine restaurant are those who go to Xiangmei Mountain Villa to attend the wedding banquet. Therefore, the chatting and ridicule are all about this wedding.

The place where Long Qinghan sits is too remote. If you don’t look closely, no one will notice his existence. Therefore, he turned the wine glass in his hand indifferently and listened to the people in the rivers and lakes talking about the marriage, and incidentally, he was ill-informed.

No, maybe those people, relying on the absence of the protagonist, brought the topic of Meishanzhuang’s wedding to Long Qinghan.

“Hey, I don’t know what Mr. Xiang Zongxiang thinks. The eldest sister Xiangqian Xiangqian is so beautiful. With his status and status in the arena, how can he let Xiang Qianshuang marry Tao Huai of Wanfeng Escort. That’s it.” The rustling whispers grew louder and louder, and a middle-aged man in Tsing Yi slapped the table and shook his head loudly.

A fan-holder beside him patted the middle-aged man on the shoulder, motioned for him to make a sound, and then shook his head and sighed: “That is, I heard that Xiang Qianshuang is the only daughter who came to the old man. Gentle and virtuous, she is also very good at using Meishanzhuang’s stunts to squeeze the plum blossoms. The family has been spoiled for heaven. With her identity and appearance, she is married to a martial arts family eldest son, but somehow she would marry like this. Shabby.”

“Brother Li,” the man in Tsing Yi tugged at the corner of Master Fan’s clothes, whispered, “Look, there is anyone in the rivers and lakes who can be worthy of Sister Xiang.”

“Hey, who else can it be? With the friendship between Old Man Xiang and the Sky Sword Sect, it is natural that Long Qinghan, the young master of the Sky Sword Sect, can match Big Sister Xiang.”

Although the two of them didn’t talk very loudly, Long Qinghan, who had excellent ears, still listened to it. He paused with his right hand holding the cup, rubbed the wall of the cup with his fingertips, then continued to shake his head and drink.

“Heavenly sword is one line, who will fight for the front”, the Tianjian Sect is the largest school of the righteous martial arts. Its suzerain has been the leader of the martial arts for several generations, and the leader of the righteous martial arts, and others are the future leaders of the martial arts. But thinking about how he accidentally became the leader of the martial arts at that time, a dark color appeared in his eyes that had never fluctuated before, he sighed lightly, and continued to drink.

People over there talked more and more loudly, and some people who were interested in it also joined them. Instead, the topic changed from Xiang Dajie’s marriage to talking about how Long Qinghan showed his skills when he first came out of the arena, how to help the strong and the weak, and help others. on.

Until, there was a rough voice chuckling loudly, the buzzing whisper stopped.

Everyone followed the prestige, and saw that the pronouncing man was a big guy with a beard and a beard, and a giant axe was placed beside him.

The big man chuckled again, and said, “This Long Qinghan is just a white face that is backed by the Heavenly Sword Sect. It is also worthy of your praise. Pooh Lao Tzu is the first to look down on him.”

As soon as these words fell, everyone’s faces changed. Regardless of whether they praised Long Qinghan from their sincerity or not, the Dahan’s words alone refuted their face and made everyone angry.

And the most annoying is Long Mo, he clenched the sword tightly, and then went to teach the big man. But a sharply pierced hand stopped him.

“No, it’s hard to stop you, let him go, I have a clear conscience.” After this, Long Qinghan couldn’t help feeling that he was really old. After two lives, there is nothing else that can’t be seen. In the past, he was arrogant, young and frivolous, and when he heard this, he couldn’t help but feel annoyed, and he assumed that Long Mo had gone to teach the man a bit, which caused the incident later. But now is different, he wants to see what happens if Guo does not follow the previous drama.

I saw that the big man cursed Long Qinghan a lot. Although those people were a little angry and the big man refuted their face, they felt a little relieved when they heard the big man dare to curse so boldly. Although they praised Long Qinghan, they always have a jealous heart in their hearts, so even if the big guy scolded harder, they would just sit there coldly, pretending to be angry. Long Qinghan was an indifferent sample of wine and food, only Long Mo’s trembling hand was clearly angry.

Seeing that everyone’s reaction was not violent enough, the big man Xu turned the topic aloud and successfully angered everyone, “Huh, but Long Qinghan is not a thing, this Xiang Qianshuang is not a good thing either.”

After speaking, many young men got up one after another and glared at him. This eldest sister Xiang had a nice appearance, was humble, and she was loved by the young heroes of the rivers and lakes. Therefore, seeing the big man trying to slander the people they love in the hearts of young people, they couldn’t help it anymore.

Long Qinghan’s eyes drenched, turning his glass with interest and listening. He knew about Xiang Qianshuang’s affairs, he was just curious about what the big guy wanted.

The big man was not afraid of everyone’s hatred, and said loudly, “Huh, I’m afraid you’ll never think of it. Xiang Qianshuang’s slut has actually been with the Jiutianjiao’s Zuo-guard blood shadow privately a long time ago, and the two of them had Xiang Zong’s private decision behind their backs. For a lifetime. Later, Xiang Zong found out about it, so he would hurriedly marry Xiang Qianshuang to the shabby son of Wanfeng Escort.”

As soon as this word fell, everyone was in an uproar. But a ripple appeared in Long Qinghan’s eyes, and the hand holding the wine glass tightened. He knows best what the Nine Heavens Religion is.

“Above the nine heavens, under the phoenix fault, the religion of the nine heavens.” It is rumored that the leader of the religion of the nine heavens took over the religion of the nine heavens at the age of fourteen. In just eight years, he swallowed the same way and killed the enemies, and developed the religion of the nine heavens more and more prosperously. Because of its weird behavior and different style from the righteous way of martial arts, the people of the rivers and lakes call it magic sect

However, the leader of the Nine Heavens Sect, the righteous martial arts, has never seen him. According to legend, he is like hell Shura, with blue faces and fangs, bloodthirsty and cruel. But I don’t know that the people in the rivers and lakes have passed it mysteriously. Many of them are mad and can’t be done. Only Long Qinghan knows that Feng Xuanyang, the leader of the Nine Heavens Church, is just an ordinary man of flesh and blood, affection and righteousness. , Is also his lifelong love of Long Qinghan.

Although the Nine Heavens Sect is called the Demon Sect, it has been in peace with the Wu Lin Zheng Dao over the years. Although the Wu Lin Zheng Dao is afraid of what they do, it has never said that it will attack them.

However, a ruthless look flashed in Long Qinghan’s eyes, and no one was sure about the future.

After that, when everyone knew that the girl they thought had had a relationship with the demon sect, they were shocked and angry, and the big man did not restrain himself. He was so shameless to the eldest sister that he was so shameless and scornful, a young and energetic. The young man couldn’t hold his breath, so he drank, and raised his sword to attack the big man. This is the case for the people of the rivers and lakes, but it is solved by hand.

However, the big man didn’t panic either. He was about to take his axe to deal with it, but when the cold light passed, the young man who stabbed the sword screamed loudly, and immediately flew out. Everyone rushed to see, only to see The young man’s eyes widened, a thin poisonous needle was pierced in his throat, and the other person had died of anger.

Long Qinghan’s hand holding the chopsticks gradually dropped. He had been in a trance before, so he didn’t look at their situation, but didn’t think about it. The person died instantly. He raised his eyes slightly and looked at the two people walking into the wine shop.

The two are tall and thin, the tall one has ordinary features, and his lips are tightly pressed. If it weren’t for the sharp eyes like a falcon, no one would recognize him if he was thrown into the crowd. The thin man had a sallow complexion, his eyes looked like a poisonous snake, and a terrible smile was on his face at the moment. He laughed and said, “Brother Shi, but I haven’t seen him for a day, so he was pointed at by the sword. It’s over.”

“You, you are the blue-blooded snake Zhugefeng and the iron eagle claw Xue Li.” Someone recognized the identity of the man, and then pointed at the man with the giant axe and said, “Then you”

“Haha, Zhugefeng, the Jade-Blood Snake, can call me a brother Shi, who else will it be except my dead brother.” The thin man laughed and looked at everyone’s astonished expressions triumphantly.

Everyone was in an uproar now. Long Qinghan twitched the corner of his mouth unexpectedly, “Interesting, really interesting, but I didn’t think it was just a wedding banquet, which attracted the sect of Five Gu Boys.”

“Young Master, the human voices are mixed here, why don’t we leave first.” Long Mo bowed worriedly.

“No need.” Long Qinghan stopped. The person he was waiting for hadn’t arrived yet, how could he leave first? He wanted to see what the five Gu boy’s men were going to do.

There was already noisy over there, and everyone drew their swords to fight with them, but the three of them didn’t panic. With a few cooperation, they knocked down all of them. The crowd seemed to be frightened by their identities, so they dared not speak out again.

Long Qinghan held his chin idlely, watching the farce with a smile, wanting to see what was going on.

On the other side, the three of the Five Gu Boys’ men, perhaps, saw that everyone did not dare to refute, and they sweared even more presumptuously. From Long Qinghan to Sister Xiang, and even Jiutianjiao.

Seeing that the person he admired was hooked away by the Jiutianjiao, some people couldn’t hold back their breath and echoed the three of them and yelled at the Jiutianjiao. However, when he was cursing over his head, he saw an unknown object flying across his cheek, and in an instant a blood stain was drawn on his face.

The “who” man looked around, but except for the man in blue who was slowly eating vegetables in the corner, he didn’t notice anything unusual. He swallowed and he didn’t dare to talk anymore.

Long Qinghan faintly threw away the only chopsticks in his hand. He estimated that the time was almost time, so he asked Long Mo to take two pots of wine, and he took a new pair of chopsticks from the chopsticks, and continued to leisurely Eat vegetables.

The three people under the Five Gu Boys seemed to have deliberately caused trouble, angering everyone, and getting more and more energetic.

At first, Long Qinghan just listened indifferently, but later, when they turned the topic to Feng Xuanyang, his brows became tighter and tighter, but when he was about to get angry, there was a wave of dabbles in the distance. The sound of horse hooves.

Looking up, I saw a few horses galloping at the end of the road under a sunny day, and a sweaty BMW was in front of him, reflecting the red figure of the horseman, blazing wildly in the sun.

The corners of Long Qinghan’s mouth turned slightly unconsciously, and the blazing fire was firmly reflected in his eyes.

Feng Xuanyang, you are finally here

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