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Chapter 3 Raise wine and drink to fight each other

Feng Xuanyang let out a sigh, turned over and got off the horse in a sassy posture, threw the rein in his hand to his subordinates, and slowly walked into the wine shop with his sword.

The scorching sun shrouded his body, printing and dyeing a layer of king’s brilliance. His steps are steady and powerful, obviously making great progress in martial arts. Every step he takes, he strikes Long Qinghan’s heart deeply like a hammer.

There is always a smile on his mouth that is not a smile, and he is dressed in a mad red dress, cruel and arrogant as blood.

Long Qinghan lowered his eyes in silence, and no longer looked at Feng Xuanyang, because he knew that the Chi Huang sword was about to be stained with blood.

Just when Feng Xuanyang stayed quietly at the entrance of the wine shop, and then stepped into the wine shop with a wicked smile, the three five-gu boys’ subordinates still turned their backs to Feng Xuanyang about the Nine Heavens Religion and slandered other rivers and lakes. People are not even as good as Jiutianjiao.

Many people clenched their fists and dared not speak, which made the three people even more vigorous and offended everyone in the whole wine shop. At this time, the people facing the entrance of the wine shop found Feng Xuanyang, their mouths opened slightly, and they moved, making a silent sound.

The eloquent “Sky Splitting Axe” Shi was startled for a while, seeming to wonder why everyone made such an expression, but when he turned his head slightly, he saw that the sword light was cold for an instant, and he did not make a sound. There was a blood hole in his throat instantly.

Quick, no one can describe how fast this sword is. People don’t even see when the sword was pulled out and how it pierced Shi Jing’s throat. The only thing that could be looked at was the scarlet sword. , The red blood drops slowly sliding down.

Everyone’s breathing stagnated for an instant, and they all looked at the tall red man in front of them. The face with light on his back couldn’t see his expression clearly, but the bloodthirsty color in his eyes made people feel terrified.

“The academic affairs of the seat, you can’t help the other people talk too much.” Feng Xuanyang sneered and raised his hand, his fingertips flicked the blade of the sword, and the blood on the sword flew to Shi Jing’s body with a bang, still lingering. The dead corpse leaned over and fell, and the blood in his throat slowly overflowed.

Everyone was sluggish, even though they had never seen Feng Xuanyang, they had guessed Feng Xuanyang’s identity from his words. With such superb martial arts and sword skills, even with their few three-legged cat kungfu people, they dare to speak bad words in front of Feng Xuanyang, and it is absolutely fatal.

The weapons of “Blue Blood Snake” Zhugefeng and “Iron Eagle Claw” Xue Li had already been erected, but they dared not start, their throats made a “cuckling” sound, but they were shaking in the shady March day. Dropped a drop of cold sweat.

“Yeah” Feng Xuanyang swept across with a bloodthirsty cold light, and the terrifying killing intent like hell Shura shocked the two of them. Without hesitation, the two of them suddenly performed light work and ran towards the door like crazy Get out. They should be fortunate that when Feng Xuanyang came in, they just closed their mouths and lost their lives.

Feng Xuanyang also had no intention of causing trouble. He gently blew off the blood drop hanging on the sword, turned back to the sword, and made a “choking” sound, and the sword body screamed like a phoenix.

“Pap, pap, pap” A few powerful high-fives came from a corner, and after walking around, I saw the indifferent man sitting in the corner.

Long Qinghan stopped his high-five hands and said faintly, “Good skill.” There was no expression on his indifferent face, but Feng Xuanyang unexpectedly heard the appreciation in his words.

Feng Xuanyang constricted the bloodthirsty killing intent in his eyes, and raised a funny smile. He slowly walked to Long Qinghan’s table and stared at him proudly, “Long Qinghan.” Not a question. , But an affirmative sentence.

As soon as these words fell, everyone’s faces changed color. They were still at home just now that they were stealing their ears and turning a blind eye to the insults of Long Qinghan. Now they realized that they had been listening to them a long time ago. How could they not be embarrassed.

However, Long Qing Hangen didn’t intend to pay attention to the people of the rivers and lakes. He raised his eyes slightly, and his eyes glowing like water met the pair of hot phoenix pupils. After his rebirth, his eyes met, knowing that even if he had seen thousands of rivers and mountains in one glance, But only the other side’s figure is the most rare and precious.

After a long time, Long Qinghan closed his eyes and covered his excitement with his drooping eyes. He moved his lips and said, “Feng Xuanyang.”

Feng Xuanyang didn’t ask why he knew his identity, just like Long Qinghan didn’t ask each other. The corners of his mouth were completely curled up, and he raised his brows and said, “You were the one who applauded.”

Long Qinghan did not answer Feng Xuanyang directly. He lowered his eyes, took the wine cup on the table, and poured two glasses of wine, “You want to drink.”

“Oh” Feng Xuanyang seemed to have a great interest in him. Their Nine Heavens Sect and the Heavenly Sword Sect have always been like deadly rivals. Although they have never had a dispute, because of one righteous way and one evil way, the people in the martial arts acquiesced to their opposition, and Feng Xuanyang never defended it.

Seeing that Long Qinghan has no fear of him, Feng Xuanyang is even more intuitive and interesting. He raised his eyebrows and said, “Young Master Long is now inviting a seat to drink.” He glanced at the people over there with his left light, and then said again ” You are not afraid to follow the reality.”

Long Qinghan paused in his hand holding the wine cup, and there was still no emotional fluctuations in his tone, “I made friends,” raised his eyes, facing the enchanting red lotus mark between his eyebrows, “not Feng Feng. Archbishop.”

“Interesting, haha, it’s really interesting.” Feng Xuanyang raised his head and laughed arrogantly, kicked the chair in front of the table with one foot, and then lifted off his robe lavishly and sat down with his legs wide open. His sitting posture is upright, and that arrogant posture derives his kingly demeanor.

Long Qinghan brought the poured glass of wine with both hands, Feng Xuanyang glanced at him, then raised his hand to take it, and drank it heroically.

“Good wine” touched the wine stains on the lips with the hand holding the wine glass, and sighed in satisfaction.

“Guoting Winery’s exclusive drunk wine, this is the only one.” Long Qinghan poured another glass of wine to Feng Xuanyang, and then he also held the glass, pleased with both hands, staring at Feng Xuanyang and said, “Please.”

“Haha, okay, please” Feng Xuanyang was polite, so he held the wine glass with both hands and asked for it.

The two of them looked at each other and smiled slightly, and then they all dried up at the same time, and then put down the wine glasses at the same time, making a crunch.

“Brother Feng, I must have eaten before, so I will invite this meal. Long Mo, go and call the shopkeeper for a few more dishes. The money for the wine and vegetables under Brother Feng is counted as my head.”

“I count on the wine and money.” Feng Xuanyang interjected impolitely, and Long Mo bowed, and after obtaining permission from Long Qinghan to nod, he went to ask the shopkeeper.

Feng Xuanyang smiled evilly, touched her chin, and teased, “How do you know that I am the brother and you are the younger brother, why don’t you call it the phoenix brother.”

Long Qinghan had a drink with his hand, but he quickly reacted, “Since ancient times, the esteemed man is the brother, and it’s wonderful to honor Brother Feng in the next.”

“Haha, very good, very good” Feng Xuanyang picked up the wine glass, glanced at him inexplicably, and drank with his head up.

Long Qinghan had some cold sweat on the palm of his hand holding the cup, and his breathing was a little short, and he almost found the truth on his own. Feng Xuanyang is two years older than him, he knows it, but now they are just first acquaintances, it would be bad if they were exposed.

Feng Xuan put down the wine glass with a bit of a ding, clasped his fingers on the table, and laughed leisurely, “Why did Young Master Long applaud just now? You are the right way of martial arts. Seeing the evil spirits and evil ways to kill people, it’s not that you should rush up and defend the way. What?”

Long Qinghan raised a glass to his lips, slowly slurped, and the thoughts in his mind returned to before his resurrection. In the previous life, he was young and frivolous, and relied on his identity to stop him, and then he met Feng Xuanyang because of this. However, after resurrection, I realized how naive I was at that time, and saved Shi Jing them, but in the end I didn’t get a good deal, and instead caused a lot of trouble. Thinking about it now, those people should be killed too.

“If you wantonly slander others, they are not kind. Brother Feng is also a good deed. Look,” Long Qinghan raised his sleeves with one hand, spreading his hands to the crowd, saying, “Heroes and heroes, there is no objection.”

There was a trace of embarrassment on everyone’s faces, and when they saw Feng Xuanyang at this time, they went forward and shouted that Feng Xuanyang wanted to kill people, raising their swords to face him. But, when the Shi Jing three insulted them, it was damned. Secondly, with Feng Xuanyang’s superb martial arts, he could have been killed. It was a blessing to be able to perform ten moves under his sword and still be alive.

However, although this face could not be maintained, everyone felt a little better when thinking that the young master of the Heavenly Sword Sect of their martial arts righteous way would be with Feng Xuanyang, admiring his behavior.

Therefore, when Feng Xuanyang turned his head to look at them, they also nodded pretendingly.

Long Qinghan had spotted everyone’s thoughts, and he would so boldly invite Feng Xuanyang to drink together.

Feng Xuanyang’s mouth was hooked higher, and he turned his head back and said, “I don’t know how much Young Master Long drinks.”

“How about the amount of alcohol?” Long Qinghan’s tone was still as light as water, but it was difficult to hide the smile in his eyes,?? “Maybe I can fight with Brother Feng.” In his previous life, he had drunk with Feng Xuanyang. Day and night, regardless of victory or defeat, the last two of them fell into the room together and fell asleep together. Thinking back to the days of being drunk at that time, it was really a quiet time, but it was a pity that the time was too short. It would be wonderful if I could get drunk again now.

“Oh, don’t believe me,” Feng Xuanyang raised his eyebrows, “you can say that you are not drunk in a thousand glasses.”

“Why don’t you fight?” Long Qinghan’s eyes smiled even more.

“Very good, it’s just that” Feng Xuanyang turned the wine glass in his hand and frowned dissatisfied after it was dry. “This drunk immortal’s wine is a little weaker, and you have to drink as much as you want.”

“This drunk immortal brew is also divided into years. The drunk immortal brew we have on hand is only 20 years old. The shopkeeper still has old drunk immortal brew, which is enough.”

“Oh, you have to try it.”

Long Qinghan nodded, and after calling the dragon’s end to fetch the aged drunk immortal brew, he said, “Dragon’s end, serve wine.”

“Slow” Long Mo lifted the lid of the wine, and when he was about to pour the wine, Feng Xuanyang raised his hand to stop it. He took the wine altar in Long Mo’s hand without hesitation, and said, “Pour it into a glass and drink it, if it’s not enough, Young Master Long Don’t be rude, you might as well just lift the wine jar and drink.

A rare smile appeared at the corner of Long Qinghan’s mouth, ?? “Why not?” He picked up the wine jar on the table, lifted the wine lid, and said loudly, “Please”

“Please” the two altars collided and both raised their heads to drink.

After taking a sip, the two men put down the wine jars at the same time, making a heavy thud, and then raised their eyes to look at each other. Suddenly, the two of them turned over with one hand without warning, and then slapped each other with their palms. .

Long Qinghan’s palms were chilly, and Feng Xuanyang’s palms were fierce. They intersect with each other, face each other, and split two moves, regardless of the outcome. Long Qinghan knew that he was always on par with Feng Xuanyang. His internal strength in the previous life was slightly inferior to Feng Xuanyang due to injuries, but after waking up in this life, he used Qianchen’s memory to get through himself. The acupoints and veins all over the body have raised martial arts to a level, and the internal strength is naturally equivalent to Feng Xuanyang.

Feng Xuanyang seemed to have discovered something interesting, and when he flipped his right palm, he continued to attack Long Qinghan. Long Qinghan held his palms against each other, turning his backhand into softness, spinning his hands in circles, around Feng Xuanyang’s palm, and hit Feng Xuanyang’s chest.

Unexpectedly, something quickly blocked Feng Xuanyang’s chest, and when he fixed his eyes, it turned out to be a wine jar. And this wine jar was not broken under the heavy palm of Long Qinghan, only a thin layer of ice was born on the wall of the jar. When Long Qinghan was surprised, Feng Xuanyang pulled out an unexplained smile, and then slapped Long Qinghan’s wine jar with a backhand.

Long Qinghan returned to his senses, waved his robe sleeves, resolved his palms, raised the wine jar, and put the wine jar to his mouth, tilted his head slightly to drink, while his gaze still stared at Feng Xuanyang with anxious hands. The attacking movement kept on.

Feng Xuanyang relieved Long Qinghan’s palm strength, and when he raised his head, he poured the wine from the wine jar into his mouth. Drinking with their heads up, their eyesight is limited, and their movements will be slightly blocked, and the two of them will go from fighting with each other to intersecting on their feet.

The two people struggled with their legs under the stage, and the table was a little unsteady due to the fierce foot wind of the two, and it seemed that there was a sign of cracking.

A shrewd light flashed in the eyes of the two of them, and they continued to drink with both hands, pressing the table with one hand to stabilize it, and the two were still fighting against each other.

This is a duel of masters, the table is clearly fragile, but under the action of their strong internal force, it remains the same.

The more they fight, the more excited they are, and their eyes are full of admiration when they look at each other. Suddenly, the wine jar was emptied at the same time, and their movements still did not stop. At the same time, the two of them poured the wine jar down in their hands, indicating that the other’s wine jar was empty. Then he laughed loudly at the same time, both stopped the movements of their feet, and looked at each other’s eyes with some complicated meaning.

At the same moment, the two of them groaned, and instantly picked up their swords on the table and swiped them towards each other, then at the same time they withdrew their hands, a little toes, and a stool, and immediately retreated behind them.

The table that “Wa” lost its internal support, and the tableware placed on it instantly broke into pieces.

And there was a moment of shattering on this table, the two of them got up at the same time, blowing wind under their feet, the red and blue lights flashed, and a sword pierced each other’s throat.

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