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Chapter 81 Concubine selection ceremony, the golden phoenix spreads its wings

The concubine election ceremony has finally arrived.

The whole city of Milo was in a boil, and every door with a female participating in the concubine election ceremony was dispatched by the whole family. The entrance of the Milo Palace was crowded with people waiting for the return of the fairy from the family. His Royal Highness is also very good at accepting concubines as immortals.

Ruo Mei Nongchen sees this situation and will definitely think of the grand occasion of the college entrance examination day in the world.

Zijin Que.

Mei Nongchen suddenly became nervous, what if she was not selected by Feng Ge? Until then, what will Lengyi do?

She hadn’t thought about this problem for so many days, and under Leng Yi’s pampering, she had an illusion that they would definitely be together smoothly.

Until today, when the concubine election ceremony was around the corner, she suddenly realized that Feng Ge’s choice would be the biggest issue between her and Leng Yi.

Mei Nongchen wore a moonlight gauze skirt, exuding a holy brilliance like moonlight, and she wore a simple, even crude bun, from the hands of Leng Yi.

Fortunately, her beautiful features gave her rough bun a distinctive charm.

Mei Nongchen rubbed her hands together and paced around the room.

Leng Yi was sitting cross-legged on the couch, and a chessboard was placed on the short table in front of him. His slender fingers were holding a black stone. He was studying…backgammon.

This is what Mei Nongchen taught him. He hasn’t beaten Mei Nongchen so far, so he thinks hard about Gomoku whenever he has time.

Yu Guang caught a glimpse of Mei Nongchen’s pacing figure. He put down Heizi, got up, hugged her from behind, and gently pressed his chin against her neck, saying: “Don’t be nervous, you must be the crown prince. “

Mei Nongchen pushed his head away, turned to look at him, and said, “How do you know? What if Feng Ge didn’t choose me?”

Leng Yi stroked her white and smooth neck, and said, “There is nothing to do. One.”

Mei Nongchen: “Yes, there must be. In case I am not selected, what shall we do?”

Leng Yi helplessly, took her to the side of the couch, sat down, and then pulled Mei Nongchen on his lap. She stayed on her waist and said, “If you are not selected by Fengge, I will only marry you. Even if it violates the fairy rules, what about you, I only want you.”

Besides, fool, you have been selected by Fengge, where are you? What in case?

Leng Yi squeezed her cheek in an affectionate manner, “My people are all yours, what are you worried about?” After

hearing this, Mei Nongchen’s ears were hot, shy and angry, and said: “When are you? Mine? Stop talking nonsense!”

“Why not?” Leng Yi buried his head on her chest, the soft touch and the girl’s unique deodorant made him feel shocked, his body temperature began to rise, and he opened his mouth and took a bite. “Little fairies, always have a hard mouth, when do you have to clean up!”

“Ah!” Mei Nongchen cried out in pain, pushing his face, and said: “Why are you always like this!”

Leng Yi controlled vigorously She took another bite of her hand, and said, “Don’t you like it? I think you like it too tightly.”

Mei Nongchen’s hands were tied behind her back, unable to resist, she could only let him do anything wrong on her chest, annoyed. At the same time, she was a little bit turbulent, and she bit her lip to prevent her from making any embarrassing noise to fuel his arrogance.

Leng Yi took advantage for a while, resisting the restlessness in his body and stopped, and the concubine selection ceremony was about to begin in a while, and they ran out of time.

At this time, Mei Nongchen’s collar was opened, and the clothes on her chest were soaked with saliva, faintly showing alluring lines.

She blushed, let Leng Yi tidy up her collar, and steamed the soaked place with supernatural power. By the way, she was touched by his claws a few times.

Mei Nongchen: “…”

Leng Yi held her contentedly and walked out towards Biluotai.

Bi Luotai.

On the makeshift high platform, an old man with a childlike face stood in the middle, holding a crystal ball in his hand, and a golden phoenix was flapping its wings and flying in the direction of Zijinque.

The old man was Si Feng Xingjun, dressed in a gray linen robe, from time to time he raised his empty hand and stroked his beard.

Since Xiaowu gave the interfering artifact to Lengyi, and Lengyi learned that it would affect the ability of the Phoenix in the crystal ball, so Lengyi sealed the artifact, so now the phoenix can clearly Point out the location of Mei Nongchen.

Behind Si Fengxingjun, dozens of tables and chairs were neatly placed.

Under the temporary high platform, the fairies dressed up in Shang Wansheng were standing with their heads down. They were all staring at the crystal ball in Si Fengxingjun’s hands. Surprisingly, none of them were nervous, as if they were determined to win the position of the princess in this concubine selection ceremony. Moreover, everyone puts a storage bag in their sleeves…the

sun is getting higher.

The emperor and the queen led the patriarchs of the five gods, the city lord of the fairy city of five stars and above, and the ranks of the immortal officials to sit on the chairs placed on the temporary high platform.

They are important witnesses of this concubine election ceremony.

The big red lanterns and red colored silk hanging around the Biluotai are blowing in the wind.

The scene was silent, only waiting for the hour to come, Si Feng Xingjun forcibly turned on the power of Feng Ge, and re-selected one of the ten thousand fairies on the field to become the crown princess.

After the statue glance to the audience again, looked at the sun, facing the statue of Emperor said: “Your Majesty, Prince Mei how not to get dust that did not come, they must not miss a really good time to do?.”

Emperor statue face Expressionless, with awe-inspiring eyes, majestic and impenetrable, he said: “Prince has a sense of measure, rest assured.” After a while

, Leng Yi and Mei Nangchen came.

The people in Biluotai looked over.

At a glance, the people on the temporary high platform frowned.

His Royal Highness actually held a woman on stage. Many people on the high platform heard that His Royal Highness pampered a woman extremely, but they didn’t expect that he would do such a derogatory thing regardless of the occasion. It really shouldn’t be.

Yunhe saw Mei Nongchen being held by Leng Yi and boarding the Biluotai, a touch of complicated emotions flashed in a pair of tiger eyes.

The fairies under the high platform met with envy, but when they thought of the things in the storage bag, they smiled gloomily, as if waiting for a while, they could replace Mei Nongchen and become protected by His Royal Highness. Woman in arms.

Only Zhu Manzi touched the storage bag, and then smiled venomously at Mei Nongchen.

The emperor and queen also frowned slightly, but they didn’t say anything.

Mei Nongchen didn’t want to be so controversial at first, but Leng Yi insisted. The two of them stayed in a stalemate for a while. Seeing that it was not early, Mei Nongchen had to compromise and let Leng Yi walk along the way.

Leng Yi seemed to not see other people’s colored eyes, and without squinting, placed Mei Nongchen on the place closest to the high platform and stood still, then he jumped onto the high platform and sat on the first empty chair on the right hand side of Emperor Zun. under.

Seeing Mei Nongchen appear, Zhu Zitong suddenly loosened her grip on the storage bag, but after a while, she clasped the storage bag again as if made up her mind…the

people were all there.

Si Fengxingjun glanced at the Phoenix in the crystal ball, and then at Mei Nongchen, who was pointed at by the Phoenix. A deep meaning flashed in his eyes. He knew that the so-called Concubine Selection Ceremony was just a test for Mei Nongchen. Ming Zhengshen’s opportunity.

In the extremely high sky directly above the Biluotai, it was too far to be able to see.

An old man with the bones of immortal wind sat cross-legged in the void, and a light curtain enchantment covered him, so that outsiders could not see his existence.

He is waiting for the opportunity.

Bi Luotai.

Everyone held their breath and stared at the movements in Si Fengxingjun’s hands.

Mei Nongchen was very nervous. She didn’t understand where Leng Yi’s confidence came from. She was already nervous and was about to faint. There was a vague feeling of uneasiness beating in her heart, always feeling that something bad would happen today.

The good time has come.

Si Fengxingjun tossed the crystal ball upwards, a string of whispering chants overflowed from his fast-opening lips, the crystal ball spun in the air, faster and faster, and the golden phoenix in the crystal ball screamed from his neck. The golden light on his body was extremely dazzling, making people unable to open their eyes for a while.

After three breaths, the phoenix got out of the crystal ball, and it grew louder at a speed visible to the naked eye, and the howling became louder and louder, until it became about the size of an ordinary woman’s body, the dazzling golden light faded, it closed the sound and clapped its wings , Soaring upward, extremely fast!

Since Mei Nongchen left the crystal ball from the phoenix, she felt that there was something in her body that was in harmony with its howling sound, and the phoenix sword hidden in her sea of knowledge also buzzed.

She felt that her brain was about to explode, cold sweat was pouring out of her pores, and the golden seal of the phoenix wings that was covered by her spells on her forehead was flourishing, and she wanted to break through her shackles.

Mei Nongchen gritted her teeth and endured bitterly, making herself look normal.

But her small changes could not escape Leng Yi’s eyes, and Leng Yi stared at her for an instant, ready to rush over at any time.

Mei Nongchen also noticed his small movements, and shook his head calmly at him, indicating that he was okay, and also indicating that he should not act rashly.

Fortunately, at this moment, everyone’s attention was on the flying phoenix, and no one noticed Mei Nongchen’s abnormal reaction.

The phoenix flew to a very high altitude, finally stopped, then turned its head and turned its head down, and then…


With the sound of a sharp sword breaking through the air, it dived down at the speed of the bullet!

That aura, like an eagle diving at a very fast speed, makes people want to escape from its diving range.

But no one did that. Every fairy looked at the Phoenix eagerly and eagerly, hoping that it would land on his head.

The golden phoenix suddenly stopped halfway, then turned into a golden light, and disappeared with a scream.

Everyone looked at the cloudless blue sky and was stunned.

Tens of thousands of pairs of eyes were scanning the sky, and it was still unable to find its trace.

“What’s the matter?

Where is the Phoenix?” “Where did you go? Has anyone seen it?”



“Ah! Look ahead!”

Amidst the buzzing discussion, someone suddenly shouted, and everyone immediately turned their attention to look forward.

At a glance, their eyes widened.

I saw the woman who was previously held by the prince, slowly rising into the air, shining golden light from the inside out, behind her, a pair of golden phoenix wings spread high, and the golden phoenix mark slowly appeared in front of her forehead!

In an instant, the alarm bells in the hearts of all fairies!

The woman who was favored by His Royal Highness was chosen by Feng Ge!

She is about to become a princess!

Do not! This is absolutely not possible! How can this be!

“I am the one who should be selected by Feng Ge! I am the one who should be favored by His Royal Highness! I am!”

At this moment, every fairy was roaring in his heart, and the white of his eyes began to faintly turn black. Mist, they are holding storage bags tightly in their hands, they are waiting for orders.

Mei Nongchen no longer felt uncomfortable. The moment the phoenix disappeared, she only felt the front of her forehead burn, and then the whole person was in a strange feeling. She looked at the hateful gazes of other fairies. With Leng Yi’s eyes full of smiles, she understood that she had been selected by Feng Ge.

However, the pair of golden wings behind her, she remembered, was the pair of wings that helped her escape the chains in the illusion created by the little one and the others.

If the current Golden Wing was born because of being selected by Feng Ge, what about before? Why does she have these wings too?

I remembered the inexplicable golden phoenix spreading wings that suddenly appeared in front of my forehead, as well as the inexplicable confidence of Leng Yi, and Xiao Wu said that someone used a crystal ball to find her whereabouts, and in the crystal ball, there was a broken phoenix…

Suddenly, a guess Appearing in her mind, could it be that… she had been selected by Feng Ge a long time ago?


She was taken aback by her own thoughts, but…

Mei Nongchen felt the attraction that suddenly became clear. As early as when she first came to Miluo City, she felt that something in Miluo Palace was attracting her to approach, but the feeling of being attracted was very subtle at the time. She was deliberately suppressed when she was strong and weak, and when she was far and near, she couldn’t feel what was attracting her.

But from the beginning, she clearly felt that it was Lengyi that attracted her to get closer, not the other!

She was really selected by Feng Ge long ago!

She turned out to be his wife!

At this moment, the golden wings behind Mei Nongchen and the golden light all over her body have disappeared, only the golden seal of phoenix spreading wings on the forehead is shining brightly.

The breeze gently lifted her moonlight robe and three thousand green silks, like a goddess, slowly landing in mid-air.

Everyone’s eyes were on her, envious, jealous, spiteful…

Yun He’s old face turned into a pickle, if he knew that Mei Nongchen could be selected by Feng Ge, at the beginning, he was sure Be kind to Jiuyou and Yun Fanyin, and be kind to his granddaughter.

However, regretting it was too late.



An arrow screamed at Mei Nongchen from the crowd under the high platform, with the power of breaking the bamboo, with the air of destroying all death!

Kill the arrow!

“Get the dust!”

Leng Yi exclaimed, and immediately jumped up and rushed towards Mei Nongchen. The power of Killing God Arrow is so powerful that ordinary immortals have no resistance, and the arrow is not empty, and the arrow is killed. Out, one person must be killed!

He was guilty, and increased his speed to the extreme. It could reach the moment before the Killing Arrow shot into Mei Nongchen’s body. He immediately changed the shooting direction of the Killing Arrow with his supernatural power and let it shoot where it came from.

His attention was all on the god-killing arrow.

At this time.

call out! call out! call out! …

Countless breaking sounds sounded, and tens of thousands of arrows shot in his direction!

Thousands of arrows!

Each one carries the spirit of death!

He was shocked! Subconsciously shielding Mei Nongchen in his arms, using his back as a shield to block the tens of thousands of arrows!

With his strength, it is impossible to protect the plum and dust completely in this rain of arrows. The only way is to be killed by these tens of thousands of arrows!

“Yi’er——!” The empress cried out sadly to rush up, but was stopped by the emperor. The emperor saw his son’s reckless behavior and was too late to get angry, so he immediately exhausted all his divine power and condensed a huge shield to block the sky. Behind Leng Yi.

But, useless.

Thousands of arrows passed directly through the huge shield and pierced Leng Yi’s back!

“Puff!” The

emperor spouted blood and fell softly to the ground.

The other people on the high platform also poured out their divine power at the moment the Emperor took the shot, but they still couldn’t stop the speed of Jian Yu.

Everything happens between the electric light and flint.

Leng Yi finally felt the softness of the person in his arms, closed his eyes, and waited for the moment when his soul flew away.

He did not want! Don’t want to leave! He didn’t want to leave the person in his arms, he wanted to give her a lifetime of happiness, and give her endless love…

His body was trembling slightly…

His embrace was so tight, as if he had exhausted his life’s strength.

However, after a long time, he still failed to usher in that moment, the moment when his soul was gone.

Time seemed to stand still, there was no sound, the breathing, the wind, and the sorrowful cry of the queen all disappeared.

At this time.

“Leng Yi? Are you sleeping?” There was a sound of heaven, like a ticking sound when a drop of water fell into a clear lake. He joked: “Do you want me to kiss you up? My love?”

Leng Yi opened his mouth. Eyes, I was seeing a group of people on the temporary high platform staring behind him in stunned astonishment.

He turned his head slowly mechanically, and saw the tens of thousands of arrows close at hand, densely arranged in mid-air like a freeze frame.

If these arrows really hit him, even if they were ordinary arrows, they would kill him!

Mei Nongchen retreated from Leng Yi’s embrace, raised his right hand, stretched out a white and slender finger, and tapped it in the direction of tens of thousands of arrows.


the sound of silver balls colliding.

The ten thousand arrows crashed into jifen, gone with the wind

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