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Chapter 74 Fake Phoenix Sword

Everyone looked incredible at the scene of flesh and blood flying in front of them.

She covered her fleshy face, blood overflowing from her fingers, crying bitterly.

“Ah! Ah! My face! My face! Ah!”

Zhu Zitong quietly breathed a sigh of relief. Both Jun Qian and Dongfang Muqing had their pupils dilated in surprise. The ink-colored soft whip was clearly drawn to Mei Nongchen at the last moment. Drawing on Xiyan’s face, no one could see what Mei Nongchen did.

Her cultivation base is obviously very low, but she can move her hands and feet under the eyes of so many double cultivation bases higher than her without being noticed.

Could it be that she hid it deeply?

At this moment, everyone looked at Mei Nongchen with a trace of caution.

“This fairy, is there anything you can’t think of? Do you want to do cruel things like self-destroying appearance at the invitation banquet of the empress? The empress will not be happy when he sees it?” Mei Nongchen caged in with both hands. In the sleeves, the look is leisurely.

“Ah! You slut!” His face was bloodied by the fairy maidservant, his eyes were bloodshot, and he stared at Mei Nongchen spitefully. He threw his teeth and claws on him, roaring: “I want to kill you! I want to kill. It’s you!”

Seeing her behavior like a mad woman, Yun Baizhi murmured in her heart: Useless things!

Seeing Xiuyan, Mei Nongchen grabbed her face with ten fingers and turned sideways.


Xiyan slammed straight into the lotus pond, and the splashing waves wet the fairy skirt by the pond.

“Oh, it’s dirty!”

“The clothes are all wet, what should I do? How can I see the empress empress like this for a while?!”


a group of fairies started to steam dry their clothes in a hurry.

The fairy maidservant brought by the face of the beard scooped her up from the lotus pond with seven feet and eight hands. Mei Nongchen looked at the beard whose face was rotten and fainted, and her eyes were icy. If she didn’t have the power of the god king, at this moment, It will be herself who has a bad face!

I used to think that the mortal society where the weak and the strong are really cruel, until now she understands that the realm of the immortal is the real weak and the strong and the real cruelty.

At this

moment– “The empress is here–“

a loud voice rang above everyone’s heads.

Then, a bright and beautiful woman with a phoenix robe and a phoenix crown curled up in a crowd surrounded by fairy maids.

This is Leng Yi’s mother.

There is no doubt that Mei Nongchen is sure, because she has cherry red lips exactly the same as Leng Yi.

“See Empress Empress.” Mei Nongchen knelt on her knees, just like the others.

The empress smiled and glanced around, and looked at Huan Fat Yanshou who was kneeling on the floor with satisfaction. She had a slight pause when she swept Mei Nongchen, and frowned when she swept the beard leaning on the fairy maidservant.

Instructed the fairy maid on the right, and then said: “Everyone will go to Biluotai with this palace.”

Biluotai is a square in the sky, very empty, it accommodates tens of thousands of fairies, but it doesn’t feel crowded at all.

Short tables and soft futons were neatly arranged in the square.

Mei Nongchen and Zhu Zitong were seated together with the crowd. Mei Nongchen wanted to pick an inconspicuous corner, but Zhu Zitong had to lean in front of her empress and forced her to sit down in the third row.

Everyone was seated, and the queen empress smiled gently, and then said awe-inspiringly: “I already knew about the things in Xianheyuan before. All of you here may be the future princes, so I don’t want anyone to be here. Before the concubine election ceremony is held, the palace does not care about the injury or death the first time, but it must not be the second time, otherwise, it will never be merciless.”

After speaking, she consciously or unconsciously squinted Xiangmei to dust.

Mei Nongchen raised her right eyebrow slightly, which was warning her not to make trouble.

Zhu Zitong was so scared that her palms were sweating, and she clutched Mei Nongchen’s hand tightly, and said into her ears: “Fortunately, the empress does not care, otherwise, no one can save you, Xiao Mei, you should pay attention to it when you hit someone in the future. “

Mei Nongchen: “…”

Seeing Mei Nongchen’s indifferent look, the empress couldn’t help but look at it more.

The appearance is good, even if the cultivation base is not high, it’s okay to be a concubine…

“You introduce yourself first, so that I can learn more about it.” As

soon as the empress’s voice fell, all the fairies looked at each other, and then lowered their heads to stare at Dwarf. Almost, no one wants to be the first, for fear of making mistakes.

After waiting for a while, no one got up.

The empress was patient and said softly: “Why, I don’t want this palace to know you?”

“…” The

scene was surprisingly quiet, only the sound of breathing one after another could be heard.

The empress was sipping tea and stopped urging.

Waited for another moment.

Sitting in the first row, a fairy in a green fairy dress stood up gracefully, blessed the queen, and said: “Return to the empress, the little fairy is named Zhu Manzi, the granddaughter of the patriarch of the Xuanwu clan. I am the granddaughter of the patriarch of the Xuanwu clan. ……” The words were methodical, the sound speed was moderate, and the voice was sweet and clear. The more the empress listened, the more bend her eyes, and finally she couldn’t help but praised’good’.

With the beginning, the following ones will be introduced one after another.

Mei Nongchen felt a little boring, so she surreptitiously looked around. There were thick clouds and mist around the Biluotai, and she couldn’t see any scenery at all. She looked back in surprise.

After a long time, when everyone else had finished introducing her, she got up and said, “Little fairy plum, plum blossoms, graceful and graceful.”

After speaking, she sat down.

The empress was taken aback, when others introduced herself and praised herself fiercely, this one was good, and it was done in one sentence.

I looked at her plain clothes again, she was not as extravagant and eye-catching as others, but she could be remembered in mind.

Is she really casual, or is she extremely smart and does the opposite?

Thinking of this, the empress inevitably looked at Mei Nongchen a few more times.

At this time.

“Your Majesty is here–” There

was another loud voice, and a stalwart bright yellow figure slowly appeared in the sight of everyone.

As soon as he appeared, he instantly attracted the attention of all the fairies.

Mei Nongchen was also stunned, because the person who came had a face that looked exactly like coldness, the same arrogant and indifferent, and the same handsome and indifferent.

When she saw the Feng Yi sword in his hand, Mei Nongchen was completely stunned. Two Feng Yi swords?

The emperor did not squint, walked to the back of the king and sat down, with a voice like ice, and said: “Go.” The

queen took the Feng Yi sword, “Yes, Your Majesty.”

She got up, raised the Feng Yi sword, and said. “This sword is the ancient divine sword and phoenix legacy sword. Some of you may have seen it before. If you want to become a princess, you must not only be selected by Feng Ge, but also be recognized by Feng

Yijian .” After a pause, the empress glanced around. Then he said: “Now, if you pass this sword, whoever can be recognized by it in a short time, it will belong to that person.”


As soon as this remark came out, the audience was in an uproar. If anyone is lucky enough to be recognized as the master by Feng Yijian, then the crown prince will probably belong to that person.

Thinking of this, all the fairies are gearing up to try.

The eyes that were originally attracted by the emperor were all sucked away by Feng Yijian, but Mei Nongchen twisted her eyebrows into a’chuan’.

What is going on here? Are there really two Fengyi swords? Or, one of them is fake?

Mei Nongchen was wary, she thought this matter was a bit strange.

The phoenix legacy sword was passed from the first row, and all the fairies who hadn’t had their turn stared nervously at the hand holding the phoenix legacy sword, for fear that the chance of getting the blood to recognize the master would be taken first, but the fairies who were not recognized by the blood were taken advantage of. Then he sat paralyzed in place.

Zhu Zitong pressed Mei Nongchen’s hand tightly, exclaiming from time to time.

The emperor sat in the upper position, tasting the tea graciously, and the curling tea mist dyed his narrow and deep eyes with a hazy beauty, but no one was appreciating it at the moment, and everyone’s eyes were focused on the Fengyi Sword.

He seemed to scan the audience unintentionally, and he thought about it for a long time these days. He felt that the reason why Zhiqiu Pavilion could not find a woman who could be recognized by Feng Yijian was most likely that the woman did not go to Zhiqiu Pavilion at all.

Therefore, he ordered the guide, as long as he met an unmarried woman, he would bring all of them. He didn’t believe it, and went through all the women in Milo City, but couldn’t find her!

As long as he finds it out, she must not let her slip away again!

Unless, she didn’t care about the prince and didn’t come to Miluo City.

Feng Yijian soon passed to Mei Nongchen’s hands, she touched it, but didn’t respond, and touched the sword blade again, but still didn’t respond.

Only at this moment, the Feng Yijian hidden in her sea of knowledge shook violently, and the reaction was very strong.

Mei Nongchen quickly threw the Feng Yi sword out like a hot potato.

Zhu Zitong took it with joy, and after touching it in her hand for a long time, Feng Yijian had no response at all. She unwillingly handed Feng Yijian to the next person, curling her lips and said: “The seat of the princess is gone…”

Mei Nongchen: “…” It was

about half of the daylight scene. The Fengyi Sword was passed on among tens of thousands of fairies. No one could be recognized. Some fairies bite their fingers and dripped blood on the body of the Fengyi Sword. Useless.

The emperor frowned calmly, could it be that that woman really didn’t come to Miluo City?

Impossible, Leng Yi recently was obviously refreshed and smiled at the corners of his mouth. From his experience, it definitely has something to do with women!

Just at this time.

Suddenly, a sword gas swept across the crowd and hit Feng Yijian directly.


Feng Yijian shattered at the sound.

The empress stared at a pair of beautiful eyes, and stared blankly at the Feng Yi sword that had just returned to her hand turned into pieces.

“Brother Yan…”

No one noticed a strange call.

Isn’t it said that Feng Yijian is an ancient divine sword? Is this broken?

There was a black thread hanging from Mei Nongchen. She had just felt the anger of Feng Yijian in the sea of knowledge. It was a kind of anger that was impersonated by others.

So it pretended to eject its sword aura and smash the sword posing as it.

The Feng Yi sword that your Majesty Dare to love is a fake, but looking at the shocked expressions of your Majesty and Empress Empress, you probably don’t know that the sword in their hands is fake.

Mei Nongchen suddenly thought of Leng Yi, it must be him!

Obviously, I have given her the Feng Yi sword, but then imitated a fake Feng Yi sword to fool your majesty and the empress, why? The answer is ready to come out, it must be that they are hostile to her, so Leng Yi concealed the fact that Feng Yijian had been put in her bag to protect her, right?

But why are they hostile to her?

Could it be because of the fact that Lengyi did his best to save her in the mortal world?

Correct! It must be that Leng Yi noticed that someone was going to find him at that time, and his face changed drastically. He hurriedly used the power of the Divine Seal to hide her breath and sent her away. Then there was a magic sound to lure her out, and now Leng Yi Every time I saw her, I chose to stay at night, as if I was trying to hide someone. At this moment, a fake Fengyi Sword appeared again, which was obviously Leng Yi concealing her existence. All these connected together, and her heart suddenly became clear.

Suddenly, there was warmth flowing in Mei Nongchen’s heart, causing a fierce heartbeat along the way.

Leng Yi…The

emperor’s eyes were sharp, staring in the direction of Mei Nongchen, the sword energy just shot from that direction.

And that sword aura is Feng Yijian’s sword aura!

damn it! That stinky kid actually got a fake Fengyi sword to lie to him!

A thick cloud swept through the eyes of the emperor, and the storm was about to come.

It seemed that Feng Yijian had already recognized the master, and at this moment, the new master of Feng Yijian was here.

This person must be the woman the stinky boy knew in the mortal world. Suddenly, the emperor felt like stepping on the straw sandals and finding nowhere to find it was effortless.

His son tried his best to conceal the existence of this woman. Today, he wants to let his precious son show his feet!

Under the gaze of the emperor, Mei Nongchen felt like a man on his back, and cold sweat began to flow in his palms.

“Come here.” Di Zun suddenly said, hooking his finger at Mei Nongchen, motioning her to pass.

Mei Nongchen was frightened, but there was a sincere expression of fear on her face. She immediately got up and ran to the emperor. She fell over halfway and caused everyone to snicker.

Emperor: “…”

Mei Nongchen knelt in front of the emperor’s dwarf, and touched his head to the ground. There was an uncontrollable fear in his voice, “Your Majesty…” The

Emperor: “What is your name?”

Mei Nongchen: “Mei, Mei Yi.”

Seeing her panic and uneasy appearance, the emperor frowned. Such a woman who is difficult to be elegant is really not like a person who can be selected by Feng Ge.

Just about to wave her hand to let her go back, the emperor had no intention of catching a glimpse of somewhere, and his eyes suddenly deepened.

He curled his lips and said, “It’s okay, go back to your place.”


Nongchen was immediately pardoned , and said: “Yes.” She turned around and saw Zhu Zitong’s worried eyes, she walked quickly to the seat.

The emperor glanced at somewhere again, his smile getting deeper and deeper.

When Mei Nongchen was about to return to his seat, he suddenly slapped a palm at her. That palm contained his ten layers of supernatural power!

Mei Nongchen turned her head perceptively, and was shocked when she saw Palm Wind patted herself with great power, and the emperor knew it!

“Xiaomei! Be careful!” Zhu Zitong exclaimed and rushed towards her.

Mei Nongchen wanted to avoid the wind with her palm, but Yu Guang caught a glimpse of Zhu Zitong’s figure. If she avoided, this palm would surely slap Zhu Zitong into fleshy flesh!

She had no time to think too much, so she had no choice but to accept it!


There was a loud noise, and someone took the palm of Emperor Zun, and the aftermath of the palm of the wind shook the surrounding fairies.

Mei Nongchen looked at the man in the golden robe who hugged her and flew back more than ten feet in surprise. For the first time, she felt that his embrace made her feel so at ease.

Leng Yi…

Leng Yi’s eyes were dyed with ice, and her lips stretched into a straight line. His temperament was cold and arrogant, like a cold moon that could not be climbed, like the whiteness of the top of a snow-capped mountain.

In the fierce wind set off by the aftermath of the palm wind, the long hair of Mei Nongchen and Lengyi were intertwined, and her plain clothes danced lightly beside his dancing golden robe, not very soft and charming.

Self-made a picture of the gods and their relatives, which is so beautiful.

Everyone looked straight for a while, but no one could give up to disturb the beauty at the moment.

Mei Nongchen’s peach blossom eyes are charming, faint, and as if she is shy, her body is soft and cottony in the cold and slightly cool embrace.

Leng Yi noticed her changes, and he lowered his head to see that the eyes where she was looking at him contained a lot of emotion. The jelly-glossy lips were slightly opened, and he wanted to say nothing. His heart moved suddenly, and he couldn’t help but leaned forward. Live the lips that make him taste no good.

“Hiss–!” The gasp sound came and went one after another.

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