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Chapter 84 I want to leave after molesting?

Night fell.

It took Leng Yi an hour to let Mei Nongchen understand what it means to pay debts from father to daughter.

The so-called’father’s debts and daughters’ is: your old man irritated me, you are responsible for dispelling my anger.

Mei Nongchen slid around, shy and tired, and slumped on the bed unable to move.

Lengyi wrapped her in a quilt and held her contentedly to wash in the bath.

Although you can’t eat meat, the taste of the broth is also excellent.

Mei Nongchen didn’t want to lift her eyelids, letting him rub and wash her again.

She closed her eyes and was drowsy, but when she was asleep, she suddenly felt that the body next to her became hot, and it was so hot that she immediately woke up.

She opened her eyes and faced a pair of golden eyes that were eagerly staring at her lips.

“Dust to dust, small dust to dust, my little darling children, I would also like …… I ……”

Mei get dust: “……” hold for a long time, wear out and roared: “! Roll”

roar, shook The entire Miluo Palace trembled three times.

The other far away land.


Mozun Palace.

Above the magnificent hall, sitting on an extravagant golden chair sits a man with a feminine and beautiful appearance. The man wears a black brocade robe, his long hair is loose, and his forehead is covered with rubies to wipe his forehead, which is slightly pale for him. A trace of evil spirit was added to his face.

“The deity gave up this kind of blood, but didn’t hurt a single vellus

Lengyi ? Haha, it’s very good!” There was a line of trembling figures crawling underneath. At this moment, no one dared to speak.

The whole hall was condensed.

“What? Are they dumb?”

The people underneath shrank together. For a moment, one of them spoke cautiously, saying: “Returning… to the king, the subordinates heard, that Lengyi will…get a wife in the middle of next month, maybe…you can… Again…”

“Again?” The feminine and glamorous man’s tail was long and thin, and the speaker immediately closed his mouth in fright.

“Is this deity’s loss miserable enough? Thousands of God Killing Arrows and the deity’s generals have all gotten in…”

“That Lengyi, is it so powerful?”


After a while.

“Fine, you go back and give me a good idea. It’s best to come up with useful strategies.”

“Yes, the subordinates retire.”

A group of people left the hall as if they fled.

The man sat on the golden chair like a sculpture for a while, then got up.

Come to a bedroom.

The bedroom was very large and elegantly furnished. Several maidservants knelt and waited outside.

The man walked into the inner room gently, without making a sound, but still alarmed the people in the inner room.

“Are you back?” A weak but beautiful female voice.

“Well, I’m back.” The man stepped into the inner room and saw the thin woman lying on the big bed like a stubborn leaf, and his heart ached slightly.

Although the woman was thinner than Huang Hua, she was born beautifully.

“Ahem… Have you found it? My son…”

Hearing that, the man’s eyes were sore, he stretched out the strands of black hair sticking to the woman’s cheek, stroked her face, and said slowly: “Not yet …… “

” Ahem …… Keke …… “severe coughing woman abruptly burst, Tears filled eyes, her chest rising and falling, clutching the hand of man, his death:” he was not long ago …… Nothing? Will he never come back?”

“No.” The man patted her back and said: “His fate is not broken, which means he is still alive. Don’t worry, I will find our son back…”

“Woohoo …I blame you, if it wasn’t for you to unify the three realms and go to war with the immortal realms, how could my son be lost! I blame you! Woo…”

The news that your Royal Highness will marry the prince in the middle of next month is like wind Generally blown throughout the fairy world.

When news of Crown Princess real name is Mei get dust spread out, there are seventeen thousand Sin city of Santo immortals came again howl loudly: “!! Ah – His Royal Highness Prince actually take me as dowry”

Then, one Dao, young or old, male or female, or delicate and glamorous or rough and arrogant figures shot out from each city lord’s immortal mansion and flew in the direction of Miluo City.

They wanted to see what kind of woman it was that actually had the ability to let His Royal Highness send out their fairy city as a betrothal gift!

Lingxiao Hall, side room.

The place where Emperor Zun handles official affairs.

The empress sits high on the beauty couch, looking out the window, contemplating her eyebrows.

The emperor buried his head in the case. For a long time, he raised his head and straightened his waist. He saw the empress staring in a daze, so quiet and beautiful.

With a move of his mind, he got up and walked gently behind her and hugged her abruptly.

Unexpectedly, the emperor felt bored. He pulled the empress’ face and said, “What does Qianqian want? So absorbed?”

Empress: “You said, Yi’er treats all the fairy cities under his command as a betrothal gift. Wouldn’t it be too impulsive to give it away? It’s 17,000 fairy cities, not 17,000 purple gold ingots (money), nor 17,000 seamless heavenly garments. Each fairy city represents a party. Force, such a big hand, it is too big…” The

emperor smiled non-committal and said: “Our son, like me, is a kind of infatuation.”

“If he wants to give it, let him give it, and it’s not yours. Why do you feel bad about it?”

“…” The empress squinted at him and said, “You can see away!”

“It’s not that I can see away .” “The emperor curled his lips and said, “After Mei Nongchen got married, she was a royal person. Then, isn’t her stuff still royal?”

“Besides, I believe that Yi’er sees people’s eyes.”



after Mei get dust from the day ‘father female subordinated debt’, and has attached three days did not let Yi cold bed.

The entire Zijin Que was covered with black clouds, and Wu Di was cautious about doing things along the way, and he didn’t dare to breathe.

Because, the face of His Royal Highness, thousands of feet of cold ice had formed on the face of the Crown Prince…

Book Pavilion.

Wu Di was standing not far from Lengyi, watching his nose and nose, he only felt that his scalp was tingling, as if a sword was hanging on the top of his head, and it would fall down at any time.

Secretly raised his eyes and glanced at the master who was reviewing the article.

In fact, he really wanted to remind, Master, your writing, the side with the words facing me, you, can you see the words?

However, if he lends him a hundred courage, he will not dare to drop it!

Wu Di squinted his eyes and walked out of the door of Zijin Que in an elegant and comfortable manner. He closed his eyes and gritted his teeth as if he were willing to go out, and said: “Master, Miss Mei, she… is out…

” …”

Silence was silent.

Leng Yi didn’t lift his eyelids, but he held the pen tightly.

Wu Di’s heart was clear, and the immortal attendant who was standing outside calmly winked, and immediately, a figure chased it out.

Not long after, the figure came back and said something to Wu Di Chuanyin. Hearing this, Wu Di immediately climbed up his eyebrows and cleared his throat and said, “Master, Miss Mei accidentally broke into the acacia forest in the back mountain, I’m afraid…” The words were not finished

, and a golden light flashed. Passed away.

Wu Di looked at the tables and chairs that were turned over by the master during his swift journey, and said in the second half of the sentence: “You can’t go there anymore.”


Houshan Albizia.

Before, Mei Nongchen just wandered around randomly, thinking that the places where she usually walks are always those scenery, and there is no freshness, so she chooses an untraveled road, thinking about what unexpected scenery might be appreciated.

Walk to a dense forest surrounded by fairy mists, the trees are blooming with unknown rose-colored bowls of double-petaled flowers, which are like smoke and clouds, and they are really beautiful. The cobblestone road in the forest is in the green grass. If it is looming, the air is filled with refreshing fragrance of flowers and plants.

So she didn’t think much, and stepped onto the path in the forest. She didn’t think that when she arrived in the forest, a long, thick and sad buzzing sounded like a horn in the sky.

The buzzing sound pierced her brain, causing her to lose her mind for a while. When she found her mind, where could she find a way out?

She seemed to be in a sea of woods, boundless, with no way out.

What’s even stranger is that she found that she couldn’t use half of her power to fly away from here.

“What a weird place!” Mei Nongchen looked up at the clusters of bright red flowers, and could no longer give birth to appreciation. “How can there be such a weird place in Mi Luo Palace? I have never heard Leng Yi talk about it. “

Leng Yi stood outside the dense forest, looking at the forest that had already opened his eyes, and a touch of dark color struck the bottom of his eyes.

Acacia forest.

As the name implies, those who enter the forest must live together.

This forest is the beginning of the construction of Miluo Palace. It was designed by the Emperor Taizu at the time to arouse love with a strange floral fragrance, which was used as a place for pleasure and pleasure.

Later, Taizu Dizun did not know where to take back a very staunch fairy who had a very high cultivation level and returned, and he swears to the death of Taizu Dizun, and Taizu Dizun is so embarrassed and angry.

Finally, an immortal official came up with an idea to spread the maze and suppress the forbidden formation in the acacia forest. Later, Emperor Taizu really got what he wanted.

Since then, he lingered in the Albizia forest every day, and even neglected the government affairs of the immortal world. The immortal world complained for a while, and the Albizia forest became a place of licentiousness that everyone talked about.

After the Taizu Emperor fell, the new Emperor wanted to destroy the Albizia Forest, but he did not expect that whether it was burned or felled, or destroyed by divine power, the Albizia Forest would be restored to its original state on the next day.

Unable to destroy it, the new emperor had no choice but to ban anyone from entering the acacia forest. Once discovered, he should not be forgiving!

Evolve to today, although there is no express prohibition to enter the acacia forest, everyone has deeply rooted in this forest as a restricted area, and no one wants to approach it within 100 meters.

Therefore, Leng Yi did not think of reminding Mei Nongchen that there is such a restricted area in the Mi Luo Palace.

Leng Yi’s deep eyes gazed at the depths of the forest covered by the strong breath of formation. Now Mei Nongchen must have been suppressed, and he is no different from a mortal. The corners of his tight lips hooked and swept. Looking at the height of a person on the outermost tree, an inconspicuous small protrusion is quietly bulging there. If you don’t know the speciality of that small protrusion, no one will notice it…

he bends high. Lip line, step on the cobblestone path with one foot.


Mei Nongchen walked forward carefully in the forest while using a stone to mark the tree with a large cross. She was sure at this moment that she must have triggered a mechanism similar to the maze, and could suppress the cultivation base. The prohibition.

Just like the restriction that suppressed her cultivation in Linggu Pagoda.

After walking for a long time, the scenery in all directions is exactly the same where I see it, even the lines on the bark are exactly the same, and she did not encounter the tree that she had painted before. Mei Nongchen sighed and threw the stone in her hand. ,

She has no research on such things as formations. To get out of the predicament, I am afraid there is only one word: difficult!

Fortunately, she is not a blind person. If she wants to understand the current situation, she is not in a hurry, looking for a tree with many diagonal branches, pouting her butt, and climbing to a high place in three or two steps to see if she can find it from a high place. Way out.

However, when she was about to step on the last diagonal branch, Mei Nongchen slipped and almost fell.

For some reason, she suddenly felt relieved, her chest was stuffy, and she felt like a fire in her body. Moreover, there was a cool breeze in the forest, but at this moment it also brought a hint of anger.

She touched her forehead, which was very hot and sweaty on her forehead.

Mei Nongchen was startled, could it be that his cultivation was suppressed and his physical fitness declined? Or… She raised her head to look at the beautifully blooming clusters of flowers, thinking carefully, is it possible that this flower is poisonous?

She peddled a thick branch with her foot, climbed another diagonal branch with one hand, and unconsciously loosened the skirt with the other hand. She felt that she was going to burn with heat.

Not long after, her consciousness began to blur, and her body softened into a puddle of mud, slipping from the tree, like a petal, about to fall into mud.

… When

Leng Yi arrived and saw such a frightening scene, he rushed over and stretched out his hand to catch the peach-colored figure, his heart and soul trembled.

Fortunately, he came in time.

However, the petite and hot body in his arms made his hands tremble.

He held Mei Nongchen’s ass with one hand like a child, and held her upright on him, while raising the other hand, he gently pressed on the protrusion of a certain tree where one person was high, Lin The exact same scenery in all directions receded like a tide, revealing a cobblestone path leading beyond the acacia forest

Mei Nong was in a daze, feeling that her body was wrapped in something slightly cool, the coolness made her feel Very comfortable, I can’t help but lean on the cool thing, wanting to absorb more coolness.

However, leaning against it, the thing slowly started to become hot, and she pouted and groaned dissatisfiedly.

Leng Yi hugged Mei Nongchen all the way to Zijinque. In the Albizia Woods, he also inhaled a little bit of the fragrance of the aphrodisiac, but fortunately, once his divine power was restored, he suppressed it with his divine power. Toxin of that aphrodisiac floral fragrance.

But Mei Nongchen was already deeply poisoned, and even if her divine power was restored, she couldn’t suppress the toxins in her body.

Only he helped her.

It’s just that the person in his arms is extremely dishonest at the moment, twisting and rubbing in his arms, he has lifted up the evil fire in his body, making him almost unable to suppress the aphrodisiac toxin.

Leng Yi gritted his teeth, resisting the restless beating muscles, went directly to the bath, condensed the pool water to a cool temperature with divine power, and then gently put Mei Nongchen into the pool so that the cool water did not reach her jaw. Place, leaving only the head outside.

As soon as Mei Nongchen entered the pool, he immediately let out a long sigh, and the small face that had been tangled together now stretched out, seemingly very comfortable.

She feels comfortable, but someone by the pool feels uncomfortable.

The water in the pool was so clear that Mei Nongchen’s peach-colored gauze skirt was soaked in water, and it immediately became transparent and clinging to the graceful body, especially the chest. The two rounds are clearly visible, and it’s still going to be revealed. For Leng Yi’s scene, it was simply a life-giving talisman, which caused him to burst into blood and his heartbeat was thunderous.

The toxin of the aphrodisiac floral scent is strong when it occurs, but as long as it is no longer inhaled, it will dissipate quickly without detoxification.

Leng Yi forced himself to turn his head, walked to the other end of the bath, squatted down and slapped some cold water on his face, calming his blood that was about to boil.


don’t know how long it has been.


Mei Nongchen woke up leisurely with a loud sneeze.

She opened her eyes and looked at the environment she was in, but she couldn’t react to it for a while. She remembered that she seemed to have lost her way in a dense forest and was poisoned, but why are she in the bath now?

She jumped out of the bath, dried her veil, and opened the door. She found that the sky was already very late, the stars were high in the night, the air was damp and cool, and all kinds of sweet insects sounded one after another. , Under the faint light, everything is mottled with invisible shadows.

Mei Nongchen took a deep breath and saw Wu Di, who was standing ten meters away from the door, and asked: “Leng Yi brought me back?”

She thought for a while, except for Leng Yi to save her back, there was no second choice.

Wu Di lowered his head and said nothing.

Seeing this, Mei

Nongchen raised his right eyebrow and asked, ” Where is the other person?” Wu Di still didn’t speak, and pointed at Shuge.

He wouldn’t tell anyone that since the master came back holding Ms. Mei, he has looked at the inverted article for the whole afternoon.

Mei Nongchen came to the door of Shuge, and the soft light of the night pearl came out from the door, shining on her face, making her three-dimensional features cast a shallow and pretty shadow on her face.


she knocked on the door and no one responded. Knock-


again, still no one responds, Mei Nongchen raised her eyebrows and smiled.

Ignore her?

Could it be that she kicked him out of bed for three consecutive days and he was angry?

How stingy!

She slandered in her heart, and then pushed the door directly in.

The door opened silently to both sides, Mei Nongchen stepped into the door and closed it again.

The book pavilion is divided into interior and exterior rooms, separated by a curtain.

Mei Nongchen opened the curtain quietly, leaned into a head, and saw Leng Yi sitting behind the table facing the curtain, holding a paper, and staring intently, as if he was focusing on official business. It’s just that when Mei Nongchen saw the densely packed characters on the inscription, she couldn’t help but laughed out loud.

She grinned and walked behind Leng Yi, ignoring his face that was as cold as a thousand feet of ice, picking up a strand of his ink hair and looping it around her fingers, and asked: “Today, did you save me back? “

Questioning tone, affirmative tone.

No one responded, Leng Yi’s back straightened like a sculpture.

Mei Nongchen curled his lips, clearly not thinking about the article, but pretending to be a “I’m serious” posture, really a twisted man.

She leaned over and hugged Leng Yi’s neck, shook it gently, and said coquettishly: “Are you angry?”

Leng Yi did not move.

Mei Nongchen rolled her eyes gracefully, bent from under Lengyi’s arm on the table and got into his arms, sat on his legs, draped his neck with both arms, acting coquettishly again, and said: “Thank you, my lord, for not counting today. Premeditated, save me from that weird forest. Your Royal Highness has a large number of them, so don’t worry about the rudeness of the younger woman a few days ago, okay?”

Leng Yi stretched his face, like a wax figure, settled. The idea is to ignore her.

A few days ago, he was not allowed to sleep in the room every night, which greatly hurt his face, so he would not easily forgive her.

Moreover, the opportunity for Mei Nongchen to take the initiative to throw in his arms is too rare, he will enjoy it for a while.

Mei Nongchen glanced at the non-literal side of the census that was “seriously” reviewed by Leng Yi. She felt that the black line on her forehead was straight off. It took a lot of absent-mindedness to turn the census against her for a long time. know?

“Leng Yi, don’t be angry, can you not catch you tonight?” She coaxed softly, for his merits in saving her today.

Moreover, she felt uncomfortable without his arms when she slept for three consecutive days.

She was used to falling asleep in his arms.

Leng Yi listened to her gentle and soft words, his heart was already soft and he couldn’t wait to embed the person in front of him in his arms immediately, but he still had to pretend to be forced.

Seeing that he was still indifferent, Mei Nongchen’s golden eyes were as calm as water, as if she didn’t exist at all. There was a fighting spirit in her heart. She didn’t believe it anymore, and she couldn’t deal with this man today!

She got up slightly, changed from sitting diagonally on his lap to sitting cross-legged, holding his face, and pressing a kiss on his cherry-colored lips, and pouting: “Don’t be angry…”

Leng Yi’s heart beat quickly, and a flash of heat flashed under his eyes. He secretly gritted his teeth and resisted the urge to take the red lips glowing with jelly, and continued to pretend.

Mei Nongchen listened to his disordered heartbeat and stared at his tight face. For a moment, she suddenly got off his legs, bent over and got out, sighing: “Oh… since you don’t want to see me so much, then I Just leave.” As he said, he turned around and left.

When she reached the curtain, before she reached out to open the curtain, a pair of arms suddenly locked her from behind, and a cool but magnetic voice sounded over her head.

“Why, you molested me, and you want to leave?”


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