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Chapter 106 Do you want revenge?

This Cangze was the number one general under the command of Demon Venerable in the past. He was brave and good at fighting on the battlefield. He was reused by Demon Venerable, but he was a stubborn man and very upright.

Lifelessly helped him to the root of the wall and let him sit down against the wall, and he scolded the devil for half an hour about the evil devil’s harm to his former subordinates, and he was out of breath.

But obviously, he is a bad-spoken man, because his words to scold Demon Venerable are just those two or three sentences, Demon Lord bastard, Demon Lord ungrateful, Demon Lord deserves to cut off his descendants.

Mei Nongchen and others: “…”

Just as everyone’s ears were cocooned, Leng Yi grabbed a key word from his anger.

Cut off children and grandchildren?

“You said Demon Lord deserves to cut off his children and grandchildren?” Leng Yi looked directly at Cangze, with a pair of golden pupils shining brightly, “But the devil prince has already left the pass, and his cultivation base has been advanced. How can he cut off his descendants and grandchildren?”

“Impossible!” Cang Ze was so excited that he almost stood up, and then fell back halfway, his thin, black face was covered with incredible, “The devil prince was already dead during the battle between the immortal and devil worlds, and he still died in Beichen’s bastard himself. Among the animal tides created, the demon prince is not a good thing. He has loved to suck blood since he was a child, and countless people have died in his mouth, and most of them are children. It is just a crime! Cough cough…”

Beast tide?

Leng Yi remembers the beast tide army of Demon Venerable back then. It was ferocious and magnificent. It crushed more than a dozen immortal cities in the immortal world, and suffered countless deaths and injuries.

However, the demon prince lived well, how could he die in the army of the beast tide?

Mei Nongchen instantly understood the reason, presumably Bel was injured under the iron hooves of the beast tide army, and for some reason he fell into the mortal world, because he lost the memory of the demon world and lived in the mortal life until she was killed by her. Bring back to the devil.

“The devil prince is indeed not dead.” Mei Nongchen interrupted: “He was only injured and lost his memory. He was living in a foreign country, and now he is back.”

“Ahem…” Cangze said, he was stunned and straight. Coughing, “It’s a scourge for thousands of years!”

“The devil prince was stubborn and stubborn. He not only sucked blood and wounded his life, but also set up a house in the demon palace to raise children kidnapped from all over the devil world for him to have fun. I don’t know how many innocent children died…”

“…!” Raising the pavilion? Isn’t it the current yard, so the bones in the basement before were all caused by Belle’s scourge?

It’s no wonder that the two demon servants who had placed them in the pavilion said that this was the little courtyard that the demon prince once loved the most. It turned out that this was the reason.

Mei Nongchen was stunned. He didn’t expect that the previous Bel was so cruel, “Doesn’t the Demon Lord and Demon Concubine bother to teach? Let him be so cruel to the innocent?”

“Man? Humph!” Cangze sneered. “The devil’s concubine is famous for doting on the devil’s prince, not only does it care, but also helps the devil to abuse him, helps the demon prince to plunder the tender and delicious children, and indulges the devil prince into lawlessness. Finally, in the battle between the fairy and the devil, the demon prince must Follow the beast tide army to the immortal world, saying that he wants to taste the difference between the blood of the immortal man and the demon man. I didn’t expect that the monster he was riding in accidentally lost its foot and was instantly overwhelmed by the beast tide. Reflecting that I have no way to teach his son, he instead pushed all the faults to the devil’s servant who followed the demon prince, and executed them to death…”

“In order to prevent the news of the devil prince’s death from spreading, the bastard Bei Chen will know the truth. If it weren’t for me to be useful to him at the time, I would have died under his poisonous hand!”

“Ahem…” Cangze became more and more excited when he said, “The devil prince is not dead, he is not dead! “

Why did the Demon Lord imprison you in a cage?” Mei Nongchen asked, his eyes flickering.

She didn’t want to care about what the Demon Concubine was like in the past. It had nothing to do with her. She just wanted to know what the Demon Lord was feeding You Qinyi.

“I don’t know, I only know that he is feeding a monster with our magic power and vitality. That monster is hidden behind a thick cloud. I don’t know what it is, I just think it’s terrifying…” Cangze While talking and reminiscing, he seemed very scared, his thin body trembled slightly, and despair appeared in his deep-set eyes.

“Then do you know why the devil is feeding the monster?” Mei Nongchen stared at Cangze, not letting the slightest change in his expression.

“I don’t know.” Cangze shook his head.

“Then… do you want revenge?” Mei Nongchen curled her lips slightly, undercurrents in her eyes.

quite a while.

“Yes!” Cangze made a firm decision.

“With your current situation, revenge might be difficult, right? Maybe it will hurt your family.” Mei Nongchen turned and walked to Leng Yi’s side, standing side by side with him and looking at Cangze.

Cangze’s gray eyes patrolled back and forth between her and Lengyi’s faces. For a while, he struggled to kneel down and said to Lengyi: “As long as I can get revenge, everything is sent by Your Highness!”

Mei Nongchen’s smile deepened suddenly when she heard this, she knew that Cangze must have already seen Leng Yi’s identity. Since he was the number one general under Mozun’s command, she must have seen Leng Yi on the battlefield during the war between the two realms. He pretended not to know Leng Yi. Although this person was upright, he still had the scheming he should have.

“If we can gather the families of the people who have been mutilated by the Demon Venerable, I wonder if you can make everyone believe that the Demon Venerables killed the strong in the Demon Realm?” Mei Nongchen played with Leng Yi’s fingers and lowered his head. Don’t go to see Cangze.

Cangze silently glanced at the few people lying on the ground with gray eyes, “My clan has a secret technique that outsiders don’t know, even Bei Chen doesn’t know it. As long as they are willing to cooperate with me, I can let everyone See the true face of Bei Chen.”

… In the

next few days, according to the list provided by Cangze, Bai Liyu used his personal connections to secretly gather the families of the missing to the magic capital. At the same time, the rumors of the Demon Lord’s cruelty to the strong in the Demon Realm set off a violent storm in the Demon Capital and quickly spread to the entire Demon Realm.

The family of the strong man who rushed to the magic capital to participate in the birthday celebration of the magic prince but did not return also began to march towards the magic capital. The magic capital was once again overcrowded. People who originally had a half-trust attitude saw that so many families had strong people missing. I also began to believe firmly that the people who blocked the gate of the Demon Palace every day to see the Demon Venerable were about to squeeze the threshold.

In the hall of the Demon Palace, the Demon Lord is sitting in a golden chair with a single elbow on the table and his head. His lowered eyes hide the emotions in his eyes, but the cold breath that emanates from his body makes him aware of him at this moment. The mood is not very beautiful.

A few people stood sparsely in the huge hall, one of whom was his son, Bel.

It is so depressing compared to the previous scene of Liangcai generals.

Who is to blame? Blame yourself.

Mozun’s slender fingers tapped the table lightly. He knows what happened in Modu recently. He still doesn’t understand which step he was wrong. He has predicted every step, waiting for his “little baby” After leaving the coffin, he sneaked into the immortal world with it and sucked away all the cultivation bases of the emperor’s capable officers. By then, the power of the’little treasure’ will surely rise to a level, and then quietly kill the emperor and Leng Yi, then he Can destroy the immortal world without a single soldier.

But now? His “little baby” was missing, and news spread about the disappearance of a strong man in the demon world. After so many years, he has accumulated countless people who died in his hands. He can’t get rid of so many families one by one, and he can’t do anything. , Once he started, then his crime was fulfilled.

The plan for the present is to come to a death or denial. The space has been destroyed and the corpses have disappeared. Even if the few remaining people are saved, they will tell the public about his original crimes, as long as he does not admit them, those corpses have also disappeared. People’s words can’t explain much, even he can bite them back and commit crimes, deliberately seeking to usurp the throne.

Humph! It’s not that easy to just pull him off the cloud like this.

Mozun lifted his eyelids, and glanced at the newly promoted generals, all of them shuddering, without the majesty and prestige that a general should have, and he couldn’t help but feel extremely disappointed.

Maybe it was a wrong decision for him to put his idea on his subordinates before.

“Go down,” he said.

“Subordinates retire.” A few people left.

Only Mozun and Bel are left in the discussion hall.

“Father, what’s been rumored by the Demon City recently…is it true?” Bele lowered his head and stood under His Highness. From the point of view of Demon Venerable, he can only see his sword eyebrows raised into the temples and high nose tip. .

“Yes or no, what does it mean to you?” The Demon Lord evoked a mocking smile.

“I remembered the past, Father.” Bell raised her head suddenly, a pair of narrow and sharp eyes faintly revealed a trace of self-blame and guilt, “When I was a child, I was ashamed of my youth, ignorance, stubbornness, and ignorance. I feel ashamed for hurting so many innocent people. Everyone has the right to live. Every life should be respected. Father, if you really hurt so many people like rumors, you won’t feel any guilt in your heart. right? ” “

guilt? the Devil is a deity, but the deity by a few people with life with it, why guilt? “Mozun mouth laugh all the more deep, eyes more cold.

Bel dropped his head again and stopped speaking.


few days later, the people gathered in the magic city organized spontaneously, lined up a long line, held high banners, wrote’Return my dear relatives’, and blocked the gate of the magic palace, shouting loudly: “Give back my dear relatives! My dear dear!…”

After a continuous disturbance for a month, the Demon Lord was finally unable to calm down. At noon that day, he went to the gate alone, and there was a gust of wind. His imperial wind was suspended in front of everyone, and the magic sound passed through the layers of air to everyone’s ears. , “Do you have evidence that the deity harmed your relatives?”

Everyone looked at each other, shook their heads, and said for a while, one of them said: “There is news that you killed them.”

Everyone agreed: “Yes, yes.”

The demon sneered: “That’s just a rumor made by intentions, you also believe it? Besides, what good is it for the deity to hurt them? The devil’s pillars are withered, and the deity is the most distressed. If you want to say that the deity hurt them, there will be no “Probably.”

“I didn’t come forward to explain before, because the deity thought you were just blinded for a while. I didn’t expect that the crusade against the deity intensified. The deity had to come forward to clarify that the deity has never hurt anyone in the demon world!”

Everyone looked at each other stupidly. The Demon Lord was right. It would be of no benefit to him to mutilate the strong in the Demon Realm, and even a hundred harms to no benefit. The strong in the Demon Realm withered. This demise, the devil should not be so stupid.

Some people have already lost their minds, and Mozun has a touch of ridicule in his eyes, foolish people, and it is easy to be provoked and quelled.

The people in twos and threes began to leave, the team collapsed, and banners were thrown on the ground.

At this time.

“Hold on!” A magnificent voice came, and a burly figure flew out of the magic palace, behind him, followed by five figures.

As soon as they appeared, the person who had dispersed but hadn’t gone far turned back again, “General Cangze!” The

Demon Lord narrowed his eyes, then smiled disdainfully, without evidence, saying that everything is useless, he is not afraid.

Cangze glanced at the excited crowd with a stern look, and shouted loudly: “I have evidence that Bei Chen killed the strong in the devil world!”

“Wow!” There was an uproar below.

Mozun looked at Cangze calmly, he didn’t believe what evidence he could show.

Cangze and the five people behind him all looked dead, and he yelled at the sky: “Bei Chen has a vicious heart, killing people in the devil world, he is not worthy to be the supreme of the devil world!” After he said, he directly inserted his right hand into his chest, suddenly ten thousand. Dao Hongguang poured out from his chest!

The five people behind him did so, and the red light on the chest of the six people gathered in the sky, slowly winding and turning into a red light looming heavenly mirror!

Cangze: “I use the blood of the Cang clan to ask the sky to reproduce the scene of that day!”

Hearing this, the devil’s face suddenly changed!

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