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Chapter 4 Getting along in the forest is like forgetting sorrows


The swords stopped half a point in front of each other’s throats, no more than a point, no more than an inch.

Few people in today’s martial arts can achieve this precision, but they have done it. With such accurate eyesight, so well grasped, the martial arts of the two can be seen to be outstanding.

The two kept standing still in this posture, and the admiration and surprise flowing in each other’s eyes could be seen in the meeting eyes.

He couldn’t lose him in this competition, and he couldn’t beat him either.

After the resurrection, the fight again, the ending is still doomed, they are still tied.

One red and one blue sword body, reflecting the light of the red sun, dazzlingly pierced everyone’s eyes in this somewhat dim wine shop. Two outstanding men, at this moment, looked at each other and smiled. This pair of staring gazes seemed to be exchanged after thousands of mountains and rivers and thousands of hardships in the world.

They are enemies and confidants.

With a squeaking sound, the two closed their hands at the same time, and at the same moment, tacitly retracted the sword back to its sheath.

When the silver light of the sword was covered by the scabbard, the eyes of the two suddenly lit up with an unknown light, their toes were stroked, their hands were split in the air, and their feet kept leaping into the wine. In front of the jar, lift the wine jar at the same time, lift the lid of the wine, and drink with your head up.

The spicy wine dripped from their throats and penetrated into the skin through the skirt of their clothes. The cold wine soothed their restless hearts. At that moment, an arbitrary pleasure sprouted from my heart, and a kind of pleasure that seemed to have been buried for a long time burst out of the blood.

When the wine was empty, the two of them poured their hands at the same time, suggesting that the jar was empty. Then they flicked their hands freely and easily. Hearing the sound of the broken wine jar, they rushed out the door when they heard the sound of the broken wine jar.



The two of them spoke in unison, and with a whirl, they pulled their feet to the left of the door.

A few toes tapped lightly, and the posture jumped to the front. The violent wind blew across the cheeks, bringing a dripping sense of comfort, the two figures ran side by side, no one was left behind, a strange emotion aroused from the chest.

Long Qinghan turned his face slightly to look at Feng Xuanyang. He was as handsome as the wind god in his memory, and the demeanor when he smiled evilly was still eternal like a raging fire. After more than 20 years, they finally returned to this moment, back to where they first met, and laughed freely.

Long Qinghan suddenly burst into laughter, his temperament has always been indifferent, but at this moment he laughed loudly without hesitation, because he was happy.

Feng Xuanyang also agreed with his head up and laughed, and the quiet road was filled with their cheerful laughter, adding a hint of hustle and bustle to this secluded path.

Even if it is a light test, they are still indifferent.

They didn’t know how long they ran, and how far they ran. When the sun went down, they tilted their heads tacitly, winked at each other, and gradually stopped.

The two looked around and laughed helplessly.

It turned out that the two had ran hundreds of miles without knowing it, and they had ran from that road to a barren wood.

At this time, the sky was a bit dim, and only a faint glow of sunlight was spreading over the earth.

“I’m afraid I will sleep here tonight.” Feng Xuanyang sighed while holding the sword away from the grass beside him.

“It’s getting late. If you go back, I’m afraid you will miss it with your subordinates. Forget it, I’ll stay here for the night, and wait until you get down to find it.” After the two found a safe open space, Long Qinghan took out from his belt. He sent a unique bamboo whistle and blew it several times against the sky.

Feng Xuanyang also took out his unique firework and put it into the sky.

Long Qinghan glanced faintly at the somewhat miserable sky, and then bent down to pick up dry branches to make a fire. I didn’t know that a well-defined hand was one step ahead of him and picked up the branch.

“Yeah” Long Qinghan raised his plain eyes, and said, “Why, do you have to compare Brother Feng with me even when you start a fire.”

“Shit,” Feng Xuanyang said with a big smile, “I’ll leave these chores to me. How can Young Master Long do these things?”

Long Qinghan was a little unhappy. He frowned slightly and said, “Brother Feng, what do you mean?”

“Haha,” Feng Xuanyang burst into laughter, shook his head and said, “Tsk tsk, Young Master Long really can’t stand the jokes. Well, just leave it to you, I’ll get some game.”

He paused, looked around, and muttered, “I don’t know what game there will be in these places.”

Long Qinghan lowered his eyes faintly, then lowered his body and picked up the dead branches, ignoring Feng Xuanyang.

Feng Xuanyang didn’t leave immediately, but stared at Long Qinghan’s busy figure in a daze. After Long Qinghan interrupted him for a while, he came back to his senses, “Brother Feng, why are you still watching here.”

“Nothing,” Feng Xuanyang smiled evilly, then put his lips together into Long Qinghan’s ear and whispered, “Young Master Long, you have a good figure.”

As soon as a “wrong” word uttered an incomplete sound, the others ran away. Long Qinghan, who was so angry that he had reacted, had to smash the dead branches bitterly, but the speed of the dead branches could not be as fast as Feng Xuanyang’s. Foot strength.

Long Qinghan glanced angrily at the red back, and the corners of his mouth suddenly bend. He has always been calm and indifferent, and it has been a long time since he laughed like this, but now he is so childishly suffocating with him, and he is really going back more and more. However, it is also strange to come, it seems that only by Feng Xuanyang’s side, oneself will reveal the true temperament hidden under the icy cold.

He shook his head and stopped thinking about it. He lowered his body and piled the dead branches into a pile, then put his hand in his arms, ready to take out the flint and make a fire.

Feng Xuanyang went to swim around for a while, and found that there seemed to be a lot of people coming and going here, but there were not many games, so he barely caught a few tits.

He carried the few tits and returned to the place where he was sleeping, but when he saw the scenery in front of him, he chuckled.

I saw Long Qinghan sitting next to the pile of dry branches, frowning slightly, rubbing two stones with a distressed expression, only to emit some sporadic fire light. There were dozens of big stones already placed under his feet. Seeing that the two stones in his hand had been rubbed for a long time, they couldn’t shine the fire, so he was annoyed and smashed them out.

“Ouch” only heard a familiar voice, and Long Qinghan was awakened instantly, he didn’t even know that the other party had arrived. However, when he raised his eyes and saw the familiar face, he put his guard down again, except for him, who could have this kind of skill to keep him from noticing it.

Long Qinghan whispered suspiciously, “What’s the matter?”

Feng Xuanyang curled his lips and pointed his finger at his feet, saying, “Your stone hit the seat.”

Long Qinghan was startled, a slight blush appeared on his face. He turned his head and held back for a long time before he said abruptly, “I’m sorry.” He was always arrogant, and it was really difficult to say this. Exit, just because the other party is Feng Xuanyang, he will apologize.

Feng Xuanyang stared at Long Qinghan with a deep gaze, he sneered, “I didn’t expect that Young Master Long would also apologize to others.”

Long Qinghan was even more annoyed when he heard the words, but he no longer argued, and continued to pick up two stones and bury his head in fire.

Feng Xuanyang walked over, sat down beside Long Qinghan, threw the titmouse aside, took out two flintstones from his arms, lightly set the fire, and then swayed in front of Long Qinghan like a show. Shaking his flint and flint, he teased, “Only ordinary stones can make fire, according to me,” he leaned to Long Qinghan’s side and whispered, “Young Master Long, shouldn’t you put anything in the entourage? stop.”

“Forget it.” Long Qinghan said lightly, but the blush on his face revealed his embarrassment.

Feng Xuanyang didn’t tease him anymore. He took the titmouse and dealt with it. Long Qinghan wanted to take a titmouse easily but was blocked by Feng Xuanyang. “Sit down, and Young Master Long waited to taste it. The craftsmanship of the seat.”

Long Qinghan didn’t doubt that he was there, so he picked up a branch and slowly picked up the fire in a daze.

The bonfire reflected his porcelain-white face, showing a strange brilliance. His eyes were so pale that there was no wave of waves, and they were so deep that there was no stream of light, and there was only a cluster of flames blowing in the breeze.

Feng Xuanyang just glanced at it slightly, and was a little stunned. After a long pause, he continued to lower his head to deal with it.

The two had not talked, until Feng Xuanyang cooked the tits and handed them to Long Qinghan, they said.


Feng Xuanyang handed the tit to Long Qinghan, and Long Qinghan raised his hand to take it, faintly “Thank you.”

Then, the two were silent again.

It was the first time after resurrection to get along with Feng Xuanyang at close range, but Long Qinghan didn’t know what to do with Feng Xuanyang. Having lived for two lives, all the past appeared in front of his eyes like flowing water, and he suddenly missed the time when he got along with Feng Xuanyang in the past. It’s just that the two of them have now come back to life, and all the past has gone so far. Now that they have started from scratch, he feels a little at a loss.

In the past, they never confessed their affection to each other, so the two of them are like enemies, but now, knowing Feng Xuanyang’s affection, he is so embarrassed that he does not know how to deal with it.

Although he deliberately approached Feng Xuanyang in order to tell him his affection first, but before Feng Xuanyang had no feelings for him, he couldn’t hold his face to complain anyway.

At the time when Long Qinghan was fascinated, Feng Xuanyang was also unusually quiet, and did not ask why Long Qinghan was similar today.

The two of them just bowed their heads to eat in silence, a quiet and weird atmosphere lingered around them.


After eating the last bite of meat, Long Qinghan’s eyes suddenly showed a cold color, and said with an icy tone, “Brother Feng, do you know who you killed today”

“Oh” Feng Xuanyang heard this, and an unknown light flashed under his eyes. He raised his eyebrows, “I don’t know. I hope Young Master Long will tell me.”

“The sky-splitting axe is shocked.” Long Qinghan folded his hands on his legs, looking lonely, but Feng Xuanyang saw the sharp color in his eyes.

“Oh.” Feng Xuanyang glanced at the bushes beside him with the light, raised his eyebrows, and sneered, “Who is that person, I have never heard of it.”

“But I don’t know if Brother Feng has ever heard of Five Gu Boys.”

“Five Poison Boys” Feng Xuanyang burst into laughter, mocking disdainfully, “the five dwarfs who are obviously too old to fast into the coffin but are still pretending to be children”

As soon as the words fell, I could only hear the rustling noise in the bushes, but the tranquility was quickly restored, as if the wind was blowing.

Long Qinghan glanced slightly at the place where the sound was just made, and then said, “Five Gu boys are born in Miaojiang Gu, and I heard that they are most fond of poisoning with poison, and all the disciples are good at poisoning. I don’t know that brother Feng can just use poison. Once I took a closer look, the stone shocked axe was ordinary in style, but it was full of poison. The table on which the axe was placed was also completely black.”

Long Qinghan paused, and continued, “The other two people who fled because of fear of Brother Feng called the Blue Blood Snake Zhugefeng and Iron Eagle Claw Xue Li. Before Brother Feng arrived, Zhugefeng killed someone. Although I have not gone over to take a closer look at the person, I know that there must be a thin needle in his throat. I heard that Zhugefeng’s thin needle was tempered from the venom of ninety-nine and eighty-one types of poisonous snakes. Seal your throat. But just now, Brother Feng, you killed Shi Jing. I really don’t know whether it’s luck or misfortune.”

“Oh, what’s the answer”

“I heard that these five Gu boys are eccentric, weird in temperament, and are most cherish the apprentice. If they know about it, Brother Feng, you” Long Qing paused for a while, seeing Feng Xuanyang’s disdainful gaze, and continued.” It’s just that I don’t know why the Five Gu Boys showed up here. Reasonably, Sister Xiang would not invite them to her marriage.” After he finished, Long Qinghan glanced at Feng Xuanyang vaguely, with a touch of faintness at the corners of his mouth. ?????????????? Smile.

Feng Xuanyang seemed to have realized what Long Qinghan was thinking, so he curled her lips and echoed, “I heard that there was a good thing at the wedding banquet for Sister Xiang.”

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