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Chapter 104 The Walking Dead

The monster is a human figure, dressed in Tsing Yi, petite, with a half-beautiful and half-ugly face, long hair scattered, and the seven orifices are covered with black mist.

There is Qinyi!

Mei Nongchen was too shocked, feeling that her world was collapsing, isn’t You Qinyi already dead? Why was he kept in captivity by the demon in a coffin?

But soon she realized something was wrong. This one has Qinyi. Although her body releases a pressure equivalent to the strength of the god king, she does not seem to have a soul, like a walking corpse, constantly lifting her foot and kicking the knot outside the barrier. World, obviously is the action of walking forward.

The walking dead?

Back in the melting furnace, she saw and swallowed the soul of Qinyi, but what was in front of her at the moment was the body of Qinyi?

Thinking about it this way, all this can be explained. It must be that after Qinyi abandoned his body, he was obtained by Demon Venerable for some reason, but Demon Venerable came up with this kind of harm to the common people to feed her, but the Demon Venerable is so. What can I get out of it?

“Eat…eat…” You Qinyi repeated the action of shaking his arms and raising his legs, his lips opened and closed, and there were blurred syllables overflowing with the black mist.

Mei Nongchen listened carefully and seemed to be saying’eat. ‘


Thinking of her rescuing the only living people left in the giant cage, the monster in the coffin began to agitate. Could it be that Qin Yi’s only consciousness is just eating?

Vaguely, Mei Nongchen seemed to be about to grasp the key point.

At this time.

“Sister.” Xiao Erjiu rushed over from the entrance, and when he saw Qinyi’s figure, he shouted, “Ah! God, monster! The monster who caught me back then!”

“Hush! Be quiet!” Xiao Ba He covered his mouth and looked at the skinny Erjiu who was lying on the side of Mei Nongchen’s feet, his eyes tightened, and he immediately pulled Xiao Erjiu towards him, “Sister, you rescued them.” “

Wu Ming put away a pocket-like thing while leaning over, “Master, are you okay?”

Why are they here? Yu Guang caught a glimpse of the bag in Wuming’s hand. This thing sucked the black mist away? Mei Nongchen was puzzled, but the situation in front of her did not allow her to clarify these problems. She pointed to Qin Yi, who had stopped because of the presence of the three of them, and shouted: “Be careful of this person!”

Before the voice fell, a swift figure accompanied her. As the wind rushed towards the three of them, a chain was protruding from Qin Yi’s mouth, and entangled with a broken bamboo. Mei Nongchen was shocked. The chain was exactly the same as the chain that had been suspended from behind the thick cloud. , Could it be that the place where the original chain led to Qin Yi’s mouth?

Thinking of this, she felt a chill in her heart, and those people were living with food!

When You Qinyi pounced on the three of them, the three of them immediately avoided, but their movements were far less agile than those of Qinyi. Xiao Erjiu was grazed by the chain, and the black robe on the waist was torn open, revealing Such as jade white muscle.

“Oh, let me wipe it! I fight you for an ugly gangster!” Xiao Erjiu flew and spitting Xingzi and was about to fight back, Mei Nongchen stopped him, and said: “You come over and take these people away, she will leave it to me. Deal with it.”

She waved her hand to remove the enchantment, she stretched out her hand to invite Feng Yijian to directly face Yu Qinyi, “Take them and go quickly, don’t let the people of Demon Venerable find out.”

“No, I will stay and help you.” Shouted lifelessly.

“Get out!” Mei Nongchen snarled, she didn’t have time to grind with him, “You are just a cumbersome stay, and quickly take these people away. They are very important and we must save their lives.”

Wuming was expressionless. His face was slightly stagnant, and then condensed into a giant net with Xiao Erjiu and Xiao Ba with supernatural power, lifted up all the people on the ground, and bounced out of the space at high speed.

In the space.

The chain is as flexible as a snake, flying around Mei Nongchen, You Qinyi seems to have a special desire for Mei Nongchen, his numb face is faintly excited, and the black mist lingering in the hollow eyes actually appear two red points, like a ghost. eye.

And Mei Nongchen also felt the almost crazy desire in her heart, and couldn’t help feeling awe-inspiring.

Don’t look at her lack of intelligence, she is both sensitive and flexible in dealing with prey, Mei Nongchen was almost entangled in her chains several times, and she was a little embarrassed for a while.

“Eat…eat…” You Qinyi opened her mouth, spitting out fuzzy syllables while dancing the chains to entangle with Mei Nongchen, eating one left and right.


The chain was alive in the air, and in an instant, Mei Nongchen’s eyes were ruthless. It was not a way to go on like this. It was not early, and I believed that the Demon Venerable would come back soon. She had to make a quick decision.

In the face of Qinyi who has no soul, Mei Nongchen’s most proud soul control technique is useless. The chain is made of the same material as a giant cage. The Phoenix Legacy Sword can’t be used in the slightest, and the spirit net exploded in the coffin. The moment it opened was torn apart by afterglow.

She gathered ten layers of divine power in her palm into a fist-sized ball of light, and slapped it directly at Yu Qinyi’s mouth. With a’shoo’, the divine power ball slid directly into Yu Qinyi’s throat.

With a muffled sound, the magic ball exploded. There was no pain on Yu Qinyi’s face, but her body shook violently, and thick and smelly black blood flowed from her mouth along the chain.

She didn’t actually blow her to pieces, Mei Nongchen was a little unbelievable. You must know that it was her tenth level of divine power. If it were someone else, even Leng Yi wouldn’t be able to survive that blow just now. Demon Lord really didn’t. Sacrificing so many powerful people in the Demon Realm for nothing, he succeeded in raising the body of Qin Yi into a powerful monster who only knew how to eat.

At the same time, the welcome banquet in the banquet hall is coming to an end. Leng Yi always maintained a smile but a smile, but looking closely at his eyes, there is a deep sense of worry. He can vaguely feel Mei Nongchen at this moment. Nervous, she must be in trouble.

“Puff!” The Demon Sovereign, who was sitting well on the main seat, spouted a mouthful of blood, and a bloody red flower appeared on the table in front of him. Because it was too sudden, the people below were panicked.

Fortunately, the devil concubine did not attend the welcome banquet, otherwise she would have to scream again and again.

“Wang! Are you okay?” The people underneath left the table to greet them. The Demon Lord waved to indicate that they don’t have to come forward.

He wiped the corner of his mouth with his right thumb and said, “The deity is okay, don’t worry.” Although his face was calm. , But there was a stormy sea in his heart, and someone hurt his’little baby’.

Someone in this world could hurt his “little baby”!

You know, his “little baby” used to be… but an invincible powerhouse, even if it is a dead thing, but after being fed by so many demon world powerhouses for thousands of years, its strength has long been the same as it was when he was alive. Quite, how can anyone in this world hurt it?

“His Royal Highness, it’s too late, and you have a hard time rushing around. Why don’t you go back and rest earlier.” The joints of the hands of the demon lord gathered in his sleeves were white, and he used great strength to restrain the immediate rush to the palace. Impulsive, and anxious like being roasted by fire.

Leng Yi slowly picked up the wine and took a sip, like a snail walking, anxious to death.

Mozun was almost unable to hold his breath.

Leng Yi smacked his lips, seeming to be aftertaste, after a moment, Fang said: “Okay, this hall is indeed exhausted.”

“Come here.” The devil’s muscles loosened, and he shouted outside the hall: “His Royal Highness, go back to rest, remember, and lead the way.”

How could the two demon attendants who heard the sound didn’t understand what he meant? Respectfully saluted Leng Yi and said: “Your Highness Yi, please.”

Leng Yi’s eyes passed the Demon Lord , and then slowly got up and followed the two Demon Attendants to the outside of the hall.

When Leng Yi’s figure completely disappeared from the field of vision, the Demon Lord didn’t care about the rest of the people in the banquet hall, and a gust of wind swirled from the seat and swept towards the bedroom.

Devil’s bedroom.

Demon Lord looked at the demon servant who was lying down in the courtyard, his fists clenched.

When I came to the inner room, I saw a gap in the hidden space in the black wall. The gap was like a laughing mouth, mocking him wantonly.

Mozun’s fist tightened again.

Stepping into the gray space in one step, the suspended giant cage and chains disappeared without a trace, the people and corpses in the giant cage also disappeared, the thick clouds above did not roll like dead objects, and the scene of thunderous spots was not there.

With a wave of his hand, the thick cloud dissipated. After the thick cloud, it was empty, without a coffin board.


At this time, a figure quickly approached.

The figure stepped into this space, and his footsteps stagnated. “Father.” The

demon lord turned his head, his eyes were red, looked at Bell, and asked, “Did you do what the deity asked you to do?”

“The son is incompetent,” The child minister left the banquet hall before he arrived at the father’s bedroom. He was entangled by a group of masked people. He just got out of his body and failed to complete the task assigned by the father. The child minister should die!” Bel knelt down and knelt down. Bowed his head and said.

“Leng Yi!” The demon lord gritted his teeth, thinking of the golden figure and couldn’t help tearing him to pieces. “Recently, the deity’s bedroom was broken into twice in a row. It must be inseparable from him, especially today, he is clearly distinguished. I want to hold the deity, hateful! But the deity can’t really leave, otherwise he will definitely expose the fact that the deity is keeping that thing on the spot.”

“Now that the overall situation is undecided, we must not let the people of the demon world know that the deity is raising the thing with a living person, otherwise the political situation may be lively.” The demon said to himself, “Now that the thing has been out of the coffin, it has my mark on it, so I am not afraid of it I ran away, but the’live food’ that hadn’t died before, I don’t know if they are dead or rescued. They are the most powerful witnesses of this incident, and they must not fall into the hands of the enemy!”

“Bei Ear, go, pass the deity’s order, block the magic capital, and no mosquitoes are allowed to fly out!”

“Children take the order.”

“Wait.” The devil summoned Bel, who was about to leave, and said: “All The city searches for a large number of patients, especially

those who are skinny and thin.” If those people are rescued, they will definitely go to a doctor. Otherwise, their vitality will be almost lost and they will not last long.

“Why…Yes, the child minister obeyed his orders.” Belben wanted to ask why? As soon as he touched Demon Lord’s horrifying gaze, he immediately swallowed the words he was about to ask. He didn’t know what was in this space. The order that Demon Lord gave him secretly was to let him enter this space quietly, and then The person hanging in the half-air cage is killed. When the person in the cage is dead, something will appear after the thick cloud. He then lures that thing to the road that Leng Yi must travel when he returns to rest, so that Leng Yi will meet it.

However, before he had time to act, he was entangled by people, and those people didn’t make any ruthless moves, just dragging him in the footsteps.

But seeing that there is no giant cage in that gray space, is it possible that someone did what he was going to do?

I have to say that Bell is right. Once the people in the giant cage are killed, they can no longer provide food for You Qinyi, and then Qinyi will break open the coffin and search for food. However, Mei Nongchen rescued the man and achieved the same effect inadvertently, so Qinyi came out of the coffin.

… After

Bei Er left, the Demon Lord destroyed the gray space and stood in the courtyard, covering his divine consciousness in all directions. He asked Bei Er to block the magic capital, and naturally he would not forget to search for one in his own magic palace. Fan, there is a saying that the most dangerous place is the safest, and it cannot be ruled out that Leng Yi hides people under his eyelids.

He has already settled, and the matter was done coldly.

In fact, he guessed really well. Mei Nongchen and Lengyi are not distinguished from each other. Isn’t Mei Nongchen doing what Lengyi did?

Besides, Mei Nongchen, when You Qinyi was stunned by the magical ball, his brain flashed, and he quickly grabbed the chain sticking out of her mouth to trap her, and tied a knot behind her.

Without the flexible chain, there is Qinyi like a bird without wings, letting Mei be at the mercy of the dust.

So Mei Nongchen took her to the place where Lengyi temporarily stayed in the magic palace.

Leng Yi walked to the gate of the bedroom, and directly drove away the two magic servants who followed him, with a bright smile on his lips, and walked to the inner room.

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