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Chapter 88 This forest is wonderful, let’s try

Last night the two were extremely lingering, the water in the bath splashed everywhere, and Mei Nongchen was taken to the clouds, calling Lengyi’s name to the utmost ecstasy.

In the end she fainted unconvincingly. She didn’t know when she returned to the bedroom, nor how long the beast Lengyi tortured her later.

Time slipped away for five days between the two.

After talking to Leng Yi, she obviously felt that the relationship between the two had sublimated when she was with him. Whenever he only needs a look, she can understand what he wants to express. Probably, this is a kind of heart.

On the ninth day, Mei Nongchen woke up very late. We can’t blame her for being lazy, but Lengyi is too violent and tortured her to death every night. It was God’s favor to wake up alive the next day.

But this time, Leng Yi didn’t get up and leave early. He lay sideways beside Mei Nongchen, with one arm propped on his head and one arm on Mei Nongchen’s chest. He squinted his eyes, the collar of his shirt was half open, revealing his white and delicate collarbone and a large sturdy chest. His long black hair was scattered randomly on the bed. There was a trace of laziness and evil in his whole body. The gentleness in his eyes wanted to make plum blossoms. Dust drowned in.

“Don’t face me like that.” Mei Nongchen stared at his exposed skin, and could even see a faint cherry red on the edge of her jacket. She swallowed the non-existent saliva with difficulty, “It’s too tempting. , I’m afraid I can’t help it…”

Hearing this, Leng Yi smiled, extremely suffocated, raised the hand on Mei Nongchen’s chest, and pulled the shirt down to reveal half of his shoulder and a cherry. He glamorously flew, charmingly said: “Come on, let’s pick it!”

“Yeah!” Mei Nongchen felt her nose hot, and hurriedly covered her with her hands. A warm and greasy liquid poured out from her nostrils very unceremoniously, and was stunned by her hand. Covered, muttered.

“…” Leng Yi saw the faint red between her fingers, was taken aback, and then…

“Hahaha…hahaha…” The smile trembled.

Mei Nongchen was embarrassed, ashamed, and annoyed. She pinched his arm, still not suffocating, then lifted the quilt and called him on the face before she covered her nose and got out of bed to clean.

A carriage drove forward silently on the street, and passers-by evaded one after another.

The carriage looked very simple and simple, but the discerning people saw its low-key luxury. The body was made of the hard-to-find golden sacred wood, and the cover and curtain on the roof were all produced in a century. The fire cloud brocade of the horse, and the small bells hanging on the edge of the top cover are also finely crafted from immortal jade. As the carriage advances, they sway in a beautiful arc in the air and make a crisp jingle. .

Looking closer, even the Danglu on the bridge of the nose of the three double-winged golden flying horses pulling the carriage is actually made of immortal jade.

From a glimpse of it, the noble identity of the person in the car can be revealed.

Wu Di tightened the reins, his heart pounding wildly when he heard the small noise in the car.

Mei Nongchen lay prone on the crane velvet blanket, lying on the golden thread python big yin pillow, enjoying the cold massage service.

The carriage is not big from the outside, but the inside is very spacious, like a small bedroom, with a soft velvet blanket spread on the bottom, and the walls are so soft that they do not know what is wrapped. There is a tea table in the middle, and a series of tea-making tools such as tea cups and teapots are placed on the tea table. At this moment, the teapot is rising with a mist of tea, and the fragrance of tea spreads in the compartment. The large and small pillows and the backrest are neatly arranged around.

Leng Yi knocked and squeezed Mei Nongchen’s back again, with moderate strength, and she was so comfortable that Mei Nongchen groaned. The sound went from Leng Yi’s ears directly into his heart, and the scratching made him feel itchy.

The witch driving the car inevitably wanted to bend when he heard this sound, and his face was flushed with shame, and the master was really true, in broad daylight!


The reason why Leng Yi didn’t get up and leave early this morning was to accompany Mei Nongchen and return to Ning.

Mei Nongchen was supposed to go back to the fairy garden with him happily, but she got a nosebleed by Lengyi’s coquettish in the morning and was laughed at by him again. Her mood was very unbeautiful, and Lengyi again. She squeezed her shoulders, made tea, and apologized, and her face finally cleared.

Leng Yi stared at the enchanting figure under his hand, and squeezed the small face with closed eyes and full of enjoyment, and his big hand slid down involuntarily, and reached in from the bottom of the skirt…


Mei Nong squeezed it. “Hmm!” Mei Nong squeezed the small face with her eyes closed and full of enjoyment, squeezing her hands. “Humhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!) Chen noticed that without raising his eyelids, he just snorted, and Leng Yi immediately retracted his hands as if being burned, and continued to pinch her shoulders with a pity on his face…

So Mei Nongchen’s humming sound continued. All the way.

Until the horse stopped.

The Zhumen of the fairy garden opened wide, and Jiuyou and Fanyin had already waited there. Seeing the carriage stopped, they immediately greeted them.

Wu Di lifted the driving curtain, and Leng Yi jumped out of the car holding Mei Nongchen.

Seeing this, Jiuyou and Fanyin immediately looked at each other, and both saw a smile in each other’s eyes.

Mei Nongchen also saw the narrow smile in their eyes and couldn’t help but blush, and squinted with a cold glance.

Leng Yi didn’t smile, put her down, put her arm around her waist, in a calm and leisurely posture, domineering and predominant in the wind, he nodded slightly to Jiuyou and Fanyin.

Looking at his cold face, there was a touch of gentle pampering at this moment, and the Sanskrit that had been worried about his daughter marrying the wrong person completely let go of a hanging heart. Although His Royal Highness was a little bit cold and ruthless, as long as she was kind to her daughter ,enough.

The four of them entered the room chatting, Mei Nongchen and Fanyin walked in the middle, Leng Yi and Jiuyou walked on both sides. Wu Di followed behind, put down the door-returning ceremony after entering the house, and returned to the carriage to guard.

Fan Yin pulled Mei Nongchen into the inner room and whispered. Leng Yi and Jiuyou were seated on both sides of the Eight Immortals table in the middle of the hall against the wall, each quietly drinking tea, each elegant and elegant.

“You are pretty good to my daughter.” Jiu You said with a squinted eye.

Leng Yi grabbed the lid and scraped the tea cup gracefully, paused when he heard the words, and sank the cup down, pausing on his chest, the rising tea mist slightly blurred his face, but he couldn’t obscure the pampering in his eyes. “She is more important than my life.”

Jiuyou’s eyes moved slightly, and he glanced at him sideways, a malicious smile evoked at the corner of his lips, teasing: “Could it be that I robbed your fiancee in the first place, so Fate wants my daughter to pay my debts?”

Leng Yi’s hand holding the tea cup tightened slightly, and her cold cherry-colored lips slanted to one side, revealing a more evil smile, and said: “So I have always been fortunate that you robbed my fiancée and gave it to me.

She gave birth to such a good wife.” Jiuyou: “…” He found that he could never ask for a bargain in front of him.

… On

the way back to the palace, the carriage was like flying, but the inside of the carriage was as steady as it did not move.

Mei Nongchen and Lengyi were sitting on the velvet blanket with their backs leaning against the long golden thread python pillow.

“What did you tell my father?” Mei Nongchen couldn’t help asking, thinking of the resentment that his father looked at him when he was parting.

“The secret between men.” Leng Yi replied, holding her hand and rubbing it carefully.

Mei Nongchen: “…” There are so many secrets between men. When Emperor Zun’s attitude toward her changed a lot before, he also used the’secrets between men’ to prevaricate her.

Turning his eyes, Mei Nongchen pulled his collar, revealing two clusters of jade peaks and deep gully, sending them under Lengyi’s eyelids, hanging his arms on his neck, blinking passionately. Peach Blossom Eye, “Msang, tell people, what is the secret between men?”

“…” Leng Yi’s eyes immediately stuck to her chest, and her Adam’s apple rolled unconsciously.

Seeing that he was not speaking, Mei Nongchen thought that the temptation was not enough, so she turned over and sat on Leng Yi’s long, slightly curved legs, and sent the towering chest forward again, about to touch the tip of his nose, temptation: ” Husband, tell me, there are rewards.”


the sound of heavy objects falling on the carpet.

As Mei Nong dusted the world, she was overwhelmed by Leng Yi directly in the car, a touch of wet touch directly on her chest.

“…” What is meant by stealing chicken without losing rice? This is!

Leng Yi tied her hands on top of her head with one hand, and pulled her belt with the other.

Just as the picture was getting more and more restrictive, the three two-winged golden horn flying horses pulling the cart suddenly let out a long hiss, and then the cart stopped abruptly. Mei Nongchen and Lengyi were almost thrown out by inertia.

Leng Yi closed Mei Nongchen’s clothes in a dark face, and asked in a deep voice: “Wu Mi! What’s the matter?!”

But he could not wait for Wu Mi’s answer, and a white shadow shot in directly, towards Mei. The dust rushed over, and the white shadow’s tears and nose fell together, “Sister, help! Oh…”

Leng Yi’s eyes flashed, and the whole body suddenly became cold, and her long legs lifted and swept, with a bang. , The white shadow flew out from wherever he went.

Mei Nongchen: “…”

She winks like silk, with a hint of affectionate blush on her face, reluctantly touched Lengyi’s ugly and distorted face, and swiped on his cheek again to see his face. After a while, softly said: “I’ll go out and have a look, be good.”

Leng Yi: “…”

Mei Nongchen got up and lifted the curtain out, seeing Xiao Erjiu crawling up from under the hoofs of the two-winged golden horn flying horse. Tears and nose mixed with dust on the white and tender face that can pinch water, not only did not ruin his delicate and cute baby face, but it actually added a trace of pitiful charm, which was pitiful.

Leng Yi followed Mei Nongchen out of the car curtain, and naturally saw the cuteness of Xiao Erjiu. When he twisted his eyebrows, the exhaled carbon dioxide was sour.

Mei get dust feel changes in his breath, turned around and saw him staring straight people to eat small twenty-nine sight, to speak forehead black line straight away, Chen Dao: “? What you home with a child gas,”

said Then, he took his hand and jumped out of the car together, Leng Yi glanced at his big hand held by Mei Nongchen, the corners of his lips were hooked, and his eyebrows were gentle.

“Sister, help! Brother is dying! Hum ……” small twenty-nine grinning cries, rushed to want to, but because of the cold and Sen Han Yi powerful gas field, moving a few body, and finally hold back Up.

Mei Nongchen looked at him and frowned. If she remembered correctly, this Xiao Erjiu was a bit stupid, but his medical skills were excellent. Even he was helpless to come to her for help. Isn’t Xiao Yi right? saved? She doesn’t know medicine.

“Make it clear, what’s going on?”

“Five days ago, the eldest brother went to the demon world with the second, tenth, and nineteenth elder brothers. It was supposed to be back on the third day, but he didn’t come back until this morning, and only the eldest brother was alone. When I came back, my second elder brother, ten elder brothers and 19 elder brothers were all missing, ooh… the eldest brother was badly injured, I can save him, but my cultivation base is not enough, and the others are not good enough, so I can only come to my sister. “…”

“My sister is… yes… I can definitely save my eldest brother.” Xiao Erjiu almost blurted out that Mei Nongchen was the king of gods, but thought that my eldest brother had warned him that this was a secret, so don’t say it in front of outsiders. In his eyes, is Leng Yi a complete outsider?

… The

low-key and noble carriage turned and drove towards a remote courtyard in the south of the city.

“Why are they going to the Demon Realm so well?” Mei Nongchen narrowed her eyebrows, she felt that Xiaoyi and the others would not run towards the Demon Realm for no reason.

“I don’t know, I only know what they are going to investigate.” Xiao Erjiu’s eyes were red and swollen, with a worried look on his face. He and the other 29 brothers have been together for thousands of years, and the relationship is very deep. Now Xiao Er is dying. Two, Xiao Shi, Xiao Nineteen disappeared in the Demon Realm, life or death is uncertain, it is because his brain is lacking, he also understands the seriousness of the matter at this moment.

Mei Nongchen turned her head and glanced at Lengyi, vaguely feeling that the matter was not simple, and moreover, it was probably related to her.

Leng Yi didn’t look at her. He put his right hand on the coffee table casually, tapping the tea cup with the back of his index finger, not knowing what he was thinking.



Some mottled small doors of the shabby courtyard were pushed open by force, making a loud muffled noise.

“Third brother, sister is here! Big brother is still alive?” Xiao Erjiu shouted and ran indoors.

The people in the room were overjoyed and wanted to welcome them out, but they didn’t dare to leave for a while.

Mei Nongchen walked into the room with Xiao Erjiu. As soon as he entered, he couldn’t help but frown. The room was filled with an extremely unpleasant stench, which made people feel sick. She looked inside. The room was very simple, without any furnishings. Except for the door, it was surrounded by a kang, and thirty sets of bedding and porcelain pillows were neatly placed on the kang.

At this moment, everyone was in the innermost corner, facing a bell infused with divine power. The bell madly absorbed the divine power of everyone, but only emitted a very weak soft light, covering the person lying on the kang.

Mei Nongchen approached and looked at the person, her pupils contracted violently, and she took two steps back subconsciously.

If she didn’t know that it was the little one who was injured at the moment, she would not believe that the person lying on the kang at this moment is the handsome little one who loves the blue robe!

At this moment, every inch of his skin is blooming with blood-colored bones. From blooming to fragmentation, it is only a moment, constantly opening and failing, endless circulation, as if to use up all the blood in his body. And those bone blossoms that failed turned into black, sticky, foul-smelling pus, which kept dripping from Xiaoyi’s body, soaking a large piece of bedding, flowing over the bed, and flowing all over the floor.

Looking at it, Mei Nongchen couldn’t tell that it was a person. She only saw the bone flower that kept squirming and turning into pus, just like a giant microbe in Geren.

“How could this be?” She was in disbelief.

“Sister, the eldest brother has been poisoned by the evil poison of Demon Venerable’s “ten thousand bones withered”, this poison will make all human flesh and blood become blood-colored bones, until there is a white bone left.” Xiao Erjiu explained to Mei Nongchen, and then again. Pointing to the bell, said: “That is my detoxification bell, which can detoxify all the poisons in the world, but the more poisonous the poison, the greater the amount of divine power expended in detoxification, to detox the detoxification of the detoxification place There is too much divine power needed. My third brother and I can’t detoxify the eldest brother. Sister, you are… you are the best in the entire fairy world, you can…”

Mei Nongchen looked at the sweat on his forehead and was detoxifying. Twenty-five people who were injected with divine power from Ling, all of them pale, and they knew that the divine power was exhausted at a glance, but still no one stopped, they were all supporting them, just to give the little one a chance.

Without hesitation, she immediately leaned a few steps towards Xiaoyi, raised her hands, and began to infuse the detox bell with divine power.

In an instant, the detoxification bell and the soft light flourished, and Xiaoyi’s whole body was enveloped. The bone blossoms that were rapidly opening on his skin slowly slowed down, and gradually reduced the number.

Xiao Erjiu was so happy to see this, and then began to inject divine power into the detoxification bell, Xiaosan and others’ pale faces showed a trace of smile, they stared at Mei Nongchen, although they were tired at the moment and wished to fall to sleep immediately, but No one stopped, they couldn’t let their sister stand alone.

Mei Nongchen felt the divine power in her body rush to the detoxification bell at a crazy speed, and she was startled, but seeing that Xiaoyi did get better because of her joining, she relaxed a little and worked with Xiaosan and the others.

Leng Yi stood at the door from beginning to end, with his hands behind his back, his right index finger and thumb gently twisted, his deep eyes looked at Mei Nongchen being so familiar with those men, he didn’t know what it was like, he could faintly guess. In the seventeen years since she disappeared, she may have been with these men.

He suddenly wanted to know, what has she experienced in these seventeen years?

Seeing the detoxification bell frantically absorb Mei Nongchen’s supernatural power, his heart palpitated, and for a moment, he stepped forward.

Suddenly, Mei Nongchen felt that the detoxification bell reduced the absorption of her divine power, and her eyes flickered. Turning back, she saw Leng Yi raising her hands and injecting divine power into the detoxification bell. In an instant, her eye sockets were a little moist.

She knew that he was very careful with her. He saw that she was detoxifying Xiaoyi, and his heart must be sour, but at this moment, he was trying to save people with her, it was nothing more than feeling sorry for her.

After half a stick of incense.

There was no more blood-colored bone flower on Xiaoyi’s body, and everyone stopped.

Except for Mei Nongchen and Lengyi, everyone else was sitting on the ground collapsed. Xiao Erjiu checked Xiao Yili in and out, and then happily announced that Xiao Yi’s poison had finally been cured.

At this moment, Xiaoyi’s body was covered with black pus, and the color of the skin was not visible. He was also very thin, and his cheekbones were slightly raised.

The stench still filled the room, but Mei Nongchen had adapted to the smell and was no longer nauseous as before.

She looked at Xiaoyi, and it seemed that he couldn’t wake up for a while. As for what happened to them in the Demon Realm, why didn’t the other three come back? They had to wait for him to wake up to know the answer.

Mei Nongchen: “When will he wake up?”

Xiao Erjiu: “This poison is very overbearing. Although it is detoxified, the eldest brother has to sleep for at least three days to wake up.”

Mei Nongchen groaned for a moment, and said, “Then I will come back in three days, so you guys will have a good rest.” After speaking, she took Leng Yi’s hand and walked out.

“Wait.” Xiao San suddenly called her, staring at her scorchingly for a minute, then suddenly smiled, and said: “It’s okay, you can go.”

Mei Nongchen glanced suspiciously at him, and turned around coldly. Yi left together.

After being delayed by the minor one, it was dark when they returned to Miró Palace.

Leng Yi took Mei Nongchen’s hand, slowly pacing from the gate of the palace towards Zijinque. Only the patrolling fairy waiter passed by from time to time.

The sky tonight is extraordinarily dark, there is no star, and the entire Milu Palace seems to be covered by a huge black cloth, but fortunately, they are immortals, and seeing things is okay.

The air is slightly cool, and the surroundings are extremely quiet, only each other’s breath lingers in the ears, and the sound of heartbeats is also exceptionally loud.

Mei Nongchen took Leng Yi’s arm, and it felt good to walk with her beloved on such a peaceful night.

“Did you stay with those thirty people during the years you were missing?”

“Yes!” Mei Nongchen replied neatly and unobtrusively.

Leng Yi: “…” As expected!

Mei Nongchen: “Do you want to know why I met them? Want to know what happened between me and them in these years? Want to know why I live with them?”

Leng Yi: “…” Vaguely There is the sound of gnashing teeth.

Mei Nongchen stood on tiptoe and put a kiss on the corner of Leng Yi’s lips, and then began to tell him about her experience in the ascending corridor; bragging about how she sat and hugged and was not seduced by beauty; how to grow up Get out of the situation of waiting for people’s death; how to bravely break into the Linggu Tower; how to see through the situation of the king of gods and win the power of the king of gods…

tell him everything and everything in detail.

Leng Yi’s heart trembled after hearing it, and when he heard that she was almost dead in the illusion, Leng Yi was so scared that he hugged her tightly and exclaimed his luck. When she heard that Mei Nongchen was now the king of gods, her jaw almost fell to the ground.

Seeing his mouth that couldn’t be closed, Mei Nongchen smiled evilly, and said, “Do you know how much the god king once liked you? She named all the pavilions and pavilions of the Boundless Palace after you, and gave it back to herself Take a sour name, Qinyi, she has love for you, Yi!”

Lengyi’s eyes gleamed, like the shining stars in the sky, with a low and charming voice, “What about you, do you have love for me? “” The

originally relaxed and happy atmosphere immediately became afflicted by these words, the evil smile at the corner of Mei Nongchen’s mouth slowly disappeared, and the blossoms of spring were faintly visible in the peach blossom eyes.

She knew the meaning of Leng Yi’s question. He was asking her: Is it your love for me, or is it because of Qinyi?

Mei Nongchen’s arm hooked his neck, and the smooth fabric fell down from the smooth arm, revealing a large piece of white jade-like texture.

She did not speak, pressed her body tightly against his, her red lips moved up to kiss his cool lips, grinding and sucking slowly, until the cool touch became hot, her head moved back, peach blossom Mouzhong Wink glittering, sexy lips light lift, with all the temptation to voice, said: “? now, you know if I love you”

cold Yi deep eyes blurred, neck veins at slightly soared, playing Hengbao Qi Mei got the dust and swept away directly.

Mei Nongchen was lying in his arms, fully aware of his intentions, and blushed slightly when she thought of what was going to happen in a moment.

But when she saw that Lengyi didn’t take her to the direction of Zijinque, she was surprised, “Lengyi, where are we going?”

Lengyi didn’t answer, as if she hadn’t heard her, her lips were straightened, and her chin was also Tighten.

He took her to a stop on the branches of a big tree, Mei Nongchen was startled, isn’t this the forest where she got lost and poisoned the other day? Looking suspiciously at Lengyi, why did he bring her to this weird forest?

“This is the Hehuan Forest.” He said.

Hearing this, Mei Nongchen’s heart beats, Hehuan Lin? Listening to the name is very lewd.

“Then you brought me here… what do you mean?”

Leng Yi lowered his head and looked down at her deeply, and said: “It is said that this forest is wonderful, let’s try…”

Mei Nongchen was startled again, and bowed his head. Scanning the woods under your feet, it’s… right here?

Could it be that this is the legendary…field battle?

Do not! No way! Absolutely not! Would she be shameless if she was spied on?

Mei Nongchen shook her head into a rattle, and was about to refuse. Leng Yi directly led her to the ground. As soon as she landed, a long and sad buzzing like a horn suddenly sounded in the sky, which was the same as the buzzing that Mei Nongchen heard before she got lost. The sound is exactly the same.

The front eye has been opened.

Both of them lost their power.

Mei Nongchen stared at her panicked eyes, stepping back.

“You can’t be here, Leng Yi, if you are seen by others, you will die.”

Leng Yixie smiled and approached step by step, “No one will come, let alone see, don’t worry…”

Mei Nongchen sees He ate the weight, turned around and ran, but before he took two steps, he rose into the air, Leng Yi put her legs on his waist, and then pushed her against the tree, Mei Nongchen She was scared and struggled desperately, but her struggle seemed to satisfy someone’s evil taste, she tore her clothes directly, and caused chaos on her.

She was determined to fight to the end, but with Leng Yi’s actions, Mei Nongchen gradually felt that she was burning all over her body, causing her to become confused and breathless, and finally sink into the ultimate joy. …

The rosy, double-petaled flowers on the tree with a large mouth are working hard to reveal their fragrance, the fragrance of the flowers lingers and floats into the nostrils of the half-retreated two people, enters their blood through their lungs, and spreads their extreme desires. whole body.

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