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Chapter 108 I hate you so much!

Abolish the repair base?

The Demon Lord was furious, his cheeks tightened, and his eyes were so cold that he could not wait to freeze the speaker. He did not expect to be at the mercy of a pariah who would never even look at him at this moment. How could he not be angry!

The person who asked for the abolition of the Demon Venerable’s cultivation base was a sturdy young man with a sturdy back and a fat body. He shrank his neck under the gaze of the Demon Venerable with sparks. Yes, he straightened his chest and said: “Am I wrong? After today, dare you say you won’t seek revenge from us?”

“Yeah, the devil is so vicious, he will definitely not let it go easily. We, when we die, we won’t know how to die.”

“Yes, yes! Abolished his cultivation base, we can be at ease, otherwise we can only survive if we unite!”

“Whoever relieves us of our troubles is qualified to be us The Lord, otherwise we will fight to the end!”

“Fight to the end! Fight to the end!”


Bell said with a solemn face. These people’s considerations are not unreasonable. Father is not a person who will suffer, but he can’t be true. Abolishing his cultivation base would be tantamount to directly killing him.

No, more cruel than killing him.

People are selfish. It’s always easy to forgive when loved ones make mistakes. Although Bell wants to seek justice for everyone, the object of justice is his father, and he is inevitably biased.

The crowd was noisy, Bell was silent, Mozun’s eyes were as dark as night, looking at Bel with a smile but a smile, he really wanted to know if his son would really abolish his cultivation as a pariah said, and Bel coveted the Demon Lord. He doesn’t care about the position. That seat was originally reserved for Bel, sooner or later.

The scene was very weird, half boiled like boiling water, half silent as deep and deeper.

quite a while.

“He is my father. As the so-called father’s debt is paid, I am willing to swear an oath on his behalf. If my father seeks revenge on any of you in the future, I will be robbed by the sky.”

Heavenly Oath is not only useful for the immortal family, but also for people in the demon world.

Others swore the oath to restrain their own behavior, but Bei Er was to restrain the behavior of the Demon Venerable. If the Demon Venerable acts on anyone present in the future, Bei Er may die from the Heavenly Thunder Tribulation.

As soon as his words came out, it was no accident that aroused a sigh of emotion. This demon prince was more benevolent than the demon house, and was more suitable to be their lord.

Everyone whispered, and after a while, “Okay, as long as you swear to heaven, we will agree to your previous proposal!”

Punished the demon lord, solved the worries of the future, and got a huge fortune, which seemed to be better than they expected. .

Mozun fixedly stared at Bel’s side face, his son was really different from him.

In order to ascend the position of Demon Lord as early as possible, he killed his father himself. He still can’t forget the surprise, pain and disappointment on his face before his death.

However, his son was willing to swear an oath on his behalf. From then on, Bel’s life was held in his hands. If he was cruel enough, Bel’s oath would not have any binding force on him at all.

It is a pity that he is fortunate, joyful, and gratified in his heart. His son is different from him.

Just for a moment, the demon master understood the pain of his father back then.

No matter who kills him, he will only be angry. If Bel acted, he would be more painful than anger.

The matter seemed to be over, Bell swore an oath, and everyone left one after another. They only waited for the five or ten million magic crystals to go home and use those magic crystals to revitalize the family.

Seeing the crowd disperse, Belle’s heartstrings loosened, turned to the Demon Venerable, and looked up and down. It was no different, “Father, how are you?” The

Demon Venerable was motionless, like an ice sculpture, and said nothing. Out.

Bell curled his eyebrows, stretched out his hand and nudged him, but didn’t move at all.

With a horror, Bell was about to speak, and a scream suddenly sounded. He turned his head when he heard the sound, and a long black shadow shot towards the demon with a gallop.

With fierce murderous aura!

Bel immediately stood up to protect the devil’s body, raised his hand to block, the long black shadow stopped the offensive under his magical power, and fell to the ground. It was an ordinary arrow.

not good!

Somehow, he made a big alarm, and quickly turned his head to look at the devil.

If someone wants to kill King Father, they will never use such a fragile ordinary arrow!

When he turned his head, he saw a scene that had caused him a nightmare in his life. Demon Lord, with his right hand inserted in his chest, blood gurgling out, fainted under his feet.

His heart has been crushed by himself.

Bell’s pupils tightened violently, “Father!”

The concubine who was unconscious in the magic palace suddenly opened her eyes and sat up, her heart aching fiercely, as if something important was leaving her.

“Come here! Go to the gate of the palace and see if the Demon Venerable and the Demon Prince are well! Go!”


not far away.

“The devil is dead, we can finally go home.” Leng Yi raised his arm to hold Mei Nongchen’s waist, and pulled her to his side.

“Yes, it’s dead.” The Demon Lord is dead, simpler than expected. She avenged Xiao Yi, Xiao Er, Xiao Shi, Xiao Nine, and lifted the imminent catastrophe in the fairy world. Suddenly thinking of something, Mei Nongchen grinned and said: “By the way, there is another Qinyi who is locked in your room. Did you forget?”

“What are you going to do with her?” Leng Yiyi Thinking of something innocent and demon in my room, I should panic.

Mei Nongchen looked up at him sideways, her eyes gleaming, “She has absorbed so many powerful cultivation bases, don’t waste it.”

Leng Yi immediately retracted his gaze from a distance and looked at her, “Do you mean… swallow?”

Mei Nongchen squinted and smiled, saying: “Although demons and immortals are different, the methods of cultivation are roughly the same. They are all based on spiritual energy, supplemented by various cultivation techniques. The power in Qinyi’s body cannot be swallowed all at once. You can take the essence and remove the dross. I believe that with her power, your cultivation level will be improved. It’s a big level.”

Hearing this, Leng Yi’s breathing was stagnant, and a pair of golden pupils burst into light, “Me?”

“Yes, you!”

The death of the devil made a sensation in the entire demon world.

It was said that it was a suicide, and everyone sighed and felt refreshed in their hearts.

It is estimated that the only ones who are really sad are Mo Fei and Bel, and the Mo Fei cried so much.

Except for how Mozun died, apart from Mei Nongchen and Lengyi, Bei Er also knew that he was definitely not a suicide. Someone must have committed a murder. He had a suspect in his heart, but there was no evidence.

Lu Xiaoxiao has been with Bel, hoping to help him share the pain.

Seven days later, Mozun entered the earth.

Fifteen days later, Bel succeeded to the position of Demon Lord.

After Bel became the new Demon Lord, he fulfilled his previous promises and implemented several benevolent policies. For a time, everyone in the Demon Realm praised Bel.

The magic palace has been in a state of grief and busyness, and Lengyi has been somewhat ignored, but this purity just provided him with the opportunity to devour the power of Qinyi.

For half a month, Mei Nongchen kept protecting the law for him at all times, dare not even doze off.

Half a month later, it was also the second day that Bell became the Demon Lord. Leng Yi opened his eyes, the light in his eyes made people dare not look directly, and the pressure of his body was about to get the knots covered by the dust. The world is broken!

Mei Nongchen was surprised and delighted, his current cultivation base was even more tyrannical than hers!

Leng Yi exhaled a long breath, looking at Mei Nongchen with excitement and inconceivability. Before, he couldn’t see how high her cultivation level was. He could only see what kind of cultivation level she was willing to present. Xiu base, and now, he can see her through at a glance, no matter how she pretends, he can see through at a glance.

This shows that her own cultivation is even more advanced than her! I am also a god king!

The two looked at each other and smiled, and at the same time they turned their eyes to Qinyi’s body. At this moment, she became an ordinary corpse, the chain in her mouth disappeared, and Qiqiao no longer exposed to black mist, her yin and yang face was pale and pale, and the corners of her mouth faintly hung. With a smile, she seemed to be dreaming.

“Hey…” Mei Nongchen couldn’t help sighing, “Speaking of which, she is also a pitiful person. To be with you, the organization was exhausted, and even the body was unrest and was used to do bad things.”

“But I want to thank her very much.” Leng Yi lifted Mei Nongchen’s face and pecked at her eyebrows. “If there weren’t for her behavior, maybe there wouldn’t be you, then how would we meet and love each other?”

“Hmm…” Mei Nongchen buried her head in his arms. People are selfish. No matter how pitiful you are with Qinyi, she is still glad that she was the one who won the victory at Linggu Pagoda, and the one who had the coldness was her, and she was alive and well. Yes, it’s myself.

Leng Yi condensed a ray of golden light from his fingertips and flicked it on the corpse with Qinyi. The corpse with Qinyi instantly melted into smoke, leaving nothing behind.

Mei Nongchen was stunned, and then his eyes sparkled, “What kind of magic is this, it seems to be very powerful.”

Leng Yi rolled his lips, smiling, “Want to learn?”

Mei Nongchen shifted his head.

“Look at your performance.”


Late that night, Cangze and several people woke up. Bai Liyu said that they didn’t want to leave the Demon Realm and wanted to go home. Mei Nongchen couldn’t, so she had to ask Bai Liyu to treat them a lot. Shining.

Originally, she wanted to place them in the Wuliang Palace, but they cared about their family members and didn’t want to leave.

Two days later, Leng Yi formally bid farewell to the new Demon Venerable, and after leaving, settled in a small town ten miles away from the Demon Capital, and waited for others.

When he left, he quietly took away Xiao Er, Xiao Shi, Xiao Nineteen.

Mei Nongchen resigned from Bell on the grounds that he went back to take care of her master. Bell was busy with government affairs and casually agreed.

She bid farewell to the former demon concubine and now the demon concubine. The demon concubine was immersed in the pain of Bei Chen’s sudden death, unable to take care of other things. She just told her to be careful all the way and let her leave.

Only when Lu Xiaoxiao heard that she was leaving, she became anxious immediately and held her hand tightly, “Sister Nongchen, I am the only friend here. Can you not leave?”

“Silly girl, I can’t follow you forever. You must learn to be alone.” Mei Nongchen touched her soft hair, “If you can be willing to be your Mr. Bel, sister, I wouldn’t mind taking you with you. Let’s go.”

Lu Xiaoxiao bit her vermilion lips, hesitated for a while, stomped her feet: “Sister Nongchen! You are so annoying!”

“Haha…” Mei Nongchen laughed happily, and said narrowly: “I know you are reluctant to bear it. , The stinky girl who cares about the color and the friend!”

“Sister Nongchen! See if I won’t clean up you!” Lv Xiaoxiao lunged at her with teeth and claws, and scratched her waist. Mei Nongchen was ticklish and cried. He smiled and begged for mercy, tears hanging on his face.

After making a fuss for a long time, Lu Xiaoxiao stopped her hands in satisfaction, lifted up the limp Mei Nongchen from the ground, let her sit on the soft chair, sat on her hand, pouting: “Where is Nongchen going? What? Will you come back? Can I find you?”

Mei Nongchen rested for a while, straightened up, pinched her cheek, and said, “The place I’m going is far away, and you won’t be able to find it, so let’s go, if you encounter something you need my help, or You miss me, you go to Baili Demon’s Mansion not far from the Demon Palace, find Bai Liyu, and ask him to send me a letter. I receive it, so I will come to see you, okay?”

She didn’t mean to ask for it. She hides her identity from Lu Xiaoxiao, but Lu Xiaoxiao’s mind is simpler. If she accidentally tells her about it and is known by Bel or the Devil’s Concubine, she will definitely connect the Demon Venerable’s affairs to her. I’m afraid at that time. It will tire Lu Xiaoxiao, and then affect the relationship between Lu Xiaoxiao and Bei Er.

This is the last thing Mei Nongchen wants to see. She hopes that Lu Xiaoxiao can be happy.

And the death of Mozun was almost caused by her. Motai Fei and Bel wouldn’t forgive her, so how could they treat her best friend kindly?

Therefore, this matter can only be carried by Leng Yi, and she must not expose it.

The two chatted all night. On the second day, Mei Nongchen took Wuming, Xiaoba, and Xiao Erjiu to leave the magic palace while Lu Xiaoxiao was not awake.

At about eleven o’clock that night, I came to meet him in the small town where Lengyi settled down.

No one followed Mei Nongchen along the way, but someone followed Lengyi, but it had already been dealt with.

They live in an ordinary small courtyard. The courtyard is a bit small, and the interior decoration is very luxurious and clean.

This is Leng Yi’s foothold in the Demon Realm, and belongs to his personal yard.

Mei Nongchen nodded and nodded with satisfaction as soon as she entered the hall. She didn’t mind where she lived, but it was very pleasant to live in such a clean and tidy place.

Leng Yi came out this time with not many people, twenty or so, and the yard was tightly sealed. Mei Nongchen guessed that a mosquito would never want to fly in.

Xiao Er, Xiao Shi, and Xiao Nineteen had not recovered yet, and their faces were still very pale. Mei Nongchen was about to ask them how they were doing. Leng Yi slightly bent and hugged her, and stepped into the bedroom in three or two steps.

The little second-class face was slightly embarrassed, and he knew what Leng Yi wanted to do with his toes.

Wu Di drove everyone out with a wink, and then the door god generally stayed at the door. Not long after, a shameful voice came from inside.

He stood upright with a serious expression, but the roots of his ears were quietly red.

In the room.

Mei Nongchen was very dissatisfied with Leng Yi’s behavior of walking without saying a word. He didn’t cooperate at all and kicked all his limbs randomly.

“Leng Yi, you’re too much. You took me in before I could say a word. You didn’t know how hungry I was!” She stretched out her hand to push his mouth, and she hummed dissatisfiedly.

“Don’t worry.” Leng Yi said while catching her messy little hand, while putting his mouth together, “They only think that I’m hungry and thirsty, and won’t talk about you.”


“Good, don’t worry.” Leng Yi bit her earlobe with a hoarse voice, bewildered in her ear: “I haven’t touched you for a long time, obediently cooperate with me, let my husband love you well…”

After speaking, he squeezed his body into Mei Nongchen. Between her legs, a kiss fell on Mei Nongchen’s lips, neck, and chest like a storm… It

made her feel how much she missed her. It brought her two extreme feelings of pain and numbness, Mei Nongchen. Chen gradually lost

her mind and endured it gracefully … The next day, Mei Nongchen woke up with a cold breath, her body being run over by a car, her teeth grinning in pain.

Leng Yi lay on her side, without a single piece of clothing on her body, staring at her with his head supported, his eyes hot.

Thinking of the abuse she was subjected to at night, Mei Nongchen lifted the quilt covering him and gave him a bite on the soft flesh on the side of his waist.

“Hmm…” Leng Yi’s throat overflowed with a dull grunt, like pain and ecstasy. Hearing Demei shook his hair, the goose bumps fell on the bed.

Before he could let go, the whole person turned around one hundred and eighty degrees, and then an object was directly pressed down, so that her breastbone almost broke two.

“Lengyi, get up and drive! It’s crushing me!”

“Hey, let my husband love you again, this time I’ll be gentle.”

“…” Mei Nongchen resisted, “Beast! You almost came last night I gnaw all my bones, just a few hours, come again!”

“Food is in your mouth, if you don’t eat it, it’s better to be a beast!”

No matter how she resisted, Leng Yi ate her inside and out again.

Mei Nong was like a gossip, tears in her eyes, “I hate you!”

“I hate it?” Leng Yi smiled evilly, and his slender fingers traced the outline of her face, and said: “You didn’t say that just now. Oh, you just kept yelling to make me quicker…Um!”

Before he finished speaking, Mei Nongchen covered his mouth, his face flushed like a cooked crayfish, “Shut up! Rogue !”

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