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Chapter 101 Punishment with flogging to assault you

With a solemn expression, Mei Nongchen looked up at the black palace wall that surrounded the devil’s palace like petals closed. Her head was covered with a huge black mask, just like the situation she encountered when she first sneaked into the devil’s palace, except at that time. What I saw was the unformed black cover, but this time it had covered her like an urn.

What’s more unexpected is that the entire magic palace is divided into small pieces by the invisible space wall. If you want to escape here, you must tear the space wall. If so, no matter where Mei Nongchen goes, he will be easily found by the demon lord. , So she can’t leave forcibly.

She sacrificed the Phoenix Legacy Sword and was about to cut it towards the black cover of the sky…

“No!” An

ethereal voice came, and then a slim figure of a woman swiftly emerged from the soil, pulling her to escape underground. Go, “Come with me, go from the underground!”

Mei Nongchen glanced back at the woman who was pulling her, and then followed the woman into the ground without any resistance, and came to her bedroom in Changxiao Palace.

The woman sent her out, and immediately fled from the ground again, without time to say a word.

Mei Nongchen looked at the place where she disappeared, but she couldn’t react.

She… She is the close-fitting maidservant of the devil’s body.

Why should she help yourself?

Mei Nongchen didn’t think it was the devil concubine who sent her to save herself.

She quickly unwrapped the black cloth covering her head and face, took off her outer robe, wearing only robes and trousers, and walked to the window to look out. At this moment, the outside was peaceful, there was no sound of wind, but the tightness remained. Did not dissipate from her heart.

Especially the uneasy feeling that the coffin left her was still very strong. Just now, she didn’t even have time to see what was hidden in the coffin, so she hurriedly left. She was not afraid of the majesty of Demon Lord, but if she wanted to face him. It is necessary to hurt Lu Xiaoxiao, if that is the case, then Lu Xiaoxiao and Bei Er have really come to an end, and the Demon Venerable will not let Lu Xiaoxiao go.

As for why the Demon Lord suddenly returned to the bedroom and activated the defensive formation of the Demon Palace, Mei Nongchen guessed that it must be his connection with that strange space, and her appearance aroused his vigilance.

The whole night passed calmly, and just when Mei Nongchen thought that last night’s events were over, something frightening had happened in the magic palace.

A maidservant committed a crime and was whipped in public as an example.

It’s just that the whip of law enforcement is tempered from the essence of the fire of extreme Yin. Every whip is used to shave the soul. The scene is bloody and horrible. The screams of the maidservant resounded through the entire magic palace, and it made people feel trembling. Shocked, not to mention the people who were forced to watch the scene, the sound of vomiting and sobbing was endless.

Sobbing is not because someone sympathizes with her, but simply being frightened.

Mei Nongchen heard the tearing scream in Changxiao Palace, jumped up from the chair, and came to the execution site. Although the place was surrounded by the maidservant, she still saw her being hung. The handmaid who had committed a crime in midair was already dying.

It was the woman who helped her escape last night!

Mei Nong Chen’s pupils tightened for a while, could it be that the Demon Sovereign found her after she left the Palace of Long Xiao last night? Looking at the numerous scars on her body, in addition to the new whiplash, there are also many hideous wounds made by other torture instruments. One can imagine how inhuman torture she experienced last night.

Who is this woman? Why do you help yourself? Being tortured so miserably by the Demon Venerable but being tight-lipped about his own affairs, otherwise he wouldn’t be staged at this moment to lead a snake out of the hole. Isn’t the purpose to show himself?

Mei Nongchen stood at the end of the crowd coldly watching the whip-holding demon servant whip and whip the woman’s flesh and soul, until only the last faint breath was left, he stopped his hand, and glanced fiercely like a falcon. Everyone present.

“You can see clearly, this is the end of non-obedience! In the future, before you do anything, think about her now, do you know?”

His voice was not loud, but it deterred everyone present. .

“Yes, the slave (minion) understands.” Everyone’s answer was trembling and fearful.

After getting an answer, the demon attendant holding the whip seemed very satisfied with the fear of everyone, and took away the whip with a cold snort.

As soon as he left, everyone breathed a sigh of relief, and fled and scattered around. If a beast chased, there was only the sinful maid who was still hung in the air in the blink of an eye. At this moment, she was all but one. Her face was barely exposed with white bones, and flesh and blood splashed all over the floor. She hung there like a corpse, swaying with the wind.

Mei Nongchen left with the dispersed crowd, but the divine consciousness has been paying attention to the tortured maid. Her bloodless lips are slowly squirming and there is no sound, but Mei Nongchen understands that she is talking : Leave me alone, kill me.

Even she knew that the Demon Lord did not kill her but tortured her in public in order to draw out the person she rescued last night.

Also the one she was ordered to protect.

Mei Nongchen returned to Changxiao Palace and looked at the trembling maidservant in a house, her eyes flowed several times and then returned to indifferent. She sacrificed a ray of divine power and shot the maidservant who was tortured, and instantly took the life of the maidservant. .

It’s no wonder that she is cruel, even if she saves the servant girl’s life at all costs, she will not kill the servant girl, because she has already seen from the beginning of the fight that the servant girl is at the end of the battle and has no chance of survival.

Mei Nongchen was sitting by the window in a daze. She seemed to have guessed the reason why the maid was protecting her life. There was only one person who could reach out to the magic palace, knowing that she was not dead and would save her at any cost.


She once guessed that Mozun had a secret stake in the immortal realm, so how could Leng Yi not put himself in the demon realm?

He said he would let her come out to sharpen himself, but he was still not at ease.

It was said that if she did not return to him within a year, he would cruelly forget her.

He had already said it, how could he forget it in a blink of an eye?

It seemed that it was really just talking, he just wanted to use this method to warn her that she must take care of her own life and never lose herself in a foreign country.

Even protecting oneself by exposing the hidden piles hidden in the depths of the devil’s palace is really… really annoying.

Mei Nongchen wiped the corners of her eyes, and a thin wet mark appeared on the back of her fingers. She decided that once the incident was over, she would never separate from him again, no matter what happened.

It’s just…

thinking of that weird coffin, Mei Nongchen narrowed his eyes slightly. After the incident last night, the devil must strengthen his guard in his dormitory. It seems that it will be difficult to explore again.

But looking at the appearance of Xiao Er, Xiao Shi, Xiao Nine, it is estimated that it will not last long, she must quickly rescue them.

Thinking of this, Mei Nongchen got up and walked towards Baoyang Pavilion.

When I reached the gate of Baoyang Pavilion, Xiao Erjiu’s loud noise came out, “Mynah, why don’t you let me see? They are all gone, why can’t I go?”

“I’m going to see! You always Trapped me in the house, I am upset!”

“Mynah, why don’t you speak? I watch it quietly, and come back after reading it, can’t it not cause trouble?”


Mei Nongchen pushed the door in and saw Xiao Erjiu hanging on Xiao Ba like a sloth. Xiao Ba’s cheeks were tight, and her forehead and temples jumped suddenly. She was about to explode as soon as she heard the movement at the door. Turning his head to see, it turned out that it was Mei Nongchen. The anger on his face instantly dissipated. Two blushes flew on his cheeks, “Why is my sister here?”

Mei Nongchen saw his face change so quickly, and saw Xiao Xiao With his obviously aggrieved expression, Twenty-Nine couldn’t help being embarrassed, and said: “I have something to discuss with you.”

…by the

magic liquid pool.

Lu Xiaoxiao stared nervously at Bel, who was in the black mist in the pool. It has been ten hours. Bel has closed his eyes since entering the magic liquid pool. If it weren’t for his chest to rise and fall slightly, she would Have to think that something happened to him.

She had no cultivation base, and could not perceive any changes in the magical power in Bel’s body. She could only see that his face seemed to gradually fade away from immaturity, faintly revealing the charm of a mature man. Simply put, his appearance is getting more and more. The more I look like an adult, rather than a teenager.

The more Lu Xiaoxiao watched, the faster his heartbeat became. Compared with his youthful appearance, of course, mature men attracted her more.

She looked at Bel, who was becoming more and more handsome, and couldn’t help but caress her face. Although the years did not leave much mark on her face, she was already a woman in her 30s. No matter how young she was, she would not be so young. The real girl is so agile.

Looking at the lingering black magic liquid pool, her eyes kept flickering, maybe, maybe, maybe…

countless maybe circling in her mind, maybe this is her chance, the demon lord and the demon concubine are about to leave. She didn’t warn her not to enter the pool. Perhaps, she could gain magic power after soaking in the magic liquid pool. If that was the case, she would be able to fly with Bel.

This thought was like a black hole-like temptation, affecting her brain nerves. When she reacted, she only heard a’puff’, and the whole person had fallen into the magic liquid pool.

The pool water poured in from her nose and mouth, and she couldn’t stand. Because the water in the magic liquid pool was black, she didn’t know how deep the water was, but she saw that the part above the collarbone was exposed by Bel, and thought it was not very deep, so she knew that she couldn’t step on it at all.

The most important thing is… she can’t swim!

“Cough cough, help… life!” The feeling of suffocation eroded her, she struggling with her hands and feet, and the fear of death slowly swallowed her. She was so scared, who would save her?

The struggle is getting weaker, even if the heart is unwilling, I can only sink to the bottom of the pool, the big blisters rising up from Gurulu seem to mock her wishful thinking.

The maidservant and the demon servant who were not far away were trembling with fright at the miserable end of the slave maid who committed the crime, and did not hear any movement here.

I don’t know how long it took, one of them glanced at the magic liquid pond as if he had completed the task, and saw the demon prince who was still showing his head, he sighed and turned his head again, without realizing that there was a woman missing by the magic liquid pond.

The Demon Venerable and the Demon Concubine have confessed that they must stare at the demon prince, and there must be no accidents. Fortunately, fortunately, the majesty has been doing well… I

don’t know how long it has been.

Demon Lord and Demon Concubine once again descended to the side of the Demon Liquid Pool, they looked nervously at the greatly changed Bel, with expectation and anxiety in their hearts.

If you don’t enter the magic liquid pool, you will definitely be able to stimulate huge magic power. The strength of the magic power that is stimulated has a great relationship with one’s potential. Moreover, this magic liquid pool is not only accessible to the Demon Realm Royal Family, but everyone can enter it, but the magic liquid pool water is quite rare, and the only magic liquid pool water in the Demon Realm is concentrated in this magic liquid pool. The royal family has its own lineage. In order to prevent anyone from hitting the pool of water, they declared that only the royal family can accept the baptism. After a long time, no one will know this secret.

After a short while, Belle, who had been closing his eyes, opened his eyes suddenly, not the black and white eyeballs, but thick black clouds rolling!


He looked up to the sky with a long roar, showing his hideous teeth, like a mad tiger, he would tear people to pieces in the next second!

After the long roar, he closed his eyes and opened it again, his fierce light suddenly vented, how could he still look like the big wet eyes at the beginning?

His eyes are long and narrow, and he looks at people with a sharp wind, which is not angry but majestic.

The Demon Concubine was very pleased, and was so excited that he tightly grasped the hand of the Demon Venerable, and said: “Chen, our son is really extraordinary!” The

Demon Venerable’s always calm eyes were full of praise, and said: “Come out!”

Hearing the words, Bel leaped out of the water, with a move with his right hand, the black robe that had been prepared beside him instantly wrapped around him, and the water vapor on his body turned into black mist as soon as the water came out.

“Children, see father, queen, mother and concubine.” The middle-aged and calm male voice.

“Okay! My son is fine!” Mo Zun and Mo Fei unanimously admired.

The three left side by side, chatting and laughing, no one thought of a petite woman guarding here.

The water in the magic liquid pool returned to calm, but the occasional large blisters that popped up from the bottom of the pool silently told the difference in the bottom of the pool.

By this time, it was already midnight.

Mei Nongchen lay on the bed, tossing and turning, her eyelids thumped so severely that it would affect her sleep.

She discussed with Xiaoba and Wuming during the day, but still failed to discuss any useful countermeasures. No matter what they did, Mei Nongchen would be exposed, and then Lu Xiaoxiao would be exhausted. This was the least she wanted.

Thinking of Lu Xiaoxiao, I don’t know if Bel’s baptism is over. What if he really forgets the laugh, then laugh and cry to death?

“No, I won’t worry until I’m going to take a look tomorrow.” It

was only the next day, before she got up, the whole magic palace was boiling.

I heard that there was a VIP who was not considered a VIP in the Demon World, because he came from the Immortal World and had an extraordinary status in the Immortal World.

I heard that as soon as the VIP appeared, he killed all the female creatures present.

I heard that the VIP is currently single, and all the maidservants in the palace want to show their heads in front of him.

Mei Nongchen heard the whispers of the maids in the Changxiao Palace, and her heart suddenly choked, because she felt that some of the weak connections before suddenly became stronger.

Could it be him?

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