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Chapter 86 You are finally mine

A group of festively dressed and gorgeous people pushed in.

Behind them, the immortal servants who followed all carried boxes of different sizes and shapes in their hands. A group of people is still mighty.

Jiuyou immediately flashed out of the inner room and blocked the courtyard. Looking at the smiling group of people, the red pupil suddenly became murderous.

Upon seeing this, the headed Yunhe flinched, accompanied by a smiling face, and said in congratulations: “Congratulations to the prince today. How can I say that Nongchen is also a descendant of my Suzaku clan. She is married today with His Royal Highness. I will lead you. Everyone from the Suzaku clan came to congratulate!”

“Yes, we all took a little bit of our own heart to add to the bride’s dowry.”

“I didn’t expect that the woman he loved by His Royal Highness was actually from the Suzaku clan, if not The patriarch told me personally last night, I couldn’t believe it anyway.”

“Yeah, yeah, patriarch, you kept it so strict.”

“Now, let me see how the other four protoss dare to fight with my Suzaku. family Commander! ” “

Gee, this little courtyard too ugly broken some, on this real situation, how can we come up with the appointment of His Royal Highness Prince ten matches dowry? ” “

that is, you do not Kuaiqing us in, carefully Entertain us! We are sending dowry to the princess!”

“Now, the entire city of Miluo cranes their necks and waits to see what kind of dowry the princess’s natal family can produce…”



A group of people buzzed like a group of flies.

Relying on the prestige of the Suzaku clan, these people are consciously superior, and naturally look down on Jiuyou who lives in this dilapidated courtyard. Therefore, they unconsciously bring domineering and contempt when they speak.

Jiuyou’s expression had already gathered billowing black clouds, and he was about to thunder and furious.

Fanyin hurried over and pulled his sleeves, and whispered, “My daughter is overjoyed today, we must not have trouble.”

Then, she turned her head and smiled politely, and said, “Thank you for coming to congratulate the little girl. But, the dowry is ready for my brother and I. I will never lose the face of the little girl. Everyone is happy. Now, my yard is rudimentary, please come back.”

“Yun Fanyin! What is your attitude? We kindly bring Li to congratulate you. If you come up, you have to throw us away without saying anything. Are there any rules?”

“Yes! We are your elders, and you don’t even yell to your uncles and uncles. It’s too shameful!”



“Shut up!” Mei Nongchen stood at the entrance of the hall, spitting her feet, and the wind stirred her up. Blue silk and plain clothes, the phoenix print on the forehead is blooming with soft golden light, holy and majestic.

The chattering group closed their mouths unconsciously.

Mei Nongchen’s eyes swept across the faces of the uninvited guests sharply, and finally fixed on Yunhe’s face. The corners of her lips immediately evoked a hint of sarcasm, saying: “For the order of Xiancheng, you really racked your brains!”

“You I thought that if you gather people from the Vermilion clan here, I will admit that I am your granddaughter? I will give away the fairy city order?”

Yunhe’s mind was broken, and he was extremely embarrassed for a moment, his old face flushed, and he was caged. The hands in the sleeves clenched tightly.

“Yun Fanyin! Just let your daughter be so rude? Embarrassing your father in public?”

Fanyin nodded and kept his eyes silent.

“Bring your things and get out!” Jiu You squinted, staring straight at Yun He’s legs, and said in a cold tone: “Yun He, you are really lucky, if it weren’t for my daughter’s big day, today, It’s not good to see blood, your legs are gone.”

After speaking, he released his tyrannical coercion and pressed directly on the heads of Yunhe and others. The group of people were immediately crushed to their knees. There was even a crisp sound of bone cracking on his body.

They were sweating profusely and panicked. One of them screamed: “He, he, he is actually a strong emperor! The same level as the emperor!” For

a while, everyone’s eyes gathered on Yunhe In his body, he never told everyone that this Jiuyou is so powerful! If they knew that Jiuyou’s cultivation base was so high, they would just put a knife on their necks, and they would not dare to speak presumptuously!

“Let’s get out! Let

‘s get out of here !” A group of people who were originally proud and arrogant and arrogant as a benefactor, rolled out of the fairy garden at this moment, and their fairy servants also tremblingly ran as if carrying the box and fleeing for their lives. gone.

“You…” Seeing that everyone was gone, Yun He was instantly angry, staring at the back of those people, and could not speak.

“Don’t roll? Stay and wait for me to break your leg?” Jiu You’s eyes were glued to Yun He’s leg, making his leg numb.

Even if he was unwilling, Yunhe could only withstand the heavy coercive force, give the three of them a fierce look, and walk away.

… The

obstructive person left. When Fanyin looked at the sky, he found that it was already late, so he quickly pulled Mei Nongchen into the house to pick up her clothes.

Jiuyou followed behind, watching the busy mother and daughter, the red light in his eyes was a little dim.

For a long time, he said: “Daughter, Dad is so poor, is it embarrassing for you?”

“Puff!” Mei Nongchen couldn’t help laughing after hearing this, “Dad, you don’t seem to be hurt by being poor. People with brains? What’s up today?”

Jiuyou looked around his small courtyard and said: “What they said is reasonable. You are about to become a princess, and you will be in the immortal world in the future, but your natal family is so broken. Humiliation, it will indeed damage your majesty and face.”

Hearing this, Sanskrit’s eyes darkened.

Seeing this, Mei Nongchen got up, put his arm around the waist of one person, raised his exquisite and gorgeous face and dangled under their eyelids, and said with a smile: “Look, what a beautiful face this is, you have already You gave me the most beautiful face in the world, what kind of face do you want to give me? Is it possible that you want your daughter to become a double-skinned face?”

“Sneez…” Fanyin couldn’t help laughing and poking his hand up. Mei Nongchen’s face said, “You child, don’t be ashamed to praise yourself so much!”

Jiuyou’s deep eyes stared at Mei Nongchen, for a long time, he suddenly curled his lips and smiled, the corners of his eyes and eyebrows were sore. , Said: “That is, my seed, it must be the most beautiful in the world!”

Mei Nongchen, Fan Yin: “…” The least embarrassing thing is here!


sun is rising.

Under Fan Yin’s skillful hands, Mei Nongchen became more dazzling.

A light and festive makeup look, with all the hair rolled into a delicate bun with a fringed phoenix crown.

Dressed in a red sweater, a red robe with a phoenix pattern embroidered on the collar of the coat, a halo on the shoulders, a cluster of east beads on the chest, red trousers and a red skirt, red satin embroidered shoes on the bottom, all garment fabrics are 10,000 gold Hard-to-find amber silk, exquisite embroidery, tailored to fit.

The end is beautiful, charming and charming.

Fanyin was stunned for a moment and murmured: “Beauty, my daughter is so beautiful.”

Seeing her full of envy, Jiuyou’s eyes passed her quietly, it seemed that he should also be preparing for the wedding.

Mei Nongchen looked at the shy and timid eyebrows in the mirror, and she was a little startled for a while.

She is going to marry Yu Lengyi as his wife today.

It feels like a dream.

Thinking of holding him in his arms as a baby for the first time, thinking of meeting him formally for the first time, thinking of his efforts to save her, as if, just yesterday, he had never gone through more than ten years.

Just as the three of them were thinking about each other, a loud voice suddenly came from outside.

The exclamation and scream sounded suddenly, piercing the sky.

The three people in the room walked to the door and looked out.

Upon taking a look, Jiuyou and Fanyin looked at each other in surprise.

Leng Yi actually came to welcome her in person!

He is riding a pure white high-horse with two wings on the side. The horse has a single horn of red gold on the forehead, and looks exceptionally fierce.

Leng Yi sits on a horse, riding a horse at a constant speed from high altitude, with long hair tied to the top, with a big red headband, and wearing a bright red bridegroom robe, which forms a sharp contrast with the white horse. In the wind, the clothes are swinging. Encourage it.

Behind him, sixteen handsome men in white clothes and red belts walked in the air carrying a luxurious sedan chair with three layers of golden tops, seeming to be extremely slow in pace, but not half a minute.

On both sides of the sedan chair, there are seven handsome men in the same white clothes and red belts.

Who is he who is not the first class?

The lineup for welcoming relatives is not the largest, but the momentum is absolutely unprecedented. The cultivation of the thirty men who carried the sedan chair and guarded the sedan chair is higher than that of the patriarchs of the five gods, and their awe-inspiring momentum is second only to the emperor.

From the crowd below, there were waves of sighs.

The patriarchs of the five protoss are like gods to them, but now, his Royal Highness used thirty powerful men whose cultivation bases are stronger than the patriarchs of the five protoss to carry the sedan chair, guard the sedan chair, and personally welcome the marriage. It seems that the princess is really favored.

Leng Yi rode his horse and landed in the fairy garden, followed by Xiaoyi and others carrying a sedan chair.

The walls of Xianyuan are full of good people who are watching.

Jiuyou greeted him, and Fanyin immediately pulled Mei Nongchen back to the inner room and sat down, and took the red hijab on the side to cover Mei Nongchen. The moment the red hijab fell, Mei Nongchen was separated from Leng Yi’s vision. The windows were glued together, and for a moment, Mei Nongchen’s heart beat thunderously.

Although Lengyi’s face was expressionless and her eyes were as calm as water, Mei Nongchen felt the heat under the calm appearance, and her heart trembled by the heat.

Suddenly remembering the words Leng Yi said five days ago, his trembling heart began to chill again.

He shouldn’t really treat her that way, right?

However, he didn’t see her for five consecutive days and didn’t give her a chance to reconcile with him. It seemed that he was cruel, otherwise, if it was on weekdays, he would definitely be reluctant to not see her for so long!


Mei Nongchen’s small face hidden under the hijab turned white, biting her lip, her mind was blank, only the words “dead” still circling in her mind.

Later, what Yun Fanyin said to her, she didn’t hear, and she couldn’t remember how she got on the sedan chair.

When the welcoming team went back, they didn’t leave from the sky. Lengyi rode his horse slowly, and the little ones carried the sedan chair on foot.

When they left the yard, Jiuyou opened a storage bag and took out Mei Nongchen’s dowry one by one. With divine power, they followed behind the sedan chair, and a long line stretched for ten miles.

Looking at the ten-mile red makeup after the sedan chair, Miluo City fell into a frenzy again. All the women looked at the sedan chair drifting away with envious eyes. The beautiful marriage is the dream of all daughters.

Yunhe, who was hidden in the crowd, suddenly remembered that when the prince was hired that day, he seemed to have said that he would prepare the dowry for Mei Nongchen. He was thinking about the order of the city at that time, and he didn’t care much about other things, so yesterday. In the evening, he told a few of his family members that Mei Nongchen was the daughter of Yun Fanyin. He wanted to make Yun Fanyin accept that Mei Nongchen was the heir of the Yun family by giving Mei Nongchen a dowry. At that time, he would get Xiancheng Lingbi. Such as the exploration of the capsule.

But I didn’t expect that His Royal Highness had already prepared a dowry for Mei Nongchen that was no less than his appointment for ten miles!

At this point, Yun He really began to regret, regretting that he had dealt with Jiuyou in the first place, and that he had no relationship with Mei Nongchen.


Yun Baizhi smashed the house furnishings with red eyes. She tried to rush out of the room several times, but was bounced back by the light curtain, falling to the ground and vomiting blood.

She wiped the corners of her mouth and cried at the door: “Grandpa! Let me go out! I want to go out!”

Outside the door, Feng Nanqin and Chu Xue were distressed to hear the sound of a crash from the house. Although today is Mei Nongchen’s big day, Feng Nanqin should have gone to bless her as a grandmother, but Yun Baizhi was the one she watched to grow up. Compared with the Mei Nongchen who just met, it is naturally more Kindness.

When Yun He was leaving, fearing that Yun Baizhi would run into the Prince’s wedding without knowing all his life, and inflict misfortune on the Suzaku tribe, she sealed her in her own room with divine power.

“Zhi’er, my mother knows that you like the prince, but the prince doesn’t have you in his eyes at all. Why are you doing this?” Chu Xueqin said in tears.

“The person he should marry today is me, mother, grandma, let me go out, please…”

Feng Nanqin coughed anxiously. After a while, she suddenly moved her eyebrows and shouted into the house: “Zhi’er , Don’t be sad, after a while, grandma will beg your aunt and ask her to persuade your cousin to take you into the palace and stay with His Royal Highness.”

“Cousin?” Chu Xue and Yun Baizhi were taken aback at the same time and asked.

Then it was suddenly…Mei Nongchen.

Yun Baizhi’s eyes flashed with treacherous light, but his voice was weak and a little nervous, and said: “Really?”

Feng Nanqin heard it, and said distressedly: “Zhier, rest assured, your aunt will definitely agree to me.”

Road The heads were moving on both sides.

The sedan chair is as steady as a mountain, walking among the crowd.

Mei Nongchen was sitting in the sedan chair, and the envious sound outside the sedan chair could not conceal her inner anxiety.

But slowly, she calmed down again.

Qing breeze lifted the car curtain from time to time, and the tall and straight red shadow sitting on the high-head white horse appeared in her sight as the car curtain opened and closed. Just looking at it made her feel extremely relieved. Such a person is such a reluctant person. How could the person who shed tears really embarrass her?

Her sight was always locked in the same direction, as long as the car curtain was opened, she would accurately capture the back of Leng Yiwei’an.

Leng Yi seemed to feel something, and suddenly turned his head, seeing the car curtain that was closing quickly, he turned his head blankly, but a smile flashed in the bottom of his eyes.

Out of the corner of his eye, he caught a glimpse of the little one who was guarding the sedan chair, and a trace of complicated emotion flashed through his eyes.

These people are so handsome one by one, it’s not an ordinary annoyance!

They don’t know how to know what happened at the concubine election ceremony. They stalked and insisted on taking up the position of bearer. The reason was to prevent the Demon Venerable from using his wedding day to give birth to a moth, and they wanted to protect his sister from harm.

Although Leng Yi did not wait to see them, he had to say that their reason was exactly what he was worried about. Although he and Mei Nongchen were not afraid of any further actions by Demon Lord, they would definitely have an impact on the wedding. .

Therefore, those thirty people are a ready-made shield, not for nothing.

Leng Yi stared at the front, the corners of his cold lips curled up slightly, a smirk.

The welcoming team entered the Miluo Palace, and under the lead of Leng Yi, Mei Nongchen completed a series of complicated and tiring rituals and worships.

Finally, he was sent to Zijinque.

It was still the master bedroom, but, without seeing it overnight, the interior furnishings changed drastically, from the original cool color to pink, just like Mei Nongchen’s bedroom in the mortal world.

Mei Nongchen sat on the edge of the bed, raised a corner of her head, and looked at the room that was obviously set up for her, with warm currents flowing in her heart.

It was getting late, and there were bursts of laughter and roaring not far away, and you could tell what kind of scenes of scrutiny, laughter and singing were at the banquet.

The darker the sky, the more sweat in Mei Nongchen’s palm.

Because the laughter not far away became smaller and smaller, until it became silent.

The wedding banquet is over.

Sure enough, not long after, a slight footstep sounded outside the door.

Although slight, the pace is fast, which shows the eagerness of the owner of the footsteps.

For a while, the sweat from Mei Nongchen’s palm soaked a large piece of red dress.

The door opens and the door closes.

Time seemed to freeze, and there was silence in the bedroom.

I don’t know whose heartbeat is out of order at this moment, and’bang bang’ jumps very chaotically.

After a long time, the sound of footsteps finally came again.

Mei Nongchen’s slender and high-volume eyelashes quivered slightly, and her chest was undulating due to the fierce heartbeat, and the dazzling Dongzhu drew a dazzling light in the air.

As the footsteps progressed, a pair of big red men’s boots appeared in Mei Nongchen’s sight projected from under the hijab, followed by a small half of the dragon-pattern embroidered robe.

The familiar, clear and masculine scent came to his face, with a touch of wine scent in it.

Mei Nongchen felt her already unstable heartbeat. At this moment, she thumped again. She was like a prisoner waiting to be sentenced, so nervous that she had nowhere to put her hands or feet.

She unconsciously twisted the red skirt on her thighs, and the knuckles of her small hands were white, as if she was about to tear the red skirt apart.

There was another silence.

Just when Mei Nongchen’s heart was about to jump out of her throat, the owner of the red boots who had been standing still took a step forward.

The next moment.

Her eyes lit up, and the red hijab was lifted.

Mei Nongchen nodded, staring at her thigh, not daring to raise her head.

Hearing slightly turbulent breathing in his ears, smelling the familiar masculine breath at the tip of his nose, and feeling the needle-like hot sight, Mei Nongchen’s cheeks gradually burned.

After waiting for a long time, the man in front of him still did not move.

She couldn’t bear it, and quietly looked up.

At this look, she was lost in her soul.

I saw Leng Yi’s pair of golden pupils, at this moment like a deep and terrifying black hole, swept her whole in an instant, and the hot temperature in those eyes made her soul tremble.

Leng Yi looked at her, and saw her pair of peach blossom eyes sparkling and radiant, shining with the most touching luster in the world. His heartbeat began to speed up uncontrollably from the moment he entered the room, and at the moment he opened his hijab. After seeing her under the hijab, he was shy and timid, and his heart beat faster.

Tonight she is extraordinarily coquettish.

Mei Nongchen stared at Leng Yi, whose long hair was all tied on top of his head. His entire face was exposed to the air. Compared with his usual long hair loosened, he looked more beautiful than a person outside the sky.

“Leng Yi…” She couldn’t help but call out.


When the words fell, she didn’t give her any chance to react, her index finger lifted her chin, leaned over, and held the lips that made him think for five days.

Mei Nongchen slowly closed her eyes, wrapped her arms around his neck, and the smell of wine filled her lips and teeth made her groggy, unable to think about what he said five days ago.

The indoor temperature soared with the cold body temperature, the ring of the phoenix crown and hairpin faded, the rosy robes were scattered, and the pink curtains slowly fell into closeness.

The stars outside the window hung high, and the insects sang lightly.

He whispered softly in the window, panting again and again.

Wu Di took a group of immortals to guard outside the Zijin Que, and the light curtain enchantment covered the entire Zijin Que, leaving it in a completely independent space with no one to watch.

Two hours later.

After a short gasp and snoring, calm was restored in the pink veil.

Another moment passed.

A big slender hand stretched out of the tent, lifted the tent and hung it on the hook of the jade magpie tent.

Showing a fainted body covered with bruises.

Looking at Mei Nongchen’s slightly frowning eyebrows, and her slender body that is about to be indistinguishable from her, Leng Yi’s golden eyes, which faded from her emotions, flashed with deep self-blame and distress.

He stretched out his hand and stroked the bruise on Mei Nongchen’s skin with a touch, and Mei Nongchen frowned further.

Leng Yi got out of bed, stretched out her long arms, leaned over, and carefully picked up Mei Nongchen, gently, as if holding a delicate porcelain that was about to break.

Go to the bath.

Although neither of them was clothed, they would not be spied on in the enchantment formed by Wu Di and the others.

When you come to the bath, the water in the pool is warm and the temperature is right, the surface of the pool is warm and warm, and the water exudes a faint medicinal fragrance.

Leng Yi gently put Mei Nongchen into the pool water, and then he also plunged into the water, holding Mei Nongchen’s head on his shoulders, soaking with her.

Not long after, the bruise marks all over Mei Nongchen’s body gradually disappeared, and the original whiteness and tenderness were restored.

Upon seeing this, Leng Yi’s eyes flickered, and Shao Shang Yaojun’s medicine decoction for removing blood stasis was really effective.

At this moment, Mei Nongchen’s eyelids trembled, slowly opened her eyes, and woke up.

At the sight of Lengyi, she quickly replayed his previous crazy actions in her mind, and finally she fainted under his madness, and her face flushed instantly.

She wandered her eyes and lowered her head, not daring to look at him.

She lowered her head to catch a glimpse of her body as white as before, and suddenly raised her head to look at Lengyi. She remembered that her body was very horrible under his plunder. Why did she recover so quickly?

She asked with her eyes.

Leng Yi coughed slightly unnaturally, and said, “I used to prepare a medicinal soup for removing blood stasis. I thought, I might use it today…”

Mei Nongchen said: “…” He smelled it carefully. Sure enough, there is a faint medicinal fragrance, and the preparation is quite thorough.

She was a little tired, squirming and leaning against Lengyi, finding a comfortable position to lean on, and closing her eyes to take a nap.

Half-awake and half-dreaming, Mei Nongchen felt something walking around her body, tingling and shuddering all the way.

She opened her eyes, raised her head, looked sideways, facing a pair of darkening and warming eyes, coldly bowed her head, staring at her, smiling at the corners of her lips, burning big hands all around, and said: “I want to sleep now? I’m here. The things learned in those books are far more than just those that were just shown on you, let’s continue.”

Mei Nongchen’s heart jumped, and quickly pushed open his lips, and then secretly pinched her thigh. One hand, squeezed out two tears, and acted pitifully, saying: “Lengyi, you don’t hurt anyone at all, they still hurt, and you are like this…”

“Oh? Really?” Leng Yi took the little hand she stretched out, put it on her lips and kissed, casually said: “This medicine decoction for removing blood stasis is very effective. You have soaked it for so long. That’s all, so…it won’t hurt anymore.”

“But…” Mei Nongchen thought carefully, racking his brains, and said: “But , it hurts where I can’t soak…”

Hearing the words, coldly. Flames faintly jumped under his eyes, thinking of the extreme ecstasy before, the spirit in his body began to feel restless again.

When he turned over, he pressed Mei Nongchen between himself and the wall of the pool, his eyes fiery, lying next to Mei Nongchen’s ear, and whispered in a bewildered voice: “We are in this pool, let me not soak the medicine for you. Where is the soup, send some medicinal soup over…”


Mei Nongchen was blocked before she could say anything, and for a long time, she was led by Leng Yi to climb one after another. A peak, until fainting again.

Surging spray finally stopped, cold arms around Yi Mei syncope get dust, kissing her petite crystal earlobe, muttering: “You finally, is mine ……”


The next day, Rishangsangan.

Mei Nongchen woke up without Leng Yi.

She fell apart with pain.

Although the medicine decoction for dispersing blood stasis is very effective in dispelling blood stasis, it only treats trauma, not internal trauma.

Mei Nongchen felt serious internal injuries, and his internal organs were clamoring.

She was paralyzed on the bed for a while, then got up.

“Hmm!” As soon as she moved, the swelling between her legs made her exhale in pain.

As a result, she once again recalled the scenes from last night. On several occasions, she thought Lengyi was crazy, and she was so crazy that she was scared. She had never seen him like that, with red eyes and a hideous face.

Suddenly, it occurred to her that as a newlywed daughter-in-law, she should go to Yulu Pavilion to offer tea to the queen today.

Enduring the discomfort of her lower body, she got up, dressed, and washed at a fairly numb speed.

There is no fairy maid in Zijinque, and she relies on her to do everything in her daily life. Fortunately, she is used to it.

After finishing packing, open the door.

Wu hoppers to see her come out, and immediately went to one knee in place two meters away from her, respectfully: “The Crown Princess met, the statue of the empress pass oral instructions and let rest Hello students, do not offer tea.”

Heard , Mei Nongchen’s heart moved, this must be Leng Yi’s credit again, but on the second day of the wedding, she ran to the respected empress and said that she was exempted from the tea ceremony, what would the respected empress think?

Forget it, no matter what she thinks, since Leng Yi has arranged this way, she is also happy to take a break.

She was aching all over, so she lay down on the beauty couch, and fell asleep after a while.

She slept until the evening when she returned to sleep.

When Leng Yi came back, she saw her lying on the beauty couch sleeping soundly. A beautiful little face was exhausted. Leng Yi felt distressed. He gently picked her up and placed her on the bed.

When he was about to turn to the book pavilion, resistance came from the cuffs. Leng Yi lowered his head and saw Mei Nongchen clutching his wide sleeves tightly. He tugged slightly, and Mei Nongchen pouted and hummed. Happy look.

Leng Yi smiled helplessly, had to go to bed with her clothes, slept next to her, and hugged her.

Mei Nongchen caught her arms, opened her eyebrows, nudged in his arms, found a comfortable posture, and fell asleep again.

Leng Yi stretched out her hand to remove her messy hair on her eyelids, and kissed her smooth forehead. With this kiss, his body began to agitate again. Since he tasted the meat last night, he was out of control, otherwise , Will not torture Mei Nongchen so miserably.

He closed his eyes and endured Shinobi, then put his arms around Mei Nongchen and forced himself to fall asleep.

Mei Nongchen slept until she woke up early the next morning.

She stretched out comfortably and long in Leng Yi’s arms.

After stretching her waist, she turned her head and ran directly into a pair of golden eyes with dim sleepiness. Those eyes were faintly pure with a hint of purity, which made the cold face become cute.

Mei Nongchen smiled and stroked that face, and said, “So you just woke up, so cute!”

Seeing her radiant face, Leng Yi’s eyes flashed, his big hand touched her waist, and asked casually: ” You slept soundly last night, your body is much better?”

Mei Nongchen was ravaging his cute face, and subconsciously replied: “Well, much better.”

Hearing this, Leng Yi’s eyes flashed again, with big hands. He moved up involuntarily, a smirk suddenly appeared at the corners of his lips, and said, “Since it’s better, then I’m not welcome.”

After finishing speaking, she rolled over and pressed Mei Nongchen’s body, plugged her lips, pulled her belt, and made it in one go. .

Mei Nongchen: “…” It’s so special, he said again!


an hour.

The two naked bodies were superimposed on each other, Mei Nong was dripping with dust and sweat, and Lengyi was also dripping with sweat.


Leng Yi got up, picked up Mei Nongchen, and walked to the bath.

Hot water is already in the bath, and Lengyi cleans Mei Dust first, let her soak by the pool, and then wash herself in the water.

Needless to think, Mei Nongchen knew that Wu Di must have prepared this hot water.

After the two had soaked enough, Leng Yi hugged her and walked back to the bedroom.

He put Mei Nongchen on the bed, covered the quilt, then dressed himself and left.

Mei Nongchen was so tired that he fell asleep on the bed. After sleeping for a long time, he woke up in the afternoon.

She just got up, there was a knock at the door.

After finishing packing, she opened the door.

It’s Wu Di.

Mei Nongchen: “What’s the matter?”

Wu Di knelt on one knee: “Back to the prince, the city owner of 20-star Liancheng, 30-star Capital City, 40-star Xijing City, 50-star Liang City, and 60-star Luocheng See you at the gate of the palace.”

Mei Nongchen raised her eyebrows slightly, “Are these all the lord of Xiancheng under Leng Yi?”

Wu Di: “It used to be, but now it is the lord of Xiancheng under your Crown Prince.”

Mei Nongchen looked at it. He glanced at it, and he was on the road!

“Take them to see me.”

Wu Di didn’t take the order immediately, but hesitated for a moment, and said: “The prince concubine would like to think about it again, they…I’m afraid…”

“The one who came is not good?” Mei Nong Chen said, “I know that they must be unhappy because Leng Yi sent Xiancheng to me. I must be trying to test what I can do this time, so Leng Yi gave Xiancheng as a betrothal gift to me, so, If I’m a turtle, don’t I lose Lengyi’s face?”

“Go, take them to see me.”

Hearing this, Wu Di looked up at him and left.

A little while, five of Santo imposing pressure on people, into the Grand Que

…… —— —— digression

Yaoyao: “His Royal Highness Prince Edward, the wedding night, may also ecstasy No?”

Cold Yi “It’s delicious, but I still want to…”

Yaoyao immediately interrupted, “Hold to speak, I know, I understand, I will arrange for you to go! Don’t worry!”

Leng Yi: “…? Where to go?”

Yaoyao was taken aback, “Go to the wild!”

Leng Yi: “…? What are you going to do in the wild?”

Yaoyao was ashamed, twisted and stomped, “I hate it, what else can I do in the wild! Rogue! Ignore you.” Go!” He hid his face and floated away.

Leng Yi: “…” What did he say?

Another: no two more, Meme clatter

and then another: we do not want the wedding peeping small dust dust and small Yi Yi night it? If you don’t join the group, Yaoyao will be guilty of lazy cancer——!

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