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Chapter 87 Will you dare next time?

Mei Nongchen sat in the veranda, leaning on the railing casually, the young girl’s greenness faded between her eyebrows and her eyes, and there was a hint of young woman’s charm.

“Are you Mei Nongchen?” A

suffocating sense of oppression pours toward Mei Nongchen from the gate, accompanied by a male voice that is as thick as Hong Zhong. She turned her head and saw that the head was a rugged and sturdy man, with a thick body like a black bear, with red and yellow eyebrows, her eyes tied with red silk, her anger and hair like iron brushes, and squally as squally.

Behind him stood four people, a pure and juan scholar with a touch, a silver-haired boy with long eyebrows, a yellow-clothed girl with a round face and round eyes, and a glamorous woman with an enchanting figure.

The five people saw Mei Nongchen turn his head, and the coercion deliberately radiated from his body stagnated. They knew that to be able to confuse His Royal Highness to send out Xiancheng, she must be a woman with a very outstanding appearance, but they did not expect that this Mei Nongchen was a thousand times more beautiful than they thought. I am afraid that the entire fairy world will not be able to find a She is comparable to a woman.

She just sat there at will, and she was about to take away their hearts and souls.

Lost for a moment, the five people who reacted unconsciously showed contempt in the eyes of the five people who had reacted, but they were the women who served the people, who was inadequate. His Royal Highness may be confused for a while and made the wrong decision, but they are not confused. Today, they Let this woman know that Xiancheng Ling, not everyone can have it!

The headed burly man took a step forward, and suddenly the mountain shook, and the leaves fell down.

“You know, not everyone is worthy of the Immortal City Decree. If you want to dominate my 30-star capital city, you must first beat me to close the field!” He said, he roared, offering a great axe to the sky. As soon as the giant axe came out, the axe’s light was exquisite, and the other four people’s expressions changed, and they scattered to avoid the axe’s light.

Seeing this, Mei Nongchen’s eyes could not help but stop for two more seconds on the giant axe, and then looked at the brawny man who claimed to be Fengye, but saw that his dark pupils were now blooming with the same light as the axe. Wherever the axe light shines, all the flowers and plants wither and lose their vitality.

Destroyer Sky Axe!

These four words flashed quickly in Mei Nongchen’s mind, which was a memory fragment of You Qinyi. The dementing axe is a very cruel weapon of the gods. The user pulls his soul from the body and parasitizes it in the dementing axe, and then the dementing axe controls the body.

It can be said that the person who uses the axe is no longer a human, but has become an axe.

But because of this, there are still many people who are eager for the soul-catching sky axe, all because of its axe light, which can absorb the life of all things, can swallow the divine power of the immortal, increase their lifespan infinitely, and increase the cultivation base infinitely.

Mei Nongchen stared at Feng Ye, who was even worse than the shame, and walked towards him step by step, holding the soul-catching axe in his hand. The other four people who were standing in the distance watching were all optimistic. expression.

They are all outstanding among Leng Yi’s city masters, each with magical powers. This time they represent 17,000 immortal cities to test Mei Nongchen. Although Fengye is not the highest in cultivation level, his soul-catching axe However, no one dared to provoke him, and for many years he was firmly seated as the No.

Every time Feng Ye throws his axe, he must be full of grief.

Mei Nongchen is the crown prince, the prince’s sharp-hearted person, they would not really take her off. However, if she is afraid of deterrence and obediently returns the Xiancheng Order to His Royal Highness, they will respect her as the prince princess. If she does not want to dominate their fairy city, they will have countless ways to prevent her from hurting her. In the case of her life, her life is worse than death!

Seeing Feng Ye approaching step by step, Mei Nongchen clearly felt that her divine power and vitality were faintly leaving her body and rushing towards the Contemplating Heavenly Axe, and she also felt the breath of the same origin from the giant axe. .

How similar it was to the last soul-eater of the soul-controlling technique she learned.

She slowly got up, smiling towards the axe.

The irony of the four people who watched the show was even more obvious. This woman didn’t even know the soul-catching axe, and she dared to step forward and do her best, knowing nothing about life and death!

Wu Di and a group of immortals looked anxious. Although they had never seen the power of the Destroying Sky Axe, they still heard about it. At this moment, they can’t wait to rush up immediately. If the crown prince loses a vellus hair, then they don’t have to live anymore. . It’s just that Mei Nongchen looked at them several times and warned them not to help. They were bold and courageous!

Wu Di held the hilt of the sword, ready to go, ready to rush forward at all times. Now, he regrets that he is about to hit the wall. At that time, he should have sent these five people directly.

Seeing Mei Nongchen not only did not fear, but instead leaned forward, Feng Ye’s steps were slightly stagnant, but only for a moment, he suddenly lifted the giant axe, and in an instant, the axe was bright, and went straight to cover Mei Nongchen’s petite body .

Seeing this, Mei Nongchen’s eyes flashed with a deep smile, and she muttered silently in her heart. As soon as the light of the axe arrived, she would return her body in her own way, sucking all the power of Feng Ye!

Of course, just at this time.

A beam of golden light shot from the sky like lightning, and rolled her to hide beside her, which was able to avoid being surrounded by axe light.

Axe light fell on where Mei Nongchen was standing, and immediately burned the ground into a two-meter deep hole!

“Scared! Your Royal Highness!”

Feng Ye immediately took the Soul Destroying Axe, and fell to his knees with a’bang’.

The other four people scattered around immediately gathered to him and knelt together.

Damn it, didn’t those bastards say they were going to hold the Prince Edward for half a day? Why did you come back so soon?

The five people were slanderous and frightened on their faces. His Royal Highness will definitely not forgive them lightly! They wanted to meet Mei Nongchen before the wedding of His Royal Highness, but they were blocked by His Highness and forbid them to come to embarrass her. But they were unwilling, so they resorted to a trick to move the tiger away from the mountain. Several other high-star Xiancheng City Lords invited His Royal Highness away on the grounds of discussing important tasks, and then they came to test the details of Mei Nongchen. I didn’t want to bring it and was seen through by His Royal Highness!

Thinking of his previous methods of punishing people during his Wanjun anger, the five people began to have no masters, and they were dead!

“Who gives you the courage to embarrass my wife!”

Leng Yi took Mei Nongchen to the veranda to sit down, and then stepped out of the veranda. His sharp eyes shot at the kneeling and shaking five people with a cold voice. .

As soon as he noticed the intentions of these city masters, he desperately rushed back. Although he knew that Mei Nongchen was not so easy to be injured, he would even deal with these people who came to embarrass her miserably, but he was scared. Afraid of what to do if she gets hurt.

When he saw Feng Ye’s axe light covering her, a heart almost jumped out of his throat, and the bone-cutting feeling of the broken connection that Feng Ge had established at the time swept him again.

Wrath, thunder and anger!

Leng Yi squinted his eyes, and a little golden light appeared from the index finger of his right hand. The red flames were faintly visible in the golden light, and the killing air engulfed the five people in an instant.

Feng Ye’s arrogant and arrogant cattle eyes were full of terror, and the prince’s slaying skills, if contaminated with a little bit, will make the bones dead!

The four people next to him were also full of consternation and panic. They knew that His Royal Highness would punish them, but they never expected that His Royal Highness would actually kill them!

They have followed His Royal Highness for many years, but at this moment, a woman is about to kill them!

I moved my gaze to Mei Nongchen, feeling sad in my heart, and the beauty of the beauty is a disaster! In the future, if this female mother is allowed to worship the immortal world, it will be a disaster for thousands of immortals, and the immortal world is in danger!

Among them, the silver-haired boy’s face is full of runes, and every rune is overflowing with sadness. His eyes are staring at Mei Nongchen. If his eyes can kill people, then Mei Nongchen must be already at this moment. Soul flies away!

When the other four were about to die, the silver-haired boy suddenly jumped up, and the whole person turned into a silver epee, and shot at Mei Nongchen like an arrow, carrying two resolute beliefs of mortal and mortal!

What a strong man and the realm of sword integration!

Mei Nongchen’s eyes flashed, and she was about to avoid it sideways, Yu Guang caught a glimpse of the golden light from Leng Yi’s fingertips shooting with the silver epee with majestic killing intent, about to collide!

Both forces swept all the way along their respective trajectories.

If the golden light hits the silver epee, it will surely turn into powder and disappear into the world!

“No–! Liang Mu!” The

girl in yellow clothes who had been kneeling beside the glamorous woman stared at her big round eyes, and howled bitterly.

The others were also shocked, and despair appeared in their eyes.

Mei Nongchen instantly understood the expressions and mentalities of the people. She paused to avoid the action, with a small smile on her face, and quickly raised her right hand to block the oncoming epee, and her left hand faced the cold. The golden light condensed by Yi grabbed it.

The silver epee abruptly stopped just a few minutes away from her slender jade hand, and the cold golden light with the overwhelming momentum disappeared in her palm. Rao is the Lengyi who knows that Mei Nongchen’s strength is above him. Seeing this, the golden pupils still uncontrollably squeezed twice.

Not to mention the silver-haired boy who was desperately stopped by Mei Nongchen, and the Fengye four who petrified in the wind into sculptures with two emotions of astonishment and despair on their faces.

They are all suspecting that they have just been poisoned and have hallucinations.

That woman is very delicate no matter how she looks, how could she laugh and raise her hand to melt the mortal trick of His Royal Highness and the silver-haired boy?

Replaced by any of the five of them, under the same circumstances, they will only have to wait for death, and they will die very ugly!

The whole Zijinque was so quiet that he couldn’t even hear the breathing, as if time was frozen in the delicate woman’s bare hands.

Until –

“Lengyi, why are you mad!” Mei Nongchen retracted her hand and patted, ran and jumped to Lengyi like a little girl, her arms wrapped around his arms, and the two soft balls on her chest were soft. Without embarrassingly clinging to it, pouting her ass and acting like a baby. She knew that Leng Yi was angry. In addition to being angry with the five people, she was also angry with her. She had to coax him quickly, otherwise, the consequences could be serious.

She stretched out a hand to caress the corner of Lengyi’s eye, and said with a smile: “It’s easy to get old when angry. I don’t like old men.” The

woman’s voice is a little better than Xianle, the silver-haired boy who fell on the ground and kneeled. The four Fengye people not far away regained their consciousness, and looked at the sloth-like woman who hung on the arm of His Royal Highness coquettishly. They hadn’t looked at it carefully before, and at this moment, they discovered that this woman was dressed very plain and simple. She wore a peach-colored fairy dress, with three thousand green silks pouring down her waist, without a decoration. The plain side face, dyed in the sun, was a bit transparent and a bit light gold, like golden orchid amber.

No one is the arrogance of the prince, no one is the arrogant luxury of the prince’s wife.

“Aren’t you angry?” The silver-haired boy opened his mouth several times and finally found his voice.

He was surprised at this woman’s hidden cultivation base, and even more surprised at her rescue of the self who wanted to kill her and then hurry up. Ordinary people face people who want to kill themselves, don’t they always grit their teeth and kill them quickly?

Hearing that, Mei Nongchen turned her head, smiled at him, and said: “Angry? Are you too loyal to Lengyi? Or are you too caring about your own fairy city?” After a

pause, she glanced lightly across five. The face of the city lord slowly said, “Although Lengyi sent me the order of the fairy city, I do not have the ambition to dominate you. Your master is still Lengyi, not me. You come to embarrass me, but it is Because you thought I was the one who deceived Lengyi, and bewitched him to give me the fairy city, and wanted me to retreat. To put it bluntly, you came here at the risk of being punished by Lengyi, just because you were loyal to him and loyal to yourself. Xiancheng.”

“You are all loyal and

brave men , worthy of admiration!” After speaking, Mei Nongchen arched his hands at the five people one by one, and then hung Leng Yi’s arms again.

After a few words, a complex look appeared on the faces of the five people who were originally astonished. They had previously inferred what kind of person the princess would be, favored and arrogant, defiant, domineering, snake-hearted… I did not expect that a person with such a deep understanding of righteousness, her mind is so transparent, not only sees their purpose here, but also analyzes their reasons so clearly.

Perhaps, she is the honor of the immortal world to respect the queen in the future.

“Don’t leave?” Seeing them dumbfounded, they squinted coldly and drove people away.


When the five heard it, their eyebrows were instantly overjoyed, “Go! Go! Go! Subordinates will go right away!” The

girl in yellow helped the silver-haired boy, and together with Feng Ye and others bowed their hands to Mei Nongchen.

Feng Ye: “My 30-star city lord Feng Ye…”

Qing Jun man: “I’m 20 star Liancheng lord Lian Yu…”

Glamorous woman: “My 40-star Xijing city lord Feng Sanniang… “

The girl in yellow: “My sixty-star Luo city lord Luo Xin…” The

silver-haired boy: “I am fifty-star Liang city lord Liang Mu…”

“Thanks to the princess for not killing, this grace will be imprinted in my heart! Tomorrow! If we need to be effective, we must treat the ground!”

… After the

five city masters left, Leng Yi quickly suppressed the murderous air, and his eyes randomly swept over the Wudi who was kneeling on the ground not far away.

“Wu Di! Get the punishment by yourself!”


Mei Nongchen said openly, and wanted to say,’I asked him to bring people in, not his fault’, but when he came into contact with Dao Lengyi, he was frightened. With the eyes of the dead, she shut her mouth very sensibly.

Leng Yi stopped looking at her, and walked straight over her to the room. Mei Nongchen followed him like a daughter-in-law, narrowing her mouth in dissatisfaction.

She was so proactive, he was still angry, so stingy!

Inside, the doors and windows closed silently.

Leng Yi sat calmly in the soft chair, with a serious face, like a teacher scolding students, and obviously, Mei Nongchen, who was standing on his right hand and bowed his head, was the poor student who was being disciplined.

Leng Yi: “Do you know that you are wrong?”

Mei Nongchen: “I know you are wrong.”

Leng Yi: “Where is the mistake?”

Mei Nongchen: “You shouldn’t worry about you while you are not fighting with people.”

Wen Yan , Leng Yi’s eyes became softer, and he took her hand and said, “I know I’ll be worried and dare to stand out, dare you next time?”

Mei Nongchen raised his head and stared at him, with firm eyes. But, if I shrink my head to be a tortoise, they must think that your wife is a bitch, isn’t it embarrassing to you? Besides, I am not a bully who can bully me. If you come back later, you will be able to see me. How miserable it is to clean them up!”

Mei Nongchen’s words are sonorous, and Leng Yi’s face becomes uglier the more he listens.

“So, if you have the next time, you still have to come forward?”

“At this point, that is a must! I can’t give you a share!”

“…” In the

next moment, Mei Nongchen only felt a flower in front of her eyes. , The whole person was thrown on the bed, Leng Yi saved all the affection and love, and went straight back to her clothes…

He severely punished the people under him, and every time he sank, he would ask again: “Dare to dare next time? Is it?”

Mei Nongchen couldn’t bear his wildness, and burst into tears, “I was wrong, woooo…I don’t dare anymore…”


next day, Mei Nongchen woke up three poles in the sun. Come.

After being punished by Leng Yi last night, he did not take her to the bath to soak in the medicine soup for removing blood stasis, saying that he would keep her memory long.

Mei Nongchen looked down at her bruised and purple body, and when she moved a little, there was a fierce pain between her legs, so she started to cry again when she was wronged.

She gathered her jacket, wrapped herself tightly in the quilt, and went to sleep.

She hadn’t gotten up until Lengyi came back in the evening.

Leng Yi looked at Mei Nongchen, who had wrapped herself on top of her head, feeling a little distressed.

In fact, he wasn’t really angry with her yesterday, but when he thought that he might put her in danger because of his negligence, or even lose her, he couldn’t control his anger. It is better to say that he is mad at himself than to be angry with her.

Leng Yi sat down by the bed. Mei Nongchen was already awake when he came in. She just didn’t want to pay attention to him. She felt sitting next to him, and also felt his eyes glued to her body, and her heart was depressed. Dissipate slightly.

Reached out and touched the top of his head exposed outside the quilt, Lengyi’s brows and eyes were gentle, and his voice became gentle, “Sorry, I’m just too scared to lose you. The five city masters yesterday may not be able to hold you back, but in case there is one On Japan, you met a real powerful enemy, but I couldn’t rush to rescue you. At that time, if you have any accidents, what do you want me to do?”

“During the seventeen years of losing you, you suffered two lives and deaths. I feel the crisis, and it hurts my heart more and more every time. I really don’t want to feel the third time…”

“I didn’t ask you what you experienced in those seventeen years. It’s not that I don’t want to know how you are. It’s that I’m afraid to hear you say you’re having a bad life, if you really have a bad life, but I failed to save you, let alone be by your side, I will love you, and I will hate

I am incompetent.” “So, give me all the troubles and dangers in the future, as long as you are happy and happy behind me, okay?”

Hearing this, Mei Nongchen’s heartstrings touched and her nose was sore, she lifted the quilt. Grabbing the hand that was rubbing against her head, looking at Lengyi with a pair of peach-like eyes with water patterns, “But, Lengyi, only I am strong enough to truly protect myself from harm, if you protect me like this I, I will become a weak woman without the power to bind a chicken. By then, even if you tie me to your belt, you will always protect me. If we meet a strong enemy, I can only be your drag. I don’t want to That way, because I also cherish your life.”

“Why don’t you give me a little room to grow and let me sharpen myself so that I can protect myself, and you don’t have to worry about me all the time, maybe at a critical moment, I It can also help you.”

Her eyes were firm, her eyebrows were filled with an aura of unshakable eyebrows, she stared at her coldly for a long time, then sighed deeply, fished her into her arms with long arms, and said, “Why are you not like the other weak ones? Like a woman in her husband’s arms?”

Mei Nongchen wrapped his neck tightly and smiled: “If I were such a weak woman who only knows how to shed tears, would you still like me? Do you like me? I, isn’t it because I am me?”

Leng Yi was taken aback when he heard the words, remembering that she opened her heart to her for the first time, and it was the moment when she rescued herself from the stage of bloodthirsty desperately.

If she were a weak woman, she would definitely not break into the bloody hole, let alone save her life.

In that case, I’m afraid his eyes will never see her, right?

After thinking about it, Leng Yi hugged the soft body in his arms tighter, and fortunately said: “Yes, fortunately, you are you.”

Mei Nongchen smiled, and the grievances that had been accumulated for a day disappeared completely. He slid his long hair scattered around his neck, and kissed his smooth neck with his head sideways. He reached the cherry-colored lips and opened his mouth unceremoniously to hold the still slightly cool lips. Teasing lingering.

Leng Yi’s virtue, how can she be so presumptuous? Immediately, he turned passive to active, leaning forward and pressing up.

“Hiss——” Mei Nongchen took a long breath, baring her teeth and grinning.

“What’s the matter?” Leng Yi quickly raised his body with his elbow and asked worriedly.

Mei Nongchen gave him a fierce look, and said, “It’s not you yet, people still hurt me!”

Hearing this, Leng Yi freed up a hand to pull open her collar. With the scars, his old face blushed, and his face became a little unnatural, and he stepped down from her and said: “Then I will spare you tonight, and I will ask you when you are better.”

Mei Nongchen wrapped his arms around her. His neck and cheeks floated up with two red balls, glamorous and flowed, and he opened his lips and said, “Isn’t there a medicine soup for removing blood stasis?”

Leng Yi’s eyes flashed, “What do you mean by beloved wife?”

Mei Nongchen bit her lip, twisted for a moment, and said, “We…can be in the bath…” In an

instant, Lengyi’s eyes became hot, and she picked up Mei Nongchen and rushed to the bath, too late to say a word…


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