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Chapter 76 Kill me!

A remote courtyard in the south of Miluo City.

“Big brother!”


brother—— ! Woo…” Xiao Erjiu screamed and slammed the door in, and the little broke the door with a bang against the wall. “Big brother, sister has another man. , Woo…”

He threw his nose and tears on his little leg to tell the story, crying so hard that he was so pitiful.

Xiao Yi opened him in disgust, and asked, “Do you know who that man is?”

” Hey?” Xiao Erjiu’slippy’ inhaled the crystal clear snot hanging above her lips into his nostrils, choked with sobs: “I haven’t had time to ask…”

“Oh-!” There was a vomiting sound.

“You bastard! It’s disgusting!”


Xiaoyi turned to Xiaosan, “third brother, you say.”

Xiaosan solemnly said : “I guess that person is Prince Lengyi, and my younger sister is attending the concubine election ceremony. The fairy entered the palace to respect the invitation of the empress, but did not come out after entering, and then we contacted her with a sound transmission screw, and there was a man’s voice over there, saying that it was…”

“Say it’s my brother-in-law! Oh…” Xiao Erjiu cried bitterly to answer.

The atmosphere was silent, only Xiao Erjiu’s howling sounded.

quite a while.

“I remember…” The gentle-tempered Xiao Nineteen suddenly spoke, and the other twenty-nine pairs of eyes stared at him immediately. After waiting for his next words, after waiting for three minutes, Xiao Erjiu couldn’t hold back anymore and roared: “Brother Nineteen, you said it!” After

waiting for another minute, when everyone was about to hold their breath, he finally spoke quietly: “In the Boundless Palace, my sister once asked me if I knew Lengyi, so I Think…”

Everyone asked anxiously: “What?”

Xiao Nineteen slowly said: “Sister, she should have known Prince Lengyi a long time ago.”

Xiao Sanyi clapped his hands and said, “That’s him!”

Xiao Erjiu: “Then what should we do, my sister was snatched away!

” Xiaoyi: “Enter the palace! Meet him!”

Everyone: “Okay!”

… …

That night, the night was black and the wind was high and murderous night.

In a bath, in the pool, the mist is curling up, beside the pool, the veil is floating, with verdant luxuriant lines and brilliant tassels.

Mei Nongchen lay on the edge of the orchid soup pool comfortably, her pores open, her small face flushed, and the steam made her lazy.

This is a private bath for Lengyi, which is more than ten times larger than the bath in the Mortal Jasper Valley Villa.

I really will enjoy it! Mei Nongchen couldn’t help but slander.

However, it was really comfortable. She gave a pertinent evaluation and took a nap with her eyes closed.

In silence, a figure approached quietly, without disturbing anyone.

The figure stood still by the bath, looking down at the crystal clear face under her feet. The pair of slender eyelashes were dyed with water vapor, and trembled with Mei Nongchen’s breathing, causing the figure’s heart to beat faster.

Leng Yi squatted down, gently scraping Mei Nongchen’s snow muscle on the back of his fingers, and the soft and delicate touch quickly stirred up a cluster of fire in his heart.

He pulled his robe and jumped into the green pond, but strangely he did not splash any water or make a sound.

Mei Nongchen woke up suddenly, her heartbeat was out of order, and she was shocked in a cold sweat!

She had just had a nightmare, in which she was chased by a hungry wolf, and finally eaten by that hungry wolf… She

patted her chest in shock, “It’s okay, it’s just a dream…”



Along with the loud sound of water, a figure came out of the water and hugged her from behind.

“Ah!” Mei Nongchen was startled and couldn’t help but exclaimed, and then fell into a familiar embrace, but at this moment, the owner of the embrace was not wearing any clothes.

She turned her head and was facing a pair of golden pupils dyed with evil smiles. The two people under the water were close to each other, and there was a clear and hot body temperature.

With a’bang’, Mei Nongchen’s face turned into a boiled crayfish, bloody red.

“You, what do you want to do when you come in?”

“Yeah, think.”


Seeing that she didn’t understand what she meant, Leng Yi took her a few steps forward and locked her firmly between herself and the wall of the pool. Suddenly, she rubbed her body with a smirk and asked, “Now I understand? I think.”

Mei Nongchen trembled all over by his provocative movements, and suddenly remembered the disturbance during the day, and couldn’t help but push him. , Said: “No, no.”

Leng Yi: “Why not?”

Mei Nongchen: “We are not a husband and wife, how can we…”

“Oh? So you want to marry me that way?” Leng Yi smiled evilly. Golden eyes flashed slyly, leaning over her ears to breathe, the warm breath really caused the person in his arms to tremble, he took a bite on her crystal clear earlobe, and his strong body was even more restless. Chaos, said: “You are mine, you will always be.”

Mei Nongchen was trembling with the hotter temperature on his body, and wanted to escape even more eagerly.

Although she had a child with Ni Hengsheng in her previous life, she has never felt so panicked at this moment. Besides, in this life, she is still a big girl!

“Leng Yi, get out of your way! Otherwise, I will be angry!”

“Oh? Really?” Leng Yi locked her tightly, “I will make you feel weak.”

“You…uh… …” The

rest of the words were stuck in my throat, just as the temperature of the pool was gradually rising…


The roof was smashed, and a black shadow slammed into the bath along with the rustling bricks and woods.

Leng Yi quickly pulled over the curtain by the pool to wrap Mei Nongchen tightly, and quickly put on his own clothes, and took Mei Nongchen away from the bath swiftly.


The black shadow splashed huge waves of water.

“Ah! Third brother! You bad guy, why throw me in!” Xiao Erjiu struggled to emerge and yelled.

Leng Yi’s face was dark, “Wu Di!”

Wu Di entered immediately.

Leng Yi was so cold that she sprayed icy crumbs when she spoke, “Kill me!”

Wu Di: “Yes!” The master was interrupted twice in a row. This time, the anger is estimated to be hard to extinguish.

As soon as he waved his hand, the entire Zijinque immortal servants swarmed up, each showing their magical powers to greet Xiao Erjiu.

Xiao Erjiu straightened his throat immediately and called: “Big Brother, 2nd Brother, 3rd Brother, 4th Brother, 5th Brother, 6th Brother…Thirty Brother, come and save me!”

Hush! call out! call out! …

Twenty-nine figures flashed, fighting with the Lengyi people.

Mei Nongchen: “…”

Leng Yi looked at the thirty handsome and handsome men with their own unique appearances. His already black face became a bit stinky again. He kept beating Mei Nongchen’s arms and couldn’t help but tighten again. Tight, as if to crush her.

Mei Nongchen really hurts, and grumbled: “It hurts…” When

Leng Yi heard it, her heart hurts so badly that her arm immediately loosened, but she still hugged her firmly.

Mei Nongchen raised her right eyebrow, she seemed to have discovered something extraordinary!

She curled her mouth, tried to squeeze out a stream of tears, put on a pitiful expression, and said: “It still hurts…”

Leng Yi frowned, swept away the gloom, eyes full of worry and distress, his arms were too loose, and Songmei was too dusty to fall.

“Does it still hurt?”

“You may be better if you let me down…”


Leng Yi helplessly put her down, but still tightly held Mei Nongchen wrapped in rice dumplings in his arms, watching The situation not far away.

Mei Nongchen smiled triumphantly, she finally found a way to deal with Lengyi!

It can be done with a single tear!

But at the same time, her heart is also full of tenderness, because she knows that he loves her, so he loves her, and she is reluctant to shed tears.

She has never experienced this kind of cherished feeling in her previous life.

In this life, she realized that true love turned out to be like this.

Mei Nongchen looked up at Leng Yi’s perfect and delicate chin, and gently leaned her head into his arms.

“How lucky I am to live another life and meet you.”

Leng Yi didn’t look down at her, but his arm tightened again.


Here is full of affection and honey, and there is shouting to kill the sky.

About ten minutes or so.

Lengyi’s people are all on the laurels, unable to fight again, but the thirty beautiful men’s papers, but not even a single injured.

If it hadn’t taken care of not hurting people’s lives, it would not take such a long time at all, the small one and the others would get the Lengyi Immortal Servant in minutes.

However, the relationship between Mei Nongchen and Lengyi is yet to be determined, and they cannot take their lives as soon as they come.

But now they saw Mei Nongchen, who was nestled in Leng Yi’s arms like a white rabbit, without saying anything, they understood.

Leng Yi watched his people fall to the ground in a hurry, with eyes as deep as an abyss. These people are not simple.

You know, these immortal servants in his palace have undergone rigorous training, and their cultivation is definitely ranked in the entire city of Miluo. They are so vulnerable in front of these people, and they didn’t even hurt a single hair. .

Moreover, they could appear in his Zijin Que quietly.

Who are they? If he remembers correctly, these people claim to be Mei Nongchen.

Leng Yi scanned the past one by one, and found that several were handsomer than him, and suddenly the whole person was not good!

The force of her subordinates was stronger again, Mei Nongchen did not say anything interestingly, she had expected that Lengyi would be jealous at the Wulianggong Palace. No, it’s so sour!

“Who are you, come to bother me and the lady in the middle of the night to sleep with the lady, what intentions do you have?!”


Nongchen: “…” The witchfly lying on the ground: “…”

Xiao Erjiu immediately burst into tears and howled: “Sister! Are you going to sleep with him? Hum… you haven’t slept with me!”

Leng Yi suddenly got a cold air on his body, his finger moved slightly, and Xiao Erjiu fell to the ground silently.

Mei Nongchen: “Be careful, they are not bad guys…”

Before finishing speaking, Leng Yi faintly glanced at her, Mei Nongchen fell silent immediately, and withdrew into his arms as an ostrich.

Leng Yi smiled and said, “My wife has no advantages. The only advantage is to be obedient, haha, everyone laughs!” Xiaoyi

and others: “…”

Mei Nongchen: “…”

Witch Die lying on the ground: “…”

Xiaoyi: “Are you sincere?”

Leng Yi: “What to do with you?” Xiaoyi

: “If you want to marry her, defeat us first.”

Leng Yi: “What does she have to do with you? What does it have to do with you when I marry her?”

Xiaoyi: “You dare not fight with us?”

Leng Yi: “…”

“…” There was a

stalemate for a moment.

Wen Tun’s Xiao Nineteen suddenly spoke, and said slowly: “If you don’t want to fight with us, we come to disturb you and your sister sleeping every night, you know, if we want to come, no one can stop us.” The

words did not fall, cold. Yi immediately replied: “Okay!”

Xiaoyi and others: “…”

Xiaoyi: “Then let’s go out.”

Leng Yi: “No need.”

He held Mei Nongchen in one hand, and his palm was like lightning.

After a breath.

There are twenty-nine more people on the ground. Compared with them, how lucky Xiao Erjiu who fainted early…

Leng Yiju condescendingly watched those thirty beautiful men, and said: “Now, I can marry. Is she?”

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