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Chapter 107 Reveal the crime

The ancient mystery of the devil world-the art of the blue soul phantom!

It is said that in the ancient times, a strong man named Cang’s unique secret technique in the demon world used his own heart and blood as a guide and his soul as a supplement to turn the memory in his mind into an image and present it in front of people. At the same time, there are several people with the same memory. People assisted.

Because the cost of using this technique is too great, after the end of the secret technique, the cultivation level will be lost, and the death will be lost on the spot. Therefore, no one in the Cang family is willing to practice the phantom technique of the blue soul, and it will be lost over time.

However, rumors are rumors after all, and often do not match the facts.

Demon Lord never expected that Cangze would actually learn the art of Cangsun Phantom, so he was the descendant of the strong Cang surname at the beginning!

A blurry image appeared in the sky mirror. If Cangze really showed the original scene before everyone’s eyes, the demon lord’s position as the supreme demon world would come to an end.

Everyone has already started to talk about it. The Cangsun Phantom Art has been lost for a long time, and not many people know it now.

As everyone looked at the red sky mirror with question marks looming in the sky, a loud voice in the crowd instantly attracted everyone’s attention.

“Oh my god! Cangsoul phantom art, ancient mystery, the scene in the mirror has happened before. With it, we can know where the missing people have gone!”

“Wow!” There was an uproar.

In fact, there are many in the crowd who don’t know what the phantom art is, but they are excited to learn that they can know the whereabouts of their loved ones from the mirror in the sky.

Moreover, they knew that General Cangze was a person, and he was definitely not a person who would deceive him, so they believed him.

The mirror image is clear.

Everyone’s eyes were firmly glued to the sky mirror, and no one noticed that the hands of Demon Lord’s back were gathering magic power.

The electric light in his palm shook and the black poison spread. As long as the six people can be shot, they will definitely die.

Mo Zun narrowed his eyes, and he was about to pat his palms up, but at this moment he was stunned to discover that his body could not move!

Cold sweat suddenly emerged from the pores all over his body, and his face was pale. When was he controlled by someone? He didn’t notice it at all!

Do not! impossible!

Who in this world can control him without his consciousness? Make him unable to move a finger?

He has the intention to resist, but he has no resistance to the force that binds him.

Lengyi? Is it Lengyi?

Except for him, Demon Venerable really can’t think of a second person. Even Emperor Venerable is not his own opponent. In recent years, Leng Yi, who has been diligent in his cultivation base, is himself jealous. If it were not for this, Demon Venerable would not have regarded him as originally. Attacking the stumbling block of the immortal world, the set up wants to eradicate him.

As a result, the situation he spent a lot of effort did not even hurt a single vellus hair. After that time, he sprouted the idea of sacrificing his subordinates, feeding the “little baby” as soon as possible, and then using the “little baby” ‘Clear all the strong men in the fairy world who threaten him secretly one by one.

But now everything seems to have deviated from his plan. Even at this moment, he was calculated to the death. First, he encouraged everyone to criticize him, and then asked Cangze to expose everything in front of him when he came out to explain. Secretly controlled him not to let him obstruct.

Leng Yi, really good calculation!

The scene in the sky mirror is from how the generals of the Demon Venerable were secretly called together, how they were poisoned by the Demon Venerable, how they were imprisoned in the giant cage of the gray space, and how they suffered from the current seizure of cultivation and vitality. Later, how the winners of the ring were sent into the giant cage and presented before everyone’s eyes like a movie.

It is not presented from beginning to end, but only selected some of the clips that best explain the problem. In just a few minutes, everyone can see what the demon is doing, and everyone can understand the death of their loved ones. miserable.

From time to time, someone exclaimed, “That’s my father!” “That’s my brother!” “That’s my father-in-law!” and so on.

Cry tears the eardrums, buzzing like a sea tide.

After the screen was presented, the sky mirror dissipated, and Cangze and others fell silently.

Suddenly a few people rushed out of the crowd and quickly dragged them away.

The angry gazes of everyone were projected on Demon Venerable’s body, piercing him out of thousands of big holes like a sharp sword, but due to his powerful cultivation, no one dared to act rashly.

“Bei Chen, this is what you should do as the supreme demon world? You are not worthy to be the king by ruining the pillars of the country and killing innocent people!”

“That’s it! Return my father!”

“Return my brother!”

“Return my relatives !” ! ” “

…… ” “

…… “

For a time filled with indignation the language eardrum Mozun, if not controlled, he would have to send these people to go underground to see their loved ones mouth, he stood there stiffly, mouth smudged With a wicked smile, the bloodthirsty and cold light circulated in his eyes.

In the future, these people must regret what they did today!

The two sides stood in a stalemate for a long time. Suddenly someone in the crowd shouted: “Kill him, avenge our dead relatives!”

This call immediately won the approval of the big wave of people, and they shouted: “Kill him! Kill him!” but no one. People really dare to do it.

The shouts at the gate of the magic palace shook the sky, and the people in the magic palace heard it naturally.

The demon concubine and Bell wanted to rush to check, but they were stopped by a group of masked people. Bel, like a lion with exploded hair, was full of cruel and aggressive hands. He was about to rush out, and another masked person. When he fell in front of him, she seemed to be a woman from the perspective of her figure. Seeing her bare hand raised slightly, Bell was unable to move as if she had been subjected to a fixation technique.

He was shocked, this woman…who is this woman? Although she hadn’t gotten a bad hand, Bell felt the horror of her cultivation from the inadvertent raising of her hand just now.

Yes, it’s horror!

Mei Nongchen looked at Bei Er’s slightly shocked face, and the corners of her mouth hooked up. After this period of observation, she found that Bei Er was not as cruel and inexhaustible as he was when he was a child. It can even be said that he is still kind now. If he were the demon king, he would be a hundred times better than Bei Chen.

Bei Chen is too ruthless, ambitious, desperate like the sea, regards human life as grass and mustard, and does not understand the principle of “water can carry boats and overturn them”.

However, Kan Beier hurried to the gate of the palace in a hurry, not knowing whether he was going to save people or persuading the devil to confess his guilt.

She applied the soul control technique to the demon lord so that he could not hurt others. In fact, it was not for the people of the demon world, but for Bel. If Bel was handled properly, it would be natural to win the hearts of the people and become the demon lord. Sooner or later, the Demon World changed its name and surname.

“What are you going to do at the gate of the palace?” Mei Nongchen asked under her throat, preventing others from hearing her original voice.

“Who are you? Why stop me?” After Bell calmed his mind, he felt that the woman in front of him was a little familiar, but he searched all the women he knew in his mind, and there was no one that was as perfect as her. for.

How did he know that the woman in front of him was Mei Nongchen, but she did not suppress her cultivation as usual, so he felt terrifying strength from her.

“Are you going to save Demon Venerable?” Mei Nongchen ignored his question and answered the wrong question.

“What is it, what should it not be?” Bell calmed down at this moment. For some reason, he couldn’t feel a trace of malice from the woman in front of him, so that her tyrannical cultivation base didn’t make people tremble so much.

“Shi!” Mei Nongchen laughed, “If so, then you are the same as Bei Chen, and you are not worthy of being the supreme demon world. He has killed so many powerful people in the demon world, and the families of those who have been mutilated will not let Bei Chen go. , If you come out to help him, they will definitely anger you, even if your cultivation base is much higher than them, but you can’t kill all of them, and even if you kill all of them, such behavior will surely irritate you. More people, will you slaughter the entire Demon Realm at that time?”

“Then what should I do?” Bell was stunned, and had to admit that the words of the woman were true. The mistakes made by the father caused public outrage. If he blindly favors, the power of the Bei family may be ignored.

“You already know what to do in your heart, Your Highness Demon Prince.” Mei Nongchen smiled and curled his eyebrows, raised his hand to face him, and disappeared in front of Bel in the next instant.

As soon as she left, the group of masked people disappeared.

Bel regained freedom, and the concubine, who was controlled by the masked man, was also free.

“Who is that person?” The devil concubine ran to Bell and asked anxiously. Just now she only saw the woman’s lips open and close, and couldn’t hear what she was saying, but Bell looked contemplative after hearing it, devil concubine. Can’t help but worry a little.

“Mother concubine, it

‘s okay . You can go back. I can go to the gate of the palace alone.” “How can I do that?” The devil concubine was a little excited and said: “You didn’t hear what the palace clerk came to report just now. That Cangze is really good at putting your father in danger like this, it’s a treason!”

After hearing this, Bell became more determined not to let her go, “Mother concubine, father crueled so many demon worlds. The strong, this is his fault. Even if General Cang doesn’t expose his fault, he can’t conceal his fault. Well, mother concubine, you can go back quickly, save it and add trouble to me.” The

devil concubine has something to say, lip As soon as the petals separated, the eyes were dark and fainted.

Bel stretched out his hand to catch her fallen body and handed it to the maidservant who followed, and said: “Help the mother and concubine back to the bedroom, so that you can take care of them, do you understand?”

“Yes, the slave and maid understand!”

Beil came to the gate of the palace. , Just to see everyone showing their magical powers to greet the Demon Venerable, but the Demon Venerable is generally standing still with wooden stakes.

“Stop it!” Bel immediately speeded up and flew over to stop the people who were out of control, but how can people who are in a rage at this moment see him in their eyes? They were so angry that their eyes were bloodshot, and only the Demon Venerable, who had been standing there for a long time, hadn’t moved in their eyes, faintly, it seemed that someone had seen the clue.

“Look at the Demon Lord who hasn’t moved for a long time, is he unable to move?”

These words are like a silencer. The noise of the crowd suddenly calmed down, and the sights gathered on Bel’s body were also swept away. Look at the devil.

Bei Er also looked at Demon Venerable. He also discovered this problem when he first arrived. According to his father’s temperament, it is impossible to just stand still and be scolded. It should have been shot long ago.

When everyone fell on him with scrutinizing eyes, the Demon Venerable felt as if he was being delayed, and his whole body was in sharp pain under everyone’s fierce sight.

Everyone’s attention was focused on the devil’s body.

At this time.


A black shadow flew from nowhere and fell on the face of Demon Lord.

Mozun’s face instantly smelled like a Mao Keng, because it was a shoe that smashed him, a worn and smelly shoe, and the sour and refreshing smell made his eyes burst into tears.

The smelly shoe flew so fast that Bel did not react.

Everyone was attracted by the shoes again. They were taken aback for a moment, and then cheered: “Oh-! The devil really can’t move anymore, God has eyes, he can’t take retribution for his own sins! Let’s go together!”

” Go together!” Kill him! Kill him!”



Not far away.

Mei Nongchen and Leng Yi stood side by side against the wind, looking up from the wall with cold eyes.

“As soon as the devil dies, the matter is over?” Mei Nongchen always felt that things were a little too simple.

“So you want the devil to die? I thought you let the devil prince go to the gate of the palace to save him.” Leng Yi tilted his head slightly, looking down at her and teasing.

“No, I asked Bel to soothe people’s hearts and prepare him for the supreme position of the Demon Realm.”

“You care about him very much?” Leng Yi narrowed his eyes, his whole body was a little cold, and he seemed very dissatisfied.

Perceiving his changes, Mei Nongchen rolled her eyes gracefully, “I am smiling for Lu Xiaoxiao. She wants to be with Bei Er. I must know whether Bei Er is a rough jade or a straw bag. This is a good test. Opportunity.”

Leng Yi: “Do you want him to kill Demon Venerable in public to be angry with civilians?”

Mei Nongchen: “No, he won’t do that. I have arranged the death of Demon Venerable.”

Leng Yi: ” Yes. Want me to help?”

Mei Nongchen: “No, just watch the show.”

Leng Yi smiled slightly, “Okay, it’s all up to you.”

Baili Mofu.

In a bedroom, Xiao Erjiu was sweating like rain, treating Cangze six people.

Bai Liyu’s rare face was serious, and she stood by her side and dared not say anything to interrupt her.

After a long while, Xiao Erjiu straightened his stiff waist and sighed: “Fortunately, I have excellent medical skills, otherwise I really can’t save these six people.”

“…” I have never seen such a boastful one!

“Are they all right?” Bai Liyu couldn’t help but speak. When his people carried these six people back, they were almost dead. Can they be saved?

After the sky mirror dissipated, it was Bai Liyu’s people who rescued Cangze and others during the chaos. He received the task of saving people three days ago, and Xiao Erjiu secretly left the magic palace three days ago. Hiding in Bailiyu Mansion.

At that time, Mozun was being annoyed by the people who attacked him outside the palace. He didn’t even care about whether there were more or fewer people in the palace. Besides, Xiao Erjiu’s identity was insignificant, and his departure would naturally not cause the evil spirits. Respectful attention.

“Their lives are saved, but the cultivation base is gone.” Xiao Erjiu answered truthfully.

Bai Liyu was slightly surprised, they really did everything in order to expose the crimes of the Demon Venerable. In the Demon Realm, if there is no cultivation base, it is a waste. One can only be bullied, and there is no force to fight back.

He couldn’t help but admire the six people lying on the bed. He might be reluctant to do it instead.

Xiao Ba knew about Bai Liyu’s side at the same time. He quickly told Mei Nongchen about the matter. After hearing this, Mei Nongchen was silent, and said to Xiao Ba and Bai Liyu, “When they wake up, ask. Ask them if they want to leave the demon world. If so, I have a safe and clean house where they can spend the rest of their lives.”

Bailiyu: “Okay.”


Although the ants are weak, thousands of ants crawl. The whole body is still weak.

Bell was gradually embarrassed under the attacks of the people. He could not make too much effort, for fear of hurting people, and also to protect the demon from harm, but everyone beat him to death, and the disparity appeared.

The chaotic state continued for a while, and Bell suddenly shook the crowd around him with luck, his sharp eyes swept away, and the whole body exuded strong pressure. Although the clothes were a little messy, it did not affect his expression at this time. The wind of the strong coming out.

In terms of quantity, he is far behind, but in terms of personal cultivation, no one here can compare with Bel.

For a while, everyone was bluffed by his strong breath.

“For what happened to your relatives, I also have the same grief. At the same time, I am ashamed of my father’s behavior, but the deceased is already dead. Even if you kill my father, it will not help. So, please listen to me— “

Bel paused, looked at Mozun said:.” first, my father has done serious harm to the safety of the Devil, he is unworthy of the Devil Extreme, I Mozun in the name of the new, it is relegated to the common people “finished , He turned his head and looked at everyone, “Secondly, each family pays 5 million magic crystals. The family of the deceased who originally held official positions can elect a strong man with both ability and political integrity to directly inherit the official position of the deceased. There is no official position. The families of the deceased will pay another five million magic crystals.”

After he finished speaking, the scene was silent.

Some of these people come from big families and some come from ordinary small families. The big family spends no more than 1,000 magic crystals for the entire clan every year, let alone small families, no more than two hundred magic crystals at most.

Five million is an astronomical number!

Bei Chen was demoted as a commoner, and it was a shame to him. It was more pleasant than killing him, but…

“Bei Chen’s cultivation base is so much higher than us. What if he resumes his actions and seeks revenge from us? Where are we? His opponent!”

“Yes, yes, if he seeks revenge on us alone, we are not his opponents at all, unless…”

“Except what?” Bell narrowed his eyes, already guessing what the man was going to say. .

“Unless his cultivation is abolished!”

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