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Chapter 80 Shameless

Not long after, Leng Yi returned.

The dust is in the dust, and he knows that he has the news at a glance, so he rushed back.

Since he appeared, his eyes have been firmly attached to Mei Nongchen’s body, the corners of his lips curled up in a thrilling arc, and Zhu Zitong, Jun Qian and Dongfang Muqing’s heartbeats all accelerated.

A strand of black hair pouring on his cheek was a little messy, Mei Nongchen got up and smoothed it for him.

Leng Yi grabbed her waist and

pressed a kiss on her hairline. He smiled and said, “What’s the matter for me? Or, my heart misses me?” His voice was heavy, as if from his chest. From the inside, with a different kind of magnetism, people from the ears to the brain are trembling slightly.

Mei Nongchen bowed her head, took his hand, and put her little hand into his palm. His hand was a bit cold, but it was thick and heartwarming.

She looked at him, and her heart suddenly felt sad. She had no friends in the immortal world, only Zhu Zitong, but now, her only friend began to covet the person she loved, which made her feel sad.

However, when she was born again, she has always divided her feelings very clearly. It can be said that she is very sensible in dealing with feelings.

Her man will never be shared with others, even in name; but Zhu Zitong is the first person to express kindness to her, and she has always been very grateful.

Just let her help Zhu Zitong once, after this time, she and Zhu Zitong parted ways and had nothing to do with each other.

Mei Nongchen pulled Leng Yi and sat down by the stone table, staring at the three people who were shy and timid on the opposite side, and said, “They want to be your women, are you willing?”

Leng Yi’s eyes changed, and the breath of the whole body became Su Shi, just now he saw a touch of unspeakable emotion from Mei Nongchen’s eyes. It turned out that someone made her embarrassed.

He squinted his eyes and glanced across the three of them dangerously, and said: “Then stay, it just happens that these flowers in Xianhe Garden have not grown well recently.”

As soon as these words came out, the three people who were originally shy and worried, all shook their shoulders, and knelt on the ground, begging for mercy: “His Royal Highness, please forgive me, we know it is wrong.”

Mei Nongchen pulled at Lengyi’s clothes. Xiu said: “Leng Yi, you know, when I first came to the immortal world without relatives and no reason, Zhu Zitong was the first to express kindness to me, and she had always taken care of me before, and I really took her as a friend, but ……” She paused for a moment, and then said: “She came to Miluo City and shouldered her hope of the fairy city. She hopes that her fairy city can be blessed by you, so I think…”

Leng Yi felt distressed when she heard the words. She remembered what Wu Di said that besides wandering around in the Mirage Palace, she did the most to count petals. She must be very lonely, right? I can’t stay by her side all the time.

He suddenly blamed himself for failing to take care of her.

He glanced at the three people who were kneeling on the ground and trembling, and asked: “Who is Zhu Zitong?”

Zhu Zitong shook his shoulders when he heard the words, and his head dropped lower, and replied, “It’s… it’s me.”

Leng Yi: ” Which fairy city are you from?”

Zhu Zitong: “…One-star Mocheng.”

Leng Yi said silently, “Wu Di! Go and check what resources are lacking in One-star Mocheng, and provide it for three years free of charge. If it can be promoted to the second-star Mocheng after three years, it will be provided for another three years; if not, the resources provided will be cut off.”

Wu Di: “Yes!”

Except for Miluo City, the lower fairy cities are all divided by stars, the lowest. Xiancheng is one-star, high-level has no upper limit, and low-star Xiancheng is well developed, and it can be promoted up to the star.

Leng Yi’s move, in addition to getting the dust for Mei and Zhu Zitong’s kindness, also gave Zhu Zitong’s Xiancheng a chance. If it is capable, it will take this opportunity to flourish; if it is incompetent, then it will completely decline.

Zhu Zitong, Jun Qian and Dongfang Muqing also understood the meaning of his move, and their cheeks were flushed with excitement. They desperately thanked them, their fairy city was saved!

Jun Qian and Dongfang Muqing lowered their heads, glimpsing a pair of black boots with golden dragons from the light. Seeing the golden dragon’s majestic posture over the clouds and mist, they can imagine how the owner of the black boots is at this moment. Extremely, can’t stay with such a man.

I thought that because of the relationship between Zhu Zitong and Mei Nongchen, they could stay in all likelihood. As long as they could stay with His Royal Highness, with their delicate and beautiful appearance, given time, they would surely get the rain and dew from His Royal Highness. If you have a male and a half female…

But if things don’t go well, everything will be in vain.

Leng Yi waved Wu Di to take them away. Zhu Zitong’s big eyes were filled with tears. She looked at Mei Nongchen with apologetics and shame. She knew that Xiaomei would not agree, but she was bewitched to give it a try. Luck, maybe Xiaomei will agree? Maybe His Royal Highness will take a fancy to them? She knew that she shouldn’t be like this, but she really wanted to stay with that person…

Mei Nongchen looked at Zhu Zitong who was looking back three times. When she looked back for the last time, Mei Nongchen smiled and did it to her. A gesture of waving goodbye.

Zhu Zitong trembled all over, she knew that she would lose Xiaomei’s friendship forever…

bye, stranger.

… After the

three people left, Mei Nongchen sat on the bench in the pavilion, leaning on the railing faintly.

Leng Yi walked over, sat down next to her, swept a strand of green silk behind her ears, and then stroked her cheeks with pity.

Mei Nongchen leaned her face into his palm and rubbed it again, then she rushed over and put her whole person in his arms, tightly surrounding his thin but strong waist.

Leng Yi hugged her tightly.

Mei Nongchen was very sad. She still remembers how Zhu Zitong furiously fought back when everyone spit on her on the suspension bridge that day, and how Zhu Zitong explained her to the public in one word. She was not a cruel person. She was grateful and felt warm at one time. Many times, she forgot that Zhu Zitong was also a fairy who participated in the concubine election ceremony. She forgot that Zhu Zitong was also a woman.

Or, she didn’t forget, she just ignored it deliberately.

She knew that she was selfish looking at this from Zhu Zitong’s point of view.

But feelings are inherently selfish. What she can do is to perfect herself; she can’t do things that sacrifice herself to perfect her, and she won’t do it.


“Lengyi, you are mine alone!”

When Leng Yi heard the words, one of the corners of his lips hooked up, and said, “Yes, you are alone, and you will always be.”

Mei Nongchen reluctantly said, “But I heard that you want to accept a concubine. ? “

cold Yi sighed, and said:”! Families with fierce wife, where I’m it! “

Mei get dust ‘ooh’ to straight up, eyes narrowed, vicious authentic:” What did you say ‘?!

cold Yi grin, A row of neat white teeth and diamond-like Yuyu radiant, the smile is so beautiful, and the garden is full of beautiful flowers, and said: “My little liver blows me up every night, how am I? Have the energy to talk to other women?”


Mei Nongchen blushed into a red Fuji. She felt that her heels were about to burn, “You…you…” “You”

haven’t had anything to do with “you” for a long time, and finally slammed on Lengyi’s feet. He stomped and said: “Shameless! Hooligan!” She turned and ran, she found out that Leng Yi was an old hooligan in a cold and expensive coat! Still a ten-thousand-year-old hooligan!

Where did Lengyi allow her to run off, and with a long arm, he fished a fragrant scent. He stared at Mei Nongchen’s eyes that looked like anger but not anger, and said seriously: “I Lengyi, in this life and this world, you are the only one, if you If you don’t believe it, you can test it in a lifetime!”

After speaking, he leaned over his red lips and poured out all his tenderness at the moment.

Mei Nongchen’s heart trembled, her arms climbed on the cold back of his neck, hung on his body and kissed him warmly. Between his lips and teeth, the unique taste of the two filled with

the fairy servant and the fairy servant who were not far away. They lowered their heads, flushed with shame.

… In

the next few days, Leng Yi stayed in Zijinque for longer than before. Mei Nongchen understood that he was afraid that she would be bored, so he stayed with her.

Book Pavilion.

Leng Yi was reviewing a stack of essays, while Mei Nongchen wrote and wrote on the case table on the side.

The afternoon time is particularly warm and sweet because of the love between the two.

The green smoke from the incense burner filled the air with a strange fragrance.

Mei Nongchen sketched out the painting with a small smile. After a long time, she took a long breath and nodded in satisfaction when she saw the scene in the painting.

Leng Yi over there closed the last essay, put aside his pen, and rubbed his eyebrows.

Mei Nongchen glanced at Leng Yi with a slightly tired face, and walked over to him with a distressed shoulder, and said, “I have always been puzzled. You said, how advanced the technology is in this mortal world, why is the immortal world so backward? After I came, I always had the sense of

seeing that I had traveled back to ancient times.” Leng Yi enjoyed her service, squinted comfortably, and said: “In the fairy world, who is not an old antique that has lived for more than a thousand years? And, what are the so-called mortal ones? Which of the world ’s high-tech inventions can be used in the immortal world?”


“We live in a different world, each with its own advantages, each with its own characteristics, immortal world antiques, this is our characteristic, mortal development Quickly, this is the characteristic of mortals. It cannot be compared or compared.”

“Furthermore, if it weren’t for the prohibition of the death of a mortal by the god king in the mortal world, the immortal would kill a mortal at the expense of three levels of cultivation… “Leng Yi raised his head, looked up from Mei Nongchen’s chin, and said: “Anyone in the fairy world can destroy the entire mortal world. You said, we need those so-called high-tech products in the mortal world?”

Mei Nongchen “…”

Speaking of the god king…

Mei Nongchen stopped her shoulder-squeezing motion, leaned over his neck and leaned his face against his face, and asked, “Leng Yi, do you remember what the god king looks like? Is it?”

Her sudden movement made Leng Yi’s mind tremble, feeling the slippery and tender touch of his face, smelling the girl’s body fragrance on Mei Nongchen’s body, he was a little absent-minded, and said casually: “I don’t remember.” Face, kissing Mei Nong’s small white cheek.

Mei Nongchen: “…” Suddenly she was wronged for You Qinyi. She deliberately set up an overall situation to change her face for Lengyi. In the end, she was killed, but she didn’t remember her at all. Hey… It was another falling flower deliberately flowing water. Ruthless drama.

Mei Nongchen thought about Qinyi, but she was a little absent-minded. When she came back to her senses, she found herself in her cold arms, her neckline wide open, and a big hot hand wandering unscrupulously in her clothes. .

Feeling Leng Yi’s sudden rise in body temperature, Mei Nongchen was shocked. She had long discovered that every time Leng Yi moved his lust, his body would get scary hot, just like that.

“Leng Yi…” She grabbed the wolf paw, twisted her body nervously, and interrupted: “I just drew a picture for you, let’s go see it together.”

“Um…” Mei Nongchen This twist was grinding somewhere, and he let out a muffled snort, his body temperature rose even more “chitteringly”, and his eyes became bottomless. He held Mei Nongchen in one hand and swept across the table with the other hand. , With a sound, everything on the table was scattered on the ground.

He put her on the table, the cold table top made Mei Nongchen shudder, and then, hot kisses fell on every part of her body, flushed all over her body, and the fine sweat was almost invisible from every one. The pores appear quickly.

Every skin on her body was tight, and her red lips could not help but overflow.

“Leng Yi…”

Mei Nongchen put his hands on the edge of the table and exhaled his name at the extreme point… The

setting sun sank half of her body.

Mei Nongchen was neatly dressed, sitting in Lengyi’s arms.

When she thought of what had just happened, she was so embarrassed that she was so embarrassed that she didn’t expect that she was actually under Leng Yi’s lips and tongue… The

more she thought about it, the more her ears became hot, her head was about to retract into her belly.

Seeing her ashamed, Leng Yi couldn’t help but laughed: “Now I know I’m shy, you weren’t like this just now…”

Seeing her lower and lower head, he reached out and patted her ass, and said, “Don’t Hidden, people are in my arms, where can I hide?”

“It’s really easy to be shy little fairy, you have to get used to it, otherwise, when we become relatives, don’t you have to shrink into a shy ball?”

After half an hour.

“Okay, no one else knows, I won’t laugh at you, on the contrary, I love your obsessive appearance so much…”

After half an hour.

“Why are you still shy? Hey! Hey!…”

“…Fell asleep…”

That night, the sky over the city of Mila.

In the high night sky, somewhere, a round hole the size of a basin appeared silently, and a large cloud of black fog and a black figure spewed out from the hole.

The black mist kept rolling forward, and then, divided into countless strands, it wandered in all directions towards the city of Milo, falling into the red walls and green tiles.

The fairy house of the Zhuque clan, the boudoir of Yunbaizhi.

A wisp of black mist poured in from the bottom of the carved door and turned into an old man with the bones of a fairy wind, but strangely, his eyes are not black and white, only the thick black mist that keeps rolling. He holds an arrow in his left hand. Ya, his right hand is a curved bow.

He snapped his fingers in the direction of Yun Baizhi, Yun Baizhi sat up, then got down to bed with his eyes dull, and walked towards the old man barefoot.

The black mist in the old man’s eyes slowly protruded a black antennae, and’Puff’ inserted into Yun Baizhi’s eyes. Her eyes immediately became like the old man’s, rolling thick black mist.

He thrust a bow and an arrow into Yun Baizhi’s hand, and said with temptation in his voice, “This is the’love-calling arrow’, on top of the concubine ceremony, listen to my order and shoot this arrow at His Royal Highness. Arouse his true feelings for you, remember, listen to my order, shoot this arrow at the Prince, and you can arouse his true feelings for you…” After the

words fell, the old man turned into a black mist and dispersed, and Yun Baizhi’s eyes suddenly returned to their original shape. Yi Ji Ling woke up.

She was holding a bow and arrow, her eyes revealed excitement, and she muttered to herself: “Listen to the order, shoot this arrow at His Royal Highness, and you can arouse his true feelings for me…”

The fairy house of the Xuanwu tribe, the purple boudoir of Zhuman.

The same thing happened again.

Zhu Manzi’s eyes rolled in a thick black mist, standing in front of an old man with a fairy style.

The old man stuffed the bow and arrow exactly the same as Yun Baizhi’s hand into her hand, and said: “This is the’killing the arrow of the gods’. On the selection of the concubine ceremony, listen to my order, shoot this arrow, and kill the fairy you hate the most… “When the

words fell, the old man turned into a black mist and dispersed, Zhu Manzi suddenly awake, showing madness and resentment, and smiled softly: “Listen to the order, shoot this arrow, and kill the slut Mei Yi…”

Cyclamen came .

Zhu Zitong, Jun Qian, and Dongfang Muqing also each got a “love-calling arrow”. They were holding their bows and arrows, and they all showed excitement and whispered: “Listen, shoot this arrow at His Royal Highness, to arouse his true affection for me. ……”

Except for them, all the fairies who participated in the concubine election ceremony received a’love arrow’, only Zhu Manzi got the’slaying arrow’.

No one wondered where this arrow came from, they only had its effect in their minds, awakening the true feelings of His Royal Highness for themselves…

… In front of the round hole in the night sky, a dark shadow stood quietly.

After all the arrows were distributed, the black mist that was scattered gathered from all directions, and then condensed into an old man with a fairy style.

The old man knelt on one knee in front of Sombra, and said, “King, the task is complete.”

Sombra: “The day of the selection of the concubine, is the death of Lengyi! Once Lengyi died, it is a good opportunity for my demon world to step on the immortal world! “The

old man: “I wish my king a success!”

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