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Chapter 103 The monster in the coffin

The atmosphere in the banquet hall was rigid, and Bai Er and Wu Di met their opponents, and no one was willing to surrender.

Demon Venerable’s eyes narrowed narrower and narrower. He didn’t expect Leng Yi to have such a powerful character around him, and the minions were so powerful, presumably the master’s cultivation was even more unfathomable. His expression became more and more solemn, and he secretly determined to take this opportunity to try Leng Yi’s cultivation base.

Mei Nongchen slowly left the Banquet Hall and returned to the Changxiao Palace. Lu Xiaoxiao immediately greeted him, “Why did you come back so early? How does the prince of the fairy world look like? Is everyone rumored to be so handsome?”

She wanted to go to the banquet to see it, but she was not qualified to participate, and she was very depressed.

But when he thought that the relationship with Bell was not as bad as previously thought, he seemed to feel a little bit about her, Lu Xiaoxiao laughed out again. Compared with before, she undoubtedly liked Bell more now. Look like…

Mei Nongchen looked at the nymphomaniac Lu Xiaoxiao silently, shook her head, and said: “I’m uncomfortable and go to rest.” He went back to the room and closed the door, although she went to Bel Palace Value, but still lives in the Changxiao Palace, this is Lu Xiaoxiao’s insistence.

Lu Xiaoxiao dreamed about the happy life with Bel in the future, and could not return to her senses for a long time, not to mention a black shadow spinning behind her like a wind.

Under the cover of the night, Mei Nongchen quickly fleeed to the devil’s palace. When she reached the gate of the palace, a strong wave of formations hit her face. She paused and knew that the devil’s palace would definitely strengthen the guard of his palace.

The corner of his lips made a mockery, and Leng Yi was in the Demon Palace at the moment, even if she forcibly broke the formation and frightened the Demon Lord, he wouldn’t dare to come back! Because Leng Yi will definitely try to follow him, and he will not reveal his secrets in front of Leng Yi, so this dumb loss, he is determined!

Mei Nongchen sacrificed his phoenix legacy sword, and his power of transporting his feet slashed at the place where the formation was the strongest. In the face of absolute strength, all formations were clouds.

Only a small “click” sound was heard, as if something was breaking, the breath receded like a tide, and the eaves of the walls and buildings that were originally indistinct became clear in an instant.

Magic array.

If Mei Nongchen didn’t notice it and stepped into this formation, even if she could break the formation quickly, it would take some time. She didn’t think that Demon Lord would use the bean dregs formation to protect her secrets. This formation must be The essence of the strong formation, but he didn’t expect that Mei Nongchen broke the formation with brute force before he even entered.

The illusion was broken, revealing the demon servants who were waiting inside. She immediately realized that each of these people was not weak, but it was not enough to be afraid.

At this moment, the Demon Lord, who was squinting and leaning lazily in the soft chair, sat upright and opened his eyes wide. The wine cup in his hand was tilted and the liquor flowed onto the table without even noticing it. Someone broke his formation and broke into him. The bedroom!

Without thinking, got up and left.

“Where are you going?” Mozun just stood up, a chilly voice floated, his figure stagnated, yes, he almost forgot that there is a coldness here, and he must not let Lengyi know his palace The thing is kept inside.

Resisting the urge to sit back in the soft chair, he gripped the handle of the soft chair with both hands, almost breaking the handle.

“The deity suddenly remembered that some trivial matters had not been dealt with. His Royal Highness Yi will be here later, and the deity will come and go.” The devil pretended to raise his neck and drank the liquor in the wine cup indifferently, and said slowly.

Leng Yi’s eyes flickered, with a bored look on his face, and he faintly said, “I’m tired after sitting in the main hall for so long. I just go with you. You have the right to move your muscles and bones. What you have to deal with is a trivial matter, and it must be nothing. Concealed, it shouldn’t hinder you if the deity goes with you.”

He put on a must-have expression, blocking the back of the Demon Venerable to death. Either he didn’t deal with it, or he took him to deal with the so-called trivial matter, no matter what kind, Leng Yi was very happy. Ah.

Mozun wanted to crush an old tooth. He had known that Leng Yi would come like this. He would definitely not say that he was going to deal with trivial matters. How could the things in his bedroom be trivial?

With thousands of twists and turns in his heart, his eyes suddenly caught Bel, who was still in the competition. They had reached the white-hot stage, and the two sides acted like the wind and refused to give each other. Fortunately, they took into account that they were in the banquet hall and controlled them. To prevent the aftermath from hurting others.

The demon’s spiritual light flashed, he picked up the wine cup that was refilled by the maidservant, and took a sip to his lips, saying: “It’s just a small matter, and it will be the same in the future. Your Highness is coming from afar, how can this deity not accompany me well? “While speaking, he whispered to Bel secretly.

In the next instant, Bel failed to catch Wu Mi’s sudden palm, and was repelled several meters by palm strength, his face turned pale.

He quickly adjusted his posture, handed over to Leng Yi, and said: “His Royal Highness is really capable people and

strangers, the main hall surrenders .” After speaking, he left the Banquet Hall directly.

Everyone thought that he had lost the competition and lost face before leaving, and didn’t think much about it.

The Demon Lord looked at his leaving back, his face was uncertain. He knew that Bell was not strong in fighting, so he didn’t let Bell go to his palace to directly face the broken formation, but…

looked at it coldly. Bel, who was suddenly defeated and hurriedly left, swept at the witchfly with a calm look. The witchfly immediately understood, suffocating a mouthful of blood, and slowly dripping from the corner of his mouth, he knelt down on one knee towards the devil, sincerely. Said: “His Royal Highness the demon prince really has a profound cultivation base, the young man should admit defeat.”

Before the devil’s response, Leng Yi said directly: “Since you are injured, go back and rest, so you don’t have to interfere with the devil’s eyes!”

Wu Di followed kindness, “Yes, subordinates damn it!” After saying this, he left, showing a pious and respectful posture.

Mozun’s eyelids twitched and looked at Leng Yi, seeing the other person looking at him with a smile but with a sharp insight, he immediately became angry, the two eyes collided fiercely in the air, sparks flew everywhere.

This Leng Yi is simply a nemesis!

Mei Nongchen defeated the group of demon servants three times and five divided two, and entered the strange space according to the last method. At this time, some people died in the huge iron cage, and there were not many people who survived. Fortunately, Xiao Er and Xiao Ten, Xiao Nineteen still hung a sigh of relief.

Last time, because of curiosity about what is behind the thick cloud, the best time to save people was delayed, so this time, she decided to save people first.

She raised the phoenix sword, struggling to cut it off to the side of the iron cage.


The violent hum shook her brain trembling, the sword cage collided, sparking straight, the iron cage was not hurt, not even a small scratch.

“Huh?” Mei Nongchen couldn’t help being surprised. The iron cage was so strong that even Feng Yijian couldn’t help it.

After another five or six cuts, there was still no effect at all. Sweat began to appear on the tip of her nose. She didn’t know how long Lengyi could hold her back, and she had to rescue people sooner.

But this giant cage seemed beyond her imagination, it was difficult to break it.

Just as she scratched her head, she suddenly remembered Mie Ling Net, she remembered that it could turn everything into powder.

Whether it is useful or not, try again.

Taking out the Ling Ling net, Mei Nongchen muttered the formula silently, controlled it to carefully cover the corner of the iron cage, and tried its effect first.

A miracle occurred, and the part of the iron cage that touched the spirit net was silently turned into dust.


Mei Nongchen smiled happily, and directly manipulated the Ling Ling net to open a big gap in the iron cage, and flew into the cage to bring out the person who was still breathing. At this moment, the current that took away the strength and vitality of everyone’s body rushed down. When it was discovered that there was no more desirable’food’ in the iron cage, a hum of dissatisfaction came from behind the thick cloud, and a stronger electric current rushed down. After swaming for a week, there was still no’food’ available, and the dissatisfied voice began to become It’s intense, it’s like a child who can’t drink milk is acting like a baby.

Mei Nongchen manipulated the Ling Ling Net to wipe out the entire iron cage together with the strong electric current. She leaped and flew towards the deep well vortex. The Ling Ling Net moved up with her, turning the suspended chains into dust.

When she came to the coffin, neither the beating heart nor the fatal attraction of the “things” in the coffin could affect the firmness and determination in her eyes at the moment. She didn’t want to know what was in the coffin, nor could she keep it alive. So…

she manipulated the spirit net to quickly cover the coffin, like a swift cheetah.

No matter what is in his mother’s coffin, just turn it into dust and see what other storms it can make!

It’s just that before Mie Ling Net touched the coffin, the coffin suddenly exploded. With a bang, debris flew in all directions, and a strong black mist rolled out, and the world was instantly dark.

Mei Nongchen was shocked. The normal darkness would not affect the sight of the fairy, but the darkness at the moment was that she couldn’t even see anything. Even the cluster of lightning in the thick cloud was no longer bright, even Even the thunder did not ring anymore, as if this place was plunged into a quiet void.

And the monster that sucked everyone’s power and vitality was hiding in this darkness.

Fortunately, in addition to affecting sight, this black mist is non-toxic and has no peculiar smell.

Not daring to delay for a moment, she immediately followed the memory and flew down in the dark, fumbled to the location of the second class, Yunji’s ten layers of divine power laid a defensive barrier, I don’t know how strong or weak the enemy hidden in the dark is, she doesn’t Dare to be big.

Standing in the enchantment, Mei Nongchen felt carefully, and could feel that a certain place was attracting her to approach. This attraction was completely different from Leng Yi’s attraction to her. Leng Yi’s attraction to her was warmth and love. , And at this moment, hidden in the black mist, things that do not know whether they are humans or beasts give her endless sense of crisis. She believes that as long as she dares to approach, that thing will swallow her alive!

After all, what is that?

Mei Nongchen didn’t dare to leave. For one thing, she didn’t dare to guarantee that she could safely take the little second and the rest to leave safely. Secondly, the monster was out of the coffin, and she had to figure out what it was.

Let the Demon Lord hide so concealed, and at the expense of so many powerful people to feed, see that the corpses piled up into a mountain, far more than 5,000 people, I am afraid that he has already started to feed this thing with human lives.

Perhaps, in previous years, Mozun always thought that the demon prince recruited magicians to invite the winners of the ring to participate in the birthday banquet. In fact, they used the cultivation base and vitality of those people to feed the monsters in the coffin.

day! Mei Nongchen was taken aback by his own thoughts. If so, how powerful would the monster accumulate? I’m afraid it’s not inferior to Yu Qinyi, right?

Suddenly, her heart tightened, and the thing was approaching her!

Putting the Feng Yi sword across his chest, his whole body entered a state of alert. After a short while, there was a soft bang, and something hit the barrier.

Mei Nongchen held his breath, but soon began to frown.

The crashing sound’dong dong dong’ kept ringing rhythmically, as if a robot was blocked by an obstacle, repeating its forward movement unconsciously.

Does that monster have no intelligence?

It’s just that the black mist didn’t dissipate, she couldn’t judge from the face of that thing.

At this moment-there was a slight noise from the entrance, and then only a whirring sound was heard, and the black mist that permeated the space and hindered eyesight disappeared as if being sucked away.

Mei Nongchen repeated the light, and finally saw what the monster that kept hitting the barrier looked like.


Feng Yijian fell and collided with the rocks on the ground with a crisp sound. She had a ghostly expression on her face. She stared at a pair of peach eyes, her mouth opened and she couldn’t close it.

That monster has a yin and yang face!

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