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Chapter 82 I love you

All the patriarchs, city lords, and immortal officials on the high platform hunched their backs and knees, as if they were pressing on a huge mountain, and they couldn’t breathe into the lung lobes.

Here, is shrouded by the majestic and huge coercion!

The emperor, the queen, and Leng Yi were also in cold sweat, staring in horror at Mei Nongchen, who was as light as a butterfly, and saw her raising that slender white finger and pointing to the cloudless blue sky… …

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !

Smashed at the feet of Mei Nongchen.

The figure was an old man with a fairy wind and bones. At this moment, he was covering his eyes, rolling on the ground in pain, and wisps of black mist overflowed from the gaps between his fingers covering his eyes.

At this moment, thousands of fairies, with black mist rolling in their eyes and maintaining an archery posture, fainted one after another and fell to the ground.

Mei Nongchen finally glanced at the rolling old man, and Kuan Kuan returned to the dumbfounded Leng Yi, leaning against the slightly stiff embrace.

In an instant, the huge pressure shrouded here was reduced, and everyone’s backs lightened, and they breathed fresh air again.

Leng Yi recovered from the horror with difficulty, his eyes were so deep that they seemed to be immersed in the night, but in those eyes that were as deep as the night, there were faintly shining stars.

He stared at Mei Nongchen’s holy and radiant face, and for the first time he was surprised that his woman, the woman he loved so much, was so powerful and so powerful that he could hardly catch her.

Lengyi tightened his arms suddenly, and held Mei Nongchen tightly and tightly in his arms. He had an illusion that as soon as he released his arms, the person in his arms would soar until he could not catch up. Where to go.

Emperor Zun looked at Mei Nongchen with a complicated expression, and said to Leng Yi: “Yi’er, this matter must not be spread.”

Hearing this, Leng Yi suddenly became fierce.

He knew that Emperor Zun’s’this matter’ was referring to Mei Nongchen’s tyrannical strength.

Anyone with a discerning eye can see that the old man is a member of the Demon Realm. Someone in the Demon Realm must kill him in this matter, but he did not expect that Mei Nongchen, who was used as a bait to lure him into the game, could actually break this killing game with his slender hands.

Therefore, Mei Nongchen’s strength must not be exposed, otherwise, she will be the one to be killed next time.

Leng Yi glanced at the old man who was still rolling. The old man’s eyes were looking outwards with a thick black mist. As the black mist overflowed, his whole body was like a leaky balloon, dried up a little bit, and there was only one piece left in the end. Can Yi.

The people on the high platform listened to the words of Emperor Zun, and they all stared at Leng Yi warily.

If the prince wants to kill people, even if they are not good at cultivation, they will have to try their best to survive.

Leng Yi didn’t look at them at all. He fixed Mei Nongchen tightly in his arms with one hand, and quickly raised with the other, his fingers turned into a hook, and he grabbed the foreheads of the people who were on high alert.

After a breath.

Except for the emperor and the queen, everyone on the high platform looked around in confusion. They suddenly couldn’t remember what had just happened…


matter returned to the moment when the first God Killing Arrow was shot.

Mei Nongchen drifted down slowly from mid-air. Just as she landed on her feet, a sound of breaking through the air suddenly sounded. She was shocked, and her eyes shot over immediately, catching an arrow shooting at herself.

She was a little surprised, not because of the thunderous power of the arrow, but…

she recognized at a glance that the arrow was the same as the one used by the old man to kill Lengyi in front of the broken house in the mortal world. The Killing Arrow is exactly the same!

Moreover, at that moment, the anxiety that throbbed in her heart became stronger.

With the strength of her god king, it was easy to pick up the arrow of the gods, but when she heard Leng Yi’s exclamation, she saw him rush to her. Mei Nongchen’s heart suddenly moved when the figure flew over. This situation was similar to the scene when they were in the bloody old chain at the time.

Moreover, she caught a glimpse of the tens of thousands of fairies next to her unexpectedly taking out a storage bag and pinching it in her hand. The storage bag was an ordinary thing, but everyone holding a storage bag, they became unusual.

At the same time, the soul control art that Mei Nongchen learned resonated strongly with a certain place in the sky at that time. She understood in an instant that someone had controlled the tens of thousands of fairies present!

So she insisted on patience and chose to watch the changes.

What happened later was in her expectation.

Sure enough, someone used her as a lure to lure Lengyi into death.

However, Leng Yi’s final decision made her mind tremble violently.

With Leng Yi’s energy, breaking through that arrow rain will consume some supernatural power, but it is safe to worry about life.

But he chose to use his back as a shield to protect her well.

Mei Nongchen had to admit that Leng Yi’s move successfully branded himself into her soul…


selection ceremony for the concubine ended in a hurry.

Those fainted fairies who had family members waiting at the gate of the palace were all taken away by their families; those who had no family members waiting were sent back to their respective residences.

The news of Feng Ge’s selection of the woman favored by His Royal Highness spread quickly.

After Jiuyou and Fanyin learned about it, whether it was sad or happy, Fanyin sighed for a while. She always felt that Lengyi was too cold and ruthless, and she didn’t know if she would always treat her daughter well.

Helpless, Jiuyou had to’sacrifice herself in a grievance’, and dragged Man Yin into the room to take her to the top, making her temporarily forget all her troubles.

Yun He took Yun Baizhi back to the Yun family’s fairy house with a faint expression.

In the courtyard.

Seeing his discouraged look, what else Yun Fanchu and Chu Xue didn’t understand? When she saw Yun Baizhi in a state of fainting, Chu Xue cried again.

Yunhe’s wife, Feng Nanqin, stood quietly by the side. The breeze in the courtyard made her tremble and coughed twice from time to time.

When Chu Xue and Yun Fanchu brought Yun Baizhi back to the room, Feng Nanqin stepped forward and comforted: “Master, cough cough, why bother to be so lost? I was not selected by Feng Ge. Maybe it was Zhi’er’s good fortune. Simple, happy, angry and easy to form, in a place like Miluo Palace, I’m afraid it will be difficult to survive, cough cough…”

Yun He was remorseful for missing Mei Nongchen, and listened to Feng Nan. When Qin said, he suddenly raised his head, and a pair of pale tiger eyes suddenly burst into light. He stared at Feng Nanqin for a long time, and said, “Do you want to see your daughter?”

Feng Nanqin’s pale paper face was full of excitement after hearing this. Blushing, she coughed violently, as if to cough out her heart and lungs.

For a long time, she gasped and asked, “Yinyin is back?”

Yunhe’s eyes were clear, and he firmly supported her shaky arm, “Come back, tomorrow, I will take you to see her…”

He almost forgot, he His daughter, loves her mother very much…

As long as Feng Nanqin goes out, his daughter will follow home obediently, and Mei Nongchen is also his granddaughter. As for Jiuyou…

when he returned to Yun’s house, he has a way. Except Jiuyou.

Although he made a vow that he would never trouble Jiuyou again, he didn’t have to do it himself if he wanted to get rid of a person

Yuqing Palace.

The emperor and the queen were sitting on the couch.

Leng Yi and Mei Nongchen were seated in soft chairs under their heads.

Snapped! Jingle——!

The emperor slapped the hand on the low table, and the tea cup on the low table jumped high.

Leng Yi lifted his eyelids in the direction of the emperor, and said: “The old man is the person next to the demon. It seems that the demon world is starting to be unable to bear it again.” The

emperor swept his eyes sharply with a murderous expression on his face . Chen, thinking of Lengyi’s desperate behavior at the time, even if he understood Lengyi’s feelings for Mei Nongchen, his heartburn was unstoppable.

But when he thought of the fact that Mei Nongchen had turned things around, he suddenly felt jealous.

He didn’t expect that this slender woman would have a cultivation base that was even more advanced than Leng Yi’s! ????????????????

She is also a god!

The emperor grabbed his complicated thoughts and said, “That devil is really hateful, he is actually doing his hands and feet on the concubine selection ceremony! With tens of thousands of god-killing arrows, such a big hand, he is really emptying his mind!”

Leng Yi’s slender fingers tapped. The handle of the chair made a crisp “click” sound.

He took a deep look at Mei Nongchen and said, “He touched my bottom line, he damn!”

Hearing this, Mei Nongchen suddenly raised his eyes and slammed into a pair of deep golden eyes, his eyes hot. She felt a shock, lowered her head hurriedly, and picked up the tea cup to drink tea.

The emperor and empress looked at the interaction between the two, and they looked at each other without saying anything.

There was a moment of silence.

Emperor Zun: “You have to be careful in the future, the Demon Zun will definitely do something.”

“…” Leng Yi was silent for a moment, and the conversation turned, and said: “When will we get married?”

“Puff! Cough cough…”

The tea that Mei Nongchen had just arrived spouted all the way, making her face blushing with choking.

He insisted on mentioning marriage under such serious circumstances?

Leng Yi immediately ran over, patted her on the back distressedly, and said, “Be careful, no one will grab you.” The

emperor said: “…” The

empress looked at the emperor and said: “Yi’er and Nongchen Wuming Living together without a share is not an issue, besides, Yi’er is no longer young. I also want to have my grandchildren earlier, so let’s arrange for them to get married earlier.”

Emperor Zun: “Qianqian can figure it out.”

Thinking of her grandson, the empress swept away the gloom before her, and looked at Mei Nongchen with crooked eyebrows, and amiably said: “I arrange for you to get married as soon as possible. Do you have any comments?”

Mei Nongchen: “…” Looks cold. What would she dare to say with the little pleading eyes of Yi? So he shook his head obediently.

The empress smiled and nodded with satisfaction. Although Mozun used Mei Nongchen to kill his son, she didn’t feel disgusted with Mei Nongchen, because her son liked this woman, so she liked it too.

Besides, this Mei Nongchen is also a god-level powerhouse, worthy of her son.

The only two gods in this world are all in her home, so good and good!


night falls.

Zijinque, in the master bedroom.

Ten bowl-sized night pearls suspended on the beams of the room are emitting soft light, illuminating the whole room.

Lengyi sits on the couch, looks at the offer list in his hand, smiles with satisfaction from time to time, or twists his eyebrows. , Pick up the pen and add one on it.

Mei Nongchen was playing renju next to her. After being bored in Zijinque for more than a month, she finally learned to play left and right.

…… She played

backgammon with herself—_—

she raised her eyelids and stared coldly, with a thick stack of offer orders in her hand, somewhat speechless.

“Leng Yi, just go through a simple process. What are you doing with these things?” She pinched the offer form that Leng Yi had seen with her two fingers and glanced at it. She couldn’t understand anything written on it. It was a name that she had never heard of. She looked a little tired and said, “I have never heard of these things. Can you use them?”

She lay down next to Leng Yi and wriggled forward twice, resting her head on his thigh. I heard that no matter how beautiful a person looks, she would definitely have only two big nostrils from her perspective. Ugly, but she was surprised to find that from this angle, Lengyi was not ugly at all, but still so good-looking, and his Adam’s apple, like a knife-cut Yufeng, was also beautiful.

Mei Nongchen was fascinated for a while, and unconsciously said: “It’s enough to have you, what else do you need those outside things to do?”

Leng Yi paused his hand while flipping the offer list, and Mei Nongchen rubbed his head on his thigh. , The tingling sensation reached the bottom of his heart, it was a naked seduce to him.

He shifted his gaze to his lap, seeing Mei Nongchen’s peach-like eyes that seemed drunk but not drunk. He looked at himself affectionately, and Leng Yi put down the offer form, reached out and stroked Mei Nongchen’s face like white jade, and touched it. Then, she moved down involuntarily…

Mei Nongchen was admiring the cold and handsome face, when he suddenly saw him looking down at her, her gaze was as hot as ever, making her heartbeat faster.

She thought of Leng Yi at the concubine election ceremony that made her tremble to make a choice. Her soul was shouting desperately, shouting with all his strength, shouting’I love you’.

“I love you, Lengyi…” Mei Nongchen’s eyes were thick with thick mist, and her jelly-colored red lips moved, slowly spit out what she felt at the moment: “Lengyi, have I told you? I love you… …”


Mei Nongchen’s words, like a hammer, smashed into Leng Yi’s heart, making him stop when he was about to reach into the claws of her clothes, his heart beating wildly, and the blood all over his body began to boil.

He embeds Mei Nongchen in his arms. Her slender body is completely wrapped by his sturdy body. There is thin water vapor in the cold golden eyes, and he always thinks of the scene of Mei Nongchen’s hand with a thousand arrows. , I always feel that I am not strong enough to stay by her side.

He always felt that Mei Nongchen would leave him one day, so he wanted to marry her so eagerly and wanted to tie her to him forever in the form of marriage.

But just now, when she said’I love you’ to him, he knew that she would always be his.

“I love you too, Nongchen, you will always be mine.”

“Yes.” Mei Nongchen curled his hands on his chest, pressing against his violently undulating chest, such a powerful heartbeat made her follow the throbs.

She moved, “I will always be yours.” She raised her eyes and saw that the always indifferent pair of golden pupils was filled with crystal water vapor at this moment, and her heart was aching slightly. It seemed that she had paid too little, just a word. Moved him like this.

Mei Nongchen stretched out her arms, hooked Leng Yi’s neck, yanked downwards, leaned slightly upwards, opened her mouth to cover the cherry-colored slightly cool lips.

Entangling with it

… the

next day.

When Mei Nongchen woke up, it was three shots of the sun.

Leng Yi was no longer there, she got up and opened the door.

Wu Di stood upright at the door, saw her come out, bowed his head respectfully, and said: “The master said to accompany you home this afternoon.”

“Go home?”

“Yes, accompany you home to see your parents.”

Mei Nong Chen: “…” Leng Yi knows where her parents live?

Going home…

Suddenly, a sad emotion welled up from the bottom of her heart, and she realized that she had no home when she came to the fairy world.

The fairy garden of Jiuyou and Fanyin definitely didn’t welcome her. Every time she went to look for them, the sky didn’t get so dark, Jiuyou started to drive people intentionally or unintentionally…

The Cyclamen she had been living in was not even a home.

As for Zijinque… can’t it be considered a home, right?

“That…” Wu Di rubbed his hands, a little twisted, hesitated for a long time, but couldn’t help but speak, “Miss Mei, please hit me!”

Mei Nongchen: “…?!” This guy was beaten by her. Silly?

Wu Di took out a wooden stick about the thickness of sugarcane from nowhere, and handed it to her hand, and then put on a face to be free, closed his eyes, sent his face forward, and said: “Miss Mei, please Hit me! Please!”

Mei Nongchen: “…!” I have never seen such a cheap request!

She took the stick and slapped him in the face unceremoniously.

One hour later.

Mei Nongchen sat on the veranda in a comfortable mood to blow the air. Wu Di was indeed Leng Yi’s most loyal servant. Seeing that she was in a bad mood, she took the initiative to vent her depression.

“Leng Yi comes back, I must say more of your good things, and let him reward you.”

Wu Di’s face against the pig’s head, the little chicken nodded like a rice.

…It was

almost noon when Leng Yi came back.

As soon as he came back, he saw the black-faced witch fly guarding the door, and raised one of his eyebrows calmly.

Walking into the inner room, she saw Mei Nongchen lying on her side and taking a nap.

Leng Yi walked over and leaned over and pressed a kiss on her baby-like sleeping face.

Then he walked out of the room and stood in the courtyard.

Wu Di walked to him and stood still.

Leng Yi: “What happened?”

Wu Di: “Miss Mei was a little unhappy when she learned that the master was going to accompany her home.”

Leng Yi: “So, she beat you out?”

Wu Di: “Neither …”

Leng Yi: “Wu Di, are you going to lie?”

Wu Di knelt, “It was his subordinate who took the initiative to let Ms. Mei fight, and the subordinate is guilty.”

Leng Yi: “Do you want the newly entered Crimson Divine Sword in the Cangjian Pavilion?”

Wu Di looked up in surprise, how did the master know?

Leng Yi: “… Then she was happy later?”

Wu Di: “Yeah.”

Leng Yi: “Then remember one time, wait for you to gather ten times, and then you can

redeem the Scarlet Divine Sword.” Wu Di: “…” The master is so dark.

Mei Nongchen slept very unsteadily.

When she woke up, Leng Yi was sitting at her feet reading a book.

When Mei Nongchen saw him, she felt very heartbroken. She moved her limbs and climbed up to him, and she nestled directly into his arms.

When she marries him, she will have a family, right?

Where he is, it is home.

Leng Yi looked away from the scroll and saw Mei Nongchen crawling over like a puppy, a smile immediately appeared in his eyes.

He put down the scroll, reached out to pinch Mei Nongchen’s armpits, hugged her on his lap like a child, gently scraped off the tip of her delicate nose, and said: “I remember how mature and elegant you were before. A person of, how come you have become more and more like a child recently?”

Hearing this, Mei Nongchen rubbed his body in his arms, and said, “You are not used to it!”


” ……” As

soon as they finished speaking, both of them were stunned.

“Haha!” Leng Yi regained consciousness first, took a bite on her neck, and said: “My daughter-in-law, who am I not used to?”

After finishing speaking, he directly blocked Mei Nongchen’s open mouth, lingering for a while, and Leng Yi rubbed her swollen lips from being sucked, and asked: “The betrothal gift is ready, I will accompany you home, officially Propose to your parents, okay to hire by the way?”

Mei Nongchen : “…” The concubine election ceremony just ended yesterday, so I hired today, will it be too fast?

“I want to marry you home sooner.” Leng Yi licked her lips and said: “I don’t want to drink only some soup every day, I want to eat meat!”

Mei Nongchen: “…” The ears are red. It will burn soon.

Leng Yi loved her very embarrassed appearance, leaned over her ear and exhaled, and said: “I want you to be the envious bride of everyone.”


Beauty Niuniu, the baby was not in the state yesterday, just code a chapter,

beautiful girls don’t shoot me, love me.

I have a good night’s rest, and I will continue to struggle today, and I will strive for more tomorrow.

Girls want to love me——!

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