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Chapter 75 I am your sister’s man

Seeing this, Emperor Zun made his eyelashes tremble with anger, and patted Mei Nongchen several times.

Leng Yi still tasted the soft and sweet lips, and with a wave of his hand, a layer of light curtain enchantment covered the two of them, and the palms taken by the emperor fell on the enchantment like a drizzle falling into the water, silently , Disappeared invisible.


Another gasp sounded one after another.

No one knows the strength of the emperor in the entire fairy world, but now his attack was easily stopped by His Royal Highness.

How strong is the Prince’s Royal Highness.

At this moment, only a handful of people suddenly remembered that many years ago, I heard from the elders of the family that His Royal Highness had been promoted to the little god powerhouse.

God and immortal are not the same.

Yun Baizhi was also one of the very few people. On the day when Leng Yi was promoted, she wanted to start with the Immortal House of the Suzaku Clan, but suddenly stopped for some reason. Although it had been five years, she still clearly remembered that day. What a thrilling scene, the feeling of being about to be destroyed, she didn’t want to feel it for the second time in her life.

Seeing Mei Nongchen, who was treated to the utmost by Leng Yi in his arms, envy and jealousy, can no longer describe her state of mind when she wants to tear Mei Nongchen into pieces at this time, hate! She hates it! She had already lost her heart to Leng Yi from the first sight. For thousands of years, Leng Yi had never looked at her directly, and even more so because of Mei Nongchen, she greeted her with cold eyebrows and raised her hand to kill!

How can she not hate this? !

Zhu Zitong stared with round eyes and looked at the two people who were not ashamed of their imagination. He was surprised and happy in his heart, ha! Sure enough, it was easy for her to attract the prince with Xiaomei’s appearance. When Xiaomei became the prince’s concubine, she could follow her!

However, the prince was too bold and unrestrained, and he still kissed him forever!

The empress watched her son, who had always been pure-hearted, do such an extraordinary thing. In addition to surprise, it was more unconcealable joy. Her big fat grandson had lost her!

Seeing that he couldn’t help but feel cold, the emperor was so angry that his eyelashes quivered and flew, and he saw the emperor’s cheerful look, even more upset and irritated, coldly snorted, and walked away.

Bai Mi, there is always a sparse, cold, it is impossible to protect that woman all the time…

after a while.

Leng Yi loosened Mei Nongchen, his eyes were dark and faint as he looked at the red and swollen lips like ripe cherries.

He was always with her, it was always difficult to control himself, he really wanted to eat her into his stomach right now.

Mei Nongchen was lost for a moment in his extreme warmth, and when her gaze refocused, she saw tens of thousands of pairs of eyes staring at her unblinkingly. In an instant, her head buzzed and her face blushed like a cooked lobster.

day! What did she just do? Although the mortal atmosphere is open and it is not uncommon to kiss in public, she has never kissed under the gaze of so many eyes. She was immediately embarrassed and shy, and she shrank her shoulders and hid behind Leng Yi. Come out and meet people.

Leng Yi watched her ostrich behavior, her always tight lip line suddenly rose high, her eyes swept away from indifference, and she changed into a shower of tenderness.

The empress was stunned. She has raised Lengyi for so many years, has she ever seen him smile? She always thought that her son could not laugh, but at this moment, he actually laughed, for the woman hiding behind him.

Thinking of this, she couldn’t help being more curious about the woman named Mei Yi, and she must take it back to her palace and study it!

Leng Yi’s smile was the blossoming of iron trees, the return of spring to the earth, and the first ray of sunshine that lifted the clouds to see the sun.

Amazed everyone present.

Yun Baizhi bit her lip without knowing it, her heart seemed to be bitten by ten thousand ants, she hated, that smile did not bloom for her!


invitation banquet ended in an unexpected way.

I don’t know how many people will crush the veil behind their backs and bit their white teeth through.

As soon as the invitation banquet was over, the queen invited Mei Nongchen to her Yulu Pavilion as a guest, but was ruthlessly blocked by Leng Yi. The reason was: She is timid, and you will frighten her.

Empress Zun was so aggrieved that he asked Emperor Zun to cry, “Brother Yan, am I the kind of wicked person?”

Emperor Zun said: “…” He was even more dissatisfied with Mei Nongchen, making his Qianqian wronged like this.

“Let’s go, I’ll take you to find that brat to settle accounts, and dare to bully me!”

at the gate of Mirage Palace.

Mei Nongchen bid farewell to Zhu Zitong, Jun Qian and Dongfang Muqing.

Leng Yi followed Mei Nongchen step by step, for fear that she would run away.

This scene unsurprisingly attracted everyone’s attention.


Nongchen : “…” Zhu Zitong looked at Lengyi, who was standing behind Mei Nongchen like a small classmate. For some reason, there was no excitement at all to see him, and there was only a fluffy feeling in his heart.

“Xiaomei, do you really want to stay?” Zhu Zitong looked at Mei Nongchen worriedly. She didn’t know what had happened, but the murderous intent contained in the palm of Emperor Zun before made her feel lingering. Under the circumstances, Mei Nongchen still has to stay in the Miluo Palace, under the emperor’s eyelids. Isn’t that a living target?

Mei Nongchen looked back and glanced at Lengyi, facing his pair of affectionate golden eyes, her heartbeat suddenly out of order, her face flushed slightly.

He looked at her with such scorching gaze in the crowd, and he was really uncomfortable.

I remembered the last words Lengyi said in Biluotai: staying, so that I can protect you, and I think you feel uncomfortable.

Such a naked hint, it’s really a shame that he can say it!

But the weird thing is that she actually agreed…

Thinking of this, her face became even redder.

When Zhu Zitong saw Mei Nongchen’s blushing face, he curled his lips and said, “What I asked is really nonsense!”

With the prince there, he will protect Xiaomei. Thinking about this, Zhu Zitong started gossiping again and approached Mei Nongchen and whispered. Asked: “Xiaomei, honestly confess, have you hooked up with His Royal Highness long ago? Look at you like this, it’s not like you just met.”

Mei Nongchen looked back at Lengyi again, and saw him still not staring for a moment. Looking at herself, as if she hadn’t heard Zhu Zitong’s words, her heart was suddenly filled with sweetness.

But I remembered that there seemed to be no clear relationship between myself and Leng Yi, and I didn’t know how to answer for a while.

Seeing her tangled appearance, Zhu Zitong sighed and said: “Don’t tell me, I won’t force you. I will tell me when you want to say it.”

“By the way, will you come back to cyclamen.” ?” Zhu Zitong asked.

“Uh…I…” Mei Nongchen didn’t know how to answer, and she glanced coldly again, like a little daughter-in-law who obeyed her husband’s arrangements.

Zhu Zitong: “…”

“She won’t go back.” Leng Yi suddenly said, his voice is uniquely magnetic but the tone is cold, “She will be very busy.”

Mei Nongchen: “…” What can she do?

Jun Qian and Dongfang Muqing have been standing beside them quietly, looking at the tall and handsome golden long shadows in front of them, and then at Mei Nongchen, whose face is crimson and showing her little daughter’s gesture. They are envious and a little bit lucky at the same time.

Fortunately, they are not Mei Nongchen’s enemies.

After the three of Zhu Zitong left.

Leng Yi suddenly hugged Mei Nongchen upright, and strode away in the amazement of everyone’s eyes.

Mei Nongchen was startled and exclaimed, “Lengyi, what are you doing?”

But no one answered him, only the whirring sound passed through her ears.

As soon as the two of them disappeared, the gate of the palace immediately exploded.

“Oh my God, didn’t you mean that His Royal Highness is indifferent and indifferent to women?”

“Yes, I heard that His Royal Highness not only hasn’t looked at any woman in ten thousand years, but his Zijin Que doesn’t even have a fairy maid…”

“What’s not close to female sex! You didn’t see it just now at Biluotai, and you kissed it in full view. It’s not close to female sex?”

“When I became a princess, I was the first one to mark the fox Meizi. Face!”

“You? Come on, today you bit the Feng Yi Jian and didn’t recognize you as the master.”

“But now the Feng Yi Jian is broken. Who can be selected by Feng Ge in the Concubine Selection Ceremony? Who is the prince? Concubine.”


“Just, isn’t Feng Yijian an ancient divine sword? How come it broke suddenly? It’s strange.”

“…” The

voice of the discussion drifted away.

Yun Baizhi kept staring at the direction where Leng Yi and Mei Nongchen disappeared, and his nails went into his palms without realizing it.

Phoenix Legacy Sword!

She only remembered now that when Mei Nongchen killed the giant snake in the soaring tunnel, it was the Fengyi Sword that Mei Nongchen used.

“Hehe…” Yun Baizhi chuckled in a low voice, with a hint of weirdness, “I don’t know, whether your majesty and the empress do not know that the broken Phoenix sword is a fake.”

Zijin Que.

Lengyi rushed all the way, bringing up gusts of wind and lifting the veil curtains.

Wu Di looked at the hurried master, the corners of his mouth twitched, in broad daylight, how anxious was this?

He waved his hand, the fairy waiter filed out, and the doors and windows closed silently.

The man’s bedroom with cool colors makes it obvious at first glance that the owner of this bedroom must be a temperate and abstinent person.

However, at this moment, the master of abstinence is doing something wrong with a clear and jade woman.

Mei Nongchen’s voice was swallowed up by Leng Yi, and the body of Kuiran who was pressing on her had been hot to the extreme, and the heat was directly transmitted to Mei Nongchen’s heart through the place where the two of them touched, making her heart beat fiercely and violently.

Could it be that she is going to explain here today?

My mind couldn’t think well, every note that overflowed my mouth seemed to whimper like a whimper, and it was even more stimulating to the loss of reason.

Mei Nongchen felt a sudden cold in her body, her clothes had faded, and a touch of dampness and heat moved downstream restlessly, trembling and shuddering all the way.

“Leng Yi…”

Her eyes filled with water, her blushing lips spit out a catalyst, making those kisses more aggressive, leaving patches of blue marks.

Mei Nongchen’s sanity slowly dissipated. She wanted to say’no’, but as soon as she uttered her words, it turned into 夒咛.

Leng Yi was ready to go, with bloodshot eyes and dense beads of sweat on his body. He leaned on her ears, his voice was strangely hoarse and charming, “Is it all right?”

Is it okay?

Mei Nongchen’s arms were wrapped around his back for some time, and the strange sensation in her body was tickling her heart and lungs. She heard the cold question, and unconsciously made an’um’.

Leng Yi was overjoyed and roared, ready to enter the topic.


booming -!

A loud noise shook the entire Zijin Que three times.

“Where is the prince?! Call it out for the widow!”

Leng Yi’s movements stopped abruptly, and the tide of love instantly receded, and a dangerous atmosphere swept the entire room like a violent wind. He was angry!


Wu Di looked at the emperor who suddenly broke into the door, and he was in a cold sweat. He could imagine what kind of thunder and anger the master would be disturbed in such a situation of thunder and fire. He just hoped that he would not be disturbed by his cuteness. Little fish is good.

Sure enough, as he expected, the emperor had just finished roaring, and after a breath, a long golden shadow broke through the door, without a word, the fight started.

The emperor looked at Leng Yi’s face that was as black as shit, and was stunned for a moment, then glanced at Zijin Que, seeing everyone guarded outside with the doors and windows closed, and suddenly understood where Leng Yi’s rage came from, so He actually got better in a strange mood, curled his lips and smiled, and said: “Oh, what’s wrong with me? Who is angry with me?”

Seeing his undue pumping appearance, Leng Yi started more ruthlessly and shot like wind. It’s dazzling.

The emperor was beaten and retreated, and the queen was too anxious. She hurriedly ran over to hold Lengyi, but was shocked by the aftermath and flew backwards.

The emperor and Leng Yi were shocked at the same time, and immediately stopped trying to catch the empress, but they were still a step late, and the empress was about to hit the wall.

At this time, a figure shot out from the window, steadily caught the queen, and landed lightly.

It is Mei Nongchen.

The flush on her face has not yet receded, and the crow’s hair is a little messy. A pair of peach blossom eyes looking around are all love, and anyone who comes by can see what she has just experienced.

For a moment, the empress, who didn’t understand why Leng Yi’s anger, understood, immediately smiled crookedly, that’s how it was.

“Oh, my good wife…”

Mei Nongchen: “…”

Leng Yi: “…”

Emperor Zun: “…”

Outside Mi Luo Palace, a certain wall root.

Xiao Erjiu craned his neck and looked at the palace door anxiously, “Third brother, why isn’t my sister coming out yet? Nothing will happen, right?”

Xiao San has a solemn expression, wait and see, if it still doesn’t come out, we will contact her with the sound transmission conch.


The queen dragged Mei Nongchen to chat in the pavilion.

Next to the pavilion is a small lake, and Lengyi and Emperor Zun are standing by the lake in the wind.

Emperor: “The emperor is most afraid of weaknesses to be found. That woman, I’m afraid it will be your life’s weakness and a stumbling block on your way to be the king, so I have always wanted to help you get rid of her, it’s a pity…”

Leng Yi: “Does my father have any weaknesses?” The

emperor was taken aback, looked at the empress who was flying upwards not far away, his eyes were instantly soft as water, and he lost consciousness for a moment. He said: “Yes, so many times, I will be controlled by others. “

Leng Yi also stared at another person in the same direction, his eyes soft as water, and said: “Then my father is willing to use one of her for a position that is not controlled by others?”


Half a moment.

Emperor Zun: “I don’t want to.” When the

words fell, the two smiled at each other, and the suspicion of so many days was dissipated because of a few words.

Because they all have her.

Mei Nongchen was listening to the queen talking about Leng Yi’s childhood, when suddenly the sound transmission in his sleeve buzzed.

She was a little embarrassed, but the queen was elegant and noble and smiled and said: “It’s okay, we are here for a long time, you are busy first, I will wait for you, and I will tell you about Yier bedwetting later.”

Mei Nongchen : “…” Is it really good for you to say that your son?

She apologized, walked out of the pavilion, and looked for a quiet place, before injecting divine power into the sound transmission snail, and Xiao Erjiu’s high voice was heard immediately.

“Sister, are you okay? Why aren’t you coming out? Do you want me and your third brother to save you, or should you take your eldest brother, second, fourth, and fifth brothers together? Sister? Why don’t you speak? Sister?”

Mei Nongchen: “…I didn’t…” When the words were not

finished, a slender jade hand snatched the sound transmission snail, Mei Nongchen turned her head, seeing Leng Yi’s black face, frowning unhappily, and pinching. The fingertips of Transsion Conch turned white.

Mei Nongchen frowned, stretched out her hand to grab it, “Give it back to me.”

Leng Yi

drew sideways, and asked the sound transmission conch: “Who are you?” Xiao Erjiu on the other end was stunned and asked subconsciously: “You again Who is it?”

Leng Yi grinned, a little scornful, and said: “I am your sister’s man, so I should be regarded as your brother-in-law.”

After speaking, she smashed the sound transmission conch.

Mei Nongchen was stunned, her man…

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Leng Yi and gloomy: “Author~ come here!”

Yaoyao was guilty of heart: “What, what’s the matter, you say , I, I can hear it.”

Leng Yi gritted her teeth: “I almost ate the meat, but you slapped it over. I slapped the soup with the meat on the floor. Pay!”

Yaoyao breathed a sigh of relief and vowed: “Pay! Pay for one chapter! Baojun is satisfied!”

Leng Yi suspiciously: “Really?”

Yaoyao nodded and assured: “It’s more real than a pearl!”

Leng Yi was overjoyed: “When will the next chapter be updated?”

Yaoyao straightened her voice: “There are two changes today, at three o’clock in the afternoon, see or leave–!”

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