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Chapter 85 The image of the gods collapsed!

Mei Nongchen felt the familiar embrace, and a smile flashed through Peach Blossom’s eyes.

She knew it was pretending.

Obviously, he enjoyed himself very proudly, but he had to pretend to be indifferent.

Having said that, in the past three days, she still missed this embrace.

Mei Nongchen turned around, encircled his sturdy waist, stood on tiptoe and leaned into his ear and said, “These few days, I actually miss you.”

Leng Yi’s nose was surrounded by the fragrance of the young girl on her body. It was extremely soft, clinging to him tightly, making him feel happy.

He pulled down the person hanging from his neck, and said calmly: “You are playing with fire, do you know?”

“Playing with fire?” Mei Nongchen stretched out her slender fingers and circled his chest. He drew, twisted his body with a smirk, raised his face to look at him, winking, and said, “Do you like it?”


Leng Yi’s brain buzzed, and the small flames that had jumped in his abdomen instantly burned all over his body, and even the bottom of his eyes burst into flames!

The next moment.

“Yeah!” Mei Nongchen felt a pain in her back. She just wanted to exhale in pain. Two hot and soft lips blocked her mouth and absorbed the oxygen in her lungs. She only felt dim.

Leng Yi pressed her firmly against the wall, chewing on her jelly-like lips, pressing her shoulders with one hand and thin clothing with the other, and began to wander around very dishonestly.

He couldn’t help but think of the beautiful scenery he saw in the bath in the afternoon. He stretched out his hand to cover Mei Nongchen’s shoulder blades, pressed his arms, and felt the soft touch that made his heartstrings rippling.

Mei Nongchen clung to him tightly on all fours like a little monkey, responding to his enthusiasm at the moment…

half an hour later.

Leng Yi endured the painful swelling body and stopped, he hugged her severely in his arms, his voice was very hoarse, and he muttered to himself: “There are still fifteen days, and fifteen days, I can wait. ……”

Mei Nongchen felt that strange touch through the clothes, looking at his slightly violent veins, a little distressed, and a little self-blaming. Knowing that he could not stand her own provocation, she went to provoke him. Lust, he didn’t want to violate the vow of’I want her on the wedding night’, so he could only endure it.

“How about I help you?” she asked.

Leng Yi was overjoyed, and continued to say: “Okay! Okay!”

Mei Nongchen: “…” She just made her own mind.


next day, the weather was clear.

The billowing black clouds that enveloped Zijinque also disappeared overnight, and Wu Di and Yixian were so happy that they almost burned incense to worship their ancestors.

Although Leng Yi’s face was still expressionless, the icy air of freezing people no longer shot in those eyes.

Mei Nongchen was hiding in the bed, thinking of the shameful scenes last night, her self-consciousness became stronger, and the more she thought about it, the more depressed.

It wasn’t until noon, when there was a knock on the door, that she reluctantly got up to wash.

After finishing packing, open the door.

It’s Wu Di.

“Miss Mei, Zhu Zitong, who came to see you before, begged to see you outside the palace gate. Would you like to see?”

Zhu Zitong? Why are you looking for her?

Seeing that Mei Nongchen didn’t speak, Wu Di said again: “If you don’t want to see her, I will send her away.”

“No, take her to the Xianheyuan Pavilion to see me.”


Mei Nong Chen came to Xianhe Garden and sat down in the pavilion, where the flowers in the garden vie for beauty and the fragrance of flowers scented people.

Except for the fairy servant and the fairy servant who come and go from time to time, it is really quiet here.

The emperor has only one wife, and the only heir is Lengyi, and Lengyi has only Mei Nongchen. Therefore, in this Miluo Palace, only four of them actually live here. It is very empty. To put it bluntly, it lacks popularity. .

Busy bees and butterflies flying among the flowers, and chirping birds leaping on the branches, have added a touch of life to this empty and quiet hall.

Not long after, Wu Di led Zhu Zitong, and this time, she was the only one.

Mei Nongchen straightened up and looked at the woman who was walking in front of her who had lost her former vivaciousness. Mei Nongchen couldn’t help feeling a little sorrowful when she thought of the scene of her first encounter.

Zhu Zitong walked up to her, a little awkward, unconsciously grasping the skirts on both sides with both hands, hanging his head without speaking.

“Sit down.” Mei Nongchen said.

Zhu Zitong sat down in accordance with the words.

There was a long silence.

“I’m sorry.” Zhu Zitong said in a low voice, “I shouldn’t have made such an unreasonable request. I’m sorry, I…”

“It’s all over.” Mei Nongchen interrupted her, “From your perspective, I Can understand what you think, and you haven’t done anything to sorry me. On the contrary, you gave me a precious friendship at the beginning.”

“So, don’t apologize.” There

was silence again.

Mei Nongchen: “You came to see me, is something wrong?”

Zhu Zitong: “I’m going back now and come to say goodbye to you.”


Nongchen: “A good journey.” Zhu Zitong: “I regret not being able to protect the friendship with you. Although I am interested in His Royal Highness, please You believe me, my friendship with you is not half false.”

Mei Nongchen suddenly felt a bit sore in his nose, “I know, I will never forget the scene on the suspension bridge that day.”

Zhu Zitong looked at Mei Nongchen, white There was a golden seal of phoenix wings spreading on the front of his forehead, and he suddenly laughed, vaguely showing the brightness of the past.

She said: “Congratulations, Xiaomei, you are getting married in less than half a month. I have nothing to come up with to match who you are today, only my sincere blessings.”

Pauses , And said: “Goodbye, Xiaomei, and, I’ll be a one-star Mocheng person, thank you.”

After that, she wiped her eyes, got up, and left.

As soon as she walked out of the pavilion, Zhu Zitong paused quickly. She did not turn around, turned her back to Mei Nongchen and said, “Xiaomei, be careful of people in the devil world.” When the

words fell, she ran away.

Mei Nongchen opened her mouth to call her, and asked if she knew something?

But after another thought, if she wanted to say it, she said it just now, if she didn’t want to say it, and asked herself, wouldn’t it be embarrassing for her?

In silence, Mei Nongchen murmured: “Goodbye, my friend, and, thank you, thank you for your maintenance of me.”

The fairies who participated in the concubine election ceremony only remember that a woman was phoenixed after waking up. The grid is selected, and the rest are forgotten.

Not selected by Feng Ge, nor favored by His Royal Highness, the fairies who came to Miluo City from the fairy city below all went back to their fairy city like Zhu Zitong, and Miluo City was quite empty.

However, the wedding of His Royal Highness and the Crown Princess was just around the corner, and another group of guests came from afar in Miluo City.

Leng Yi’s major city lord of the immortal city.

Suddenly, the entrance of Miluo Palace was crowded with people begging to see Mei Nongchen.

But they were all driven away by Leng Yi.

Of course, Mei Nongchen didn’t know these.

She is busy trying on wedding dresses, buns and headdresses every day.

In addition, the Queen sent an old maid who taught the’handsman’s technique’ to teach Mei Nongchen, pretending to hug her grandson as soon as possible.

Mei Nongchen: “…” This is still useful, your son has a lot of experience!

But Mei Nongchen has always been curious. It seems that Lengyi is as cold as ice on weekdays, and he has never heard of any old friend he has. He should be someone who has never had a meatball.

But his endless tricks are like an experienced love scene master.

She had asked Lengyi about this, and every time Lengyi had a secretive gesture, she hated her teeth.

Until today.

Mei Nongchen was bored with Leng Yi’s absence, so she went to Shuge to look for a book.

When she was looking for it, she accidentally bumped into a mechanism. Accompanied by the sound of mechanical operation, a dark cabinet with a length of about one meter each was exposed in front of her, and some books with delicate and fancy covers were hidden inside.

Mei Nongchen looked at it and her eyes immediately gleamed. These books are hidden so concealed, they must be unusual.

So, driven by curiosity, she took it over and flipped through a few pages.

At this glance, her face was immediately flushed like a monkey’s butt, and she finally understood that Leng Yi’s messy tricks originally came from here!

In an instant, Leng Yi’s cold and domineering image of the god’Boom Ronglong’ collapsed completely, leaving only the word’pervert’ still circling in her mind.

But soon, she calmed down again, randomly found a piece of cloth to wrap the books into a bag, and restored the book pavilion to its original shape, holding the package, and leaving with a sly smile.

That night, as soon as Leng Yi came back, he felt that Mei Nongchen’s eyes were not right when she was looking at her.

She looked at him, making him feel ashamed of being stripped naked and being watched by the crowd, as if the most secret thing in his heart had been known to her.

Under her naked gaze, Lengyi, who had always been calm and indifferent, finally did not calm down.

“What are you doing looking at me like this?”


Mei Nongchen smiled, and Leng Yi shuddered immediately.

He resisted the tingling sensation of his back, stepped forward and took Mei Nongchen’s shoulders, and said: “It’s time to wash and sleep, let’s go wash together…”


Mei Nongchen looked at him with a cold feeling. It’s hard to imagine the expression of a man who looks at the cold and abstinent man like this when he reads the little yellow book. Thinking about it, she couldn’t help but smile again.

Leng Yi shuddered in response.

At this point, he finally noticed something wrong, and seeing her like that, he must have caught him.

However, what kind of handle can she hold her?

Leng Yi thought carefully, he hadn’t done anything shameful!

Suddenly, he remembered what Wu Di had reported to him, saying that Mei Nongchen had entered the book pavilion to read today.

Could it be…

his figure flashed and disappeared.

After three breaths.

A gust of wind blows and Leng Yi’s figure emerges.

Mei Nongchen looked at his irritated and blushing handsome face, and finally couldn’t help laughing.

“Hahaha… Leng Yi, I didn’t expect you to be this kind of person! Hahaha… read the little yellow book! Hahaha… laughed at me, don’t you feel ashamed when you read it? Hahaha…”

At the moment when she laughed, Leng Yi waved her hand to set up a barrier in the room to block all prying eyes from the outside world. If this matter spreads out, his old face will be ignored!

Seeing Mei Nongchen, who was laughing and crying, out of breath, and rolling around on the couch, Leng Yi’s face gradually darkened to the bottom of the pot.

But after a while, he seemed to think of something, and his dark face slowly became clear again.

Leng Yi exhaled a long breath, walked to the table and sat down quietly, poured a cup of tea, the old god was there, and even the corners of his lips smiled.

A faint smile.

Mei Nongchen laughed enough, clutching her belly and sat up.

I thought that Leng Yi must still have a sullen face, but she didn’t expect that when she saw that everyone had drunk the tea, she still looked quite contented.

She stayed, walked over and pushed his shoulders, teasing: “Hey, are you irritating and laughing?”

Leng Yi drank the last sip of tea, put down the tea cup elegantly, and asked: “You know, it’s not until the wedding day. How many days?”

Mei Nongchen was taken aback, subconsciously cocked her fingers to count, and then said: “Not counting today, there are five days, why do you suddenly ask this?”

Leng Yi’s deep eyes glanced at her faintly and asked. “Do you know that all the tricks I used on you before are from those books?”

Mei Nongchen’s expression was a little unnatural, and he tweeted: “I didn’t expect you to be such a serious person, bah!

” Haha…” Leng Yi grinned, showing two rows of white teeth, and said: “Do you know those books, every page records a posture, and no page is repeated?” The

words fell, Mei Nong Chen Qiao blushed and cursed: “How do I know that I am not like you. I am a pervert who likes to watch this kind of things, old hooligan!”

“Hehe…” Leng Yi was not only not annoyed when he heard this, but also smiled happily. When he got up, he bent his eyebrows and stared at Mei Nongchen. For a moment, he stared at De Mei Nongchen and began to sweat before he spoke again, “We have five days to get married.”

When Mei Nongchen heard him mention the date of his marriage again, and even said something else, he was suddenly embarrassed and roared: “Speaking of Yin and Yang is weird, I can’t say it clearly!”

Leng Yi got up suddenly, his tall body cast a large shadow under the illumination of Ye Mingzhu, and covered Mei Nongchen’s petite body. He leaned forward and pressed Mei Nongchen, his golden eyes looked straight into her. In the peach blossom eyes, the slanted lips lightly opened, saying: “On the wedding night, I will apply all the techniques I learned in those books to you, remember, it is all!” After speaking, leave.


His words are like bombs, exploding countless small stars in Mei Nongchen’s mind.

She was dizzy and dizzy. She wanted to take the opportunity to laugh at Leng Yi and watch his jokes, but she didn’t expect to cause such a big trouble to herself.

Thinking of the thickness of those books when they were stacked together, it was a foot full, and Mei Nongchen’s eyes were dark again.

“No!” She hurried to catch up, crying: “Lengyi, I know I was wrong, Leng…”


As soon as Mei Nongchen chased the door of Shuge, the door of Shuge slammed shut with a muffled noise. The door almost hit her nose, and her words were blocked.

“Lengyi! Open the door!” She slapped the door frantically and shouted: “You can’t be like this, Lengyi, open the door——!”

Wu Di kept quietly away from this place of right and wrong when he saw it, so as not to be affected. ,

The celestial servants who were guarding a little farther back quietly took two steps further away… That night, how Ren Mei Nongchen cried and begged for mercy, the people in the door never responded. It seemed that it was iron. It’s hard to teach someone a lesson.

Mei Nongchen shouted and screamed, tired, and fell asleep at the door of Shuge.

When she woke up the next day, Mei Nongchen found herself lying on the bed. It was obvious that she had come back with Lengyi hugging her.

She quickly got up, without washing her face, went directly to Leng Yi, but was told that she was not there.

Well, it’s not normal, he doesn’t usually stay in Zijinque on weekdays. Mei Nongchen comforted herself like this.

In the evening, she waited in front of the gate of Shuge.

Until she fell asleep with exhaustion, Lengyi did not come back.

But the next day, Mei Nongchen still woke up in bed.

Only then did she understand that Leng Yi deliberately avoided seeing her and did not give her a chance to seek reconciliation!

“Cold Yi you bastard -!!”


Mei get disturbed and suffering in the dust of the state hurried past three days.

For these three days, she prayed all the time, asking for time to pass more slowly.

However, time still slipped away mercilessly.

Tomorrow, tomorrow is the day she married Leng Yi.

The entire Miluo Palace was decorated in a prosperous state. Every porch was hung with red silk and red lanterns. Every road was covered with a big red carpet, and even the trees were tied with big red ribbons.

Zijinque is no exception.

The whole city of Milo is also looking forward to it.

His Royal Highness’s appointment for ten miles caused a sensation, especially the appointment of Xiancheng, which was widely circulated, and was often mentioned after people’s tea. Therefore, people who had never seen Mei Nongchen treated her. Full of curiosity, and full of expectations for her dowry when she gets married.

I don’t know what she will come up with in her home to match the ten-mile engagement of the prince?

… The

bride must go out of her natal family when she gets married.

So at noon, Jiuyou came to Miluo Palace to pick up Mei Nongchen and go home.

The moment Mei Nongchen saw him, she understood that she had no chance to find a reconciliation with Leng Yi!

In the end, she scolded Leng Yi three times inside and outside in her heart, and then reluctantly followed Jiuyou back to Xianyuan.

As soon as she got home, Fanyin took her to talk and talked. He also said how many things His Royal Highness had given her as her dowry, and also said how beautiful and beautiful Feng Guanxia was sent by His Royal Highness.

Mei Nongchen listened unintentionally, sitting in a daze, and the last sentence Leng Yi said to her reverberated in her mind: On the wedding night, I will apply all the techniques I learned in those books to you, remember, It’s all!

Oh my god! Mei Nongchen wailed silently on the table, it would be dead!

Even if you don’t want it, the wedding day is still here.

Early in the morning, Fanyin dragged Mei Nongchen up from the bed and began to freshen up.

Mei Nongchen had just washed her face and sat in front of the round mirror when a group of uninvited guests broke into the gate of Xianyuan.

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