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Chapter 83 hire for ten miles, pay debts from father to daughter

At the gate of Zijinque.

Mei Nongchen stared at the scene in front of her eyes, the mahogany boxes with beads inlaid with treasures, red colored silk, and double happiness affixed to them, stretched from the gate of Zijin Que to the gate of Miluo Palace!

She has not measured how long it is from Zijinque to the gate of the palace. She only knows that at her pace, it takes two hours to walk from here to the gate of the palace.

Mei Nongchen’s eyes were wide open, and she walked along the red line of the red wooden boxes one by one. She didn’t know what was in the box, she just looked at the box inlaid on it. A variety of valuable jewels the size of a baby’s fist, you can see that there must be nothing in the box.

Leng Yi quietly followed her behind, watching her in a dazed look, and took her hand and said: “Follow me.”

He took Mei Nongchen all the way to the gate of the palace. , Although the mahogany boxes with the same appearance were passing by, Mei Nongchen couldn’t help but sigh with emotion.

“Leng Yi, you went out early in the morning, so you are busy with this? So many things, you can get it in half a day?”

“No.” Leng Yi looked down slightly, squeezed the catkin in his hand, and said: “As early as I started preparing ten years ago. This morning I just added some more.”

“…!” Mei Nongchen suddenly raised his head, wanting to ask him how he expected today to be ten years ago? However, seeing Leng Yi’s slightly side face, the long black hair pouring from his cheeks, blocking his cheeks, only the eye covered by the curly eyelashes is looking at her with shining light. The deep affection made her forget what she wanted to say for a moment.

Seeing this, Leng Yi’s lip line bends high, and suddenly stops and turns around.

Mei Nongchen hadn’t recovered yet, with a’poof’, she slammed into his arms.

Leng Yi immediately hugged her, showing a triumphant smile.

Mei Nongchen touched her nose and then Lengyi’s chest. It was strange. For a moment, she felt as if she had hit a ball of cotton, soft, but Lengyi’s chest still felt so hard… …

Leng Yi pressed the little dewclaw that was haunting her chest, and said, “Do you want to light it?”

“…” Mei Nongchen gave him a blank look, “Why stop suddenly?”

Leng Yi picked She lifted her chin, and her cherry-colored lips twitched, “You are so proactive, I can’t stop and continue?”

“…” Mei Nongchen rolled her eyes and patted his hand away, turning her head to ignore him. .

“Okay, I won’t tease you anymore. It’s serious.” Leng Yi raised her chin again, pointed to the side and said: “Look, this is the betrothal gift I really want to give you, and the rest is just a foil.”

Mei Nongchen looked in the direction he was pointing, and saw that in a huge transparent bubble emitting colorful light, there were numerous gold nuggets lingering in the white mist, and the gold nuggets were regular in the bubbles. The ground moves without interfering with each other.

The top of each gold nugget is engraved with Lengyi’s name, and the middle is also engraved with stars, but there are more and some less.

“?” Mei Nongchen asked a question mark, leaned forward and poked the bubble with her finger, which was quite elastic. She wondered: “What is this?”

Leng Yi hugged her from behind and gnawed two mouthfuls in her neck. , Fang said: “These are Xiancheng orders.”

“Xiancheng orders? What are they used for?”

“Each fairy city order can control a fairy city. These are the cities under my command, totaling 17,000. From today onwards , They are all yours.”

Leng Yi held Mei Nongchen’s hand and stared at her eyes, and said: “I am using Xiancheng as a job to marry you. Would you like to marry me with your heart?”

Mei Nongchen didn’t know what it meant to have Xiancheng Ling, but at this moment, her heart was beating wildly and violently.

She nodded slowly, then nodded shyly, her red lips lightly opened, and she murmured, “Yes.”

In an instant, a child’s sugar-like smile appeared on Leng Yi’s face. The smile was extremely warm and brilliant. He put Mei Nongchen into his arms, kissed the hair on top of her head, and said, “Thank you, you are willing to marry me, thank you…”

Before the words were over, he freed a hand and stretched out a slender finger. Gently tap the Xiancheng Ling who is slowly floating and changing directions.

The word’Lengyi’ on the Xiancheng Order, wrigglingly transformed into’Mei Nongchen’…

At the same time, outside of Miluo City, there was a howling of a wolf from the lord Xianfu of the city of 17,000. Screaming: “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh for for that for me to be given away——!”

Mei Nongchen was nestled in Lengyi’s arms, tightly around his thin waist, at this moment, she felt very happy.

Suddenly remembering something, she raised her face, looked at Leng Yi’s perfect chin, and asked, “That Star Mocheng’s Xiancheng Ling is also here?”

Leng Yi raised her eyebrows slightly, and she was still thinking of her friend. .

“No, the only one-star Xiancheng is not qualified to be under my command. The Xiancheng I gave you are all ten stars or more.”

“…” Mei Nongchen took a closer look at the fairy city orders, and she really found out these fairy cities. Make at least ten stars engraved on it.

Leng Yi looked at Tianshi and said, “It’s getting late, let’s go and see your parents.”

Mei Nongchen: “Do you know where they live?”

Leng Yi: “…know.” Actually from Mei When Nong Chen followed Jiuyou to see Fan Yin for the first time, he already knew.

Because that day, he has been following behind…

Leng Yi waved his brocade sleeves, supporting the betrothal gift with divine power, like a dragon swallowing the sky, stretching for ten miles, meandering towards the fairy garden of Jiuyou.

This long red dragon, without accident, gained screaming and envy all the way.

The entire city of Milo exploded in an instant, and the ten-mile hire alone was enough to shock everyone’s attention, and the golden gleaming fairy city order, like a depth bomb, set off a great storm in the city of Milo.

People’s recognition of the Prince’s petting Mei Nongchen has once again exploded to a new height, and even men began to hate that they were not a woman.

How precious is the Xiancheng Order? Ordinary people, as long as they get a piece of Xiancheng Order, that is the existence of an overlord.

When Sha Miao and Xu Ziliang were killed by Leng Yi himself, in order to prevent the Qinglong tribe and the Baihu tribe, the hatred was calculated on the heads of Mei Nongchen and others. Leng Yi used the Xiancheng Ling to stop their revenge. Sure enough, Qing After the two old foxes, the patriarch of the Dragon clan and the patriarch of the Baihu clan, each acquired a fairy city, they immediately put the hatred of their grandchildren behind…

Now, the huge colorful bubbles carrying the order of thousands of immortal cities fly over everyone’s heads. Flying to a remote little fairy garden in Miluo City, why not make people envy and hate!

Mei Nongchen was standing on the front red wooden box with Leng Yi’s arms, and she suddenly felt too swaggering when she looked at the crowd sighing below.

“Leng Yi, isn’t this too eye-catching? Why don’t you put these things in the storage bag? It’s easy to carry and you don’t need to be so ostentatious.”

“I want everyone to know…” Leng Yi leaned over her lips He licked it and said: “Let everyone know how important you are in my heart. It is not the me you seduce, but I long for you.”

“…” Mei Nongchen looked up at him, remembering the previous Some days, the rumors in the city of Miluo didn’t expect that she didn’t care about it, but he remembered it in his heart.

She leaned in Lengyi’s arms, rubbing his big hand with her fingers, “I don’t care what others say, really.”

“But I care, you are so precious to me, how can you let others slander you?” Leng Yi kissed the Qingsi on her head and said, “I hope you are the happiest.”

Mei Nongchen: “…” With you, I am already the happiest.

The fairy garden of Jiuyou.

Sitting in a soft chair, Jiuyou was drinking tea, his eyes darkened.

Yun He was also sipping tea, his eyes gleaming with deceit.

Fan Yin and Feng Nanqin cried in their arms.

“Mother, woo… Your daughter is not filial and can’t serve by your side, and you hurt your fairy…” Fanyin blamed himself.

“My daughter! Cough cough… you’re fine, I thought… I thought I would never see you again, just come back…” Feng Nanqin held the Sanskrit, tears in his arms.

“Yinyin, go home with my mother, okay? My mother cleans up the house for you every day, and I hope that one day, you can come back, cough cough…”

“Mother…” Fan Yin turned his head and glanced at Jiuyou. , Said to Feng Nanqin: “I am already the wife of Brother Jiu, so I can’t go home with you.”

Feng Nanqin raised his tearful eyes, glanced in the direction of Jiuyou, suddenly got up, rushed to kneel in front of Jiuyou, Kowtowing: “Please raise your hand and let my daughter go home! I hope she has been looking forward to it for thirty-eight years, please return her to me, please!”

Fan Yin was startled and hurriedly ran over to help her. , Cried: “Mother, what are you doing? Don’t do this…”

Feng Nanqin hugged Fan Yin, “Then you go home with your mother, mother can never lose you again, I regret and regret it every day Back then, you were

allowed to be with him…” Fanyin wiped away tears and murmured: “Mother…”

When Fanyin was with Jiuyou, the first thing I found was Feng Nanqin, only under the coquettish pleading of Fanyin. , She opened one eye and closed one eye, until she finally became out of control, and even the Sanskrit sound disappeared, Feng Nanqin realized how big a mistake she had made. The pain of losing her daughter tortured her for thirty-eight years. .

Now that her daughter has been lost and recovered, she has to take her daughter home for whatever she said!

Feng Nanqin knelt on the ground and hugged Fanyin’s waist, begging her to go home, which made people feel moved.

Jiuyou sat still in the soft chair, as if he hadn’t heard Feng Nanqin’s wailing. However, his eyes became blood red, faintly revealing bloodthirsty killing intent.

Under Feng Nanqin’s offensive, Fanyin’s heart shook vividly. She always felt indebted to her mother. She looked at Jiuyou pitifully, “Brother Nine…”

Jiuyou remained motionless, without raising her eyelids, but bowed her head. Tasting tea, it’s just the breath of the whole body, getting colder and colder.

Fanyin felt it too, and the mouth that was still about to speak suddenly closed. She knew that if he was angry, the consequences would be serious.

At this time-


The sound of giants landing.

Immediately afterwards.

Bang! Bang! Bang! ……The

sound of banging like firecrackers is endless.

The people in the room were shocked and all turned their heads to look around.

In the yard, red wooden boxes fell from the sky, neatly lined up in the small yard outside, throwing up clouds of dust.

As the box fell, there were two figures.

Leng Yi embraced Mei Nongchen and fell to the ground, one dressed in golden robe and majestic and prestigious, and the other dressed in peach-colored fairy skirts.

Mei Nongchen jumped out of Lengyi’s arms and ran towards Fanyin, “Mom…”

Jiuyou, Fanyin, Yunhe, and Feng Nanqin couldn’t help but go out to watch.

Looking at the red wooden boxes that were still falling, Jiuyou and Sanskrit were a little surprised. What are they going to do?

After seeing the big red double happiness on each red wooden box, the killing intent in Jiu You’s eyes immediately dissipated, replaced by deep pride and malice.

Fanyin stretched out his hand to catch Mei Nongchen’s running body and stared at her: “You kid, slow down.”

Looking at the red wooden boxes that are about to be filled with the small courtyard, she asked, “Daughter, what is this for? “

“I’m here to propose a marriage to you, and hire by the way.” Leng Yi followed, the old god in the tunnel.

Sanskrit: “…” Didn’t the concubine election ceremony just ended yesterday?

Jiu You curled up one side of her lips and smiled maliciously, “I want to marry my daughter, it’s not that easy.”

Hearing this, Leng Yi’s eyes narrowed dangerously, “What do you want? Another fight?”

“Then. It’s the Xiancheng Order?!” As the two of them were battling their swords, Yun He suddenly exclaimed, pointing to a big bubble falling slowly, and his voice trembled, “It’s actually a Xiancheng order! God! So many fairy city orders!”

Yun Yun Crane screamed and ran over, leaning on the big bubble, and murmured incessantly: “God, so many Xiancheng decrees, so many Xiancheng decrees…”

Feng Nanqin was shocked to contain her tears, this woman just now , Calling her daughter’s mother?

Her neck was a little stiff, and she turned her head slowly, looking at the mother and daughter who were holding hands intimately, “Yin Yin, she is your daughter? Your daughter who was born pregnant?” After

hearing this, San Yin patted herself with regret . Forehead, said to Mei Nongchen: “Look at me, when I see you, you are so happy that you have forgotten your grandma. Come, let me introduce you. This is your grandma…” and said to Feng Nanqin: “Mother, this It’s Mei Nongchen, my daughter.”

Feng Nanqin’s eyes were dark, and he glanced at Leng Yi, who was standing with Jiuyou, and the red wooden box that was still falling, and said, “Could it be that she… is His Royal Highness.” The one you love, the woman

whom Feng Ge chose again?” “Scared!” When it came to this, Fan Yin suddenly remembered that Leng Yi just now seemed to have come to hire her.

She turned her head and saw that Jiuyou and Lengyi were in a stalemate, so she carefully pulled Jiuyou’s sleeve, and said, “Brother Jiu, he is here to hire, what should I do?”

Jiuyou suddenly flashed his mind and laughed. He got even more malicious, “It’s not impossible to marry my daughter, it depends on your lack of sincerity…”

Leng Yi said blankly, and said coldly, “What kind of sincerity do you want?”

Jiuyou glanced at the golden fairy city Ling, his eyes flickered, he looked at Fan Yin, and then revealed a row of white teeth, and said to Lengyi: “You want to marry our daughter, then you are our son-in-law. Now, you said, as a son-in-law, what should you do when you meet us as a husband and mother-in-law?”

Leng Yi: “…” The surrounding air suddenly cooled down and the atmosphere became deadly.

Mei Nongchen: “…?” What should I do?

Mei Nongchen looked at the gloomy face of Leng Yi and the wind and rain, scorned Jiuyou, and said, “Dad…”

Jiuyou glared at her, “Why? Before she got married, she started to turn her elbows. “

Mei Nongchen: “…” His face turned red.

Leng Yi didn’t say anything, entered the house with a stubborn face, poured two cups of tea and brought it out, and said

solemnly : “Please drink tea!” Jiuyou took it with a smile, took a sip, and nodded in satisfaction, “Although his attitude is disrespectful. , But for the first time, I don’t care about it with you. I just need to practice more in the future.”

The hand of the Sanya Duancha was a little trembling, and she actually drank the tea from His Royal Highness! Little heart can’t stand it!

After Jiuyou finished drinking, he sent the teacup forward and squeezed it twice. The tea cup and the lid made two clear clashes.

The meaning is obvious, let Leng Yi send the tea cup back.

Leng Yi: “…” The blue veins on the forehead began to jump happily.

Mei Nongchen turned her face away, not wanting to care about this naive and awkward man,

but Sanskrit pulled the corners of her mouth, showing a fake smile, reaching out to take Jiuyou’s tea cup, “I…I’ll come…”

Jiuyou avoided her hand lightly, and said regretfully: “Oh… I thought it was because of your appointment with Xiancheng, I want to agree, but now it seems that you don’t really want to marry my baby girl. You know, I always love her so much, how can I bear the heart to marry her to someone who doesn’t really love her? I think you should take these things away. Besides, my house is small and can’t let go of these things… …”

Before he finished speaking, Wu Di, who was hiding in the dark, noticed the murderous air of his master, and got out of fright. He kneeled on one knee respectfully, and took the tea cup from Jiuyou and Fanyin’s hands.

Seeing this, Jiuyou smiled unabated, but his eyes sank and he stopped talking.

Leng Yi suddenly curled her lips and smiled. He took a deep look at Mei Nongchen. He raised his hand to stop Wu Di’s turning and entering the house. Qiangui gracefully took the tea cup from his hand, stepping calmly and steadily. The tea cup was sent into the house.

Mei Nongchen: “…” Why did she feel that Leng Yi’s just glance was so terrifying? !

But, obviously, Jiuyou couldn’t understand the deep meaning in that glance.

Seeing Leng Yi coming out, he looked at the mahogany boxes piled up in the mountains in his small courtyard, especially the tens of thousands of golden fairy city orders, so he couldn’t help but look twice more.

“I accept your betrothal gift, and I drank the tea, so you have to change your mouth.” Jiuyou’s eyes were red, and the corners of his lips were almost at the root of his ears, “Come on, call my dad, call my daughter-in-law Mom and child!”

Mei Nongchen couldn’t help but look at Leng Yi after hearing the words. He was a prince and was born noble, and his relationship with her parents was a bit special. To offer tea to her parents, she could see that he was unwilling.

Now he has to change his words to call his former fiancée and the love rival who used to pry him into the corner as his parents. Normal men will take the case.

What’s more, Lengyi sitting in a high position?

Mei Nongchen was about to speak, and Leng Yi glanced at her with the invisible look before, and her scalp was numb, and her throat was choked with what she was about to say.

After Leng Yisuan finished Mei Nongchen, he bowed his hands to Jiuyou and Fanyin, and said loudly, “Seeing my parents, my son-in-law is polite.”

His expression was as usual, the volume was loud, and his posture was calm. The secluded peach blossom eyes couldn’t help but widen.

However, Mei Nongchen has smoothly numb from his scalp to his heels… After

Lengyi’s worship, he straightened up and said quietly: “The middle of next month will be a good day for marriage. I hope that the father-in-law will be ready to marry a daughter as soon as possible.”

Jiuyou was taken aback, what is he going to prepare?

Fan Yin gave him a hand and said to Leng Yi: “Don’t worry, we should prepare, we must prepare neatly, but this dowry…may be rougher, I hope His Royal Highness won’t make a joke.”

“No! No! Rough!” Yunhe, who had been facing the Lingliu Harazi of Xiancheng, suddenly crawled over, blushing with excitement, and said excitedly: “Nongchen is my precious granddaughter. I have her dowry in my Yun family, although It can’t be compared with His Royal Highness’s Shilizhiren, but she also puts on Shili red makeup, and will never lose face! Don’t shame His Highness!”

Feng Nanqin, who had been standing quietly by the side, was shocked by the shocking news one after another. After a daze, Yun He’s words suddenly brought back his saneness.

She looked at the gorgeous Mei Nongchen, a feeling of love and pity emerged from the bottom of her heart, “Yes, Nongchen is a child of my Yun family, and our Yun family will never sit back and watch.” Feng Nanqin stepped forward and pulled. Holding Mei Nongchen’s hand, said: “You go home with your mother, okay?”

Mei Nongchen looked at this somewhat pale and thin woman, and then at Jiuyou, whose face was darkening, and said, “I have nothing to do with the Yun family. Yun Baizhi has taken my life several times, and Yun He also I have killed my father several times, and my mother has already left the Yun family name. Therefore, our family of three has nothing to do with the Yun family.”


Feng Nanqin’s pale face became paler when she heard this, she saw With the Sanskrit sound, he trembled: “You…you…were away from the Yun family name? Just for this man? Are you going to abandon your mother? Huh?”

“It’s not my mother who abandoned you, but your Yun family, not only wanting to kill Her husband wants to harm her daughter. If it is you, what would you do?” Mei Nongchen looked at her, though she couldn’t bear it, she was just a mother who loves her child, but Yunhe’s lust is hard to fill, and her heart is bitter. Even if there is an oath to restrain him, it is difficult to guarantee that he will not seek opportunities to harm Jiuyou.

Once Fanyin returned to Yun’s house, it would be a chance to hurt Jiuyou.

“I will not embarrass Jiuyou any more, and I will not object to Yinyin being with him. On the contrary, I am willing to organize a grand wedding banquet for them, and let everyone bless them!” Yunhe repeatedly beat his chest and promised that he was absolutely perfect. Don’t be embarrassed with Jiuyou.

Hearing this, Mei Nongchen’s heart moved. She knew that Sanskrit and Jiuyou were together, saying that they were husband and wife, but after all, they were not blessed by others, and even said that they were a bit unfair.

Her gaze glided calmly over Jiuyou and Fanyin, Jiuyou’s complexion is still heavy, but the water eyes of Fanyin suddenly shine when they hear the’grand wedding banquet’.

Mei Nongchen knew that Yunhe’s words must be for those dazzling Xiancheng orders.

However, if Fanyin was willing to return to Yun’s house, she would not be able to resist.

“Mom, what do you think?”

Fanyin glanced at Jiuyou, whose eyes were gloomy, then looked forward to Feng Nanqin, bit his lip, and clenched his fist and said, “I have a very happy life with Brother Nine, and I don’t need anyone else. Blessings, mother, you treat me as my married daughter. My home with Jiuyou is here. If you miss me, come and see me. Although I am separated from the surname Yun, I will always be yours. Daughter, please forgive me.”

Before the words were over, a smile suddenly appeared on Jiuyou’s cloud-covered face, like a garden full of flowers.

His voice has won his heart.

“Oh…my daughter…” Feng Nanqin sighed with tears, she still couldn’t bear her daughter’s embarrassment as before.

“Have you figured it out?!” Yun He stared at the tiger’s eyes, and said anxiously, “If you don’t go back to Yun’s house or hold the wedding banquet, you and Jiuyou can only be regarded as an intimate relationship forever, and Nongchen is about to become The crown prince is also the queen of the future immortal world. You are embarrassed for her. Having parents like you will be a shame for her life! You don’t think about yourself, you must also think about her!”

Fanyin heard, There was a panic on her beautiful face, she didn’t think so much, she just… just didn’t want Brother Jiu to be disappointed and sad.

Is it really a shame for her daughter to have a mother like her?

Mei Nongchen stared at Yunhe with a sharp gaze, and then shook Sanskrit’s uneasy hand, and said, “Mom, don’t listen to his nonsense. I am proud of you and my father.”

“But, I…I …”

“Mom!” Mei Nongchen’s voice suddenly became severe, “Look at me! Listen to me! I am proud of you and my father! You are the most precious treasure in my life, nothing can be compared, so, mother, don’t do it for you What am I doing against my heart!”

“…” After Sanskrit heard this, she could only talk to Mei Nongchen, her daughter, her daughter choked silently, with tears in her eyes. After a long time, she wiped her tears and said: “Mom live After so long, it’s not as transparent as her daughter’s seven orifices…”

Feng Nanqin looked at them and suddenly felt that her previous behavior of crying for Sanskrit to return to Yun’s house was inferior in comparison with the mother and daughter in front of

her. , Self ashamed.


“Shut up!” Just as Yun He was about to speak, Jiuyou stopped talking and said, “From now on, if you dare to appear in my sight, I will break your leg! I don’t believe you. Try it!”

After speaking, he grinned at Feng Nanqin again, brightly dazzling, and said: “Mother, if you want to

hear the sound , the door of my house will be open to you at any time.” Feng Nanqin heard that’mother’ ‘, she was shocked, feeling flattered, she nodded and said: “Good! Good!”

As long as she can see her daughter from time to time, everything else doesn’t matter.

“It’s time to go back.” Leng Yi, who has not spoken, suddenly grabbed Mei Nongchen into his arms with long arms, raised his chin towards Jiuyou, and said proudly: “How can I not match my little red makeup as a bride? Since my father of the Bride can not hack it, then do it for me tomorrow, I will be sent police to something, do not Laoyue parent adults ready, get free time, so poor did not have to drink a sip of tea. “

plum Lane Chen: “…” It’s a venomous tongue…

But, given his father’s temperament, I’m afraid I can’t take it, right?

“Okay.” Jiuyou followed the kindness, curling his lips and said: “Xian son-in-law has spent money.”

Mei Nongchen : “…” Can’t you move the poor and the poor?

Leng Yi snorted, then turned his eyes and squinted at Yun He, and said, “It’s getting late, you want to stay overnight?”

After finishing speaking, he walked away in the air, holding Mei to get the dust.

Yun He gritted his teeth and stared at the dazzling Xiancheng Ling in the bubble of the eye, then stared at the Sanskrit sound fiercely, and walked away.

Not urgent! The future is long.

Feng Nanqin followed him, turning back and leaving one step at a time.

Finally people walked out of the courtyard.

Fanyin looked at the mountain of betrothal gifts, thinking about what Leng Yi had said, and preparing the dowry for them, feeling a little sad.

“Brother Nine, do you think it would be wrong to let His Royal Highness prepare our daughter’s dowry for us?”

“What’s wrong?” Jiu You stared at Xiancheng Ling with gleaming eyes, and said nonchalantly: “He takes our most precious My daughter is married away, these things outside are considered a fart!”

After finishing speaking, he walked to Xiancheng Ling in three steps and two steps, his eyes flashing sparks.

However, when he saw the sparkling “Mei Nongchen” on every fairy city order, his eyes suddenly went out, and he cursed: “This coldness! What a cunning thing, treacherous and annoying! This fairy city order, Nothing special is for Lao Tzu!”

Sanskrit: “…” Brother Nine, didn’t you say that things outside your body are a fart?

Zijin Que.

Leng Yi held Mei Nongchen and slid into the master bedroom like lightning, the doors and windows closed silently.

When he came to the bed, he directly threw her onto the bed with a bang, looking down at her with a deep gaze.

“Oh!” Mei Nongchen cried out in pain, rubbing her sore butt and staring at Leng Yi dissatisfiedly, and said: “What are you doing? It hurts to death…”

Leng Yi stared at her without speaking.

Mei Nongchen ah yeah for a long time, seeing that Leng Yi was indifferent, and finally realized that something was wrong, and then looked intently, Leng Yi’s eyes were dark and dark and bottomless.

Sui Mei Nongchen’s eyes were exactly the same as when he offered tea and salutes to Jiuyou!

Mei Nongchen’s scalp began to numb again immediately, until her heels were numb, she stared at Leng Yi carefully, and said tremblingly: “You…what do you want to do?”

Hearing this, Leng Yi stepped forward silently.

Mei Nongchen immediately got on all fours of the bed, crawled and rolled into the corner of the bed, pulled the quilt over her body, had chest protectors with both arms, and looked like a satyr, and said, “You…you…don’t come here!” “

Leng Yi took another step forward, knelt on one knee on the bed, and leaned toward Mei Nongchen, with indescribable emotions gleaming in his deep golden eyes.

“Have you ever heard that word?”

Mei get dust surprised a moment, “What?”

“That’s a saying, female parent debt outstanding ……”

—— —— digression

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words, Yaoyao doesn’t know what to do. Once Xiao Chenchen and Xiao Yiyi are alone, I can’t help it. Let Xiaoyiyi get a little cheaper.

I’m so worried, I wanted to make Xiao Yiyi a beautiful ascetic man who sits down and is upright, not a clear heart, but unfortunately my life was ruined into a boring man with a

cold appearance and a fiery heart… Leng Yi heard this at the root of the wall. He was furious: “Oh, you author, you actually said bad things about me! The deity tells you, if you dare to write me as a beautiful boy with abstinence, I will never end with you!”

Yaoyao: “…”

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