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Chapter 78 My little one

The people on the suspension bridge looked up.

The cold wind is coming slowly, and the reverse air current gently lifts the hem of his clothes, swelling in a charming posture, his long black hair, flying into flowers, against the backdrop of the snow-capped mountains on all sides, he stands tall and majestic. His golden figure is like a bright sun falling from the sky with dazzling flames, dazzling.

Everyone was stunned.

“His Royal Highness——!” I

don’t know who shouted loudly, pulling back the sanity of a group of people, and also the sanity of Mei Nongchen.

Mei Nongchen watched the golden dress falling in front of her, and the strong, good-smelling masculine aura immediately repelled the floral fragrance that permeated here, and the strands penetrated into her brain from the tip of her nose, and the pair was thick and long. Eyes concealed by eyelashes shot into the scorching eyes that made her blush and heartbeat.

Leng Yi…

Leng Yi landed on her feet, opened her arms lightly, and said, “My little heart, come to my arms.”

Mei Nongchen immediately shook off her goose bumps when she heard the words, but she still walked up to the top two obediently. Step, leaning into that cool embrace.

Leng Yi smiled with satisfaction, leaned over and dropped a soft kiss on her Ruyu’s forehead, then embraced her, squinted, and glanced sharply at the stunned crowd on the suspension bridge, exuding a strong pressure of deterrence, voice It was so cold that she said, “Who among you thinks that my little heart is cruel?”

Everyone shook their heads.

“Who among you thinks, my little one is not worthy to stay by my side?”

Everyone shook their heads.

“Yeah.” Leng Yi snorted without emotion, bowed his head, the slender and round index finger of his right hand gently raised the thin and delicate chin of the person in his arms, his eyes were soaked in water, filled with deep tenderness, and said: ” How do you want the person who bullied you to die?” The

clearly soft, affectionate and pleasant voice contained a ruthless killing intent, which made people scared to hear it.


There was a sound of cold air, and the few people who had said the most defamation just now knelt down. Everyone looked at Mei Nongchen nervously and apprehensively, for fear that she would say some cruel way of death.

They heard about the cruel and cruelty of His Royal Highness. It is said that when the immortal world fought against the demon world, he once killed a million demon army with a single person. The evil spirit on his body could stop the babies from crying at night. He said that if you want to kill them, you must It will make them die ugly!

Zhu Manzi also squatted on her knees. She did not expect that His Royal Highness would suddenly appear, and she did not expect that the little bitch could confuse His Royal Highness into this way, and would kill them because of a few ridicules!

Mei Nongchen looked at the cold and tender eyes in surprise, and his heartbeat speeded up uncontrollably. He wanted to kill because she was slandered by others. The strong feelings made her unable to parry for a while.

She looked at those horrified and pleading eyes, suddenly stressed.

But she understands that if she really allowed Leng Yi to take the lives of these people, it would certainly be able to speak badly for her, and it could also deter those who lied about right and wrong, but if she really did that, Leng Yi would definitely be shameful to the world. As the future king of the fairy world, killing innocent people indiscriminately for the sake of a woman is a great taboo for the king!

Moreover, she doesn’t care about the rumors of irrelevant people at all.

People live for themselves, not for others.

Mei Nongchen took away the slender fingers that held her chin, held it in her hand, buried her face in Leng Yi’s chest and rubbed it, and said, “Who dares to bully me with you here?”

Leng Yi’s pupils shrank upon hearing this. After a few clicks, he instantly understood her thoughts, and there was a throbbing in his heart, his long arms held her tightly, his arms were so strong that he wanted to rub her into his body.

His carefulness makes him love more and more, what should I do?

While holding Mei Nongchen’s affectionate affection, he swept across the people on the suspension bridge one by one, and said sternly: “Remember, don’t have the next time, next time, even if my cautious child intercedes, It’s useless!”

“Yes, thank the princess for not killing.” I

don’t know who shouted again. Obviously, this sentence hit Leng Yi’s heart sharply, and his cold facial lines loosened. There was a rare smile.

When everyone saw it, they all learned something and shouted: “Thank the princess for not killing, I wish the princess and the princess will love each other forever and give birth to a precious son…”


“Haha!” Leng Yi listened more and more satisfied, and finally laughed heartily.

Mei Nongchen: “…” Is this really appropriate?

Zhu Zitong’s eyes stared into copper bells in surprise, looking at the pair of biren, the prince’s love for Xiaomei, so that as an outsider, she couldn’t help her heart trembling when she saw it, and wished that the person lying in the arms of the prince at this moment was Herself.

She blinked, waved away the lingering thoughts that shouldn’t be there, and smiled at Mei Nongchen, bright and beautiful.

Jun Qian and Dongfang Muqing looked at each other, and both saw the jumping flames in each other’s eyes.

Zhu Manzi lowered his head, gritted his teeth unwillingly, clenched his hands in his sleeves, and the joints were white.

Soon, the people who received the amnesty dispersed one after another. If they don’t leave now, when will they wait? So they retreated one after another while His Royal Highness was in a happy mood. Before they were full of calculations about how to seduce His Highness’s mind, they were thrown out of the clouds.

At this time, only Mei Nongchen and Lengyi, Zhu Zitong, Jun Qian and Dongfang Muqing, and Jiuyou and Sanskrit remained on the suspension bridge.

Jiu You’s eyes were heavy, and sharp light burst into Leng Yi’s body like a long needle.

However, Fan Yin looked at Mei Nongchen worriedly for a while, and then looked at Leng Yi timidly. She wanted to step forward to talk to Mei Nongchen, but because of Leng Yi’s deterrence, she hesitated and became entangled. .

The three Zhu Zitong stepped aside wittily, bowing their heads and converging their eyes.

Mei Nongchen raised his head from Lengyi’s arms, was touching Jiuyou’s sharp eyes, and immediately jumped out of Lengyi’s embrace like an electric shock.

She was infatuated for a while and forgot that her parents and parents were still there. Before, she vowed to say that she was’innocent’ with Leng Yi, but seeing her interacting with Leng Yi so intimately, who can believe them? Are you innocent?

“Uh… Well, Dad, things are not what you think they are, we are innocent…” Mei Nongchen said naively.

Jiuyou didn’t react much when he heard that, and still looked at Leng Yi unkindly, as if he had caught a vegetable thief who had stolen his Chinese cabbage!

Leng Yi wrinkled her brows. The eyes of Mei Nongchen who had been staring attentively showed a light of danger. Is she anxious to get rid of him?

Remembering the scene of seeing Mei Nongchen holding Jiuyou’s arm with a brilliant face before, he suddenly gasped with sour gas in his heart.

“Nonsense!” Leng Yi said with a stern face, solemnly: “Where is there any innocence between us? When did you learn to lie?”

Mei Nongchen: “…” dumbfounded.


A red light flashed in front of Mei Nongchen’s eyes, she only felt a flower in front of her eyes, and then fixed her eyes, Jiu You and Leng Yi had already beaten hard to separate.

But obviously, Jiuyou is at a disadvantage.

For a time, the squally wind roared and the sound shook the sky, and the suspension bridge shook violently after the aftermath. The snow-colored flower peaks surrounded on all sides were hit, and patches of scorched ground were bald.

Under the ravages of the violent wind, the flame magic flower actually uttered a high-pitched and sharp woman’s scream, which sounded very strange.

Mei Nongchen didn’t stop Jiuyou and Lengyi, she just watched quietly, the hurricane engulfed her long hair violently, she knew that Lengyi’s cultivation base was much higher than Jiuyou, but she believed in Lengyi and believed he knew Properly.

Fanyin was very anxious, “Daughter, let His Royal Highness stop. He is a strong little god, and Brother Nine is not his opponent at all. Let him stop!”

Mei Nongchen patted her hand. He comforted: “It’s okay, Mom, Dad will be fine. Although Leng Yi doesn’t know that he is my father, but he knows that he is my master, Leng Yi will not hurt his father. Don’t worry, and, I think, father. Knowing that I am with Leng Yi will definitely feel unhappy, so let him take this opportunity to take a good breath, mother don’t worry.”

Fan Yin hesitated, staring nervously at the battle in the distance, and said: “Really?”

Mei Nongchen: “Really, don’t worry.”

Fanyin and Mei Nongchen are okay. Even in the fierce battle, Jiuyou and Lengyi did not forget to separate some of their divine powers to protect them from the aftermath, but Zhu Zitong, Jun Qian and Dongfang Muqing were miserable. The aftermath of the two men’s fierce battle shook the blood and blood retrograde, and the five internal organs were about to shatter.

About an hour later.

Leng Yi returned to Mei Nongchen calmly, and provoked her chin for a kiss.

However, Jiuyou was so physically weak that he staggered a bit when he walked.

At this time, the entire magic smoke lake was no longer in full bloom. The snow-white flower mountains on all sides were all blackened, a single white petal was gone, several hills were flattened, and the flame magic flower and the lake disappeared without a trace.

There is only one suspension bridge that spans the Moyan Lake well.

Jiuyou leaned on Fanyin, clutched his chest and coughed a few times, and said, “Leng Yi, are you sincere to my daughter?”

Hearing this, Leng Yi was slightly stunned, daughter? Isn’t it an apprentice?

He looked at Mei Nongchen suspiciously. Mei Nongchen laughed dryly, and said inwardly: “Ha ha, Leng Yi, I also came to Miluo City and met my father before I knew that he was my relative father…”

‘My dear father’ obviously pleased Jiuyou, and a pleasant smile immediately hung up from the corner of his mouth.

Leng Yi was silent for a moment, and he vaguely remembered that in the mortal world, when he was incarnate as a baby, he had heard the conversation between Mei Nongchen and Mei Yiru when he exchanged secrets. It was said that Mei Nongchen’s biological mother and biological father had other people.

It turned out to be Jiuyou?

It was really a wonderful fate that the master who helped her rebirth and taught her spells turned out to be her biological father.

Remembering that I was jealous with my father before, Leng Yi’s rare old face blushed, and he was about to say something to save his rashness.


He remembered, this Jiuyou, didn’t he get along with his former fiancee Yun Fanyin? He is Mei Nongchen’s father, and Mei Nongchen’s mother…

He has a bad feeling.

“Then your mother is…” Leng Yi asked.

Mei Nongchen’s heart jumped suddenly. Would Leng Yi be angry if he knew that his former fiancee was her biological mother? Do you feel humiliated? Would you… ignore her?

“Yes…Yes…” She was suddenly speechless, her heart sinking.

“It’s me.” Fanyin straightened his waist and tried to make himself look less scared.

Leng Yi turned his head when he heard the words, saw a strange woman, and asked incomprehensibly: “Who are you?”

Sanskrit was taken aback, he didn’t know who she was?

“I, I ……”

“She is my young married woman.” Jiu Interface said, his face wearing a deep malice Xiexiao, a spectacular way, “Have you ever fiancee, cloud Fine.”

Call ——!

A gust of wind whizzed by at the right time, blowing everyone’s eyelashes.



There was a long silence.

Endless silence.

It was so quiet that there were only breathing and whirring wind.

Mei Nongchen’s heart sank to the bottom.

Any man who knows that his beloved woman is the daughter of a former fiancee who has been pryed into the corner and the daughter of a former rival, will he be unacceptable, right?

After a long time, Mei Nongchen felt that she was about to give birth to gray hair.

“Very good.” Leng Yi suddenly raised the corners of his lips, and once again took Mei Nongchen into his arms, and said: “I want to thank you for giving birth to my careful liver.”

Mei Nongchen felt that the beautiful and beautiful face in front of her. The face slowly became blurred, and gradually enlarged in the blur, and then a soft and cool lip covered her lips.

In an instant, a flash of electricity rushed into her body from her lips, exploding countless brilliant fireworks in her mind, and the heart that sank in the valley instantly returned to its place.

Mei Nongchen clung to Leng Yi’s neck, enthusiastically and strongly responding to the kiss at the moment, with carelessness and emotion.

They kissed like no one else, the kisses were earth-shattering, the kisses shook, and the kisses were breathless.

Ashamed of the clouds on the horizon, ashamed of the breeze in the sky, and ashamed of the people present.

Even Jiuyou, a veteran who has experienced many battles, blushed a little, and turned his head away with a light cough.

This Lengyi is more manic than him!

At this moment, he no longer had the anger he had before, because he saw his own shadow on Leng Yi…

Mi Luo Palace, the setting sun was thick.

Mei Nongchen was holding hands all the way by Leng Yi. She walked behind him, staring at the tall and tall golden figure in front of her. Her peach eyes seemed to be drunk but not full of water, and her chest was up and down due to the violent beating of the heart.

Since he said the phrase, “Thank you for giving birth to my little boy”, her affection for him has been sublimated again, and now he just held her hand, making her blush and heartbeat, the ears are hot, that kind of hazy and wonderful The feeling made her feel like flying.

Leng Yi walked ahead with steady steps and a moderate pace, so that Mei Nongchen could just keep up with his pace. From the corner of his eye, he caught a glimpse of the red and glittering face of the person behind him, as if a feather was gently sweeping in his heart. When moving, he suddenly scratched Mei Nongchen’s palm with his finger.

“Um…” Mei Nongchen was shocked by this sudden little movement, and the tingling sensation made her scream.

This sound, with a fascinating temptation.

Leng Yi’s back stiffened slightly, her lower abdomen tightened, and a familiar passion quickly spread throughout his body, causing some strange reactions in some parts of his body…

Perhaps he should marry her sooner, otherwise, sooner or later he would hold back. There is a problem.

The intimacy of the two attracted a lot of attention along the way as expected.

The emperor and empress sat opposite each other in the pavilion, looking at the two people who were not far away.

The empress: “Today, the wife of the young patriarch of the Vermilion clan, Chu Xue, and her daughter Yun Baizhi came here.” The

emperor: “Huh? What did they say?” The

empress: “The identity of the woman that Yi’er likes is the same as that of the true phoenix. The whereabouts of the legacy sword…”

Emperor Zun: “Oh? What’s the identity of that woman?” The

queen constricted her eyebrows and said in a deep voice: “Her real name is Mei Nongchen. She is the daughter of Yun Fanyin and the devil, the former fiancée of Yi’er. Let’s leave aside the identity of the mother. It’s just that Jiuyou, a member of the Demon Race. I’m afraid this matter…” The

Emperor looked at the two people who were drifting away, and remembered the conversation with Lengyi that day by the lake. Understand, his son is very much like him.

He took a deep look at the empress, took her hand and rubbed it slowly, and for a long time, Fang said: “The ceremony of selecting the concubine will be held in some time. Everything depends on their own good fortune.”

He had just got rid of it before . Mei Nongchen is because he doesn’t want his son to be like him, with weaknesses to be found, and being controlled by others everywhere.

But now he has understood that his son, like him, regards’she’ as his life. If he really kills Mei Nongchen, it is conceivable that it would be the life of Leng Yi.

So, look at their own destiny, he doesn’t want to intervene.

Besides, Mei Nongchen was selected by Feng Ge and recognized by Feng Yijian at the same time. It should be Leng Yi’s good match… After

sighing, the emperor suddenly felt a little tired. In this supreme position, I am really tired.

Fortunately, he has Qianqian, no matter how tired, there is a sweet spring in his heart.

The emperor stood up, slammed horizontally and picked up the emperor’s queen, and hurried to the room.

Tired, just find some sweetness…

With the sound of’Brother Yan’, the room quickly set off warm feelings…

Zijin Que.

Leng Yi pulled Mei Nongchen, the original steady pace with a hint of rush.

Mei Nongchen quickened his pace, but still couldn’t keep up.

“Lengyi, you slow down.”

Her voice has a sorrowful charm, which makes the erotic desire in Lengyi’s body more restless. He suddenly stopped his figure, picked up Mei Nongchen, and whirled into the master bedroom like a hurricane.

With the unswollen panda’s eyes, the witchfly turned around in a circle by the hurricane. With a jingle, a sharp sword glowing with cold light fell on the bluestone board, making a crisp sound.

Wu Di was so distressed that he immediately picked up the sharp sword and wiped it with his sleeve. He looked at the beloved Excalibur that he had exchanged for a meal, and the cheek swollen into a hamster’s face pulled out, revealing an ugly smirk. “Hehehe…” The

other fairy waiters looked at him enviously and speechlessly: Boss, stupid!

In other words, in the master bedroom.

Leng Yi pressed Mei Nongchen on the bed, her heart trembled with the hot body temperature.

“Lengyi…” The

hot and damp feeling on her body made Mei Nongchen’s body a familiar and unfamiliar pleasure. Gradually, she wanted more. She clutched Lengyi’s back as he moved with every movement. She arched her body slightly, her eyes blurred, her cheeks flushed, and her legs couldn’t help climbing up to the hot, strong body.

Leng Yi was ready to go, but he was scrupulous about the vow of’wait until the wedding night and I will want you’, he endured forbearance, and whispered in her ear, “Are you going to help me or let me take it now? you?”

Mei Nongchen regained his senses for a while, and found that he and him had been’frankly’, and his ears were burning with shame. He buried his face in the cold neck and said, “I…”

“Help me .” Without waiting for her answer, Leng Yi moved restlessly, and said: “My dear, help me…”

Mei Nongchen’s ears were burning red and her voice was even lower, and she whispered, “Well… …”


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