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Chapter 5 Cooperate to Kill the Enemy Together

Long Qinghan said with a smile, “Oh, dare to ask what a good thing.”

Feng Xuanyang raised his eyebrows and said, “I heard that everyone who enters Xitang’s hundredth person and the last person can get a treasure. Oh, I heard that this treasure treasures a lot of rare treasures from the old man, which is rare in the world. A thousand-year-old Gu worm is more, if a human hand touches it, the human hand will freeze or burn, and it will be magical.”

“With such treasures, don’t everyone flock to Meishan Villa”

Feng Xuanyang nodded, “Yes.”

“I don’t know if Brother Feng is interested in Father Xiang’s treasure.” Long Qinghan said indifferently.

“The Nine Heavens Church is so much, how can you be interested in a mere bug?” Feng Xuanyang said mockingly.

“Extremely. Master Feng’s Nine Heavens Sects are all strange, and they dare not be interested in this bug. However,” Long Qinghan’s voice fell low, and there was a cold light in his eyes, “But there are people who say this. Interested, not only sent one of his subordinates to wantonly slander others in the wine shop, and bluffed some of the lowly martial arts people who went to the wedding banquet, but also personally came forward to secretly assassinate those who went to the villa in order to get the bug. “

Contrary to Long Qinghan’s sinking face, Feng Xuanyang had a smirk on the contrary, holding his chest up and said, “Oh, why didn’t they sneak into the villa directly to steal, and it was such a costly murder.”

“It’s just because they are stupid.” Long Qinghan lowered his eyes.

Feng Xuanyang laughed, “Haha, but I don’t know who is so shameless and so stupid.”

Long Qinghan grabbed the sword beside him and said coldly, “Why don’t you ask them.”

“Yes. Since it’s here, why not come out to meet you” Feng Xuanyang held the sword in his arms and said with a grin.

As soon as these words fell, they only heard a rustle on the tree not far away, and then five weird children’s voices came from the trees in all directions, and the laughter one after another, like a strong sound wave, bulged into the eardrum.

Long Qinghan and Feng Xuanyang twisted their eyebrows and looked at each other, and then stood up in shock, ventilating the dantian, breathing out, and forcibly suppressing the blood qi arising from this strange child’s voice, avoiding the internal organs due to the sound power And damaged.

This strange laughter lasted for a long time, and the voice became louder and sharper, but neither Feng nor Long seemed to be affected in any way.

Feng Xuanyang closed her eyes, moved her ears, and listened to arguing. Suddenly, he opened his eyes suddenly, and the bloodthirsty and fierce light flashed in his eyes. In an instant, the Chi Huang sword was unsheathed, and it was cut off to the tree in front of the left with a sigh. The speed was so fast that it was shocking. .

With only a wailing, a boy in red fell to the ground from a tree, and died with a broken throat.

Seeing the death of the brothers, the other four boys showed their bodies one after another and ran to the dead man.

“Old Fifth” an old-fashioned childish voice overflowed from the mouth of a black-clothed boy, and when he called out in grief, he hugged the dead man’s body and wept bitterly. The four of them also gathered together and started crying. Their voices were originally extremely unique, resembling an old man and a child, but now they cry like a devil’s cry, and they can’t help but tremble all over the night.

Feng Xuanyang turned back and stood in front of Long Qinghan, standing with his hands holding hands, staring at these dwarfs with cold eyes.

“Five Gu Boys.” Long Qing’s cold and Bingbing voice sounded behind Feng Xuanyang, and Feng Xuanyang nodded.

I saw that the four were about as tall as Feng Xuanyang’s knees, comparable to five-year-olds, but their old-fashioned faces revealed their age. Their appearance was extremely ugly, perhaps because of their constant exposure to Gu poison. , Complexion is sallow and blueish, the skin is wrinkled, and part of the skin still has abscesses.

When Feng Xuanyang saw their faces, he couldn’t help turning his head in disgust, while Long Qinghan had been sideways behind him, his pupils looked forward vaguely, and he ignored the crying four.

The four wailed for a while, and finally stopped. There was a fierce and fierce light in their eyes, and they suddenly made a strange and weird laugh in unison, which was more terrifying and frightening than the seemingly distant laughter. They suddenly jumped up at the same time and flashed in all directions.

Long Qinghan still looked at the distance as if trancefully, while Feng Xuanyang had already clenched the Chi Huang sword in his hand, staring at the boy’s trace. However, the voice came from all directions, once in the ear and then in the distance, making it impossible to capture.

“You killed the fifth, our brother wants revenge”

“Haha, you can’t catch us, you can’t catch us”

“You die.”

“Ha ha ha, ha ha ha.”

Because of their short stature, these five Gu boys have practiced good skills in light kung fu, and because they are in dense trees, their stature makes it easier for them to hide and whereabouts, so the phoenix and dragon can’t take them for a while. .

Both Feng and Long closed their eyes, looking for each other’s figure only by feeling.

Suddenly, a cloud of powder scattered in the air, and flew toward the two of Feng and Long.

The two of them opened their eyes in a daze, one after another raised their palms, used a heavy weight drop on their feet, stood firm, turned their palms, and hit the ground, only to see that in an instant, they appeared in the encircling circle that arced around the two of them. A layer of strong wind blows out all the powder.

However, a piece of powder spreads, and there will be continuous powder attacks. They can avoid it for a while, but they can’t avoid it for too long.

After a while, Long Qinghan, who had been sideways, moved. He swiped his right foot, and then drew the Youze Sword like lightning. A whirled swipe towards the sky, emitting a watery blue afterglow. This seemingly beautiful light is the light of death that kills human life

A painful wailing of death followed, and as soon as the light of blood passed, a boy in black who flashed to Long Qinghan’s side died. The boy in black was planning to attack from behind, but he was killed by Long Qinghan, who had been waiting for a long time.

Long Qinghan just deliberately turned sideways, seemingly inadvertently revealing a large gap on his back, in fact, he wanted to leave a place for the enemy to attack him and deliberately draw the enemy out.

After the earlier boy in red died, the boy in black was the first to run out. Not only did he cry loudest, but he also jumped up and hid first, so this boy was either their leader or his character. Frizzy, can’t bear it.

Sure enough, this impatient black boy was fooled. Although their speed is very fast, the phoenix and dragon alone can’t be helped by the poison. The black boy came up with a rush and wanted to attack the back of Long Qinghan to defeat the enemy. Unexpectedly, he died because of it.

Long Qinghan slowly raised his hand, and stretched out two slender fingers across the blue sword body, covering the place where the fingertips passed by a thin layer of ice. There was a hint of coldness in his eyes, and he stabbed to the ground in a daunting manner. The sword body plunged into the ground for half an inch, and he snorted. Taking itself as an arc, layers of sword aura of gleaming light appeared within a few feet, carrying a powerful wind. , A swift icy wind blew up, hurting people’s face every inch, and the water droplets in the air gradually stagnated, forming tiny cones of ice that hovered around him.

“Okay” Feng Xuanyang praised, and bloodthirsty killing intent surged in his eyes. He did not lose to Long Qinghan, he drank, his legs were calm on the ground, one hand was slowly raised, and a red flame appeared on his palm.

Suddenly, starting from himself, the fierce gang wind was released. This gale is extremely strange, as if there is an endless suction, sucking everything around him one after another.

However, what is strange is that the ice cone that Long Qinghan condensed was not affected. On the contrary, the steps of several boys flying around were blocked, and they had to resort to a heavy fall to force themselves to settle.

Long Qinghan and Feng Xuanyang have fought for many years, and he knows that his skill is great. It’s no wonder that the Nine Heavens Church is called the Demon Sect. If it is placed on the rivers and lakes, it is indeed a devil’s skill.

Just because of this kung fu, there is an endless suction power. If you suck a person into your own hand, you can suck the opponent’s power until the opponent’s power is exhausted and life is exhausted. This martial arts is called “Mingyang Gong”, which can not only suck and release, and handle it with ease, but also make the injured person feel like being burned by fire, and the whole body is scorching hot.

Long Qinghan has been able to fight with him for many years undefeated because of his own “cold condensation” which can condense water into ice. When the “Hing Yang Gong” exerts its suction, it is reliable that the moisture in the air will condense into ice to save his life. . Long Qinghan’s Han Ning Jue did not come from the Heavenly Sword Sect, but a hidden master he met by coincidence when he was young, and was passed on to him when his life was approaching, so he was able to have such a powerful internal power. As for why Feng Xuanyang’s martial arts came from, he is unclear. He only knew that from the moment they met, they were destined to win or lose.

However, Feng Xuanyang seldom uses this power because it is too overbearing and brutal, and only uses the strong internal force generated by his power to assist himself. But at this moment, it is extremely useful to deal with these flying enemies.

Before long, those boys couldn’t resist the suction, so they gradually stopped. At this moment, Long Qinghan’s eyes lit up, and a few cold lights flashed, and the overflowing ice cones turned towards the three boys. Lasing in the past.

Two wailing sounds instantly sounded, and the two fell heavily from the tree, staring at them, one was cut through the throat and the other was shot to death by the ice.

“Ah” the remaining boy saw that all his brothers were dead, and shouted angrily to the sky.

“Huh, the battle of the trapped beasts, if you kneel down and shout grandpa, then the seat will let you go.” Feng Xuanyang curled up his lips and sneered. Arguably, the boy’s age could be his grandfather, but he was still so mocking, his mouth was terrible.

“The apprentice is not useful, and so is the master.” Long Qinghan said softly without any charm. Because of his inner strength, he was covered with a thin layer of sweat on his forehead. From the perspective of the moon, his handsome face had a strange appearance. Feng Xuanyang only glanced at it lightly, and was caught by him. Attracted by elegance.

The remaining gray-clothed boy knew that he couldn’t escape today, so he no longer dodged his figure. He sprinkled a bunch of unknown powder on Feng Xuanyang, and then took advantage of Feng Xuanyang’s distraction, and attacked Long Qinghan beside him.

Long Qinghan’s face was so pale that he couldn’t see any expression. He seemed to know that the danger was coming, closed his eyes, and didn’t make any movements.

Of course, when the gray-clothed boy was about to hurt Long Qinghan, Feng Xuanyang snorted and sucked at the gray-clothed boy with a palm of his backhand.

The gray-clothed boy couldn’t help but fell into Feng Xuanyang’s hands instantly. He trembled all over Feng Xuanyang’s eyes, and suddenly felt the full internal strength pouring out like water, and his body was burning like fire. , The blood boiled like he was about to burst out, and gradually, he watched as his internal strength was exhausted and his body burned to death.

Feng Xuanyang shook off the gray-clothed boy, took out the Jinpa with a look of disgust, wiped his hands, “It’s disgusting.”

“If you feel nauseous, why not kill it with a sword, and why bother to suck the skill so hard.” Long Qinghan faintly retracted the sword, gently wiped the sweat on his forehead with his hand.

Feng Xuanyang raised his eyebrows and said, “Young Master Long seems to be able to absorb skills, and he is not surprised.”

Long Qinghan was stunned, avoiding Feng Xuanyang’s scorching gaze without a trace, and then left with his sword. “It’s nothing to be surprised. This place is dirty. Change the place.”

Feng Xuanyang looked at the cold back, a weird smile came out from the corner of his mouth, and suddenly he groaned, then lowered to groan.

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