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Chapter 105 Well, listen to the daughter-in-law

Mei Nongchen sat leisurely in a soft chair, while Qinyi was bound by the chain in her mouth, lying on the ground and unable to get up, so she could only kick occasionally like a fish.

The reason for being tied so tightly is not to blame on others, but to blame for the long chain in her own mouth.

Leng Yi was a little stunned when he saw her, not because he had any feelings for her, but because she was once a god king after all, and she played a role in the battle between the immortal and demons. How majestic and majestic was shocked at the beginning, and Now he is lying on the ground without people or demon, as if tattered.

“Isn’t she dead? How could she be here?” He learned from Mei Nongchen’s mouth that the god king had been swallowed by her, so what was going on in front of him?

When Mei Nongchen stepped in, a hungry wolf pounced on the sheep, and hung on his neck like a monkey, with his legs crossed around his thin waist, and his thin chin rubbed in the socket of his neck. After grinding and grinding, said: “This is just a corpse with Qinyi, which was fed by the demon lord with the cultivation base and vitality of the strong to become a monster that only swallows the cultivation and vitality of human beings.”

Leng Yi supported her buttock with one hand. A hand wrapped around her slender waist, regardless of the situation or location, is not a good opportunity to talk about love, but he was swollen by her small movements, especially in that place.

Closing her eyes,

she cruelly pulled the grinning fairy down, gritted her teeth and said: “Be honest!” Mei Nongchen fell on her feet and curled her lips in dissatisfaction, but seeing his forbearance, she felt quite fulfilled. He just likes to look at him just a little bit but wants to be dissatisfied.

How could Leng Yi fail to see the corner of her mouth that was about to grin to the base of her ears? Just seeing her happy, he followed with joy, saying: “My people have long discovered that the subordinates of the Demon Lord who secretly gathered in the Demon Palace have disappeared, and the people who entered the Demon Palace at the Demon Prince’s Birthday Banquet have not gone out. , I think those people have become her food in all likelihood.”

Wen Yanmei was shocked, and it turned out that Demon Venerable’s subordinates had also disappeared. That Demon Venerable really got the blood, and her subordinates didn’t let it go.

Turning her gaze to You Qinyi’s body, she was a little confused: “Mozun did not hesitate to sacrifice his subordinates to feed the body of Qinyi, why? Today’s Qinyi is just a monster with no intelligence. What is it for him? What’s the meaning?”

After speaking, she moved her eyes to Leng Yi’s face, waiting for his answer, suddenly a strange breath spread from a distance quickly, and the sense of crisis was also directly pressured.

The sense of the devil!

Just before she could react, Leng Yi took out the seal of the gods from his sleeves and quickly placed the enchantment to cover the three of them. The demon’s sense of the gods spread to the place where the three of them were, and suddenly diverged like a stream of water and a rock. Not long after, Mozun withdrew his consciousness again.

Mei Nongchen’s eyes were gleaming, and her sight staring at the seal of the gods was full of surprise. Although she had seen the effects of the seal of the gods in the mortal world, she really saw it this time. This is indeed a thief, theft, murder and arson. A must-have product.

“Like it?” A playful and charming voice rang above his head.

Mei Nongchen snapped her head sharply.

After a long time, the voice above her head no longer sounded. She looked up suspiciously, but saw a cherry-colored red lips pouting into a chrysanthemum. She cast her eyes in disgust, “What are you doing? Your mouth is going to fart?”

“You…” Leng Yi didn’t seem to expect that she would say that. The expectant expression on her face froze, and then angrily threw the Shen Xi into her arms, grunted dissatisfiedly and walked to the soft chair next to her. Sit down.

Mei Nongchen smiled and put the Divine Seal into his sleeve, with big eyes bent into a pair of small crescents, twisted his waist and walked over to sit down on his thigh, and printed a bite on his lips, “So early. It’s so refreshing, I have to chuck a chicken chrysanthemum, is it ugly? Are you ashamed?”

“Oh!” Mei Nongchen suddenly jumped up, “I forgot, nameless, they saved people and brought them back to the shelter pavilion. Just now, Demon Lord The gods must be to find the whereabouts of those people. They don’t have a sacred seal to hide their aura, and they will be discovered by the devil!”

“No, I have to go and see.” She turned around and left, and Leng Yi grabbed her hand and said: “Is there any life? Don’t worry, I gave him a cover before you set off to the Demon World. Although the magic weapon is not as powerful as the Divine Seal, it is also one of the best in the immortal world. It is still possible to hide a few people.”

Mei Nongchen was slightly stunned, how could he think so far? Thinking of Wuming and others who suddenly appeared in Demon Venerable’s bedroom, her eyes sank suddenly, “Xiao Ba and Xiao Erjiu Wu Ming and Xiao Er Jiu suddenly appeared in Demon Venerable’s bedroom. It is your contribution to help me?”

Leng Yi stared at it. Pointing at her, said: “What you said, joining hands with my husband and wife, I should help you.”

“Then why did you suddenly come to the Demon Realm? It’s because you don’t worry about me?”

“…” Leng Yi did not speak. After a long time, he whispered a little “um”.

Mei Nongchen felt a lot of feelings in her heart, it seemed that her parents didn’t care about her so much, “You treat me like this, sooner or later I will degenerate into a little baby chasing you for milk every day! It depends on what you do!”

As soon as she said this, Leng Yi knew that she would not be angry anymore. He was also afraid that she would be angry if she knew that he would interfere with her. Long arms fished her into his arms and said: “It’s just that way. I don’t want you to run away all the time, which makes me feel scared every day.”

This night some people are happy and some are worried.

Although Mei Nongchen and Leng Yi didn’t have the thunder and the fire, they became sweet people after they talked together.

But Demon Lord was so angry that his seven orifices would make smoke. His divine consciousness covered the entire Demon Palace and he was stunned. He didn’t find it, and Bell even led people to turn the Demon Capital to the sky at night, but he didn’t find anything.

He sent to monitor Lengyi’s Demon Attendant and did not bring back any useful news. He couldn’t feel Qinyi’s whereabouts at all. It was simply a misfortune.


Sawdust was splashing everywhere, and the whole table was shattered into scum under Mozun’s hands.

On the second day, everything went as usual in the devil’s palace, but the caring people could still feel an unusual sense of condensation.

Mozun and Bel are not in the palace, and even the guards in the palace are much less.

Mei Nongchen was very leisurely. Because she rescued Bel, Demon Venerable subconsciously excluded her, but Leng Yi was obviously not so lucky, and the number of people the Demon Venerable arranged to follow him doubled.

It’s just that Leng Yi doesn’t care, but just a few demon servants who are inadequate in cultivation. In order to feed You Qin Yi, Demon Lord has already harmed the slightly stronger people around him. Few of the others are really capable. Those few people were controlled by the witch fly early in the morning. If the Demon Lord wants to get any useful information from them, huh! Crazy dreaming!

Mei Nongchen asked Bel for a few days off because of her physical discomfort. When the concubine found out, she came to visit her in person and gave some valuable supplements. Mei Nongchen could see that she was sincerely grateful for saving her son. If she came back, if not, she was just a slave to her, and the best was just a poor girl. She didn’t need to visit her with noble dignity at all.

The visit of the demon concubine once again changed the attitude of the people in the palace towards Mei Nongchen. Those who despised her because she became Bell’s maid began to be enthusiastic about her again, and Mei Nongchen smiled lightly.

A group of cluttered walls is nothing but grass, no need to rest assured.

Lu Xiaoxiao waited on her every step of the way, serving tea and pouring water, Mei Nongchen was very moved, and she was more determined not to drag Lu Xiaoxiao into this matter.

Mei Nongchen almost spent the day on the bed. After night fell, she drove everyone away, including Lu Xiaoxiao, on the grounds of rest.

People walked quietly, and Mei Nongchen laid an enchantment beside the bed to prevent anyone from breaking in. It turned into a black lightning and swept towards the house.

The pavilion was completely dark and there was no light. The breeze swept through the air, blowing up the broken hair from Mei Nongchen’s hair. She approached quietly. Before she knocked on the door, the door squeaked softly, she He was directly pulled in by a hand.

She went in and saw that the interior was brightly lit. It was obvious that someone had done something to make it appear dark from the outside, and it was Lengyi who dragged her in.

“Why are you here?” Mei Nongchen glanced at him, puzzled.

Leng Yi’s handsome face turned dark when he heard that, “Why can’t I come? My daughter-in-law ran out in the middle of the night, so I was not allowed to follow along?”

Mei Nongchen: “…” Ignore him, and said to Xiao Ba: “How are those people?”

Out of the corner of Xiao Ba’s eyes, he glanced at Leng Yi, who was not very pretty, and sighed that this man was too jealous, but said on his lips: “All saved, don’t worry.”

“I saved it!” Xiao Erjiu immediately raised his right hand and waved non-stop, for fear that others would not know that he saved it, “Sister, you don’t know, I have taken a lot of effort to save them… …” As

he said with sharp eyes, he almost wrote the words’Come on and praise me’ on his face.

But having said that, the loss of those life machines is indeed quite serious, and it must have taken a lot of effort to save them.

“Xiao Erjiu’s medical skills are the best!” Mei Nongchen praised sincerely.

“Hehe!” Xiao Erjiu got the compliment and laughed, but at the same time he raised his eyebrows in a straightforward manner, showing provocation.

Leng Yi’s right index finger condensed a ray of golden light and directly sent it towards the beautiful little face covered with rustling.

“Oh shit! This trick again!” Xiao Erjiu hurriedly hid behind Wuming. Who is Wuming? Leng Yi’s subordinates!

So he stepped away directly, exposing Xiao Erjiu, who was hiding behind him as a tortoise, to the range of Leng Yi’s attack. The golden light screamed and Xiao Erjiu was caught off guard and was about to be disfigured.

Maybe it’s not disfigurement, but not even a small life.

“Ah!” It was too late to dodge, Xiao Erjiu could only scream and close his eyes.

The expected pain did not strike, he opened his eyes, but saw the scene that made him blush.

Sister… Sister kissed that bad guy!

Although his mind has never been so good, he strangely understands that this embarrassing scene is not suitable for children, so he consciously covered his eyes with his hands, leaving only a small slit to peek.

Xiaoba and Wuming coughed and turned their heads, but the corners of their eyes couldn’t help but look over here.

After a while, Mei Nongchen let go of Lengyi’s lips, her eyes are like spring, and her soft language is soft, and said: “He is just a child, so the husband should not care about him, okay?”

Leng Yi was still in the sweetness just now. Hearing this, he subconsciously turned his head for a while, and said, “Yeah, listen to my daughter-in

-law .” Xiaoba, Wuming , Xiao Erjiu: “…”

Soothing Lengyi, Mei Nong Chen suddenly put away his coquettish

expression , turned his head and asked Wuming, “

Where are they, take me to see.” Wuming was expressionless, and said: “Okay, come with me.” He walked to the corner, there He placed the flower stand, and saw that he held the flower stand with both hands and pushed it down. Everyone trembled, and an underground entrance appeared on the floor next to the flower stand. Mei Nongchen’s eyes stared slightly, “There is a basement here?”

“Yeah.” Xiao Xiao Ba looked at the entrance and said: “This was discovered by Xiao Erjiu accidentally while playing. There are a lot of bones underneath, which have been corrupted so badly. They must have existed for a long time, and those bones are relatively small and should be children.”

“Why?” Mei Nongchen still felt a pain in her heart when she heard the word’child’.

Xiaoba saw her strangeness, thinking she was afraid of the bones, and comforted: “But it has been absorbed by the lifeless Qiankun bag, and now the bottom is very clean.”

“The Qiankun bag?” Mei Nongchen’s attention was instantly lost. Transfer, “Is that the sack that soaked up the black mist last night?”

Ma…the sack?

Leng Yi was a little speechless, “That’s a bag that can suck everything and turn everything into nothingness. It’s a supreme fairy treasure. How did you become a sack?”

Such a bull break? Mei Nongchen’s eyes began to gleam again, staring at Wuming’s sleeve, wishing to stare at a hole.

Wuming immediately took out the Qiankun bag from his sleeve and offered it with both hands, and said, “This is the master’s!”

Mei Nongchen was not polite, and he directly took it, stuffing it into his sleeve and said: “I will use it when I look back. This bag sucked Qinyi and turned her into nothingness, and see how she messes up the fairy world!”

“Uh…Master, I really don’t want to hit you, but I really can’t help but tell you that this universe bag can only suck away dead things, not living things. Although Qinyi has no soul, her body can move on its own. Activities are also included in the category of living things, so…”

Wuming’s voice became smaller as he said, because the loss of Mei Nongchen’s face became more obvious, and Leng Yi’s eyes became unfriendly when he saw him.

Only for a moment of depression, Mei Nongchen’s face turned clear, “Forget it, I will find a way to clean up if there is Qinyi, now take me to see our lovely witnesses.”

Everyone was taken aback, “Witness?”

Look at them. For a moment, Mei Nongchen was also stunned, “Yes, a powerful witness accusing the demon lord of harming the powerful in the demon world!” In

an instant, everyone was stunned.

Exposing the devil’s calamity to the strong in the demon world, leaving all of them betrayed and isolated and helpless.

Coming to the basement, it was really clean as Xiao Ba said.

The space is quite large, about two hundred square meters, there are no debris, and it is empty. There are a few people lying neatly underground. In addition to Xiao Er, Xiao Shi, Xiao Nine, there are six men, one of whom has a square mouth and a wide face. The man caught Mei Nongchen’s attention. It’s not how special he looks, but because he’s too big. As the saying goes, a skinny camel is bigger than a horse. He lay down there, even if he was already skinny and skinny. People are still two laps in comparison, and it’s hard not to pay attention.

Just at this moment, the big man squeezed his thick eyebrows between his eyebrows and woke up in a short while.

His eyes rolled around in confusion, and his chapped lips whispered, “Where is this?”

Mei Nongchen walked over immediately, squatted down beside him, and said softly, “I saved you. It’s safe here. Zun will never find it. What’s your name? Do you remember what happened?” When the

devil was mentioned, hatred suddenly appeared on the man’s weak face, “My name is Cangze, and I will never forget Bei when I die. What the bastard did!”

When Mei Nongchen heard it, she quickly exchanged a glance with Leng Yi and the others, her eyes full of smiles.

There is a play!

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