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Chapter 77 He likes shameless women!

After driving away the obtrusive people, the witch worm started to clean up the mess.

Leng Yi carried Mei Nongchen back to his bedroom, pulled off the veil that was wrapped around her, and gently placed her on the bed.

Mei Nongchen’s eyes widened in surprise, her hands tightly guarding the key parts, and

she trembled: “You, what are you doing?” Seeing her panicked look, Leng Yi’s lips floated with a sneer, slowly. Slowly leaning over…

Mei Nongchen closed her eyes tightly in fright, and a pair of butterfly wing eyelashes closed slightly, and the tip of the eyelashes seemed to sweep into Leng Yi’s heart, making him unbearable.

He pulled over the quilt and was covered with her, his deep golden eyes glanced at her, and quickly left.

If he doesn’t leave, he himself can’t guarantee what he will do.

At the moment when Mei Nongchen felt the quilt covering her body, her tight heartstring loosened and opened her eyes. She saw Leng Yi’s leaving back. The back was a bit messy, with a hint of rushing away.

Mei Nongchen didn’t understand that he was so anxiously screaming before, why now he suddenly gave up the meat that was about to reach his mouth?

Because she was not sure what his attitude was before, she was a little bit resistant, but she suddenly understood his heart when she was at the bathtub just now, so if he really wanted it, she could also…

Mei Nongchen thought for a long time. , Did not understand why Leng Yi suddenly gave up eating meat.

Suddenly I remembered that she slept in his bedroom, then where did he sleep?

“Forget it, it cares about him, he is in his own home, can he still have no place to sleep?” Mei Nongchen muttered to herself, then closed her eyes, and fell asleep before long.


Wu Di looked at the master who was reading at night, wondering in his heart.

Before this, he looked like a hungry wolf rushing to the sheep and was impatient. Why don’t you even go to the bedroom now?

Looking at the doors and windows of the master bedroom with soft light not far away, and then at the book that the master had not turned a page in his hand for a long time, but still took it down, what else does Wu Di didn’t understand?

This is where you are in the book, and your heart is in the bedroom.

After hesitating for a while, he pondered and said: “Master, it’s late at night, you should go back and rest.”


“Master, Miss Mei sleeps alone, what if she falls? The ground is so hard that it will hurt you. of. ” “

…… really? ” “

really, and then the cool night, if Miss Mei nipped kicking quilt how to do? masters should stay with her watching. ” “

but I do not want to get married …… I bad her reputation before.”

“…” Wu Di was contemptuous in his heart, pretending, and then pretending, Miss Mei’s reputation is long gone, okay?

“Master, you are just going to protect Miss Mei, how can you say such a bad reputation? Besides, Miss Mei will be very happy to know that you care about her so much.”



“Yeah. It makes sense for you to say so, then I will guard her, lest she sleeps dishonestly, falls out of bed, gets stuck , and breaks her body.”

“The master is wise!”

Leng Yi got up and walked hurriedly to the bedroom. , That brisk and flying back, Wu Di shook his head and sighed, the man in love!


next day, three poles in the sun.

For some reason, Mei Nongchen fell asleep very deeply, and it was getting late when she woke up.

She stretched her waist with her eyes closed and was about to get up. Suddenly, she felt a little heavy in her chest. She looked over and saw her long arm tightly wrapped around her chest through the quilt.

Turning his head again, a three-dimensional and exquisite sleeping face suddenly appeared in front of him. Mei Nongchen was instantly stunned. When did he come? And she didn’t notice it at all!

Looking at him again, he is still in his usual golden robe, the whole person is outside the quilt, and she is firmly locked in the quilt, and there is warmth flowing between Mei Nong Chen’s heart.

He actually treated her as a child, and Lengyi turned into a baby at the beginning. Mei Nongchen was afraid that he would be kicked at night, so she hugged him to sleep like this.

Mei Nongchen stared at Leng Yi, his eyeliner was long, his tail was slightly raised, and his nose was straight and straight. The cherry-colored lips were no longer the usual cold feeling, glowing in the color of petals, which made people want to taste it. Which tastes.

The lips slowly enlarged in Mei Nongchen’s eyes, her mind was dizzy, only the lips that shone with seductive luster…It was

not until a cool touch appeared on her lips that Mei Nongchen was shocked. Feeling, she actually kissed him! When she woke up, she immediately wanted to retreat. At this moment, Leng Yi opened her eyes suddenly, and she was so beautiful and dreamy. Mei Nongchen was stunned, and she took a pause in her retreat.

It was just this dazed effort that Leng Yi raised his hand to clasp the back of her head and deepened the kiss.

This was the first kiss since the two silently exchanged hearts last night. Mei Nongchen responded enthusiastically, sticking out her slippery tongue and wantonly entanglement with Leng Yi. This was the first time she took the initiative to respond to him in so long.

Leng Yi also felt the difference in her today, her deep golden eyes became deeper and deeper, and the temperature of her body suddenly rose.

After kissing for a long time, Leng Yi left Mei Nongchen’s lips, resisting the restless desire in his body, and hugged her tightly in his arms.

Mei Nongchen’s eyes blurred, lying on Lengyi’s chest, smelling his unique clear and pleasant aura, listening to his thunderous heartbeat, her naked body pressed tightly against him, separated by a thin, wet body. The cloth, clearly felt his unbearable lust.

Mei Nongchen’s heart is full of sweetness, and there is also a trace of distress. He must endure very hard and his clothes are sweaty…

“Lengyi, you… If you are uncomfortable, I… I can…”

As soon as these words came out, Leng Yi’s already tight body tightened again. He put his arms around Mei Nongchen’s arms and added some force, his voice dull and charming, and said: “Waiting for our wedding night, I will I really want you, I can wait!”

Mei Nongchen’s heart trembled, and he instantly understood why his messy left last night came from. It turned out that it was because of her saying, ” We are not a husband and wife…”, so sour. Feeling the tip of her nose, she buried her face in Leng Yi’s arms, tears overflowing into her eyes, “Thank you.”

Thank you for cherishing me so much, respecting me so much, and loving me so much.

“But you are not allowed to say’you can’ in the future.” Leng Yi stroked her back and smiled wickedly: “Otherwise, next time I will take you badly.”

“You…” Mei Nongchen said. I was so moved that he immediately dissipated because of his molesting, thinking of the words he had just said, “Yes,” he couldn’t help but blush, clenched his fists and punched Lengyi’s chest fiercely, screaming: “Hate! Rogue!”

“Rogue? “Leng Yi smiled, raised his hand and jumped up Mei Nongchen’s chin, and said, “It seems that it wasn’t me who offered the kiss just now.”

Hearing this, Mei Nongchen thought of the fact that he had kissed , and his head buzzed, immediately ashamed and embarrassed. , Hid his face into Leng Yi’s arms, unable to come out of life and death.

“Haha!” Leng Yi looked at her red ears, smiled happily and tightened her in his arms, and said: “My little one!”

Outside the door.

Seeing the sun hung high, Wu Di, who was brave enough to knock on the door, heard the words, and suddenly felt his cautious liver trembled three times. He immediately retracted his outstretched hand, he thought it would be better to wait for the master to open the door by himself. Ok…

Mei Nongchen spent three days leisurely in the cold Zijinque. For these three days, she was a little boring leisurely.

Leng Yi didn’t spend much time in Zijinque during the day, and she didn’t know what she was busy with. Moreover, Zijinque was an immortal servant, and was ordered not to be within 100 meters of Mei Nongchen, so she didn’t even have anyone to speak.

As for the empress, she seems to be very busy. Since that day, she has been chatting with her in the pavilion for a long time, and has never come to her again.

“Hey…” Mei Nongchen sat in the veranda, leaning on the railing, and couldn’t help sighing again. She missed Zhu Zitong’s squeaking voice a little.

Thinking about it, she suddenly jumped up, yes, she can go to the cyclamen to find Zhu Zitong.

As soon as he walked to the gate of Zijinque, Wudi stood two meters away and stopped her, saying: “The master said, he will be the first to see you when he comes back.”

Mei Nongchen looked at him, vaguely remembering the first time I saw you. When he reached him, in the mortal world, he looked at her with a cold face, as if looking at a little ant, he could crush her to death by raising his hand, and almost choked her to death. The second time he saw him, he was pierced by a sword in her abdomen. I still remember how angry and unwilling I was at that time.

Fengshui turns, the cold-faced man who was like a god to her is now standing in front of her respectfully with his head down, hehe! Although she didn’t hate him a long time ago, she couldn’t easily spare him, didn’t she?

Moreover, he doesn’t seem to recognize that she is the person who was killed by him at the edge of the bath.

Mei Nongchen gave a dark smile, Wu Di only felt his hair terrified.

“Your name is… Wu Di?”

Wu Di: “Yes.”

Mei Nong Chen: “Do you remember the person you killed in the villa in Jasper Valley?”

Wu Di frowned, thought for a while, he was indeed there. Jasper Valley Villa killed a female ghost who broke into the bath to disturb her master’s promotion, so she honestly replied: “Remember.”

Mei Nongchen smiled deeper, and the beautiful smile that should have made people heart-stirring, I don’t know why he gave it to the witch. The worm has a strange sense of fear.

“You said, if that person didn’t die, would he find revenge from you?”

“Should be.”

“Well, I think so.”

Mei Nongchen’s words fell, her eyes drenched, and all her smiles were suppressed, and she suddenly shot her hands like the wind. She didn’t use supernatural power, but instead used a stick with a thick baby arm that she didn’t know where she took out, and took a bite to Wu Di. Nanta.

Wu Di was taken aback by her unexpected actions, and then dodged from side to side. He did not dare to resist, for fear of hurting the master’s careful liver, he could only hug his head and scurry around, and soon his nose was blue and his face was swollen and embarrassed.

The immortal servant who was guarding the distance couldn’t help laughing as he watched the head who was cruel and palsy was chased by a woman.

Wu Di: “…” When did he offend Miss Mei?

About half an hour later.

Mei Nongchen threw the stick and sat on the veranda panting, taking the herbal tea that Wu Di brought and drank it.

Wudi wore two panda eyes that were swollen into a line, and his cheeks were swollen as if they contained eggs. He limped when he walked, and his neatly combed hair had become messy straw. He wailed inwardly: When he was beaten, he had to serve tea and pour water, because he was thirsty when he was beaten!

Nothing to love!

Mei Nongchen smacked his lips, looked at his masterpiece with satisfaction, and asked, “Do you know why I beat you?”

Wu Di shook his head.

Mei Nongchen’s eyebrows were crooked: “Didn’t you say that if the person doesn’t die, he will find revenge from you?”

Wu Di looked stunned, why didn’t he understand?

Mei Nongchen: “So I beat you, it’s a revenge for piercing the belly.” After finishing speaking, he left the Miluo Palace in a cool manner.

Wu Di froze in place, the eyes of the two pandas stared into two lines, and they both forgot to stop Mei Nongchen from leaving.

She, she, she…

was the female ghost killed by him in the first place? !

Now he is truly unlovable. The ant that he could crush to death with a single finger has now become his master!

Mei Nongchen arrived at Cyclamen, and Zhu Zitong and Jun Qian Dongfang Muqing were about to go out.

When Zhu Zitong saw Mei Nongchen, he immediately jumped up excitedly, and looked at her three times up and down, and said: “Xiaomei, how beautiful is under the nourishment of His Royal Highness!”

Mei Nongchen’s old face blushed. , Gave her a look.

Jun Qian and Dongfang Muqing looked at her strangely.


Nongchen saw it and smiled and said, “You have something to say?” Jun Qian opened her mouth and Zhu Zitong interrupted her and said, “Oh, don’t talk about that, Xiaomei, we are going to the Moyan Lake to watch the scenery. I heard that the Flame Demon Flower that blooms once in a thousand years is blooming today. Many people have been lingering after seeing it, so let’s go together. “The

Flame Demon Flower? In Mei Nongchen’s mind, there were some memory fragments with Qinyi, and the flower shadow with the flame magic flower. It was indeed a very beautiful flower.

It’s fine anyway, it’s okay to go and have a look, just pass the time.

She smiled and said: “Okay.”


Although Mei Nongchen has an image of the flame magic flower in her memory, when she comes to the magic smoke lake, she is still shocked by the beauty in front of her.

Moyan Lake is a valley and lake, surrounded by mountains. The mountains are full of white to extreme flowers, clusters and clusters, which look like snowy peaks and towering clouds in the distance.

The surface of the lake is lingering with mist, but in this snow-white world, patches of flame magic flowers jumping like flames bloom on the lake surface, without stems and leaves, one next to the other, floating in the half of the magic smoke lake. The breeze blowing in the sky above the meter made a sound like a beautiful young girl’s chuckle, which was more pleasing than Xianle.

Mei Nongchen looked silly, and listened silly, the voice seemed to have a magical power, twitching everyone’s heartstrings, and people couldn’t help but love its agility.

No wonder it can make people linger, this flame magic flower is indeed a wonderful flower.

A suspension bridge is connected between the two mountains. All the people who watch the flowers gather in groups on the suspension bridge, looking at the beauty of the fire below with interest.

“Xiaomei, it’s so beautiful here. Even if you don’t get the favor of His Royal Highness when you come to Miluo City this time, you won’t get nothing if you meet you and appreciate the beauty…” Zhu Zitong said sincerely.

After a pause, she said again: “Xiaomei, you will become a princess or a fairy concubine in the future, you must cover me!”

Mei Nongchen leaned against the chain on the suspension bridge, watching the sincerity flowing in Zhu Zitong’s big eyes Friendship, with a slight movement in her heart, she took her hand and said, “Actually, I am not Mei Yi, I am Mei

Nongchen .” Zhu Zitong was taken aback when he heard the words, and then smiled brilliantly, without being fooled, and stretched out his hand. He grabbed Mei Nongchen’s waist and said, “How many things are you hiding from me? Huh? Give me a clear explanation!”

Jun Qian and Dongfang Muqing seemed to have not heard them. Overlooking the beautiful scenery below.

Mei Nongchen was the most ticklish, chuckling and begging for mercy while avoiding Zhu Zitong’s claws: “Oh, my dear sister, forgive me, just ask what you want, and I will tell you!”

Her The laughter, spreading slowly, was even more beautiful than the sound of the flame magic flower, which caused many flower viewers to look at them frequently.

Zhu Zitong sighed and shook his head, and said: “You little fairy, laugh a few times to attract the attention of so many people, don’t laugh! Tell my sister, have you hooked up with the Prince?”

Mei Nong Chen Yimiao knew that she would ask this, “I…”

“Nang Chen!”

She was about to speak when a surprised voice came.

Mei Nongchen followed the prestige, and saw Fanyin sprinting towards her, followed by Jiuyou with helpless eyes.

Jiuyou’s red dress had red eyes, as eye-catching as the flame magic flower. When he appeared, he attracted most people’s attention.

Zhu Zitong saw him immediately with red eyes, pulling Mei Nongchen’s hand and shaking desperately, and said: “Xiaomei, your master is here, quickly, introduce me to…”

Mei Nongchen: “…”

Mei Nongchen Ignoring her,

he took a few steps forward to meet Fan Yin and said, “Dad, Mom, what a coincidence.” Fan Yin breathed slightly, with fine beads of sweat on his forehead, grabbed Mei Nongchen’s hand, and stared at her. “You kid, why don’t you come to us? Did you forget your mother?”

Jiuyou walked over, gently wiped off the sweat on his forehead with his sleeves, and said, petting: “All such a big person. I’m still running around like a child, and my daughter can’t be lost. What’s anxious?”

Fanyin lowered his head shyly when he heard the words

, and whispered : “Not next time.” Jiuyou nodded in satisfaction, “Well, goodbye. “

Mei Nongchen: “…” Is this showing affection?

Zhu Zitong was dumbfounded, and turned his head mechanically to look at Mei Nongchen. Mei Nongchen couldn’t bear to look directly at the eyes of resentment.

Jun Qian and Dongfang Muqing also looked at each other in surprise.

At this moment –

“Mei Yi?” A

sweet female voice sounded, with a hint of unwillingness in the tone.

A woman wearing a skirt of flowers and flowers came in Yingying, staring at Mei Nongchen, and said: “Mei Yi, didn’t you be favored by His Royal Highness? Hearing that you and His Highness Ye Ye Sheng are very busy, what are you doing today? Do you have time to come out?”

Her voice contained a little divine power, and the volume was not loud, but it resounded through the entire magic smoke lake.

For a time, the suspension bridge exploded.

“What, she’s the Mei Yi who went to His Royal Highness’s bed without a name?”

“Sure enough , she was so shameless!”

” Yes, she didn’t even have the identity of a concubine, so she crawled.” Bed, singing every night! Bah!”

“The pure-hearted people like Your Royal Highness are fascinated by her. It can be seen that she has a great skill in pleasing men on the bed!”

“…” The

discussion became more and more ugly, and Zhu Zitong furiously thundered, his sleeves rolled, and he roared: ” You know what a fart! His Royal Highness stalked and chased Xiaomei from my family! You are jealous, jealous that Xiaomei has won the favor of His Highness, so you deliberately slander, wait, if your Highness knows, you must tear your stinky mouth!”

Mei Nongchen didn’t respond, she was still faint, she stared at the woman in the skirt of the flowers, the woman’s voice seemed to have been heard somewhere.

After thinking for a while, she finally remembered that the woman was the first fairy who introduced herself at the invitation banquet of the empress, she seemed to be Zhu Manzi, the granddaughter of the patriarch of the Xuanwu clan.

Mei Nongchen: “Are you Zhu Manzi?”

The woman was taken aback, and subconsciously asked: “How do you know?”

Hearing this, Mei Nongchen smiled and cut! Another woman who treated her badly for the sake of Lengyi!

But, when did she climb Lengyi’s bed?

Uh… well, she slept in the cold bed every day, and indeed she crawled on his bed.

But, when did she and Leng Yi sing song every night? When did she seduce Lengyi?

It seems that in the past few days when she lived in Zijinque, a lot of things that she didn’t know had happened outside!

Thinking of the fact that in Cyclamen, Jun Qian was eager to talk but was blocked by Zhu Zitong. It turned out that they had known these rumors a long time ago, but Zhu Zitong was afraid that she would be sad and refused to let Jun Qian tell her.

Seeing Zhu Zitong rolling up her sleeves and posing for a fight, Mei Nongchen felt warm in her heart. She took Zhu Zitong’s hand and pulled her back, saying: “Don’t pay attention to them, they are eating It’s not that grapes are sour.”

Then, she gathered her supernatural powers and faced the indignant people on the suspension bridge, and said: “I am Mei Yi, so why did I seduce the prince? I was so fascinated by him. What happened to him? I sang with him every night. What’s the matter? Your prince, he is willing. If you don’t agree, you can strip off to seduce him, and no one will stop!”


“Ah! You, you are shameless!”

“Quiet!” Mei Nongchen sneered. , Said: “Shameless? You can become the prince if you want to be a princess? You can be favored by the prince. I tell you, your prince likes shameless women. Hey! The more shameless he is, the more he likes it. Look I know it. You said I was shameless, but he just likes this one. If you don’t believe me, try it?”



Mei Nongchen looked sincere: “Really!”

“… …”

Mei Nongchen said something silent on the suspension bridge. Most of the people watching the flowers here are women. They all lower their eyebrows and close their eyes, as if thinking about the credibility of her words.

Indeed, seduce men is something that can only be done by discarding their face. They have always regarded themselves very highly and are inevitably over-reserved in the relationship between men and women. Perhaps, this Mei Yi is right, the prince likes to shamelessly seduce his women…

even There are many people nodding secretly…

Mei Nongchen: “…” She actually wanted to say that she was just talking nonsense just now.

Zhu Zitong: “…” Is this the Xiaomei she knows?

Jun Qian and Dongfang Muqing looked at her deeply, not knowing what they were thinking.

“Dust…” Fanyin bit her lip for a long time, and finally couldn’t help but speak, “You and your Royal Highness, what is going on, you really…”

Fanyin is very worried. Recently, she has also heard something about the prince being caught. A woman named Mei Yi was fascinated, but she did not expect that Mei Yi was her precious daughter Mei Nongchen.

Jiuyou’s red eyes were deep, and the flames of anger seemed to be jumping at the bottom of his eyes.

Mei Nongchen smiled brilliantly, and leaned closer to them and whispered: “I just made a fool of myself. I am innocent with Leng Yi.”

Speaking of the word’innocent’, Mei Nongchen couldn’t help but feel a little guilty.

After hearing this, Fan Yin sighed, squeezed Mei Nongchen’s hand, and solemnly said: “If he is an unknown matchmaker who is marrying you, you must not have anything to do with him. Did you understand?”

Mei Nongchen: “I see, mom, Don’t worry, I have a sense of measure.”

Jiuyou also felt relieved, and the anger in his eyes disappeared silently.

Zijin Que.

After Leng Yi dealt with the matter, he returned in a hurry.

After searching for a circle, Mei Nongchen was not found, and the temperature around him plummeted.

“Witch worm!” After

waiting for a short while, a frosty figure appeared like an eggplant, and the witch dog lowered his head, standing aside.

Leng Yi: “Where’s my little boy?”

Wu Di: “%&%”

Leng Yi: “Look up, please reply!”

Wu Di looked up, and two panda eyes swollen into a line immediately appeared in front of Leng Yi’s eyes. His cheeks bulged like a little hamster with food in his mouth.

Leng Yi’s tight lip line suddenly rose up, and he knew at a glance that this must be Mei Nongchen’s masterpiece.

“She beat you?”

Wu Di nodded.

“Did she have fun?”

Wu Di nodded desperately.

“That’s good, the divine sword you’ve always wanted is yours, you can go to the hidden sword pavilion to take it back.”

Wu Di burst into tears and nodded desperately.

“She went out?”

Wu Di wiped his tears and nodded.

“Where did you go?”

Wu Di shrank and shook his head cautiously.

There was a moment of silence.

“Forget it, I’ll go find it myself, I will not punish you this time for the sake of coaxing her to be happy and effective, not as an example!”

Wu Fei burst into tears and nodded desperately.

… On the

Suspension Bridge, Magic Smoke Lake.

Mei Nongchen’s nonsense caused those who targeted her to shut up and began to think about how to seduce the prince.

Seeing that he hadn’t achieved the result he wanted, Zhu Manzi glared unwillingly with a pair of beautiful eyes.

Many people who watch the flowers here are fairies who are preparing to participate in the concubine election ceremony. Zhu Manzi wanted to use this incident to arouse the anger of everyone against Mei Nongchen. It is best to attack them in groups, except for this vixen, even if she can’t be excluded. , Also give her some color to see!

However, she did not expect that she did not play the card according to common sense, turned the tide in a few words, and shifted everyone’s attention to how to gain the favor of His Royal Highness. It was damned!

After gritting his teeth for a while, Zhu Manzi suddenly remembered something, and said loudly: “Mei Yi, at the invitation banquet of the empress empress, you smashed the beard’s face. Now one of her faces has been ruined, you can be proud of it. “


there is another uproar on the suspension bridge.

The fairies who were present at the time knew the truth of the matter, but the truth could not obliterate the fact that their beards were beaten and half of their faces were disfigured. The scene of flesh and blood flying at that time, they are still scared and disgusting even when they think of it.

Those people who didn’t know the truth all accused Mei Nongchen of being cruel and ruthless, ruining a woman’s face.

Facial appearance is so important to women!

Jun Qian and Dongfang Muqing didn’t say a word from beginning to end, only Zhu Zitong, angry and anxious, defended Mei Nongchen.

Mei Nongchen frowned and was impatient. What on earth is this Zhu Manzi doing? What’s the point of saying all these messy things?

Discredit her? She doesn’t care what others think of her.

Mei Nongchen stared at Zhu Manzi for an instant, and said indifferently: “Miss Zhu, just say what you have to say, why bother with the left shot and the right, isn’t it tired?”

Zhu Manzi was taken aback. Shouldn’t normal women panic or jump into a thunder when they are accused by everyone? If it was these two kinds, she could have taken care of the vixen on the spot, but now she asked her so frankly what she wanted to do, she really couldn’t answer.

There was a long silence.

She said: “You are so hot, you don’t deserve to stay with His Royal Highness!”

“Oh? Are you?” Zhu Man’s purple voice just fell, and a cold and powerful voice sounded from outside the sky, “She doesn’t deserve to stay by the side of the hall,” Who is worthy?”

Mei Nongchen trembled, and looked up, and saw a long golden shadow, like a god, flying towards her from outside the sky…

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