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Chapter 102 Husband and wife join hands

Mei Nongchen didn’t guess wrong, the VIP was Lengyi.

She stood at the gate of Changxiao Palace, watching the Demon Lord lead Leng Yi from a distance, the Demon Concubine and Bel walked a little later in his position, and at the end followed the maidservant dozens of people, a group of mighty people. Come here.

Seeing Leng Yi, Mei Nongchen was first uncontrollably excited and delighted. In less than a month, the guy was handsome again. Seeing the shame of the maidservants, he knew that his charm was plucking the girl’s heart again.

His eyes were always looking straight ahead, Mozun looked slightly sideways, and said something with a smile. Leng Yi occasionally replied, but in most cases he pressed his lips tightly and couldn’t bear to open his mouth.

The group of people quickly approached, and Mei Nongchen was like the other maidservants, bending her knees halfway, bowing her eyes.

Leng Yi glanced over her flatly, as if passing by an unknown person, without stopping.

Just as they had passed Mei Nongchen, Bell suddenly whispered, turned to look at her, and said, “You are familiar, raise your head to show the main hall.”

There was a fierceness in the sound of composure. Male voice, Mei Nongchen exclaimed in her heart. This magic liquid pool water is really amazing. Just now, she discovered that Bell’s appearance and facial features were very different from before. When he opened his mouth, his voice was no longer the original cuteness. Voice of the boy.

He said she was familiar, so he really forgot the past?

She raised her head in accordance with the words, and the first thing she met was not Bel’s probing gaze, but the cold and quiet eyes of autumn water. Although the eyes were very plain, her heart still throbbed wildly, and she almost couldn’t help it.

She quickly moved her gaze to Bel’s face. He twisted his eyebrows, as if thinking about where he had seen the woman in front of him. For a moment, his brows were relieved and he said, “I can’t remember where I saw you. , But seeing you are very familiar, you can go to my palace and serve you.”

As soon as the words came out, the eyes of Mozun and Mofei looking at Mei Nongchen were a little strange, but Leng Yi directly turned their gazes into steel needles, taking turns piercing Mei Nongchen and Bel.

He was warning her not to agree.

But… is she the kind of obedient person?

Obviously, sometimes it is, sometimes it is not.

At this time, she is not.

A struggling color

appeared on Mei Nongchen’s face, he hesitated for a moment, and then replied: “Yes, my lord.” The reason why she wanted to be the color of difficulty was because she and the Demon Sovereign and Demon Concubine had previously said that Beier no longer needed it. She, she had to go back to take care of her master, she couldn’t agree too readily, lest she arouse the suspicion of the demon.

She agreed because she couldn’t really leave at this juncture. Even if Bel did not ask her to go to his palace to serve, she would find an excuse to stay, and now Bel’s move has just followed her. Xinyi,

against Lengyi’s cannibal gaze, she felt her half-bent knees trembling.

However, soon he put away his strange gaze again and continued to play the role of Gao Leng Mei Nan Zhi. It was just his last glance when he was leaving. The meaning of the post-autumn settlement was too obvious. Mei Nong Chen’s nose burst into fine sweat, and he was dead. Offending Lengyi has absolutely no good fruit.

After Lengyi and his party left, Mei Nongchen and a handmaid straightened their knees. Looking at Bei Er’s tall and straight back, she suddenly remembered Lu Xiaoxiao. Why didn’t she be with Bei Er? Even if she is not with him, she should return to the Palace of Long Smiles!

Just now, I was full of joy to see Leng Yi, and I actually forgot Lu Xiaoxiao. Mei Nongchen blamed herself, and quickly walked to Bel’s bedroom to see if Lu Xiaoxiao was there.

When they arrived at Bel’s bedroom, Mei Nongchen asked all the maidservants, but no one saw Lu Xiaoxiao.

Mei Nongchen was faintly disturbed, she shouldn’t, and Xiaoxiao shouldn’t not show up in front of her.

She searched for a secluded place, jumped up the tree, radiated her consciousness to all directions, carefully avoided the Demon Lord, and searched every corner of the Demon Palace, but still could not find the shadow of Lu Xiaoxiao.

Up to this moment, Mei Nongchen was finally sure that something happened with a smile!

“No, no!” She withdrew her scattered consciousness, and was about to jump down the tree to find Bell and ask what was going on, when there was a calm and sharp male voice from under the tree.

“What can’t it?”

Mei Nongchen’s muscles tightened, she didn’t notice anyone approaching!

Looking down at the tree, he saw a man in a slim-fitting black robe, face up, with red lips and white teeth, a pair of narrow eyes slightly raised, his eyes sharp, but he looked at her slightly soft.

Who is it if it’s not Bel?

“Bell!” Mei Nongchen jumped down and called his name.

After hearing this, Bell narrowed his eyes slightly. He always felt that this woman was very familiar, and she should be someone who knew her well. Now that she is so familiar with her, it seems that his guess is correct.

Seeing him startled, Mei Nongchen patted him on the shoulder again, and said: “Where is the smile?”

Bei Er just returned to his senses and was taken aback, “Smile?”

“Did you really forget her?” Mei Nongchen Looking at his eyes nervously, he said, “Isn’t she standing by the magic liquid pool? After you wake up, she will be the first to see her. Why, didn’t you see her?”

Smile? Bei Er called this name in his heart. For some reason, his heart hurts every time he called it again. It seemed that she was very important.

“After the main hall wakes up, only the father, the queen and the mother are by the side, and there is no third person.” He said.

“Why?” Mei Nongchen raised the volume, Xiaoxiao would never leave the magic liquid pool for half a step, unless…unless something happened to her!

She really had an accident!

What can happen to her in the magic palace?

Anxious, Mei Nongchen grabbed Bel’s arm and said, “Take me to the magic liquid pool. I’m going to find Xiaoxiao by myself.”

Seeing Beier hesitate, she suddenly shouted: “Take me! Smile! If something happens, you will regret it! I won’t let you go!”


two arrived at the magic liquid pond in just a few moments.

The side of the pool is empty, the water is as still as stagnant water, and black mist rises. There is dead silence here, and even the wind never passes here.

Mei Nongchen’s spirit sprinkled like a fishing net to the bottom of the pool. When she saw the dark water, she somehow gave birth to the mind to explore the bottom of the pool. Could it be that this is the sixth sense at work?

With a serious face, she searched every place meticulously, but just halfway through the search, the pool water suddenly began to bubble up like water.

“What’s the matter?” Bel, who was standing on the side, strode forward with a stride, his stern face was full of doubts, is there a foreign body at the bottom of the pool?

Mei Nongchen was also taken aback, and hurriedly withdrew his spiritual consciousness. Not long after, a column of water suddenly burst into the sky in the magic liquid pool, and the sound of the water roared, and a figure went straight into the sky with the water column!

Lu Xiaoxiao!

Mei Nongchen’s pupils shrank slightly, she is… a demon?

After a while, the water column fell back into the magic liquid pool, and a figure flew towards her from high above, “Sister Nongchen!”

Lv Xiaoxiao hugged her a few times in surprise, and said: “Sister Nongchen, I thought I was I’m going to die. I didn’t expect that not only I didn’t die, but I became a demon. I now feel that my body is full of magic power, and the whole person is as light as a butterfly. What a magical feeling!”

Mei Nongchen stared at her in a daze, but she couldn’t react. Why did she enter the magic liquid pool? Doesn’t it mean that only the royal family can be baptized? Why doesn’t she have memory loss? Why didn’t you change your personality and appearance?

He turned his puzzled gaze to Bel, but saw that the latter was also confused.

Bel looked at the woman coming out of the magic liquid pond. Those who entered the magic liquid pond without authorization should be sentenced to capital punishment according to the palace rules, but he had no idea to punish her.

After Lu Xiaoxiao and Mei Nangchen became sticky, they turned around and plunged into Bell’s arms, burst into tears, and choked up: “Beer, I know you must have forgotten me, but it’s okay. I can have a long time just like you. Come splurge, let’s take it slow, and we will definitely be able to find our love again.”

Mei Nongchen looked at Lu Xiaoxiao, who changed his face faster than flipping a book, and was speechless. The change between laughter and cry was like changing channels. of.

Bell lowered his eyes to look at the delicate body that was tired of his arms. He didn’t know the expression on his face, but he didn’t reject Lu Xiaoxiao. It seemed that the two of them would return to what they used to be just around the corner.

Mei Nongchen smiled heartily and turned away.

…In the

evening, the Demon Lord held a banquet in the Banquet Hall. In order to welcome the arrival of Leng Yi, he invited all the powerful and powerful people in the Demon Capital to accompany him.

Bailiyu is one of them.

Mei Nongchen lowered her head and stood behind Bel. She changed from his elder sister gorgeous to a maid. She had no opinion on this change, although the attitude of the maidservants in the magic palace had begun to become colder towards her.

Her spiritual consciousness has been paying attention to the movement at the banquet, Mozun and Leng Yi seem to be too lazy to talk to each other, and neither speaks.

The two highest-ranking and most powerful people did not speak, and the others did not dare to speak easily, for fear that one would accidentally offend someone.

Leng Yi wore a golden brocade robe and sat there, which was particularly eye-catching among a group of black robes, and Shen Jun was very much.

Mei Nongchen spoke a few words to him through the ears, then leaned over and said a few words to Bel, and then quietly left without attracting anyone’s attention.

Leng Yi caught a glimpse of the charming figure she was leaving, thinking of the words she had just passed to him, and his deep eyes flickered slightly. He raised his eyes to look at the devilish demon with an arbitrary posture, smiled suddenly, and said: “I heard that the devil prince is close. One thousand five hundred years ago, I finally left the customs recently. The hall specially brought Li to congratulate him, but I don’t know how hard the demon prince’s cultivation level has been?”

After he said, he waved his hand, and the immortal waiter outside the hall congratulated him. Bring it up, it is a good metal for refining, it is rare in the world, and the two worlds of immortals and demons can’t find a second piece.

There were bursts of sighs in the hall, and Bei Er’s eyes flashed slightly, and soon he lowered his expression of surprise, and said to Lengyi, “Thank you, Your Majesty.” The

devil did not lift his eyelids, and drank from the cup. Canjiu said casually, “If your Royal Highness Yi wants to know, you can try it.”

He also wanted to know how this Lengyi was cultivated.

After he finished speaking, he glanced lightly at Bei Er. Bei Er understood, jumped directly to the center of the hall, and said to Lengyi: “Please enlighten me!”

Lengyi glanced at him, and an undercurrent flashed in his eyes. This person wants his be careful to come and serve him, and this hatred will not avenge the non-gentleman.

“Wu Mi, go, and learn about the advanced cultivation skills of His Royal Highness the Demon Prince!”

Wu Mi followed up with orders, “Subordinates obey.”

Hearing this, the hands of the Demon Lord playing with the wine cup were slightly stagnant, and Bell’s eyes were cold. squint.

This coldness, letting the minion compete with the dignified demon prince, is simply a humiliation!

But before they could say their refusal, Wu Di had already raised his sword.

Everyone at the banquet shrank their necks and pretended to be dead. They felt the swords drawn by Majesty and His Royal Highness Yi. They didn’t want to accidentally become the discouraged little grilled fish of which party, so just shut up!

After all, Bel had just gained magic power, and although his cultivation base was high, he was still slightly weaker than the witchfly who had experienced many battles. The two had already passed all sorts of moves in an instant, and the contest was hard to separate.

Leng Yi looked at it coldly, and the corners of his mouth smiled more and more. Thinking of Mei Nongchen’s voice to her before leaving, he became happy without realizing it.

She said: “I have an important discovery. I want to find a way to hold the Demon Venerable. Together, we will be able to find out the conspiracy of the Demon Venerable today!”

How can we not make him happy because of the words’couple together’?

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