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Chapter 72 Women don’t understand the suffering of men


Jiuyou laughed very cooperatively, “This little fairy said well, there are indeed a few dogs barking here.”

“Hugh is rude!” An immortal servant beside Yunhe was annoyed. He uttered a word and scolded him, and Jiuyou glanced at him lightly, and the person immediately bleeded and died.

The other servants shuddered together, their heads drooping.


Yun He’s old face was furious, and it depends on his owner to hit the dog. Jiuyou was hitting him in the face face to face! But he could see from the power of Jiu You’s just now, that he hadn’t seen him for many years, and Jiu You’s strength had greatly increased, probably above him.

It seems that he has to go back and make adequate preparations to attack Jiuyou again. Next time, he must let this person die too hard!

“Ni Nu, come back with me!” Yunhe’s tiger eyes were round and staring, and the decree lines deepened sharply.

“I’m sorry, father, I want to be with the one I love, mother, she…”

“Don’t mention your mother! What kind of face does your rebellious woman have to mention your mother! If you are so unrepentant, then my Yun family will cut off you from then on Relationship, you are not allowed to use Yun as the last name! Zhi’er, let’s go!”

Yun Baizhi was still in shock at Mei’s resurrection from the dust, and he didn’t hear what Yun He said.

“Zhi’er, don’t hurry up!” Yun He roared.

Yun Baizhi suddenly regained consciousness, then gave Mei Nongchen a sharp look, and walked out behind Yun He.

As soon as Yunhe and his party walked to the door, the Zhumen door was closed with a bang, and the gust of wind from the edge of the door disturbed Yunhe’s hair.

“What? Just forget it if you scold someone?” Mei Nongchen stared at Yun Baizhi for a moment, and said, “Apologize to my parents!”


This sentence was like a stone falling on a quiet lake, and all the people were suddenly shocked.

Yun He and Yun Baizhi were dumbfounded, unable to believe what they heard.

Yun Fanyin was surprised at first, and then hurriedly stepped forward to cover Mei Nongchen’s unobstructed mouth, and eagerly explained: “Father, this child was picked up by Brother Nine and I. He has always treated us as parents…”

“Mom. “Mei Nongchen took the small trembling hand on her lips, held it in her hand, and said, “Are you ashamed of me? So you don’t want outsiders to know that I am your daughter?”

“No! Don’t think about it, you are Mother’s baby!”

“That’s not the end, I’m proud of you, you regard me as a treasure, why can’t you recognize our parent-child relationship in front of outsiders?”

“But…” Yun Fanyin looked at Jiuyou as if he asked for help. ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? , I hope he can persuade this daughter who does not play cards according to common sense.

But Jiuyou’s eyes were deep and complicated, only staring at Mei Nongchen, not knowing what she was thinking, she didn’t even receive her distress signal.

Mei Nongchen and Jiuyou

looked at each other, then comforted: “Mom, don’t worry, you have to believe me.” “Do you believe me?” She looked at Yun Fanyin, but was asking Jiuyou.


Jiuyou smiled suddenly, full of evil nature, and narcissistically: “Naturally believe that you are my own life, you must be extraordinary.”

Mei Nongchen glanced at him, “…”

Jiuyou pulled. Yun Fanyin stepped aside, Yun Fanyin wanted to say something, Mei Nongchen gave her a reassuring look, she opened her mouth, and finally said nothing.

Mei Nongchen looked up at the door, Yun He was looking at her faintly, but Yun Baizhi’s eyes had a touch of calculation, and he didn’t know what good strategy to deal with Mei Nongchen was in his mind. ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Mei Nongchen’s eyes flashed fiercely, and Yun Baizhi almost killed her several times. This enmity has not yet been counted, and now she insults her parents, which is really dead!

“Ms. Yun is really interesting. What is a wild man? What is insult? What is a private relationship? Especially this last word, private relationship? How to be private? Miss Yun show me a private one?” She touched her chin. I looked at the few fairy servants behind Yunhe, and then said: “Does this private relationship need someone’s help? I think those servants in your family are not bad, or Miss Yun will have a private relationship with one of them. Open my eyes too!”

Yun Baizhi’s face was blue and white, his eyes staring, “You…!”

“Apologize to my parents!”

“Puff——!” Mei Nongchen shouted suddenly. Yun Baizhi suddenly vomited blood and flew out, smashed under the root of the wall, crushing a bunch of rose flowers, and startled the rustling flying butterfly.

“Apologize!” shouted again.

“Puff–!” Yun Baizhi responded with another gulp of blood, then rolled his eyes and fainted.

“Oh…” Mei Nongchen said to Jiu You with great regret: “Dad, look, she fainted before apologizing, so casual.”

Jiu You and Yun Fanyin: “…

” Zhier!” Yunhe saw Yun Baizhi fainted, and screamed in pain, stepped to Yun Baizhi and helped her up. “Zhier!”

He checked Yun Baizhi with his spiritual sense and found that she had just fainted. , The body is not serious, so he let go of the hanging heart. Yun Baizhi is the only unmarried woman in the Yun family. Originally, he wanted to use the relationship between Yun Fanyin and Leng Yi to bring the Yun family’s power in the city of Miluo a step forward. Unexpectedly, he ran out of Jiuyou halfway and ruined all his expectations. Now that he is re-elected as the princess, he can only pin all his hopes on Yun Baizhi. Although Leng Yi has attacked the Yun family twice, he is right. Because of this, he even needs to use the concubine election ceremony to let the Yun family and Leng Yi establish a relationship.

Otherwise, once Leng Yi succeeds to the throne in the future, he might not even put the Yun family in his eyes.

Yun He glanced at Mei Nongchen in disgust, then looked at Jiuyou and Yun Fanyin and said, “Is she really your child?”

“Father, I…”

“Yes, that beautiful and miserable little fairy is the child born to your daughter by this seat, how?” Jiuyou took Yun Fanyin’s shoulders, looked at Yunhe evilly, and was so angry that Yunhe was about to vomit blood.

“You!” Yunhe’s decree lines trembled, disdainfully said: “Surely the upper beam is not straight and the lower beam is crooked, your daughter is like you, uneducated!”

“Education?” Mei Nongchen sneered and shook his head, and said: ” What is upbringing? It is your Yun family’s upbringing to kill and assassinate for no reason? It is your Yun family’s upbringing to speak rudely to the elders? If so, then I just want to say, your Yun family’s upbringing is really impressive!”

“Today , Yun Baizhi must apologize to my parents, otherwise, you guys don’t even want to get out of this door!”

Yunhe: “What a big tone!”

Mei Nongchen: “Is it a big tone? Try it!”

Yun He: “Are you forcing me to do it?”

Mei Nongchen: “Do you want me to do it? You didn’t want to kill me from the moment you knew I was a mother’s daughter?”

Yun He: “…”

Yun Fanyin Seeing that the two of them were at a loss, she was afraid that her daughter would suffer. She knew her father’s cultivation base, and Mei Nongchen was definitely not his opponent.

“Father, she’s just a child, don’t be familiar with her.” He said to Mei Nongchen: “Why do you talk to your elders so, why don’t you apologize to your grandfather?”

Yunhe: “I don’t have a wild granddaughter, and I’m sorry. Can’t afford to apologize for a wild species!”

Yun Fanyin looked at Mei Nongchen with a pale face, and the eyes full of guilt stung Mei Nongchen’s eyes.

Mei Nongchen: “…Mom, why do you put a hot face on someone’s cold ass?”

Jiuyou, who was standing beside him, had a gloomy and terrifying face, and his fists creaked, if it weren’t for Yun Fanyin’s feelings, How could he tolerate Yun He and Yun Baizhi jumping under his eyelids? Slap in the air early.

Yun He barked wildly on the left and right, and completely stirred up the fire he had been pressing in his heart.

When Yun Fanyin saw the blue veins on his forehead, he knew he was really angry. He hugged his strong waist and begged: “Nine brothers, I’m sorry, don’t be angry. He is my father after all. I hope you kill each other …… “

this cry cry, let jiu extinguished the flames of anger shabu, heart immediately soft ball, he reached people live in the bosom of the ring, a deep sigh,” Oh …… “

that crash No one knows how much helplessness and love the sigh contains.

Mei Nongchen: “…” Her parents, so affectionate!

Such a beautiful and tender scene fell in Yun He’s eyes as a naked provocative and contempt. He suddenly violently threw a spear and stab Yun Fanyin directly, “You wicked obstacle! I want to clear the door today, except for you who are shameless. Bastard!”

He attacked suddenly, and Jiuyou couldn’t stop him in the flash of lightning, so he could only quickly change positions with Yun Fanyin, and use his back to meet the spear with thunderous fury.

After a breath.

The expected tingling sensation did not come.

Jiuyou looked back suspiciously, and when he saw it, he suddenly opened a pair of peachy eyes, eyes full of disbelief.

Behind him, Mei Nongchen danced in the wind in a peach-colored fairy dress, and Yunhe’s spear hit her delicate and graceful neck by just a few minutes.

But no matter how hard Yun He used, the spear couldn’t get closer, as if the time in the square inch of the spear was frozen.

Jiu You was shocked. With Mei Nongchen’s cultivation base he felt, it would never be possible for him to take Yun He’s blow quietly.

This can only show that Mei Nongchen concealed his true cultivation.

You must know that only when the cultivation base is higher than a person, can you hide your true cultivation base from him.

In other words, his daughter’s cultivation base is above him! How can this not shock him!

Jiuyou’s eyes gradually became complicated. What happened in the ten years since she disappeared? Let her grow so fast.

Since his demonic body was rebuilt, his cultivation level has also advanced by leaps and bounds. Except for Emperor Zun and Leng Yi, no one in the immortal world is his opponent. Now, his daughter is even more powerful than him. In addition to being shocked, he is more Many are hi.

In the world of cultivating immortals, cultivation is paramount.

Yun He was also shocked. The blow he had just used 90% of his supernatural power, and even Jiuyou could not stop him when he attacked suddenly, otherwise Jiuyou would not adopt the strategy of protecting Yun Fanyin with his body as a shield.

But this girl, who has no full hair, can stop his spear easily.

Maybe others didn’t see it, but he could see it clearly. Mei Nongchen just stood in front of the spear at random, and the spear couldn’t move.

For the first time, Yunhe had a fear of a young girl who was still young.

That is a subconscious reaction when facing the strong.

“Hmm…” Yun Baizhi, who was guarded by the Yun family’s servant, woke up at the right time. She looked around blankly. When she met Mei Nongchen, her pupils let go, and she got up and shouted: “You counted me! Don’t look at what identity you are, you dare to plot against me!”

Seeing her wake up, Mei Nongchen waved Yunhe’s spear and said to her: “Wake up just right, come on, apologize quickly, and get out of the apology.”

“I apologize?” Yun Baizhi pointed to his nose and giggled as if he heard a joke. “She is just a slut who doesn’t obey the woman’s way. Want me to apologize? She deserves it too! Ah–!”

Yun Baizhi Covering his mouth, the blood rushed out and couldn’t stop it.

She vomited a mouthful of blood with a’wow’, with four teeth mixed in the blood…

Mei Nongchen flicked her fingers and said, “Your voice is too ugly. You might be better with four teeth.”

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! It’s about some curse.

Yun Baizhi had grown quite well, but at the moment, her mouth was full of blood, she opened her mouth and cursed, she lost four more teeth, her fairy skirt was dirty, and she looked ugly no matter what.

Yun He just eased from his fear of Mei Nongchen, was annoyed that he was actually shocked by a little girl, and saw Yun Baizhi be beaten like this by her, and suddenly became angry.

“You are too lawless! Zhi’er is the one who is going to participate in the concubine election ceremony. You actually knocked down her teeth. It is simply contempt for the crown prince, contempt for the queen, and contempt for the royal family!”

He turned Yun Baizhi’s dirty words into Mei Nongchen despised the royal family, and Yun Fanyin suddenly became anxious. Contempt of the royal family is not a small crime. If it is light, it will lead to immortal prison.

Seeing that she was uncomfortable again, Jiuyou patted her hand and motioned to her not to be irritable.

“Contempt of the royal family, do you want to tell your majesty that I beat Yun Baizhi to contempt the royal family? Then do you mean that Yun Baizhi represents the royal family’s face? Or do you mean that the royal family’s face is supported by your Yun family? Or is it? , You can’t wait to replace the royal family? I think if your majesty learns this news, he will definitely be unhappy. “

This is a major crime of rebellion, but you can punish the nine races!

Yun He was frightened, and she dared to say such rebellious things!


Mei Nongchen trembled at the sight of Yunhe’s anger, and felt that he was too unbearable. “Why, did I tell your secret?”


Yun Crane was so angry that he spouted a mouthful of old blood, clutching his chest and staggering back two steps.

… After

Yunhe and his party left, Yun Fanyin looked at Mei Nongchen angrily, and said, “You are too naughty, you may be angry with your grandpa.”

Mei Nongchen said coquettishly: “But who would let him bully you, I promise, as long as he doesn’t bully you, I won’t be angry with him.”

“You!” Yun Fanyin warmed his heart when he heard the words, and smiled and tapped the tip of her nose. , Mei Yiru really taught Mei Nongchen very well, intimate and warm.

“By the way, what did you say about the murder and assassination, what’s going on? Who wants to kill you?”

Mei Nongchen was taken aback, then thought of something, and said: “No, I just said that at the time, no one can Don’t worry if you hurt me.”

Yun Fanyin hesitated: “Really?”

Mei Nongchen: “Really!”

Yun Fanyin: “Oh, you shouldn’t recklessly admit that you are my daughter and Brother Nine today. This will give you It has caused a lot of trouble.”

Mei Nongchen: “I think being your daughter is happiness, luck, and pride. Why do you want to hide it?”

Yun Fanyin: “But…”

Jiuyou She took Lan Yun Fanyin’s shoulders and said, “Well, you should be happy. Our daughter is not the kind of cowering person. I think the dust is done right. She dares to admit that she is our daughter in public. Are you unhappy? I think you were so happy that you blushed at the time.”

Yun Fanyin put his hands on his face, and said, “Where is it.”

Jiuyou: “Nongchen, are you hiding something from us? You are now The cultivation base…”

Mei Nongchen did not speak, closed her eyes, and released her real pressure.

After three breaths, he retracted and opened his eyes.

She said “See you tomorrow” to Jiuyou and Yun Fanyin, whose eyes were about to roll out of their eyes, and left.

Until her back disappeared outside the courtyard.

Jiuyou: “Yinyin, should you rest assured this time?”

Yun Fanyin: “I’m even more worried.”

Jiuyou: “Nongchen has such a high level of cultivation. No one in the world can help her. What are you worried about?”

Yun Fanyin: “I am worried that if someone provokes her, what will happen if she kills someone?”

Jiuyou : “…”


Yun Family Immortal House, the main hall.

“Zhi’er, what’s the matter with you?” Seeing her daughter’s miserable and embarrassed appearance, Chu Xue’s heart was like a knife, and she began to scream, “What happened?”

“Shut up! Cough cough…” Yun He was annoyed. Annoyed, he said, “Why don’t you go and ask the fairy doctor to come over and show her?! You know crying!”

“Oh, yes, come, please ask the fairy doctor!” A fairy maid led the way.

“Lang…” Yun Baizhi shouted vaguely, she threw herself into Chu Xue’s arms and cried loudly.

The more Yun He thought about today’s affairs, the more angry he became, and when he saw the mother and daughter crying, his heart burst into flames.

“If you didn’t have to follow it, as for making yourself like this? You deserve it! Humph!”

Yun Baizhi cried more fiercely when he heard the words.

“Don’t cry or cry, my dear daughter don’t cry.” Chu Xue felt terribly distressed, patted her back and coaxed, and said softly to Yunhe: “Father-in-law, Zhi’er is so pitiful, so stop talking about her. “

Yeah .” Yun He snorted with hatred for iron and steel, and flung his sleeves and left.

Seeing him go, Chu Xue pulled Yun Baizhi out of her arms and asked, “Tell my mother, who hurt you like this? My mother will take revenge for you!”

Yun Baizhi’s eyes flickered with tears and said: “Yes…”

Back to Cyclamen, Zhu Zitong and his party have not yet come back.

Mei Nongchen meditated and quickly entered concentration.

When I woke up after a round of practice, the curtain of night had fallen.

Zhu Zitong Junqian and Dongfang Muqing have not returned yet!

Mei Nongchen felt that something was wrong, and they shouldn’t have come back so late.

Just about to go downstairs to find someone to ask, a long shadow flashed in through the window.

Leng Yi’s lips lifted and her eyes were full of blurry colors, “Did you miss me?”

Mei Nongchen: “…”

Leng Yi: “I miss you, thinking about it for a day.”

Mei Nongchen: “Just separated in the morning. “

Leng Yi: “I want to be with you all the time.”

As Leng Yi approached step by step, a refreshing and good-smelling masculine breath came to her face. Mei Nongchen watched the tall body gradually deceive him. , Retreat subconsciously.

How can Leng Yi allow her to retreat? With a long arm, someone fell into his arms obediently.

Holding her arms full of fragrance, the tip of Lengyi’s nose pressed against her head, and he took a few deep breaths, seeming to enjoy it.

Love, moving in my heart.

Mei Nongchen heard the thunderous heartbeat in his chest, which was so powerful that it wrapped her arms, and gradually became hot from Weiliang.

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