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Chapter 100 The coffin after the thick cloud

“Laughing—” Bei Er immediately turned to meet him, and said: “I don’t want to forget you!”

“Forget how I have to do with your being a devil prince?” Lv Xiao smiled confused. I vaguely felt that Bell was approaching her, so he got up and came out to take a look. He really saw Bell walking forward not far from the gate of the shelter pavilion, so he ran over happily, but when he got closer, he heard him start again. Wayward.

“Father wants me to receive the baptism of the magic liquid pool after 15 days in order to restore my magic power, but when the magic power is restored, I will forget you, so I don’t want to!” Belle said to Lu Xiaoxiao who didn’t expect this. What it means, blurted out.

Mei Nongchen wanted to stop it, but it was too late, but even if it prevented Bel from telling the truth, Lu Xiaoxiao always wanted to know, and it was always sad.

Lu Xiaoxiao originally saw Bel’s joy slowly disappearing from the corners of his mouth, and the light in his eyes settled down, like a bottle of mineral water that had been resting on the upper part of the refrigerator for a long time, without ripples, and it was as cold as bones.

“Smile?” Rao Shibei’s eyes were bigger than the sky, and she felt her indifference at this moment.

“If you don’t accept the baptism, won’t you be the real demon prince?” she asked, her voice flat and cold.

“Should… huh?” Bell stared at her, feeling a little at a loss, he knew that he was not happy with a smile.

Time freezes at this moment, and a vaguely biting air current whirls around the three of them, making people unable to hold their arms because it is cold.

Or, cold hearted.

“Smile?” Bell couldn’t help but call out again.

Lu Xiao smiled and held his head high, a pair of autumn-like eyes fixedly grasping his pupils, for a short while, she smiled, and for a moment, she was utterly incomprehensible.

“Bel, if it were not for me, would you be baptized by the magic liquid pool?”

“Yes.” Bell blinked a pair of big wet eyes, very sincere and innocent.

He didn’t understand the meaning of Lu Xiaoxiao’s question, but Mei Nangchen understood, and the eyes that looked at Lu Xiaoxiao became deeper and deeper.

“If this is the case, then you accept the arrangement your father gave you. Don’t give up your noble status because of me.” Lu Xiaoxiao lowered his eyes, covering up the sadness that was about to overflow in his eyes, and said: “Just, Please work harder and don’t forget me.”

“I don’t want it!” Bell pouted dissatisfiedly, and shook her hand to act like a baby, like a child, “What if you forget you? I don’t accept it. What baptism, I want to be with you.”

Alas… Lu Xiaoxiao raised her eyes and suddenly felt a little tired. No matter how deep the love is, how can he not be tired when facing a childlike lover?

The reason why Bel was not prevented from accepting the baptism of the magic liquid pool was because he was mentally immature at the moment. She did not hope that after many years, when Bel matured, she would have ideals and ambitions, and then complain about her indiscretion.

“Beer, as the prince of the Demon Realm, you have a responsibility on your shoulders. It is not what you can do if you say you don’t want it. Don’t worry, no matter whether you remember me or not, I will guard you here and not go anywhere.”

“Really?” Bel hesitated.

“Of course, when did I lie to you?”

Bai Er tilted his head and thought for a while, then smiled, holding Lu Xiaoxiao around, “That’s true.”

… the

next day.

Mei Nongchen and Lu Xiaoxiao moved to Changxiao Palace, which is adjacent to Bel’s bedroom.

With this natural Bell’s arrangement, Changxiao Palace was originally called Changqing Palace. Belle ordered the people to change the name of the palace overnight, and let people clean up all corners of the palace with a new look. Lu Xiaoxiao’s gloomy mood for a night cleared instantly. The eyes full of smiles couldn’t be concealed.

Of course, the reason that Bell arranged all of this to please the beauty was not because he had gotten the hang of it, but because Mei Nongchen was making suggestions behind her back. She really couldn’t bear to see Lu Xiaoxiao’s depressed face.

Wuming, Xiaoba, and Xiao Erjiu three people still live in Yuyangge, there is no way, the difference is just like this.

Since the return of Bell, the demon concubine told the entire Mogong Mei Nongchen to be the same as the princess, so the attitude of the Mogong people towards Mei Nongchen took a 180-degree turn, and once humiliated Mei Nongchen in the ring. The demon attendant and the two demon attendants who arranged her in the shelter pavilion were even more anxious all day long, for fear that Mei Nangchen would come to look for their troubles. In the end, she couldn’t stand the internal torment and chose a sunny noon. When I came to Changxiao Palace to bear the jingle, everyone was tied with thorns, and the thorns on the thorns were poisoned. The three of them walked from their residences all the way from their residences to the Changxiao Palace. When they arrived, their lips were very purple and poisoned. Deep, Mei Nongchen’s eyes swept out of the corner of her eyes until the three people who were kneeling at the gate of the palace who were poisoned did not react at all. She ordered them to move a rocking chair to sit in the courtyard and drink tea for an afternoon until the sun was just above her head , I suddenly discovered the existence of the three, and quickly ordered someone to send them back, and kindly asked a palace doctor for them.

The three were grateful, and bowed and bowed to thank you.

Lu Xiaoxiao didn’t know what was going on, but seeing the three people who were so afraid of Mei Nongchen, she knew that they must have had a feast with her, and she also knew that Mei Nongchen was not the kind of person who embarrassed others at will, so she shut up wittily. Do not ask.

The news of the demon prince leaving the customs also spread, and people from all parties are sighing that the demon prince has finally left the customs after a thousand years of retreat.

The light escape mirror was returned to Demon Venerable by Mei Nangchen, and Demon Venerable took it from her without saying a word, for fear that she would regret it and not return it.

Mei Nongchen has a black line. She wants to say: I’m not that kind of person.

Soon after half a month, Bell will be baptized in the magic liquid pool tonight, and the Demon Concubine and Demon Venerable attach great importance to this.

Mei Nongchen decided to sneak into the Demon Sovereign’s bedroom tonight to investigate. In the past two and a half months, she has searched other places carpet-like, and there is nothing suspicious, only the Demon Sovereign’s bedroom.

Tonight, his attention will be focused on Bei Er, which is a good time for Mei Nongchen.

…… As

night falls, a round like a cloudy moon hangs high.

The so-called cloudy moon is the black moon.

Bei Er took Lu Xiaoxiao to the Magic Liquid Pool together, saying that he hoped that the first person he would see after awakening would be Lu Xiaoxiao, so that even if he had forgotten the past, he could have a special affection for her.

Of course, these were still taught by Mei Nongchen.

The Demon Lord and the Demon Concubine didn’t say anything when he saw him insist, because they all know that forgetting is forgetting, and the first one they see is still forgetting. The important thing is that this woman who has no magic power will not live long. .

When everything was quiet, Mei Nongchen wrapped herself with only a pair of eyes, and quickly swept towards the devil’s bedroom like a black lightning.

When he arrived at the Demon Sovereign’s bedroom, Mei Nongchen radiated his spiritual consciousness to all directions, like an invisible dense net covering the entire palace, searching inch by inch, not letting go of a corner.


“Huh?” Mei Nongchen couldn’t help but let out a surprise when she swept across a smooth black wall, because she found strange spatial fluctuations on that wall, that is to say, there might be another space hidden there. Just like the space created by Qinyi at the beginning.

Withdrawing all the spiritual consciousness, Mei Nongchen walked towards that wall.

Reaching out and touching it, the tentacles are cold and smooth, and the hand feels like good mutton jade.

She tried to penetrate the divine sense into the wall, who knew that she had just penetrated less than a few minutes before she was bounced back by a huge force, and the whole person shuddered back several steps.

Mei Nongchen’s eyes immediately released superb and exquisite light, there really is a problem!

She is not afraid of problems, she is afraid that they will not be able to find the problem!

Going to the wall again, try to tear open the space behind the wall with the method of opening the sky trench in Wulianggong.


With the sound of paper tearing, the black wall separated from both sides like a curtain, until it could allow one person to pass by, Mei Nongchen stopped.

A rusty breath came out from the gap, and Mei dusted her nose and wrinkled her nose. Before entering, she could already imagine how corrupt the space was.

Thinking of Xiao Er, Xiao Shi, and Xiao Nineteen who had no news so far, thinking of the more than 5,000 people who had drunk the Demon Lord and mixed them with lost souls, the feeling of anxiety instantly engulfed her.

Not dare to delay, she sacrificed a ray of consciousness and guarded it outside the devil’s bedroom, and then her figure flashed into the space hidden in the wall.

Mei Nongchen felt like squeezing the plastic film, and when that feeling disappeared, she came to a gray-white space.

The sky was billowing gray clouds spinning frantically around an inverted deep well-like vortex. In the vortex, thunder and lightning were circling, and the thunder was rolling, tearing her eardrums.

A huge chain was suspended from behind the gray cloud, and under the chain was a huge iron cage. There were countless zombies locked in the iron cage!

And countless corpses that have decomposed!

Those rotten auras were winding from the iron cage in all directions, and the air seemed to be filled with yellow smoke-like gas, which made people almost fainted.

Mei Nongchen stared at the hellish scene in front of him in amazement. The hollow and deep eye sockets of those people were filled with despair and fear. Mei Nongchen saw many familiar figures from those people, all of whom were in the demon prince that day. I saw it at the birthday party.

She checked those people one by one with her spiritual consciousness, and found that their internal strength was very depleted, there was still vitality, and there was not much left.

She came abruptly and should have attracted the attention of the people in the prison, but no one noticed that the person who came today was not the Demon Venerable, but a petite person with only one pair of eyes.

Suddenly, Mei Nongchen’s wandering consciousness stopped on a person, and she stared at it. Although the person’s complexion was blue and skinny, she still recognized it at a glance. It was a sweet-tempered Xiao Nineteen. !

what on earth is it? Why are these people trapped here? How could their power and vitality be consumed so much?

Numerous questions were generated in Mei Nongchen’s heart, and her spiritual consciousness continued to be explored among the crowd. Xiao Nineteen was here, so Xiao Er and Xiao Shi must be here.

Sure enough, she found the two of them in the other two corners within a short while. Like Xiao Nineteen, they were almost completely lost.

“Little…” Mei Nongchen was about to yell, and suddenly there was a’zizi’ electric current. She saw an electric current with splashing sparks flowing down the chain hidden in the gray cloud, and followed the iron cage. , Hit the people in the cage, and after those people trembled violently, the current returned to the thick cloud along the iron cage and chains, and then, a strange and high sigh passed through the ears. The sound of rolling thunder reached Mei Nongchen’s ears.

There are living creatures behind the clouds!

Mei Nongchen instantly understood why these people became such ghosts, something was devouring their power and vitality!

A chill rushed from the soles of her feet and quickly spread to her limbs. She looked up at the electric deep well and thick cloud vortex, an unprecedented strong sense of crisis pressing against her Tianling Gai.

Xiao Er fortunes out that there will be a catastrophe in the immortal world, saying that it has something to do with the devil world, and it has something to do with her.

Is it the creature hidden behind this thick cloud? people? Or a beast?

It has something to do with the Devil Realm because it was raised by the Demon Lord with human life; is it related to her because it was discovered by her before it went out to harm the common people?

Perhaps her arrival was also due to fate?

The strong wind wrapped in the breath of decay blew Mei Nongchen’s slightly wide black robe close to her graceful body, and the clothes sang and hunted.

She gave up the idea of leaving immediately with Xiao Er, Xiao Shi and Xiao Nineteen. Yun Ji’s divine power condensed into armor around her body and flew towards the deep well vortex. She had to figure out that what was hidden behind the thick cloud made her feel What is the creature in a strong crisis!

Mei Nongchen carefully avoided the sturdy lightning, soaring upward for about half an hour, except for the thick electric clouds along the way, there was only a sturdy chain going straight into the sky, with it leading all the way, she found it effortlessly The source of that sigh.

what is that?

A huge coffin!

The black coffin!

Its length, width, and height are more than ten times that of ordinary coffins. The chain that goes all the way extends from one end of the coffin to the inside of the coffin. It is conceivable that it is a tool for food in the coffin. .

The thunder and lightning here are thousands of times better than below. If she hadn’t had the power of the god king to protect her body, I am afraid she would not stay here for a second, and the ear-piercing thunder would tear her to pieces.

The closer to the coffin, the faster Mei Nongchen’s heartbeat, not because of fear, but because the object in the coffin resonated strongly with her!

The cold sweat rushed out from every pore, and instantly wet all her clothes and hair, her hands and feet became cold, and her heart was about to jump out of her throat.

At this moment, she finally understood that the catastrophe that Xiaoer divined was related to her, not because she was the one who discovered and prevented the catastrophe, but because the key thing that caused the catastrophe was related to her!

What is in the coffin? Mei Nongchen was suddenly scared to know the answer, and the anxiety in her heart swallowed her.

She felt that every step under her feet weighed too much.

Takong walked to the end of the coffin where the chain was extended, stretched out his trembling hand to push the coffin lid, the coffin lid moved aside with a heavy rubbing sound, slowly revealing the scene of the coffin.

Suddenly, Mei Nongchen’s hand paused, and the divine sense she had left behind at the gate of the Demon Lord’s bedroom realized that a powerful force was rapidly approaching here.

In the Demon Realm, there is no one else except Demon Lord who has this powerful cultivation base!

Mei Nongchen quickly closed the coffin cover and fleeed outside the palace. Before leaving, he restored the black wall to its original state and erased his remaining breath.

Kancan left before Mozun returned to his bedroom, but as soon as she went out, she found that there was a net outside waiting for her!

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