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Chapter 73 First entry to Miró Palace

Emperor Zun’s narrow eyes narrowed slightly, could it be that… the woman chosen by Feng Ge didn’t come to Miluo City?

After thinking about it, he shook his head, and continued to tap his fingers on his knee rhythmically.

No woman in this world can resist the temptation of the crown princess. Once tempted, she will use all means to get the crown princess.

Zhiqiu Pavilion released a clear message, knowing the method that Fengge could choose.

In just ten days, almost all the fairies who participated in the election were admired.

Besides, the woman had a personal relationship with Leng Yi, and she would definitely not let go of her chance. She had already been selected by Feng Ge, so the chance of receiving her blood from Feng Yijian again would be great.

But why has no one been recognized by Feng Yijian as the master so far?

Suddenly, Emperor Zun’s fingers paused again.

Unless… she was chosen by Feng Ge, just like that Yun Fanyin, but rejected by Feng Yijian.

Or was the woman not going to Zhiqiu Pavilion?

The emperor didn’t know that the real Phoenix Legacy Sword had long been hidden in the sea of knowledge of Mei Nong Chen, and the one in the Zhiqiu Pavilion was a counterfeit that was rushed to make it coldly


Ten days passed in a flash.


“Xiaomei, look, do I look good in this concubine color?” Zhu Zitong turned lightly, the skirt fluttered, and the whole person was about to fly.

“It looks good…” Mei

Nongchen leaned weakly in the soft chair and said: “Miss, you have changed twenty sets. Are you tired? You are not tired, I am tired, and my eyes are tired.” Zhu Zitong was right. If Mei Nongchen hadn’t heard what she said, she changed into a set of Begonia Red Fairy Dress, and immediately added a touch of charm to her.

She stood in front of the round mirror and nodded in satisfaction, then winked at Mei Nongchen, and asked: “Is Sister Mei?”

Mei Nongchen: “…beautiful!”

Zhu Zitong: “I also feel beautiful, so tomorrow I will wear this invitation to go to the empress empress, hoping to have a chance encounter with the prince, oh, thinking about it is so shy, in case the prince sees What should I do? I’m not ready yet!”

Mei Nongchen: “…” You said that you weren’t ready yet?

“Tongtong.” Jun Qian and Dongfang Muqing came in, each holding a lot of Ling Luo skirts in their hands, and said: “Have you chosen your clothes?”

Zhu Zitong stretched his arms around and said, “Just this one. “

Jun Qian”: “Then you help us choose too. Both Qingqing and I are dazzled outside, and I really can’t choose.”

Mei Nongchen: “…”

After a day of tossing, it finally ushered in. An invitation banquet for the empress.

The so-called invitation banquet is just a meeting for the future mother-in-law to see the future daughter-in-law in advance, but for this meeting, there are slightly more candidates for the daughter-in-law, and it is said that more than 10,000 fairies will participate.

Mei Nongchen: “More than ten thousand?! So many women are waiting for Leng Yi… Uh, I mean your Royal Highness, so many women are waiting for him to choose?”

Zhu Zitong stroked her eyebrows and said, “What’s the matter here? , They are the prince, the future of the fairy world…”

“I know I know that it is the future king of the fairy world. The entire fairy world belongs to others. It’s no big deal with a few more women. My sister, my ears can hear cocoons. No, I’m different from you. If he dares to carry me and talk to other women, let’s see how I can deal with him!”

“What can you do with

him ?” “I invite him to dinner.”

“Eating? What sort of cleanup is this? Well!”

“Hey! I ask him to eat Gongbao chicken, and the chicken uses his!”

“Kongbao chicken…Chicken…Ah! Xiaomei, you are necrotic!”



Miluo Palace, Zijin Que.


Leng Yi sneezed heavily, then looked down suspiciously.

There was a strange feeling just now, the crotch was chilly, as if the wind of a knife passed

Yulu Pavilion.

“Your Majesty, our son is finally getting married. We are going to have a fat grandson. It’s quite exciting to think about it. Your Majesty, should we choose more concubines for Yi’er? A lot of fat grandsons. Oh, ten? Or twenty?” The

queen wore a bright yellow phoenix robe, phoenix crown and tassels, bright colors, noble, dignified and glamorous, even if he was so excited that he couldn’t wait for a dance. It was also elegantly grabbing the emperor’s brocade sleeves, without any gaffe.

There is a kind of grace, it is natural, and she is born with it.

The emperor looked at her with a gentle gaze that he hadn’t noticed. At this moment, the narrow and long eyes were full of softness and blur, and with his handsome appearance, the empress was a little dazzling for a while.

“Heh!” The emperor lightly tapped the tip of her very cocked nose, and said with a smile: “Are you going to be exhausted?”

“…” The

empress looked at the man in front of her with a pair of apricot eyes.

The emperor smiled, his eyes darkened, “Qianqian is trying to seduce widows.” The

room temperature rose sharply, and Xu Xu Qingfeng poured in from the window, and the enthusiasm could not be lost.

The fairy maidservant lowered his head, filed out, and closed the curtain after the curtain…

They were red and heartbeat, and could vaguely hear the coquettish voice from the curtains, “Brother Yan…”

Zhu Zitong and Jun Qian , Dongfang Muqing cleaned up and waited quietly for the people sent by the empress to lead the way.

Around Mochen time.

Knock—As soon as a knock on the door, the three Zhu Zitong immediately stood up. Although they were calm on the surface, their slightly trembling fingers still betrayed their nervousness.

Mei Nongchen: “…” got up and opened the door.

Outside the door stood a guide who looked like a middle-aged woman in a palace costume, with a pair of piercing eyes embedded in her unremarkable face, and everyone felt like she was going to burn a hole.

“The slave’s surname is Rong, fairies can call me Mother Rong.”


Nongchen : ” Mother Rong…”- Zhu Zitong, Jun Qian, Dongfang Muqing, and Mother Rong followed her downstairs with a few words of courtesy Go, there is a palace car waiting outside.

Mother Rong glanced at Mei Nongchen, who was standing still, and said, “Why doesn’t the fairy leave?”

Mei Nongchen: “…I’m not the fairy who participated in the concubine selection ceremony.”

Mother Rong: “Have you ever been married “

Mei Nongchen: “Not yet…”

Madam Rong: “Then please go with the servant girl.”

Mei Nongchen frowned: “I have not enough cultivation level, and I have not filed a record in the Immortal Mansion. I am not waiting for election. I am not invited, and I cannot go.”

Mother Rong was unhappy, her eyes were like needles, and she remembered that person’s orders, she was firm, and said: “The purpose of the empress empress is clear, and the unmarried daughters of the immortal world must refer to the selection of concubines. Dadian, please don’t let the Queen Mother wait for a long time.”


Nongchen was puzzled and wanted to explain , “But…” “Little Mei!” Zhu Zitong saw Madam Rong’s tough attitude, fearing that Mei would suffer from the dust. She is very fond of Mei Nongchen after spending so many days together. With Mei Nongchen’s appearance, even if he is not chosen by Feng Ge, she may still be in the eyes of His Royal Highness. If that is the case, she can follow her, so she said. “Xiaomei, since Mother Rong has said so, you can go. It is okay to pay homage to the magnificent scenery of Miluo Palace. Such a rare and precious opportunity will be gone if you miss it.”

Her words moved Mei Nongchen’s heart, and Leng Yi never told her what the purpose of choosing the concubine ceremony was. Perhaps there might be some unexpected gains from this trip to Miluo Palace.

Judging from Leng Yi’s attitude and behavior towards her, he is affectionate towards her, and she also has a passion for him, so she is actually very concerned about the concubine election ceremony.

After a moment of silence, Mei Nongchen pretended to compromise and said: “Well, I hope the empress will know that I am low and don’t blame me.”

Zhu Zitong was overjoyed and pulled her downstairs. Jun Qian and Dongfang Muqing confronted Dongfang Muqing. After a glance, his expression was unclear.


palace car drove the four people to the gate of Miluo Palace in a flash, and then they twisted and twisted to a palace under the guidance of Rong Rong. Along the way, they met many leaders who were leading the way like them. The fairy who walks forward in the next paragraph.

“Fairies rest here for a while, and the empress will soon move here to meet with everyone.” After speaking, Mother Rong nodded and stepped back.

Here the palace garden occupies a very wide area, with pavilions, terraces and pavilions, lotus ponds and flowers, simple and beautiful.

Mei Nongchen looked at the beautiful figures in groups of three or five with a black face, and his teeth were itchy with hatred.

Tens of thousands of fairies are all gorgeous and dazzling, but Mei Nongchen’s simple clothes and Suchai are particularly dazzling, and her beautiful face has attracted the attention of many fairies.

Some people with low qualifications show sarcasm when seeing her shabby, while some with unique eyes can see her uniqueness and frown slightly.

Sometimes it is simple but not simple.

In this group of fairies dressed in gold, silver and gold, a figure in a simple dress and plain robe suddenly appeared, which is likely to attract the attention of some people.

For example, His Royal Highness the Prince.

Yun Baizhi was in the crowd, her pupils shrank severely when she saw Mei Nongchen, and her newborn teeth were aching. She looked at the beard on Jingli’s temple next to her, and said, “Sister Yan, that fairy is so special… …”

Xu Yan is the granddaughter of the patriarch of the Baihu clan, and the sister of Xu Ziliang who was killed on the bed.

Hearing that, she looked in the direction of Yun Baizhi’s fingers, and saw the profile of a poor woman who could not dress on the table. She curled her lips disdainfully and said, “What’s so special about dressing like a beggar?” After that, continue to manage the cloud temples.

Yun Baizhi’s eyes flickered, “Pearls are precious, but there is a mud ball in a plate of pearls. Sister, you say, the person who chooses the pearl first sees one of the pearls, or the mud ball. “

Look at the woman’s face, maybe she is not a mud ball, but a gem.”

Xu Yan Riyun’s hand paused, looked at Mei Nongchen carefully, and then his eyes narrowed.

Sure enough, a good pair of skins can compare to the garden full of delicate flowers.

At this time, looking at the plain skirt, there was a different kind of beauty…


Fairies entered here under the guidance of the guide. Mei Nongchen and Zhu Zitong and others stood by the lotus pond, and they had a match. Talking without a hitch.

Except for Mei Nongchen, the other three are more or less nervous, and the kerchief in their hands has been twisted into dried pickles.

At this time, the bustling crowd suddenly gave up a passage spontaneously, and everyone looked like a good show.

Mei Nongchen looked at the few people walking towards him with cold eyes.

The headed woman wore a primrose-colored cross-collared fairy dress, with a slightly darker belt of the same color, holding her hands on her abdomen, her pretty face with peacock-like arrogance, and behind her were several fairies who looked slightly inferior to her.

Anyone with a discerning eye can see that those who come are not good.

Mei Nongchen suddenly felt a sense of disgust in her heart. From Yun Baizhi to Sha Miao, to the fairy whom she had never seen before her, it seemed that all of them had treated her badly because of her coldness.

“Something?” She looked indifferent, with a little impatience.

“Hugh is rude!” A fairy maid standing behind the leading woman scolded: “Do you know who my lady is? You…” The

leading woman’s eyes swept back, and the fairy fell silent immediately.

“Xiaomei.” Zhu Zitong spoke to her and said: “She is the granddaughter of the patriarch of the Baihu clan, Xiyan, who is the younger sister of Xu Ziliang. I met her at Zhiqiu Pavilion that day. She is very arrogant, please pay attention. Some.”

Mei Nongchen felt warm and gave Zhu Zitong a grateful look.

Xiyan stared at Mei Nongchen bitterly, and she discovered at a close distance that the woman in front of her had a pair of peachy eyes shining brightly, and even she couldn’t help her heartstrings fluctuate when she saw it, let alone a man.

She stared fiercely and unconsciously shot the lotus pond behind Mei Nongchen, her finger moved slightly.


The small sound of breaking through the air, no one noticed by so many people present, a line of transparent water suddenly appeared in the lotus pond, like the tentacles of a jellyfish, shooting silently at Mei Nongchen’s heart at extremely fast speed.

Mei Nongchen’s ears moved slightly, and Sen Leng Hanshuang quickly gathered under her eyes!

This beard dared to attack her in public!

With a thought, the water line snaked around her and shot at the chest of the face of the beard.

Xu Yan noticed it immediately and raised his hand to block it.



Along with the sound of good things coming into the flesh, the face of the beard yelled, and her hand was pierced with a small blood hole by the water line, bleeding gurglingly.

“You… are looking for death!” Regardless of the wound, the beard drew out a barbed ink-colored soft whip and waved it away. The surrounding fairies immediately spread out, and the barbs on that whip were full of strange colors. It can be seen that they are very poisonous, and a little bit of contamination may kill them. Even if it is non-toxic, it will have to lose a piece of meat if it is hooked by the barb.

Jun Qian and Dongfang Muqing also pulled Zhu Zitong back aside.

Mei Nongchen smiled coldly, not evasive, watching the soft whip flying towards her face with strong wind.

Zhu Zitong was anxious, and she was about to move forward to block the whip without the hands of Jun Qian and Dongfang Muqing. With the strength of Mei Nongchen she knew, she could never avoid this whip.

Mei Nongchen heard her ears and motioned her to watch the changes.

Zhu Zitong held a green ring the size of a jade bracelet in his hand, ready to rush up at any time.

Mixed sky ring!

Jun Qian and Dongfang Muqing looked at her with a bit of surprise. They had known Zhu Zitong since they were young, and they knew that Huntianhuan was a treasure for Zhu Zitong, but at this moment, she actually took it for someone they had met for the first time. They can’t help but be surprised by playing their own life-saving trump cards.

Seeing that the barbs on the soft whip were about to pierce Mei Nongchen’s crystal clear snow muscles, she still did not escape. Everyone thought she was frightened and scorned.

It turned out to be a sloppy bag, with an insignificant color, and a face of closed moon in vain.

There are also very few people who can’t bear their faces, turning their heads and daring not to watch the bloody scene that is about to be staged.

It is conceivable that the whip hit the face, it is estimated that half of the face was shaved, but that face was a pity.

Zhu Zitong held Huntianhuan’s hand with white joints, staring at the soft whip.


Splashing blood!

“Ah -!”

I heard a woman’s scream resounded through the blue sky, white clouds were stunned and trembling and.

------Digression ------

Emperor Zun: “The author is rough!”

Yaoyao Bidian: ” Come on …”

Emperor Zun: “Dare you dare to do with Qianqian’s boudoir? Write?! Don’t be ashamed?”

Yaoyao aggrieved: “If Xiaoxiang’s novels are not strictly reviewed, I can write more yellowishly.”

Emperor: “…” Does he mean that?

Jiuyou: “Lengyan, what are you chirping? I don’t know how many times I have sex with Yinyin in public, and I haven’t said anything yet!”

Lengyi: “Shut up, you guys, I really want to do it! I don’t have to snap!”

Wu Di: “I prove! I prove! That day the master tried so hard to have a snap with his careful liver, but he was kicked downstairs by his careful liver!”

Leng Yi: “Come here, I promise not to kill you!”

Yaoyao: “There are two changes today, three o’clock in the afternoon, see or leave!”

Di Zun, Jiu You, Leng Yi: “Go away!”

Wu Di: “The author, save me!”

Yaoyao flees with the lid of the pot, “I’m sorry, my mud bodhisattva crossed the river…”

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